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Roblox games include not only cute and colourful games but also the scariest and darkest devilish games, which send chills up the player's spine. Roblox is here to present the best series of the scariest games, which are quite cool and full of thrills, which boost the excitement level of every Roblox game player. 

Roblox games have complete cross-platform support so that you may play with millions of other users on their PCs, smartphones, Xbox Ones, or VR headsets. The first game that comes to mind when seeking a terrifying gaming experience is Roblox, but it also has some pleasantly spooky surprises.

Many creators use spooky names and create a list of the best scary games. The experience that Roblox gives in their scary games is quite unbeatable and can't be compared. The player chooses the best games from a variety of games, and scary games are also one of them. The following is a list of the best Scary Roblox Games.

What Are These Best Scary Roblox Games?

The Scary Roblox game is the ultimate virtual world that enables you to create, interact with friends, and take on any identity you can think of. Explore the countless varieties of virtual worlds created by a global community and join the millions of others who have already done so.

Alone In A Dark House

Alone in a Dark House

For Roblox, Alone in a Dark House is an excitement-based horror game with many jump scares. The game casts you as a private eye going to a tiny town in August 1996. Your investigation is focused on a terrible automobile murder, and it will lead you to a sizable home that is full of mysteries.

You might assume that the vacant space is made up only of furniture, yet hidden tunnels brimming with sinister secrets are waiting for you. You need to solve several of the puzzles before you can unravel the main mystery. Oh, and you're not by yourself in that house. It kills everybody who gets in the way of it! To survive this murderous lunatic, keep your eyes peeled and take cover. Track its movements if you can.

It is generally planned for fans of all generations, including those who like horror escape room games, scream houses, point-and-click adventures, fright-inducing games, journeys, and mystery-solving games, as well as other thrilling games that demand you to leave the house of fear.

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Dead In Silence

Dead in Silence

A frightening and breathtaking sensation is "Dead in Silence." Dead Silence places you in the role of a detective and is based on a horror movie of the same name. Your task is to look into the disappearance of Mary Shaw, a slain ventriloquist who allegedly haunts the neighborhood.

This scary Roblox game will ensure you leave the lights on at night rather than to its level design, which will make you cautious of every turn, and its ominous creaking sounds and whispered hushes. Check it out and feel frightened.

Dead in Silence gives players almost infinite and enriching progression opportunities, as well as constantly changing experiences because of their diverse in-game encounters, randomly generated landscapes, and character-specific bonuses. It receives regular updates with a wide range of news and material.

Key Features

  • Dead in Silence gives players nearly infinite and enriching progress 
  • And ever-changing adventures to enjoy with its diverse in-game activities.
  • Randomly generated environments, and character-specific benefits
  • It receives frequent updates with a variety of activities and information.

The Mimic

The Mimic

The horror game on Roblox is one of the scariest horror games that has ever been played, called The Mimic. The game is a horror adventure with several episodes that you may play solo or with a friend. To create this, developers combined four distinct tales of Japanese history and urban legends with a twist.

The Mimic, disguised as a different book, will transport you and your friends to mysterious worlds filled with gruesome level layouts, loud noises that suddenly appear, and numerous jumpscares. If you're interested in playing one of the most enjoyable scary Roblox games, check it out.

Playing this online horror game with your friends allows you to create a team of up to 9 players. One of you will contract an extraterrestrial disease that will turn him into a monster. This player can assume the shape of any deceased player—a human, a monster, or both.

Your squad's mission is to escape the area before the monster kills everyone. The monster's goal is to take out every player without getting burned.

Key Features

  • New multiplayer online horror game with new monster types with variable abilities.
  • Skins and weapons for character customization on various environments and maps
  • Various gamers and a nighttime setting.



The ideal choice for your Roblox adventures is Geises if you enjoy horror games with urban legends already built in. You play Geises, a video game based on the urban legend of transferring you back to your younger years, but we bet it wasn't quite as terrifying. Your family has mysteriously disappeared when you return, which confuses you.

But you don't feel lonely any less. Even though nothing is there when you glance, it feels like someone or something is keeping an eye on you. In this creepy Roblox game, players must investigate the strangely silent house and look for any signs of anything. If you're playing alone, Geises has the scary Roblox adventure you're seeking.

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Finder Keepers

Finder Keepers

Finder Keepers is another fantastic game on this list of terrifying Roblox games which will make the chills work for you. Once more, you are an investigator with a focus on the paranormal. You have been tasked with looking into weird occurrences at a family's home, and you need to solve puzzle pieces to discover how the family vanished.

You will find these hints in several obscene dark chambers while searching for discs you must collect. The discs do, however, contain a demonic creature that will pursue you, so take caution. The excellent horror mystery game Finders Keepers is full of terrifying jumpscares and ominous noises.

Mystery Manor combines the best-hidden object gameplay principles with captivating stories and stunning graphics that the game might display in art galleries. Each area has its own story that is woven into the overall narrative. As the story unfolds, you can't help but get the impression that there is a more sinister secret, perhaps even a crime, that affects all of the characters and you, the detective.

The Maze

The Maze

The game will make you feel horrified while playing it, which is a sign that it is working. The game confines you inside an underground mystery you must escape, much like its name suggests. You only have a camera and a battery-powered torch for assistance. On Roblox, 12 players can participate in the horror game The Maze.

So bring a friend or two if you're afraid to travel through it alone. Even still, proceed with caution since creatures of unknown origin lurking within this endless riddle are out to get you. Take pleasure in playing this Roblox horror game in groups. The situation becomes terrifying as your flashlight's batteries eventually run out. Even worse, a variety of ominous animals are stalking this maze.

Key Features

The maze has a lot of mysteries. Find every one of them and monitor your progress on the Achievements page.

  • There are numerous levels. Every level is handcrafted with attention to detail and a first-person viewpoint
  • A vast old labyrinth with many stories and excellent performance. People strive to support all kinds of gadgets.
  • An excellent game. People frequently verify every level.
  • The danger is very detailed.

Survive The Killer

Survive the Killer

The Killer Game of Horror on Roblox If you have played games, you are already familiar with the premise of surviving the killer if you have played games. Players can become either survivors or killers in this well-liked Roblox horror game. You must flee and hide as a survivor from the killer who is after you and your buddies. Either you can hide by yourself, or you can gather your companions and make an escape together.

Before the victims escape or the time runs out, the killer must eliminate as many players as possible. Survive the Killer, one of the most popular Roblox games in 2021, is a thrilling and spooky adventure you can go on with your buddies.

The main objective for the survivors is to make it out of the wilderness and to do this. You must put the car's engine together. Playing as a nutcase, Roblox says you have ten minutes to catch everyone after surviving the Killer. Avoid pitfalls by using caution. The basic goal of the Roblox Maniac is to find all the remaining Roblox players and hide them in the house. You can play with your buddies over the phone, and the app also includes Codes to Survive the Killer for extras.

Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack is one of the most popular games. You will love knowing that there are some zombies on Roblox as well. No list of horror games would be complete without them. You and your buddies can cooperate in the wave-based zombie shooting Roblox game Zombie Attack.

You need to engage in combat and fend off as many waves as you can as one of the survivors. You gain access to new weapons and deadly fighting along the way to eliminate them. However, progress also reveals uncommon zombies and even the formidable zombie boss, who you must defeat to obtain more goodies. You and your pals can play the Roblox classic horror shooter Zombie Attack, which is stuffed with weapons and gore.

The most 20 Best Zombie Games for a Spine Chilling Experience.

Stop It Slender

Stop It Slender

The Stop It Slender game is another terrifying Roblox game based on a well-known urban legend. This horror game on Roblox challenges citizen players to locate all eight secret pages dispersed throughout the neighborhood, focusing on the horrifying Slender Man. You are not alone, though, because the Slender Man is following you, acting like a ticking time bomb.

Stop It Slender will do an honest job of reinterpreting the urban legend in Roblox, complete with a spooky ambiance and a spotlight that tends to flicker. Get this game if you wish to alleviate Slender Man's fear of Roblox.

The official Stop it Slender is a computer game termed The Arrival, and it was created in partnership with Mark Hadley and Blue Island Studios. Adaptation still as Eric "Victor Surge" Knudsen, the man behind the paranormal phenomenon that has frightened people worldwide since it first began.

The Mirror

The Mirror

Mirrors are the terrifying possibilities they bring that rank among my top fears in the horror subgenre. Based on this precise phenomenon, The Mirror is set underground in a mirror-filled room. You must explore the area as the player to find these different mirrors.

However, the mirrors don't just reflect you; they also conceal much more. The Mirror is a scary Roblox game with jumpscares at every turn and eerie noises. While you can play this horror game with buddies, playing by yourself is recommended if you want the most intense scares.

The psychological phenomenon served as the inspiration for this twisted horror game. You'll end up in a mirror-filled underground institution of some kind. This mirror maze requires you to find your way through it. On the other hand, prolonged darkened mirror staring might have horrifying consequences. With the twist, the game tells you that you can experience mental distortions rather than those caused by the mirrors.

Haunted Hotel

‍Haunted Hotel

The Roblox horror game called "Haunted Hotel" can relate to horror. The Roblox horror game Imperial Hotel is set in an abandoned hotel that was shut down following numerous fatalities brought on by a collapse. In this Roblox game, which combines horror and exploration gameplay, you can explore a reputedly haunted hotel filled with strange mysteries.

You must move the explorer through the structure while avoiding obstacles and traps. The jumpscares and horrors in this spooky Roblox game are many. Additionally, you can always play multiplayer and invite your pals if you feel lonely.

As you explore the hotel, you will notice that it looks like it's about to fall apart and is even starting to sink into the ground. Because of this, you are getting around the hotel is difficult in and of itself. Haunted hotels sound terrible, but this game is more entertaining than scary. You have to explore many new things in these games.

It is one of the most loved Best Action Games available on androids.

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery is like layers of trouble for those of us who will adore Murder Mystery 2, a multiplayer Roblox horror game. Murder Mystery 2 divides players into three teams: Innocents, Sheriff, and Murderers. It uses the same gameplay mechanics but uses a frightening map. You must escape and hide from the murderer while attempting to identify who it might be as the team's innocents.

The only people on the team with weapons are the innocent bystanders with whom the sheriff must cooperate to kill the murderer. Simple murder of everyone is what the murderer must do. The scary Roblox game Murder Mystery 2 deserves a spot among the top titles like this game.

In this Roblox horror game, players can choose from various blades. If they are playing the murderer, they must murder everyone. Since there are innocent players in the game as well, they must run and hide if they are innocent to avoid being killed.

Once they have used their investigative skills to identify the murderer, players can dial the number. The sheriff can only kill the murderer because only he is armed. The sheriff works with the innocents to put the murderer to death.

Bear Alpha

Bear Alpha

One of the scariest Roblox games is Bear Alpha, which may require cooperation to win. Players of this 10-player survival horror game are placed on a single map. One of the ten players, Bear Alpha, has the job of tracking down and destroying everyone. The other players, though, are not helpless.

To defend themselves against bears, survivors have access to various weaponry in the game. The bear is something you might be able to endure on your own, but you'll need your teammates' assistance to defeat it and win the match.

This "bear" is a terrifying 7-foot-tall plush that yells at players when they get too close. It follows everyone across the maze-like area and must kill each player within the specified time to win the game.

Players must collaborate to solve puzzles and defend themselves against the bear and its attacks. The longer you solve puzzles, the less time the bear has to attack. Each player has a limited quantity of stamina, and using it too frequently slows you down when sprinting.

Scary SCP Roleplay 

Scary SCP Roleplay 

Scary SCP Roleplay exists similar to that roleplaying aspects are combined into this Roblox horror game and an intriguing plot. Government funding for the SCP foundation, tasked with defending the globe against numerous anomalous animals, is a component of the SCP universe.

An SCP is a scientist, a security guard, and a variety of other SCP characters will all be available for roleplaying by players in SCP. The Roblox environment is a great place to explore the SCP universe if you've always been curious about it.

You need to be as smart as possible to survive the challenges ahead because this is a game of deception and betrayal. Despite not being as spooky as some of the other games on our list, Murder Mystery 2 will make your heart race this Halloween.

Happy Oofday

Happy Oofday

The 2018 version of Happy off-Day! that scared the Roblox community into playing it has been remastered in the new version. The newly updated Oofday is a single-player horror Roblox game with an old theme broken into several segments.

The birthday celebration is the main topic of Off Day's first published chapter. Your friends have invited you to a vacant yellow house to celebrate your birthday. But none of you know that Oof, a vile spirit with a yellow appearance, haunts the house. Happy Monday is a funny-sounding yet terrifying Roblox game with several endings that might lead you anywhere.

This is one of the Best Action games to get your blood pumping.

The Rake 

The Rake 

The horror game Rake Roblox is a scanty figure with the same name that inspired the horror game The Rake on Roblox. In this widely played survival horror game, you are placed on a map with The Rake, a grey humanoid creepypasta creature who is not friendly at all.

You must fend off the Rake while attempting to keep your sanity, based in several locations and spanning multiple modes. One of the best terrifying games on Roblox is this one, so give it a shot. To learn the truth about The Rake, you and your buddies embark on a quest. Your research led you to a mysterious underground laboratory in a wood.

The Rake, the evil character in this well-liked series of horror games on Roblox, prowls the woods at night in search of unsuspecting victims to stalk, hunt, and slay. Surviving the night is the game's task.

Key Features

  • 10 Playable Levels-Games with known poison Good 3D graphics and gameplay.
  • Completely terrifying 3D rake creature!
  • Excellent smooth controls.

Insane Elevator

Insane Elevator

An insane elevator is the best way to obtain interesting game-playing as. This Roblox horror game has a more moderate level of scare, making it suitable for players of all ages. Insane Elevator compels players to board an elevator in exchange for a chance to win various rewards. Other killers from other movies and video games include The Rake, Pennywise the Clown, Sired Head, and others.

The player is required to endure several activities and stages. While confined to one mad Elevator, you can invite your friends to participate in this multiplayer Roblox horror game.

As you progress, the going gets harder, and you become more frustrated, but keep your calm because there is always another level that will frustrate you more than the previous one. To assist you, there are secret staircases and helpful suggestions. Prepare to tell the skater punk that he is an elevator thief before he adds to the confusion of this strange new adventure.

Roblox Game Horror

Roblox Game Horror

Roblox's ultimate virtual world allows you to create, interact with others, and become anything you can think of. Join the millions who have already done so and explore the countless immersive worlds a global community has built.

This well-known Roblox horror game was once forbidden for being too spooky, but it has since returned and is better than ever. Several Roblox players are seated around a single table to begin a round of the murder mystery multiplayer game Breaking Point.

Eliminating the competition is the participants' shared goal. By switching off and employing weaponry, the players accomplish this. Other game options in Breaking Point include "Who Did It," in which one player is chosen as the murderer, and the other players must determine who it is. If you want a fun and spooky Roblox multiplayer game, try Breaking Point.

It is indeed among the Best Horror Games with a perfect combination of the survival genre.

The Horror Game Piggy

The Horror Game Piggy

You may find Piggy on Roblox, which has other scary, disturbing games. Piggy combines horror and problem-solving so that you are both afraid and confused. While avoiding the antagonist, Piggy, you guessed it. You can complete riddles to win Piggy. 

Piggy, one of the most popular and continuously increasing games that receive updates, has received over 9.1 billion player visits. Several volumes and chapters make up the game series. As of the time of writing this, Piggy Celebrates it by playing the newest Roblox Piggy terrifying horror games.

If an evil piggy for Roblox hears you, she will run to look for you, so try to walk as softly as you can. Instead of making noise, try to find a hiding spot, such as a closet, ventilation, or under the bed. The main objective of the Piggy Infection mod is to escape from this pig in Roblox.

The Asylum

The Asylum

They are a self-employed business specializing in terrifying Roblox games and created The Asylum. The Asylum, broken into multiple chapters, transforms players into explorers as they explore this abandoned, horrifying facility and try to unravel the mystery.

While chapter one forces you to tour the Asylum, chapter two transports you to a similarly unsettling area next to it. If you're brave, play this spooky Roblox game. Even divide-and-seek-seek films will get the chills playing the multiplayer horror game Asylum. Your life's most horrific horror adventure may be right here!

Three psychos versus four victims. Find the supplies for survival while escaping the insane maniac. Select a side. The beginning of a gory internet hide-and-seek game. She just makes an effort to survive.

Key Features

  • Play games in single-player offline or multiplayer modes.
  • Horrible hide-and-seek contests!
  • A four-player online survival game mode.
  • Play with others and talk to your friends.



The game Blair deserves a lot of credit for recent developments in the horror genre's popularity. Blair on Roblox was created as an inspiration for it. It gives us a multiplayer experience where we have to look around maps and spot different kinds of ghosts.

You must test each of the game's six forms of evidence before you can pinpoint which one belongs to the ghost. The ghost seeks to eliminate your squad one player at a time as you strive to identify it while they also try to do the same. Blair is a fantastic spooky Roblox game if you're searching for something to do for a fun game night with a few buddies.

The Darkness Beyond

The Darkness Beyond

Most scary games focus on the monsters' grotesque appearances to frighten players. But what if you were unaware of the threat? This Roblox game uses players' anxiety about the dark to frighten them. You can play it alone or with buddies for greater stakes. The main goal is to keep the dreadful beast of darkness out of your home. You can lock doors, bar windows, and install cameras to stop the creature from getting to you. 

However, the game can wind up giving you nightmares if you can't stop the penetration. Explore, listen, and take a careful look as you move through the dim alleys, soggy halls, dense woodlands, and deserted streets, passing by old tombs, towering trees, and homes.

On your adventure, you will encounter many mysterious things, some of which may even be hostile toward you. Never forget that the Slenderman is watching you; every step you take could very well be your last.

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Midnight Horror 

Midnight Horror 

Choose Midnight Horrors on Roblox if you find it too exhausting to play through every frightening horror game on our list. It features hundreds of unique monsters that can guarantee you won't play another horror game anytime soon. This game contains material for all kinds of frights, from aliens eager to kidnap you to Slender Man hiding in the woods.

If playing with hundreds of terrifying creatures isn't enough for you, Atame also features customized maps for each monster. You must therefore overcome both their setting and their spooky personality. Midnight Horrors is their confusion, according to its creators. However, if you want to experience genuine fear, you should look elsewhere.

This game is based on an actual ceremony employed in ancient pagan cults to call forth "The Midnight Man" to punish rule breakers. You can navigate the house to get away from him. He will extinguish your candle if he is nearby. The game is over if you don't relight your candle within 10 seconds. If you're close to the midnight man, you cannot light your candle again.



Judy is a Roblox game that will haunt you at night if you're looking for compelling narration that optimizes settling monsters. You and your friends are tasked with investigating a theme park from the 1970s in the game's innocent beginnings as a multiplayer investigative activity. However, as secrets begin to surface, you learn about Judy's disappearance.

The second chapter of the game was re-optimized to look at Judy's manor and try to locate her. However, the route is lined with frightening monsters hiding in the shadows. If you make it through that, Judy's final chapter optimizes the boss battle by the sea. This is one of the scariest Roblox games available, with a comprehensive storyline that is charming.

Key Features

  • A horror puzzle with challenging riddles
  • Hide and seek with stealth features.
  • The Unlucky postman's Tale: an exciting slasher thriller;
  • The optimized gameplay and high-quality 3D animation.
  • A dark adventure with mysterious places.

Three Nightmares

Three Nightmares

As the name suggests, The Three Nightmares allows us to play through three different horror stories in one setting. Every narrative is an installment of a distinct setting, and they all center on discovering artifacts. The difficulty with this is that the only light source available to you to use to explore each area is the torch.

But each of these maps also contains a unique "nightmare" monster that waits for you to approach it by crouching in the shadows. The Three Nightmares will give you a nightmare tonight with its abundance of eerie sounds, well-known locations, and shocking jump scares.

The third installment of the Nightmare series is a free 3D horror game. Scary Shrine has a larger map and more varieties of technological weapons than the two horror games that came before it. Action and shooting still play a part in this horror game. You can battle spooky monsters up close in addition to shooting them from a distance.

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These Best Scary Roblox games are also available on other platforms. Roblox is easily installable, even on Chromebooks. If you become tired of this one, you can play other games similar to Roblox. While certain games are better played alone, others are better enjoyed with friends. You can play some games with your children or younger siblings without scaring them too much because they are more entertaining than scary.

Young game developers will soon release incredible games on the platform. The appeal of Roblox lies in the fact that it gives young, imaginative gamers a platform to express themselves and create masterpieces.


Roblox is an online horror game through which users can create games using the Roblox online game and game production technology, which the Roblox Corporation designed.

Roblox is free to play, and in-game transactions can be made using Robux, digital money. More than half of all American children were among Roblox's roughly 1 million active monthly users. Roblox has drawn criticism for its moderation. The exploitation of children, although critics have largely praised it. If you want to make them horrifying, play these scary games on the list.

Yes, Judy Roblox's game is scary. If you look at it at night, it will make you feel fun. In this Judy game, some tasks appear. Roblox to find it and cross this section line.

In the Scary Roblox game, more terrify the players but in 2023. The terrifying game is Judy, The Mimic is a terrifying game that makes the game horror, and you can play with friends and siblings as they are more interesting games.

The Mimic's creator and lead programmer are Mucdich. Although this is probably a joke, Mucdich's Roblox profile claims that he is The Mimic's ultimate boss. In October, he became a Roblox member. Much can be seen in Chapter 2 mimicking a giant, which indicates that he replaced Samurai.

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