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If you have played traditional card games, then you definitely know the thrill and excitement they offer. But in the modern-day world, card games are not limited to the offline world. Now you can card games online, and trust me they are as fun as the offline version. Here are the best online card games of all time you should try. 

Best Online Card Games

The best online card games come with their own features. You can play the basic version or can also earn money playing these games. Yes you read it right. There are various card games online which allow you to make money while having fun. You can decide your budget and play these games with your friends and family. 

Free online card games are always available out there. For playing these games, you do not have to pay a single penny. Now, let’s get back to our list of the best online card games that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere you want. 

AI Factory Limited Card Games

AI Factory Limited Card Games

We start our list of the best online card game with the AI Factory Limited card games. They have designed several games that provide you with a lot of fun & excitement. You can find them present on Google Play. 

Some of their popular card games are Gin Rummy, Euchre, Spades, Solitaire, and Hearts. You would delight in the fact that the games are simple to play and do not come too complex. 

When you are on the lookout for cheap card games that are able to give you thrills, then it has to be this game. You can download them quickly because they don't take up a lot of space on your smartphone. 

However, we did not find the design and the features to be on par with most of the other kinds of card games found online. But you can make use of the game if you are alright with the ads. When you don't want to see the ads, you can use the premium version. 

Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Second, Clash Royale is on our list of the best online card games. If you have played Hearthstone before, then you would love the card game online. They come with several features that are in them. 

As you play the game, you can make use of the cards that are based on the characters of the Clash of Clans universe. You can then duel with the other players with the help of the games present on them. 

We found that the card game comes with a second-to-none community. When you are keen on learning out more about the game, you need a community member who can show you around. This card game online has that feature. If you are a fan of PVP games, you should definitely play this one. 

This is something that you won't be able to notice these days very much. Once you have become a member, you can join the clan to share the cards and then challenge them as well. Though it is free, some of the features may not be standard, but it does well for you. 



Next on our list is another exciting card game online that you would love to play on your smartphone. The Clue is a remake of the board game. When you have played board games and are fond of them, then you would like to play this game. 

As a player, you have to shuffle using the map. Then you need also to collect the dues and also think of the name of the killer. Besides, you have other options like choosing the weapon. Moreover, you can select the place of the murder. 

You need to collect the different sets of tools the suspect has used. You also need to guess the location and the identity of the suspect. It would help if you played to find out who the murderer is. 

Yes, it is similar to the original board game. You can make use of the several additional transactions that you could have done in the games. Some of them are optional, and you may have to use the $1.99 premium method to play the game. 

Some users were not too pleased with the free game as it lacked some basic features. However, you can have plenty of fun playing these games on your Android smartphone. Those of you who love to play board games would love to play this game. 

Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator is another exciting card game online. It is similar to that of a board game that comes with plenty of cards. Sadly, the games do not come with a tutorial. That means you need to find out and understand everything all by yourself. 

However, playing is fun because you learn how to conquer the game. It comes with a funny story and some ingredients of horror. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you more than that because you would not want to find out then what it is all about. Trust me, it is among the best strategy games for android

The card game is priced around $6.99, which we felt was slightly unnecessary. But that is how things work for the moment, and you have to make the payment for playing the card games online. When you have a Google Play Pass, then it is on sale for lesser than that amount.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a good card game that comes with plenty of action. We may want to tell you that most elements of the game have still not been put in. However, it is truly a fantastic card game online because we have played it. 

We can say that it is one of the best online card games for Android. You would love the fact that it comes with certain elements that make up for a good game. The game can compete with some of the top-end games like Hearthstone and Clash of Clans. 

In this game, you must build a deck, collect the cards, and fight with your opponents. The card game online has an online PvP mode, a campaign mode, and others as well. The element of the game also has lanes that come as a strategy to combat others there. If you are a fan of action games, you should check out the best action games for android

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is an exceptional game that comes with its own unique features. Why is it on the list of the best online card games for Android? Let us read to find out. The good news is that it is a new card game. 

The game was designed in 2015 by a designer who wanted to make people come together with the help of the game. You can play the card game online using two or more players. Isn't that quite fun? 

As a player, you can start to play until you land up with the exploding kitten. The game is complete right there when you do not have the diffuse card. The game can be played with anybody you want online. 

Besides, you can play using the multiplayer option too. There is a massive selection of cards that you can get for yourself when you download the game yourself. It comes with a nickel-and-dime strategy, but most of the game options are permanent, to say the least. 

Unfortunately, when you want to enjoy the complete card game online, you have to pay $19.99, which is quite expensive. But it is also creative, fun, and simple to learn for your family. 

We can say that some of you might need time to get used to it. Some games take time to get used to playing. You may not like it the first time you play it, as it needs some practice, focus, and a fantastic strategy. 

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

best card games for android

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is another exciting card game online. Many of us thought they made a brilliant move by designing it on the smartphone. If you are not satisfied with the other card games, then you can find this game a refreshing change. 

The smartphone version of the game provides you with more features that can easily make it better than the original game. As a player, you need to do your part when playing the card game and defeat the opponents. 

It comes with several gaming modes that you would find helpful, including some good artwork and a quick online PvP. The game operates with a similar game genre that can be got in some of the Legends of Runeterra and Hearthstone almost. 

There is no need to spend money when playing the game. However, you will want to make sure that you are able to unlock all the cards. This enables you to get more cards. You can be able to focus on the particular task which you have to do. 

Users have said that they were able to get the entire set of the faction without having to spend any money. This game comes as a single player of the Gwent sold separately and can be found not only on Android, iOS, and PC for as low as $10. 



Hearthstone is a famous android card game with no ads out there. It comes with a massive fan following globally. You can see them play the game on YouTube if you want. The card games require you to use several hundred cards on them. 

It gives you with the capability of making several decks on the card game. This game allows you to create new content, and it comes as a multiplayer game. It does not come with any in-app purchases. 

The game is one of the best online and has gained immense popularity among players. You will be glad to know that the game has more than 100 million players on a global base.

It is popular because of players' freedom when playing it. You can come up with your own strategy and grow using the game. However, the game lacks some of the features that can really get you into it. Apart from card games, if you enjoy dice games, you should explore the best dice games

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra

Next on our list of online card games for Android is the Legends of Runeterra. You would be delighted to know that it is part of Riot Games, which were the designers of League of Legends. The game is quite similar to Hearthstone & Gwent.

You need to collect the cards and build the decks around them. Then you would want to compete with each other. It is more about your luck than the skill because, in any card game, there is a certain amount of luck involved. 

You can play the card game with your friends and others. Besides, you can also collect the cards and then unlock them for yourself. Since the game is relatively new, it can come with a few bugs that you may get annoyed with. 

But nothing of concern. It is not a pay-to-win card game, and you will enjoy the game as you play it. The format is quite simple, and you can play the game with some practice. However, gamers will want to be patient to understand the depth and complexity of the card game. 

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena is a free game that is part of the original Magic: The Gathering game. You would be glad to know that the game was published by Wizards of the Coast. This is a card game where you can play as you will.

Here you can make use of the different magic cards and unlock them according to your needs. You get to build decks and then duel with others to fight with the players. It also comes with several game modes that you can make use of, like Drafts. 

The game is somewhat new, and it is undeveloped. Perhaps, you may want to give the makers some time to get to the prime. But it provides you with awesome capability in Esports. Users can spend the money on the game, but you may be annoyed at times with it. 

You can pay some money to get the packs or the drafts, but when you are not able to get yourself the items that you actually need, then it is downhill from there. Sometimes, it can make the game somewhat unbalanced for gamers without paying. 

Onmyoji: The Card Game

Onmyoji: The Card Game

Onmyoji: The Card Game is a free card game online. Users have claimed that it is simply a rip-off of the Onymoji universe. But that does not mean it is not worth playing and enjoying. You would want to know that it is similar to most card games. 

The game was released into the market in 2018. It comes with a 4.2 rating on 5 on Google Play, which is fantastic, and has an excellent 4.8 score out of 5 on the iTunes App. It became extremely popular for MOBA players. 

But if you have played the Onmyoji game, then you may not really enjoy the storyline of this game. But it is worth your time. You can fight with your opponents and build the deck as well using AI. 

It is slightly different from the PvP-only games. You can design the deck of the card game with the help of the game. The storyline is also good. You can also enjoy the games when you are playing in the shop using additional resources. 

Sadly, there are some server issues, which some users have pointed out to. If you are somebody who is not keen on playing games that come with server problems, then you can look elsewhere.

Pokemon TCG Online

Pokemon TCG Online

Pokemon TCG Online is not the same as most of the Pokemon games that you can play on your smartphone. The games come with monsters that you need to battle with and destroy. However, this game is similar to card games. 

Here you can collect the cards, then build the decks, and fight with the opponents effortlessly. It comes with PvP mode, where you can also play with your friends. Besides, you can also trade the cards with other players. 

Users seem to like the game, apart from the fact that there seem to be login issues on the Chromebooks. Moreover, you have crash issues that also can happen on the Chromebooks. If you operate with Chromebooks, you may not want to use them. 

You can make use of the card game without having to spend money. Since everything is priced reasonably, you do not have to struggle with them when you play. You may want to use the codes you get from the physical purchase to enhance your collection.

The makers have taken steps to ensure that the card game is fun and safe. Like most card games, they discourage using bad language and poor behavior. You won't regret playing the card game today. If you are a fan of Pokemon Go, you should definitely explore the Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Go to level up your game. 

Reigns Trilogy

Reigns Trilogy

Reigns Trilogy is a popular card game that consists of several games in it. The idea provided in them is the same. You are given a situation where you need to decide and take decisions accordingly. 

The scenario is present on each of the cards for you to play likewise. When you want to answer yes, then you swipe to the left, and when you want to give an answer as no, swipe right. Your goal is to be the ruling party in the kingdom for as many years as possible. 

The second game is Her Majesty, and the third game is the Game of Thrones. You would be happy to play the game as it comes with a decent story, fantastic missions, game mechanics, and other mechanics. 

As a king, you have to make the proper decisions that benefit your kingdom. So, if you are somebody who prefers playing these kinds of card games, then you would enjoy them. The game is ideal for smartphones because the interface is the same as Tinder. 

It can be addictive if you love to play the game. Users liked the fact that the unwanted elements have removed. You feel that the right balance between the gameplay and the narrative options is present.

If you play the game initially, you can struggle as you are provided with bare details of the plot. You can find many ways to play the game. Moreover, they are several ways that you may die in the end. 



Say WHAT? It is another best android action card game. It is a popular card against humanity game. You can play the card game with others using the usual strategy if you want. Besides, users can also play with random strangers and friends using card games.

The cards come with a word or action that you have to do. If you are able to do what has been listed on the card, then you can win. The individual who has the lowest points at the end of the game is the winner. 

It fulfills all the qualifications for a card game. The game is not that complex, and you can play the card games as you wish. You can also try some of the cousin games if you want, for example, Evil Apples or Words Against Humanity. 

You do not have to pay for anything as no in-app purchases are required. It requires you to make use of the remove the ads and card packs and do a lot more in there. You can play the game and perform other activities as well. 

We liked this part about the card game. You can enjoy the party, drive your car, and even watch TV when playing the game. So, why don't you play the game and find out for yourself? The game is one of a kind. 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

It is a second-to-none card game that comes with top-notch features in them. As a player, you get to build the deck, collect the cards, and fight against the bad elements in there. 

We liked the elements that came in the game. They are noteworthy and pretty nice to spend your time with. Users have commended the game for its ability to play well, and the design was quite splendid. 

You would be delighted to know that many players would rank it as the fourth most popular game. Currently, more than 1,700,000 players have downloaded the game. It also comes with an average of 2,55,000 per day. 

Although the game was released in the market in 2017, it was not able to see these kinds of figures. The game can be played offline as well without an internet connection. When you are using your registered account, then you can back up on the progress that you have made. 


best card games for android

Ascension is another exciting online card game developed by the Magic: The Gathering tournament players. It comes as a physical card game, and with the online platform, you can play it using your smartphone. 

It revolves around the runes for you to acquire more powerful cards that can help you easily defeat the monsters. Besides, you can also earn honor points. This is the best trading card game on android if you decide to pick it up. 

For each expansion, you have to pay $3. This is how things work in here. The game comes with outstanding features and elements present on it that you can make use of on your Android smartphone. 

Those of you who like to play Magic can play this game. It can help you collect the cards that allow you to defeat the opponent. You can play the game and see for yourself how far you are able to go. If you like tickling your brain, you should try the best puzzle games for android

Card Thief

best card games for android

Card Thief is the best card game application for Android. The storyline is quite simple. You are a thief that should find a way through the cards and avoid getting caught. There are several elements that you can make use of to help save yourself during this situation. 

You can do things to distract the guards; you can also extinguish torches and do a wide range of other activities. The game is pretty simple to play. You can also learn a lot from the game, and you become a master at it within a short while. 

The game is similar to that of Solitaire, and when you want something easy to play, then it is the perfect game to do. If you are able to make a daring getaway, then you get some bonus points and a reward for doing so. 

You may need to learn after each game that you play, but it comes with plenty of rewards because of the strategy there. The stealth fans are provided with their own Card Thief game that they can make use of, and each of it lasts only a few minutes. 

Besides, some games involve money, so please think well before registering. 

Bonus Card Games


Solitaired is an online platform that offers a wide array of addictive and engaging card and dice games. The site boasts an impressive collection of classic and modern solitaire variants, providing endless hours of entertainment for card-game players of all levels. With its sleek and user-friendly interface, players can easily navigate through the various game options, customize their preferred settings, and enjoy a seamless gameplay experience. Additionally, Solitaired offers a range of helpful features such as hints, undo moves, and statistics tracking, allowing players to improve their skills and track their progress over time.


Hearts Land is an engaging online platform dedicated to the classic card game, Hearts. 

The site features the game in single and multiplayer modes and includes a great matchmaking system, enabling players to join public games with other players from around the world. Hearts provides various customization options, including different rule sets and scoring methods, allowing players to tailor the game to their preferences. With its user-friendly interface, social interaction features, and flexible gameplay settings, Hearts Land is the go-to destination for anyone looking to have a thrilling and competitive Hearts experience online.


Try out the popular fast-paced card game in a digital setting! Cribbage is a classic card game where players score points through a variety of card combinations.The online platform offers various game modes, including single-player against computer opponents or multiplayer matches, ensuring a suitable challenge for all. Customizable game settings, statistics tracking, and thrilling tournament participation add to the excitement. With its user-friendly design, active community, and engaging gameplay features, Cribbage Online is the ultimate virtual destination for cribbage lovers to enhance their skills and connect with fellow players.


The classic card-game is available in a bold and colorful format, the platform offers both single-player mode against challenging AI opponents and multiplayer mode for thrilling competitions with friends or strangers. Spades.co provides various game settings and rule variations, allowing players to customize their experience to suit their preferences. With features such as real-time chat, interactive gameplay, and detailed statistics tracking, Spades.co creates an immersive and social environment for players to engage in exciting Spades matches.

Tips to Ensure that the Card Games Online are Genuine

The best card games app for Android devices provides you with the ability to have a lot of fun & excitement. However, not all of them are genuine and come with various risks. 

Moreover, scammers can run away with your money if you use the unauthentic and illegal paid websites or apps. So, here are some tips that you would want to keep in mind before choosing the card game, whether on the website or downloading their app. 

Research Carefully About the Website or App

The website or app provides you with several card games to play online. Most of the games are popular among several gamers. You can find them on various platforms. However, some games might be newly released. 

But that does not mean that the website or the app is not genuine. You can make use of those games for yourself. Nevertheless, when you are unsure about a particular card game, you can look it up on the internet and research adequately to find out more about it. 

Please Read the Terms & Conditions

You will want to read the terms & conditions of the online card games. This will help you to understand online card games better. A simple website will have terms & conditions. That means they are providing you with a reliable service for your fun & entertainment. 

Communicate with Some of the Players

You can communicate with some of the players just to ensure that you are on the safe side. This way, you know the games you play. They can guide you and provide you with the relevant information you want.     

They should be Part of a Large Entertainment Conglomerate

The website or the app is part of a large conglomerate. You see, these card games and other kinds of gambling games are usually part of the entertainment industry. They need some massive backup to run the business; otherwise, it is never possible to work out things. 


The above were some of the best online card games. These games are amazing and best to have some quality time with your friends and family. As these games are played online, you can play them anywhere and anytime you want, which makes them more engaging and exciting.

When choosing card games, make sure you are playing on an authentic website or app to avoid any sort of risks. We have provided you with both easy card games & free card games. Some of them are premium and paid. That means you need to pay to be able to register on them and make some money if you want. 


The best card game app for Android smartphone is AI Factory Limited card games, Clash Royale, and Clue.These games are exceptional in their own way because of the features that are infused in them. 

Yes, card games can be played both on Android and iOS smartphones. The list that we have mentioned in here are some of the best online card games for Android smartphones only. However, if you own an iOS smartphone, then you can search for card games online. 

Most card games have their own apps. Some games require you to play directly through their website. Both are fine & exciting ways to play cards if you want to. They provide you with a new dimension of playing cards compared to the 2000 period. 

It is the same as playing cards using the traditional way. You need a few friends or players and then begin to play. The only difference is that you are doing it with the help of the PC and the laptop. 

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