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Try this out if you want to know what the top Xbox games are. To put it simply, you've found the correct location. The Xbox family of consoles has something for everyone, from the unforgettable Xbox exclusives like Sea of Thieves and Hellblade to third-party hits like Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Witcher 3. Continue reading to explore the best Xbox games. 

Best Xbox Games to Try Right Now

There are so many excellent games available for the Xbox that it can be confusing to decide which ones are essential. So, let us help you out there. We've compiled a list of the top Xbox games of all time, including both independent classics and triple-A smash hits. If you have an Xbox, that should help narrow down your options for your next gaming experience.

There ought to be something on our list for you, whatever your disposition, taste, or experience level. Get set for your next exciting Xbox experience! If you own an Xbox, you'll want to keep reading for our list of the best Xbox games of all time.

GTA Online (Grand Theft Auto V)

GTA Online (Grand Theft Auto V)

GTA V's comprehensive map is the gold standard for recent open-world games. Not only is it massive, but it is packed to the gills with fantastic material, and we don't just mean the driving and shooting that make up its campaign or the countless side activities that could amount to a complete game on their own. It's a metropolis full of all the sights, sounds, and buzzing activity you'd expect to find in a city teeming with humanity, sleazy underbelly, and all.

Its single-player plot is a gripping criminal epic that portrays Rockstar's satirical take on the 21st century American dream through three playable characters, and when you've rolled credits on that after some 30-plus hours, there's years' worth of content in GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto Online has sophisticated multi-phase heists, custom high-stakes racing, flying DeLoreans, and Mad Max-style vehicle deathmatches. With so much to do, discover, and play with, both with friends and alone, GTA 5 remains the best Xbox One game ever.

Rockstar confirms GTA 6's development. It'll supposedly feature the first female playable character in the series and a story inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, with Vice City returning as the main setting and other locations being added over time.

Watch Dogs 2  

Not only is Watch Dogs 2 the best game in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs trilogy, but it's also one of the best open-world games the developer has released in recent memory. In Watch Dogs 2, you play as Marcus Holloway, a hacker for the hacktivist organization DedSec in San Francisco.

You'll hack from afar with your drone and RC car, or you'll sneak up on your targets and use your phone as a controller. When things become too perilous, bring out your stun pistol or eight-ball-on-a-rope and start dealing some serious damage.

The narrative in Watch Dogs 2 isn't always great, especially when it tries to get heavy or make a statement about the dystopian police-state future its people are dreading living in, but the game's protagonists give the game enough personality that even the moron in the emoji-eyes helmet is likeable.

Warzone: Call of Duty

Warzone: Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Warzone is an excellent battle royale game. Warzone was originally published as a DLC for Modern Warfare (2019), but it has since become a standalone game that competes with Fortnite and PUBG. Just so you know, development on Warzone 2 has begun at Activision.

The shooting in Warzone is fun, the area is exciting to explore, and there are enough interesting features like the Gulag and Contracts to make every match feel different from the last.

New features, game modes, operators, and skins are added on a regular basis, giving gamers a fresh experience every time they fire up the game. Playing it on Xbox is a great experience.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

When it comes to mood, storytelling, and mechanical and conceptual design harmony, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is unparalleled. As a result of the obvious time and effort Ninja Theory put into developing Senua and her story, a remarkable work of art has been born. 

Hellblade's dark and scary story is made even more powerful by the game's serious themes, reflected in its beautiful graphics and deep story, which makes it one of the best horror games

Our performance review found that Hellblade for Series X outperformed high-end PCs, and now Senua's Sacrifice is optimized for Xbox Series X|S.

A gameplay trailer for Hellblade 2 was released by Ninja Theory last year, and it's highly recommended. The game's creator showed off a beautiful screenshot of Djpalónssandur Beach in Iceland, which will be in the sequel.



The latest racing game to become available for Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass is called Forza Horizon 5. It's a feast for the eyes, packed with some of the most lifelike-looking automobiles you've ever seen in one place. However, if you ask anybody who enjoys even one of these Forza games, they will tell you that the Horizon series is about a great deal more than just its visuals.

The video game Horizon 5 is set in a fictitious version of Mexico and allows the player to freely explore an enormous terrain while driving any vehicle of their choosing. Off-roading may be done in anything from a sleek sports car to a Hummer, and large ramps can be negotiated in either vehicle.

Forza Horizon 5 is an amazing game and gives you the freedom and opportunity to drive how and where you want in a legion of great automobiles, and it does so while also giving you complete control over the game.

FIFA 22 

Despite being the latest installment in a long-running soccer simulation series, FIFA 22 manages to shake up the formula in exciting ways. All the while is making noble attempts to update its oldest modes, like the Career mode. 

FIFA 22 looks and plays differently than its predecessor, thanks to a number of significant enhancements in both areas. It still has some of the same problems that have plagued the series for years, and some of the improvements that were supposedly made feel like cosmetic changes at best. 

In spite of this, FIFA 22 is the best instalment in the franchise in years and is one of the best Xbox games you should try. 

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon represents a major departure compared to previous Yakuza games. In addition to introducing a brand-new protagonist named Ichiban Kasuga, the series' trademark beat-them-up action is reimagined as a turn-based role-playing game. 

Upping the ante on Yakuza's craziness by adding a cast of hilariously entertaining misfits, including side quests like delivering formula to diaper-wearing criminals.Despite its comedic elements, the central plot of Yakuza: Like a Dragon revolves around a betrayal between two of the film's primary characters.

The game also features themes of immigrants and sex workers who face discrimination. Yakuza 8 is currently in development. Meanwhile, series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi said his debut game from his new studio would combine violence and humour like "a Quentin Tarantino film."

Online Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls

For various reasons, playing Elder Scrolls Online on an Xbox is an excellent choice:

  1. It's a fantastic online role-playing game that keeps improving with each new feature update (fun fact: Morrowind is included in this version!).
  2. The Elder Scrolls VI won't be released for a while, given Todd Howard and Bethesda Game Studios' focus on Starfield.
  3. It now takes advantage of the Xbox Series X formally.

ESO is now available on Xbox Game Pass, which is probably the most amazing news! It's a massively multiplayer online game, so there's no need to treat it like a second job; you can log in and out whenever you want. Immerse yourself in the world of Tamriel and take pleasure in doing so. In June, the newest part of ESO was made available to players.

Jedi: Fallen Order is the sequel to Star Wars Jedi

Jedi: Fallen Order is the sequel to Star Wars Jedi

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order does a fantastic job at teaching you how to become a fighting master by using perfectly timed parries and then finishing with a flourish of your lightsaber or the force power of your choice. 

You'll need to hone your skills to defeat the numerous enemies after Cal Kestus, so this is most satisfying on the more challenging difficulties. For good measure, Fallen Order also features a compelling narrative that will have you exploring a distant galaxy with a ragtag crew on your side.

This epic journey will give you a great story, great gameplay, and a lot of enemies from the Empire to kill. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the official name of Respawn and Electronic Arts' Fallen Order sequel. In 2023, the sequel will be released for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC, continuing the story of Cal Kestis. 

The studio also makes a Star Wars first-person shooter and a Star Wars strategy game. Nearly half of the currently known Star Wars video games in development are Respawn's three projects. A Star Wars Jedi novel will connect the events of Fallen Order and Survivor. It is the best pick if you love survival games

Ori and the Will of the Wisp 

Ori and the Will of the Wisp 

The groundwork laid by Blind Forest in 2015 is continued and expanded upon in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. While the framework already existed, Moon Studios used the five years in between games to flesh out a livelier setting, a fully-loaded moveset with a fresh emphasis on fighting, and another dose of melancholy story. 

One of the best platformers on any system, Ori and the Will of the Wisps features inventive puzzles, fast-paced platforming sections, and more reflective moments that give the game's characters room to grow and develop.

Moon Studios and IGN talked about the possibility of a new Ori game in 2020, but Microsoft is supposedly no longer working with the studio because of a "difficult relationship." Instead, Moon Studios is working with Take-Private Two's Division publishing label to make a new action RPG.

The Sequel to Red Dead Redemption

The Sequel to Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best games Rockstar has ever developed and one of the greatest games ever made, period. It is both a magnificent technical feat and a new gold standard for video game storytelling in an open-world scenario. 

Red Dead 2 may have a compelling narrative about honour, loyalty, and loss with well-developed characters brought to life by excellent acting, but the game's setting is the game's true star.

It's hard to walk from point A to point B without becoming sidetracked by one of the many attractions in this spectacular and expansive recreation of the American south and west. Everything in Red Dead 2 has been carefully thought out, from the weapons and vehicles to the side quests and interesting NPCs to the hunting, fishing, and scenic vistas that players may enjoy while exploring the game's expansive globe.

Red Dead 2 has only been available for less than four years, but it has already become one of the best Xbox games.

The Witcher - Wild Hunt

The Witcher - Wild Hunt

The list of the best xbox games is incomplete without mentioning this game. The Witcher 3 has a greater quantity and higher quality of advanced content than other RPGs. The sheer size and detail of its open-world locations are staggering.

There are several challenging monsters to defeat, intriguing mysteries to unravel, and compelling backstories to discover in each vast region. Along with being a technical and creative triumph, the game's story has more forks than you can shake David Cage at, and the game's visuals are so outstanding that they qualify as a technical and artistic feat.

When you add two of the best and biggest expansions in recent memory to the mix, you have not only one of the best Western RPGs of all time but also a game that will be the standard by which all open-world adventures will be judged for years to come.

While the next-gen edition of The Witcher 3 has been pushed out from Q2 to Q4 2022, development on a new Witcher game has begun utilizing Unreal Engine 5. Sales of the highly regarded role-playing game have surpassed 40 million.



Sam Barlow's third feature-length video game is titled "Immortality. In it, we learn what happened to the made-up Marissa Marcel, who disappeared after appearing in multiple unreleased films spanning the decades between the late 1960s and the late 1990s.

You'll use Marcel's movies, interviews, even clapperboard shots, and other vintage film and technology to further the story. The only way to figure out what happened to Marcel over the course of her career, like with Her Story before it, is to watch her past episodes and piece together the clues.

The road to Immortality is full of unexpected turns and surprises, and the best way to learn about them is to travel the road yourself. Game Pass is the best spot to watch Immortality, whether you're a fan of mysteries, classic cinema, horror, or the art of filmmaking.


The second of Playdead's minimalist side-scrolling games, Inside, is available now. Limbo, the studio's first game, was about the dangers of the natural world. Inside, on the other hand, is about the horrible things that people can do to each other.

Inside has, you taking on the role of a young boy dressed in a red shirt as you explore a massive factory/secret facility. You'll traverse several areas through exploration, platforming, and puzzle solving, and you'll probably die a few times. 

The atmosphere within is bleak and foreboding. Like the allure of an angler fish, it is both terrifying and stunning. Despite the atrocities, you'll keep slowly making your way toward the end credits because of how curious you are.

It's impossible to adequately describe the experience of watching Inside without giving anything away about the film's eerie atmosphere and striking images. So, if you have Game Pass, now is the time to dive into Inside without having any prior knowledge of the plot spoiled for you.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

When it comes to the Turtles, Shredder's Revenge is already in the canon as a classic fight. This is the Turtles game that youngsters would have been dreaming about in the late 1980s and early 1990s when playing the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade cabinet or Turtles in Time at their local pizza joint.

However, Shredder's Revenge released more than 30 years after the coin-operated arcade era, includes some innovations that set it apart from its forebears. The retro elements have been updated with a globe map, side missions, new heroes, experience points, and online matchmaking.

The old and modern worlds coexist together in Shredder's Revenge. Due to its short length (16 "episodes"), Game Pass users can dive into the game at a sleepover with friends (along with pizza, of course). It is one of the best fighting games, you should try right now. 

Assassin's Creed Origins

Assassin's Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed is an amazing blend of time travel, science fiction, and free-form battles. The newer Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Assassin's Creed Valhalla don't even come close to matching the assurance it portrays. 

Origins are content to leave enormous sections of its world unfilled and let things burn slowly in ways both narrative and exploratory, whereas the two most recent editions embrace the insecure attitude of "content" that has so defined the last decade of open-world games. 

Its two main characters, Bayek and Aya, experience one of gaming's most gripping romances as they travel across a world of deserts, mountains, oases, and sun-swept cities slowly being buried in the sand. It's not totally against daily challenges or downloadable content for skins. It is one of the best xbox games for a lively gaming experience. 

Umurangi Generation

In Umurangi Generation, players look around a sad city in the "shitty future" and take pictures of its people and landmarks to find out how the story goes. Taking screenshots of the game's strange but intriguing art style is a fun way to keep playing, but the game's most memorable aspects are its plot and environment. 

The city is occupied by government-sent, militarised mechs. If you're a photographer, you and your friends are recording a grim future of uprisings, oppression, and pandemics. It's expertly executed, and the scathing societal critique hits close to home. 

Halo: The Master Chief's Collection

If not for the Halo series, the Xbox brand may never have taken off. These first-person shooters were important in popularising local competitive multiplayer on consoles, paving the way for Xbox Live to bring the action online.

All of the Halo titles in the Master Chief Collection have been polished to make them more accessible to modern gamers. However, the collection's versatility is its most striking feature.

You don't need any help to proceed through the various campaigns. Co-op is a mode that lets you play with a friend without having to compete against them, and it can be done either online or using a split-screen. If you're in the competitive spirit, you can face off against up to three other players on the same TV, or you can take action online and take on the world.

Any way you play them, these games rank among the best FPS titles ever made and are well worth your time. The experience of playing these games with my kids in the local co-op has been incredible. Once the collection is on your computer, you'll never want to get rid of it because you're bored.

Among Us

Even though Among Us first appeared in theatres in 2018, it wasn't until the year 2020 that it truly took off. You and up to nine other players will race through each level to complete objectives as an impostor or imposters try to eliminate the competition without being discovered. 

It's like a silly version of The Thing, but with all the elements of a strategic party game. Part of the fun is seeing how the imposter tries to get away with it and how they try to talk their way out of it in emergency meetings.

There's something incredible about the idea that the near-perfect game for any occasion seems to already exist among the countless games available, the countless titles available across countless platforms. Someplace.

It was discovered and brought back from obscurity, and now you can play the PC version for free while also teaming up with gamers on iOS and Android devices. In a time when many individuals are struggling to maintain their creativity or hope, it is heartening to think of all those hidden jewels waiting to be given a second chance.

Effect: Linked

There are a lot of different ways to play the game Tetris Effect: Connected, and it's simple to find a partner if you're shy about starting a new game with strangers.

The gameplay is classic Tetris you flip the blocks, line them up in a horizontal row, and watch them vanish while you race to stop more from falling onto the board and toppling your tower. 

However, the addition of soothing music and dynamic visual effects takes the campaign to a whole new level of enjoyment. This version of Tetris actually has a beating heart.

This release has a variety of multiplayer and competitive online game types where players may test their skills and learn from the experiences of others. Either play for the soothing soundtrack and graphics or dial back the game's settings until it's a test of skill and reflexes alone. 

It's entirely up to you how you play and what you gain from the game. Tetris Effect: Connected is both a game and a platform, providing you with multiple ways to play one of the all-time great puzzle games.


In the game Minecraft, everything appears to be constructed from giant, square bricks, and players may gather resources and use them to create whatever they can imagine.

There isn't much new to say about Minecraft, but the game is still hugely popular online and has a unique capacity to keep my kids occupied that no other game has yet to match.

Some players skip beyond the survival mode and go right to the creative one, treating it like a split-screen Lego universe where they can construct whatever they wish without worrying about running out of materials.



It's not surprising that Fortnite has become so popular so quickly after its introduction in 2017. Offering a lively and fun online multiplayer experience, the free-to-play battle royale game also includes building features to distinguish itself from the competition.

Fortnite has become something of a cultural phenomenon due to its widespread popularity and appealing mix of fun and excitement. Most significantly, it centres on a simple goal that even the most novice player can grasp: survival at all costs. Fortnite has been popular on Xbox One for almost five years since it was first released. This is because it gets regular updates.


Unpacking is a quick and easy game in which players unpack their bags and arrange their possessions in a predetermined space. It's up to you to decorate your room in a practical fashion, as each item might be used in a number of different locations. It's therapeutic in that it helps you turn disorder into peace and tranquilly.

The environmental narratives are where Unpacking truly shines. As you unpack the various stages of one character's life, from childhood to college to adolescence to adulthood, with a lover who won't offer them any apartment space, you'll encounter several different rooms and apartments.

You learn about the protagonist's life through objects like worn-out teddy bears and a toothbrush cup that follows them from place to place. It's a great Game Pass game to pick up and test out one room at a time because it's short and has an impact.


Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds

The Outer Wilds are a secret, and the less information that gets out about them, the better. The gist of it is that every 22 minutes, your miniature solar system shuts down and then restarts.

Your mission is to figure out why that is occurring and piece together the hints so that you can make an effort to put a stop to it. The primary objective of Outer Wilds is to amass as much knowledge as possible. Knowledge is the only currency, as there are no experience points or fights.

However, that information will launch you into strange and fascinating new territories. And when you have completed everything, you will find yourself wishing that you could wipe everything from your memory and start over.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition

The Elder Scrolls 5, most commonly referred to as "Skyrim," is a legendary game. And, despite the fact that you can play it on almost every console or gadget known to humans at this point, it is still worth playing on Game Pass if you have never tried it or if you want to explore its vast world again.

Skyrim is a first-person role-playing game featuring a massive, dynamic setting, just like the majority of RPGs produced by Bethesda. There are dungeons to explore, stories to unearth, and many different guilds to sign up for in this game.

However, you may also find your own enjoyment in Skyrim by venturing off the established path, and the game will reward you for your inquisitive nature. You could play this Game Pass title for countless hours without getting tired of it. Make sure to have the best bows in Skyrim to level up your game. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is the kind of game that has no business functioning. Still, the game hasaq a touching story that offers each Guardian ample screen time despite the abundance of Marvel material and other adaptations of these characters on the market.

You get to soar through the air on Star Lord's jet boots and fire your trademark double pistols, making Guardians of the Galaxy a reasonably entertaining action game. But, like the narrative, the game is at its best when everyone is pulling together. As Star-Lord, you can use powerful skills like Drax's blast that stuns everyone and Rocket's atomic bomb that wipes out a group.

If you're looking for a Marvel game that focuses on a bunch of buddies, go no further than Guardians of the Galaxy. One of the most memorable comic book games is Guardians of the Galaxy because each member of the team is integral to the success of the team in both combat and discussion.


We did our best to compile a list of some of the best Xbox games and present them to you here. Adventures, amazing animations, and other unique elements abound in these games. If you're looking for some good Xbox games, hopefully, this list can help you out.

Even though players are familiar with the original edition of a game, they may not have tried the updated version. Similarly, Microsoft hasn't been adding or inventing many new Xbox games. You'll find here a wide range of games, representing a wide range of genres and narrative styles.


To some extent, that is a matter of personal preference when it comes to video games. We've included a wide range of styles in this compilation, so you're sure to find something that appeals to your tastes. Forza Horizon 4 is a must-play for racing game fans, FIFA 22 is a must-have for sports game enthusiasts, and The Witcher is a must-have for role-playing game fans on the lookout for some serious action. Then you should definitely check out Sea of Thieves. Enjoy first-person shooter games? If so, I recommend either Halo: Master Chief Collection or Call of Duty: Warzone.

Currently, Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most played games on Xbox One, and it has been one of the most played games since the console's release. Other popular games include Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

While the Xbox One X and Xbox One S have ushered in a completely new generation of consoles, Microsoft has discontinued the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and the Xbox One X, leaving gamers with only the Xbox One S as a choice if they don't need the newest system as soon as it hits store shelves.

That is an excellent query. And it all comes down to your preference and the features you require in a gaming system.

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