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Do you like encountering tense feelings of dread and suspense? When playing online games, do you have a knack for feeling goosebumps? If yes, then you should try the best VR Horror games. 

Players have always regarded horror as a popular gaming genre, and they love the adrenaline these games provide. These virtual reality games make them lose track of reality and become trapped in the world of spirits and ghosts when they play them. Such games use graphic representations to frighten players and create a spooky environment around them.

Since the horror genre is so well-known, many people have developed games based on it. We have listed so many VR Horror Games below; check out the games we've mentioned. 

VR Scariest Game Ever

There is currently a wide range of online or virtual reality horror games that are available, each with a different and unique theme to keep players interested. In essence, the purpose of all of these narrative games is to give the players the impression that they are actually experiencing everything that is happening in the game.

Several horror games are centered on survival. The players in this are placed in a constrained setting where they must solve tricky puzzles or missions in order to survive in the game. Some games rely heavily on action to create a chaotic environment; in these games, players typically shoot each other or battle monsters and demons. 

In some games, the player might even take on the character of the one who frightens the other. Essentially, all of these games use psychological ploys to manipulate players into feeling fear and actually experiencing jump scares.

Best VR Horror Games

Do you like horror games? If yes, then various horror games are available online in virtual reality. Whether you like to play a heart-stopping jumpscare horror game or a terrifying slow-burning horror game, everything is available with just a click.

Virtual reality technology is becoming more prevalent in games, particularly horror, where it fits in naturally. A niche is available to play on various devices.



This horror game provides two players' experience, which can be increased up to three also. Players play to make their team for the identification of paranormal entities at various haunted sites. A chat option is also there, which allows players to communicate with each other. There is also voice recognition functionality that lets ghosts hear important words from investigators in the game. It's an asymmetrical horror game.

It can be played on standard screens, but its haunting visuals are more appealing in virtual activity. With almost nine haunted sites and sixteen ghosts being released currently in the game, there is much more content in the game for players to explore and experience. The game is an investigative horror game in which ghost hunting is primarily done.

The game became available through Steam for Microsoft Windows in virtual reality. In the game, completing objectives and gathering evidence provides awards, increases levels, and unlocks different maps to earn money.

Chair in the Room

Chair in the Room

It includes freshwater that takes players to the southern United States. The Greenwater Institute is depicted in the game. There is a narrative in the game which is linear. The story unfolds like a psychological thriller film.

The horror in the game is created through a dense atmosphere, and psychologically intense situations are also developed. The game contains three chapters which are almost thirty minutes long.

A horror 3D game that can be played on Windows and PS4. It includes jump scares and interactive, narrative storytelling. This horror game is divided into six chapters. The game also includes terrifying settings in which a sense of fear and sadness are developed. It provides the best VR horror gaming experience. Games can be played on various devices.

The best VR horror game includes American Southern Gothic elements and the use of derelict towns, murky motels, decayed swamps, etc. It's a tense horror game that takes you through an investigation of corruption, religious immorality, and murder.

Walking Dead

Walking Dead

The most fleshed-out virtual reality game. It includes character drama; players must survive through zombies and hunt for materials. Players can play with their own choices in combat. Players can enter the battle with heavy defense. Players can choose their characters and factions in New Orleans, the city shown in the game.

This game involves action and a strategy that perfectly blends. It creates a faithful experiment that lets the player experience the Walking Dead world in all its glory. A graphic adventure is included in this game.

The game is based on a comic series of the same name. The episodes are there in the game. It can be played on consoles, computers, and mobile phones and released in digital and physical forms.

The games included in the Walking Dead series include puzzles and explorations that are found mostly in adventure games and offer strong narrative and interaction among other characters in the game. It's an action-oriented game that has quick-time events to instill excitement while playing the game. 

Alien: Isolation Horror Game

Alien: Isolation Horror Game

A slow-burning horror experience with action builds the atmosphere. Players have to navigate their spaceships. It's based on an alien film series and is set after fifteen years of the events that occurred. It follows the story of a girl named Amanda who investigates the disappearance of her mother from a space station named Sevastopol.

But the space station has been destroyed by an alien creature and must find a way to escape. Survival horror gameplay is depicted and requires players to avoid and fight through enemies with tools provided, such as a motion tracker and flamethrower.

It's a single-player action game with a focus on stealth and survival horror. The objectives of the game include avoiding, outsmarting, and defeating enemies. It was released in 2014 and is considered to be one of the best horror games ever released. The fame received a Bafta Games award for audio achievement.

The Exorcist

The Exorcist

The game consists of various demons that are required to be confronted. Every episode is about half an hour and includes different paranormal entities players must investigate and overcome in the game. The game is beautiful, and the environment created in it is a pleasure to explore.

Players take up the characters of a girl, a priest, and a nun. They beat up demons and various other creatures. Explore and survive the adventures and fears. In-depth, supernatural powers are shown. Secrets are uncovered, and demons are faced, which leads to a final confrontation with dark and hidden fears.

The virtual reality game is filled with fun and scary episodes. The Exorcist game is based on the Exorcist movie. The police officer character is a player who is on an investigation into scary places. The game includes five chapters and various gameplay experiences. They are full of horror, jump scares, and puzzle solving.

Face Your Fears 2 

Face Your Fears 2 

This virtual reality horror game includes zombies and serial killers. Various players focus on exploiting one or two phobias. The game takes it all, and a horrifying experience is provided with some paranormal activities. Players explore the Harvest family estate through their rough generation with horrible scenarios.

A survival horror game. Two scenarios are highlighted: one harvest house and one harvest family. In each chapter, a particular fear is highlighted. Various horrifying elements exist, like deadly spiders, grave conditions, utopia, harvest houses, etc. Some experiences provide you with a chill down your spine, and you want to scream.

The graphics of the game are good. There are spooky things that make it full of horror. Shaders are not too many as in PC VR, but the horrifying things are enough to provide a good experience to players. The sound is also good, like ghostly whispers and noise effects that are being used in the game.

The Inpatient 

The Inpatient 

A physiologic horror video game was released in January 2018. The game is played from a first-person view. In the game, the player suffers from amnesia, and the game was set within a black wood sanatorium in 1952. The alternate takes place in a mine that gets collapsed.

Other non-player characters react through voice recognition systems. The result of the story depends upon the decisions that are made. An unsettling environment is created, which is enough to make a player uneasy. The player gets trapped in such a position that he needs to overcome his terrifying dreams and imagination to find out what, in reality, is going on.

Games is a prequel to 2015 until dawn. The game's release was announced with a trailer. It was released for PlayStation 4 with the support of VR technology in November 2017. but got delayed to another year in January in North America and Europe. It's a great horror virtual reality game.

Resident Evil 7 

Resident Evil 7 

A survival horror game from 2017. The game includes the character Ethan Winters, who searches for his wife on a plantation, which is of an infected family. The game also includes solving puzzles and fighting enemies. It diverged from the more action-oriented and had horror roots. It also focuses on the exploration part.

The game was officially released in the year 2017 and is the scariest game in the virtual reality category. The combat system and detailed visuals make it a unique experience for players. The game does not include zombies and is instead set up in a dilapidated house in Louisiana.

Following its release, it received numerous critical acclaim. The Resident Evil 7 horror game has been released to be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and various other devices. It also works on a VR headset. Along with critical reviews, some favorable reviews were also received. A return was considered as critics praised its gameplay, innovation, graphics, and use of virtual reality technology.

Half-life Alyx

Half-life Alyx

This game was released in 1998 as a first-person shooter video game. It was published by Sierra Studios for the Windows version. The game includes the character of a scientist who should escape from a research facility that is being invaded by aliens.

The game is not pure horror but contains some horror elements. The game is a mixture of combat, exploration, and puzzle solving. The virtual reality version of the game includes events of half-life and half-life two, and players take up the character of Alyx Vance as she tries to steal a weapon from Combine. 

Great work is being done in the game. by including a few jumps, scares, and a slow horror atmosphere. Health and ammo for the players are limited in number, so they have to accordingly plan how to half-life resources properly to be able to survive in the game, making it one of the best survival games. The story is told in a scripted sequence. The game won acclaim for its graphics, narrative, and gameplay.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

The game is based upon one of the best-haunted moves. Its creepy setting and disturbing visuals will haunt players. A terrifying experience is provided with a battery flashlight, and you find yourself exploring an average-looking home in a woody neighborhood. The horrifying mystery unfolds of what's going on in the house. The struggle for survival is the fear the player goes through in this game. 

For more terror, the player can switch to the VR mode of the game, which involves the player in the environment using some maximum scale which is combined with an immersive role-play system. It was launched in January 2017 for the PlayStation virtual reality system. It's a scary game involving roaming around a haunted house and provides a spooky experience. 

There are intense jump scares. So, we can say that overall dreadful, scary experiences are there. The gameplay is dark and creepy due to the abandoned, lonely house shown in the game. In the VR experience, everything looks spooky enough. 

Edge of Nowhere

Edge of Nowhere

Insomniac Games developed the action survival horror video game Edge of Nowhere for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and Microsoft Windows. It's competent, but it's also very formulaic. 

The plot revolves around Victor Howard, who is on a quest to locate his fiancée, Ava Thorne, who is a member of a lost expedition in Antarctica. His rescue mission turns unexpectedly as he enters a dark, monstrous world where reality warps and twists around him. 

Victor, desperate to find the one he loves, must confront terrifying monsters and scale looming ice walls as he descends further into madness at the hands of the Great Old Ones who hide deep within the mountain range. Nothing is as it seems at the Edge of Nowhere, and the unexpected lurks around every corner.

The player assumes control of the protagonist, Victor Howard, on his quest to find his fiancée, Ava Thorne, who went missing along with the rest of her scientific expedition. The game is played in the third person, with the camera following Victor behind him. In addition to controlling the camera, head tracking is used to change the direction of the flashlight and aim for weapons.



A psychological thriller and adventure video game titled "Transference" was created by Spectre Vision and Ubisoft Montreal and released by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows 8.

It centers on a family that is dealing with some pressing problems. It takes place inside a simulation that has been tainted by Raymond, a brilliant but "struggling" scientist. The simulation is created from the "brain data" of Raymond, his wife. We follow Katherine and her young son Benjamin as they move through their home, uncovering their secrets and gathering the evidence they need to mend their lives from the perspectives of various family members.

Since those three human consciousnesses are currently housed in a computer simulation, the game's central conceit is that the player must enter it and somehow free the three of them.

Lies beneath

Lies beneath

It's an action-packed single-player survival horror game. Drifter VR, a Seattle-based studio, created the game.

Lies Beneath is a top-notch quest game. With a hand-drawn, cell-shaded style that is used throughout a wide range of environments, it deftly conceals its mobile roots. Because of this, enemies always lurk around every corner, loading new areas is instantaneous and invisible, and the pace of the game is rarely interrupted.

The story has a strong campaign with many unexpected turns, and it is well-acted and detailed. Its striking cell-shaded art style and comic book panels for narrative scenes give you the impression that you are actually living out the pages of a graphic novel. 

The game's gameplay alternates between using firearms like shotguns and revolvers and relying on melee weapons to repel the hordes of monsters. The vehicle begins to veer off the side of the road. The cave invites you inside because your father has disappeared, and the blood trail leads there. The break, in reality, starts when a mysterious figure watches you, but you're not sure where it ends.

If you're a skilled turner, Lies Beneath has you covered as well, though you should be aware that only a small percentage of players appear to be unaffected by what is essentially one of the least comfortable locomotion options.

Wilson's Heart

Wilson's Heart

It is a first-person, monochrome virtual reality horror adventure video game developed by Twisted Pixel Games. The virtual reality system Oculus Rift is compatible with the game.

Wilson's Heart immerses you in an interactive mystery adventure, unlike any other game by utilizing an eccentric cast of characters, an engaging narrative, stunning visuals, and the immersive nature of touch.

To find out who stole your heart—and why—you and your fellow patients must work together to defeat the evil occupants as the hospital hauntings worsen. You and your fellow patients must navigate increasingly perplexing corridors, avoid terrifying environmental hazards, and defeat the evil occupants.

Motion controllers are required to interact with in-game objects and teleport between specific, predetermined locations in the world, which are indicated by spectral representations of the player character. The player has the ability to pick up and move objects, open doors, and drawers, and combine objects.

The game includes a simple inventory system allowing the player to track specific items. When the objects are ready for use, the game will automatically present them to the player. Throughout the game, the player gains several skills that allow them to control distant objects, such as turning on lamps, attracting metallic objects to them using magnetism, and using a throwing weapon that returns to them after use.

The Persistence

The Persistence

Initially released in 2018, The Persistence is a virtual reality game for PlayStation 4 VR. Projectile weapons and close-quarters combat are both available in Persistence's straightforward but enjoyable combat. 

The former does not exactly provide players with unlimited ammo and resources with which to buy them, while the latter has a parry-like system that is simple to learn but challenging to master.

As a clone of security guard Zimri Eder, you are faced with the challenge of The Persistence, which takes place on a doomed deep space colony starship that is inhabited by horrifying and homicidal aberrations. You are the only person left. The layout of the decks will occasionally shift and change configuration due to a malfunction in the ship's macrostructure. 

Every exploration into The Persistence will be unique and disorienting. But there's a catch: If Zimri passes away, her consciousness is transferred into a fresh cloned body, ready to try once more with any improved stats, outfits, and weapon schematics saved for the next attempt.

Affected: The Manor-Quest

It is a virtual reality game available on the Samsung Gear VR platform. Gamers can experience new levels of immersion, increased tension, and most importantly, unheard-of levels of fear.

With only your candle to cast light into the darkness, you must navigate through the manor's hidden spaces in the dark, which offers an entirely new experience. As you explore further into the abandoned house and discover that your sanity is the only thing keeping you alive, the gameplay involves terror that lurks around every corner.

Each player is ranked according to their time in the spooky speed run mode called The Gauntlet. You can also compete for the fastest time on international leaderboards. The Oculus Rift has brought about a new era in gaming and, as a result, a new dimension where one can encounter the scariest things possible.

While being scared is all you can really do during this experience, being Affected will undoubtedly frighten you. Other than deciding which door to enter next, there are no notable puzzles or real strategies.

Wraith: The Oblivion

The virtual reality horror video game Wraith: The Oblivion-Afterlife was created by Swedish studio Fast Travel Games for Oculus Quest and Rift, Steam VR, and PlayStation VR. It is compatible with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, and Valve Index VR headsets.

This first-person, narrative-driven game emphasizes exploration and stealth, though combat is not its primary focus. In this game, the player assumes the role of a wraith, which whom they can physically interact as they explore the game world and develop new skills. 

Sharpened senses and wraith grasp are two of the player's abilities that let them change their environment and manipulate objects from a distance.

The plot centers on a recently deceased person's spirit who, after passing away in the mansion, discovers mysteries of the afterlife in the Shadowlands, a reflection of the land of the living where the dead exist unseen, side by side with the living.

The game's protagonist wakes up in the beginning without knowing how they died and is led into the mansion by their shadow. This menacing voice represents a wraith's self-destructive tendencies and dark subconscious. They encounter additional apparitions and specters as they tour the mansion. This game offers an exhilarating VR experience!


Players in Cosmodread, a virtual reality survival horror game, have to get off a dying spaceship that is overrun with nightmares. An OS and processor must be 64 bits. 

According to the legend, the ship you're on activates a "jump drive," which obviously doesn't go as planned and ends up somewhere unexpected, only to collide with a large tentacle entity that starts infesting the ship. 

You must explore, stay alive, and get everything back up and running on your own now that the crew has left and you are all by yourself in order to hopefully return to Earth safely. 

You must explore, endure, and eventually make your way back to safety on Earth while trapped in a dying spaceship filled with horrors. Because of its deep, tense, and immersive atmosphere, you won't remember the world outside the headset when you're playing Cosmodread.

Until dawn: Rush of Blood

Until dawn: Rush of Blood

Supermassive Games created the rail shooter Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for the PlayStation VR system on the PlayStation 4. The player rides a roller coaster with a horror theme while shooting at inanimate objects and live enemies in this direct sequel to Until Dawn.

As they advance through the game, the player rides a roller coaster cart through an increasingly intense carnival amusement park with a horror theme. The game's protagonist first appears at a fairground, where Dan T. explains how to handle the upcoming levels to the player. 

When the player is about to complete the level, Psycho shows up and alters the tracks, sending them into a lodge where he and his henchmen attack them. The Psycho compels the player to breathe gas, which renders them unconscious before they can leave the lodge. While using a VR platform, you can actually feel your blood rushing!

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's

The virtual reality survival horror video game developed by Steel Wool Studios is titled Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted (also known as Five Nights at Freddy's 8). The first-person gameplay is focused on several minigames based on earlier games in the series, where the player must avoid attacks from sentient animatronics. 

According to the game's canon, Fazbear Entertainment contracted with an unnamed independent developer to produce a video game series based on the events of the first seven games before parting ways with him. Instead, they commissioned a virtual reality game to playfully mock the rumors and persuade players that the events were entirely fictitious.

At the in-game Prize Counter, collecting coins makes virtual toys available for play, whereas collecting tapes makes audio logs available for listening. Bounties can be earned while you experience the horror.


Do you believe you have the confidence and bravery to play these games? In such a case, go ahead and give them a try. All the games mentioned above are terrific and will send chills down your spine. 

If you think you need additional support, you can even play these virtual reality games with a group of buddies. Horror VR games could turn into the perfect game to play on a Friday or Saturday night with yourself or with the company to unwind after a long week.

Many of these virtual reality horror games can be downloaded for free or at a cost from websites. These virtual reality horror games are pretty intense and powerful. If you choose to try them out, pace yourself and prepare for a thrilling journey.

Playing these virtual reality horror games can simultaneously have fun and be frightened. Such games transport you to a fantasy setting packed with adventure, excitement, and passion. 

Feel these emotions by playing entertaining online virtual reality VR horror games. Players become so obsessed with horror games that they get hooked on their devices. So you can settle back, unwind, and prepare to experience the terror.


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