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Ironically, you'll want to be as comfy as you can be at your gaming station while playing some complex and demanding survival games. One of the coziest gaming consoles on the market, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) enables you to sit back and unwind on your couch enjoying some of the best games in different genres. 

Thankfully, the PS4's library has plenty of survival games, making it a perfect pick for people who love the survival genre. Some exclusives cannot be found on the PC or Xbox gaming platforms. Here are some of the top survival games on PS4.

Survival Games PS4

The popularity of survival games is enormous. It all comes down to monitoring your vital indicators, such as ensuring sure your character is in good shape before stepping into the unknown. Check out the list below if you're looking for some fantastic survival games to play right now on the PlayStation 4.

Death Stranding; The Worst Delivery Job 

Death Stranding; The Worst Delivery Job 

Death Stranding may not be for everyone, but it is groundbreaking in its own right. This game is Hideo Kojima's most recent innovation, and it utilizes multiplayer in ways that no other game has.

Death Stranding's tendency to handicap players, forcing them to devise clever strategies to avoid battle and finish their mission, making it operate better as a survival game than an action-adventure one. Because combat is irregular and scarce, you must frequently rely on grit.

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No Man's Sky

It is among the best PS4 games. No Man's Sky might already be recognizable to you. There's a reason we included the list with this game other than that it's generally excellent. Its most recent DLC, Leviathan, gave the game a time-loop rogue-lite experience. However, it will disappear eventually.

It demonstrates how the game's limitations are constantly being pushed. They often publish free updates containing tons of content, fantastic new features, access to new locales, and developing mechanics. Risk does not frighten them.

Playtime for MMO open-world exploration and survival is available in the direct experience. You play in a randomly created, nearly infinite galaxy. You can explore every planet, star, and spacecraft in search of riches, lore, and secrets. And there are no loading windows; everything occurs instantly.

Following that, you can explore your ship and suit using these resources. Any planet is suitable for base construction, which provides additional advantages. Although there are many activities to accomplish in the game, base building is simple and optional.

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

Even though Conan is in the game's title, Conan the Barbarian is not a character players take on in this MMO; instead, you are dropped into his world. Early in the game, Conan can save several players, but after that, you're on your own. 

Life is hard when you're an exile and left to make your own decisions. There are critters and other exiles to be aware of when roaming the sweltering desert, so it is not a place to meander.

In this game, there are a lot of places to discover and a story to tell about how this planet operates. Players must control factors like hunger and thirst in this gameplay, which is still a survival game. Whether it's PvP or PvE, you'll need to gather resources, make things, and battle off foes. 

Additionally, the game emphasizes progression through the usage of experience points. You'll need more experience points as you complete successful crafts and battles to unlock new attribute customization or crafting recipes.

This is one of the best action games to get your blood pumping.



One of the numerous survival games available is called Rust, and it will require you to go out and get by and essentially build yourself up from the ground up. You'll arrive on an island with nothing and be surrounded by dangers that are out to get you. Other players and the island's animals are among its many drawbacks.

You will experience difficulty breathing whether you are playing on your server or entering another. So get the tools and resources you require to fight back. The systems in the game are continually being updated and enhanced. There are no slouches in this place.



Outward should be your masochist haven if you desire something more intense than a souls-like game, especially in the "running-around-helpless" gameplay component. It's a fantasy medieval role-playing game without a mini-map, fast travel, or accessible contemporary video game healing.

You will feel more alone than ever as you travel across the country on your own, primarily armed with just your wits and weak tools or spells, as Outward pushes you against its merciless environment. It's a game where you're not treated as the protagonist or choice but like a disposable NPC.

It is indeed among the best horror games with a perfect combination of the survival genre.


A single-player open-world survival action-adventure game with a strong focus on the narrative is called Subnautica. However, there are no noticeable markings, points, or tutorials, so the plot is open-ended.

You play as a survivor of a spaceship crash. Your initial supplies are in the life pod, and you are alone on an alien oceanic planet. The circumstances compel you to search the ocean floor for resources and information.

You'll learn the game's underlying secret as you play. It centers on both the characteristics of the planet and the causes of the catastrophe. Uncovering hidden areas allow you to explore the narrative at your speed.

It would be best if you managed your oxygen levels and the water pressure, though. To gather the materials, you'll need to maintain the systems in your suit and your base under control. There are extensive crafting, building, and tech-tier systems to discover.

The game also features a cycle of day and night. Most of the day, you encounter harmless critters that you may hunt for food. Because hazardous animals prowl the seas at night, you should use that time to create at your base.

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ARK: Survival Evolved

If you haven't played it, you might already be familiar with Ark: Survival Evolved. You are abandoned on the shores of an online action-adventure game with nothing and no apparent objective. Instead, the game emphasizes players' capacity for survival and resource gathering while surrounded by aggressive dinosaurs and other players on an island. 

While gathering things, you'll need to maintain your health, strength, oxygen supply, hunger, and thirst under balance. These products are designed to help you construct your own homes and bases.

It involves balancing the need to maintain your body healthy with your ability to control the local dinosaurs. Although there will be other players for you to connect with, Ark: Survival Evolved is primarily about surviving the elements. Try Rust if you're looking for a game with more PvP elements yet attributes similar to those in this game.

Like the other games on this list, Ark: Survival Evolved offers expansion packs that let players experience new locales, resources, and even monsters. You might also find it interesting that two spin-off games for Ark: Survival Evolved were also a big success.

It is one of the best-selling PS4 games of all time.

Little Nightmares

Do you recall the nightmares and hallucinations you used to have as a youngster when you would get delirious from a fever brought on by a cold or a virus? If you don't, count yourself lucky because Little Nightmares will show you what they look like.

In the horror survival/adventure game Little Nightmares, you take control of Six, a meek individual, as they attempt to flee The Maw. The Maw is a carnival of horrors overflowing with the worst examples of a child's nightmares. The game is a fantastic technique to confront and go through your concerns.

Survival games help you experience adventure and action. If you enjoy this experience, try the exploration games to add more thrill to your gaming experience.


A 2D action-adventure open-world sandbox game is called Terraria. Although it's not strictly a survival experience, there are some similarities. Combat, exploration, crafting, building, mining, and survival are all included.

You are given free rein in a procedurally generated 2D universe. However, some tasks focus on saving NPCs from adversaries and constructing the required infrastructure.

You would spend most of your time exploring and side-scrolling a vast globe. You can dig to find an endless network of caves or look around on the surface. Whatever the case, you'll discover the bosses, resources, equipment, neutral and hostile NPCs, and collectibles.

Additionally, you can enhance your things with unique collections and equipment. The possibilities are varied and imaginative; these goods unlock skills, excellent health, and stamina. Skills might be anything in between magic, melee, flight, rockets, shields, and teleportation.

The game is single-player, but it also supports co-op play. Eight players can play the best-seller online, or four can split-screen locally. Crossplay is not supported, not even between PS4 and PS5.

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Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

Choose a location where you wouldn't want to be stuck. The likelihood is that you either said it in a creepy talk with your mother about what she just discovered under your bed or in a haunted house. The ocean is more dreadful than those, though.

Stranded Deep has you swimming deep into the sea in search of treasure while attempting to escape the local predators, which may include a shark or much more significant. The game is as challenging as you would expect one about trying to eke out a living on a desert island to be.

Technically speaking, Stranded Deep isn't the PlayStation 4's best-looking survival game, but it's undoubtedly one of the most satisfying.


If you are looking for the best PS4 games for girls, you must definitely try this one. It is challenging to meet someone unaware of what Minecraft is. With good cause, this game took off and became a global craze. It's an excellent exploration and survival adventure game that people of any age can enjoy. A procedurally generated planet with plenty of materials to gather is dropped on players. 

Although there is an ending, most players will find a lot of satisfaction in exploring the open environment and gathering supplies to survive for as long as possible. This entails gathering the essentials immediately, such as food, wood for making tools, and a structure to guard against violent foes that emerge at night.

As you go, you'll eventually amass sufficient resources to assemble better tools and equipment to utilize in response to potential obstacles in the game world. This game allows players to be pretty inventive by allowing them to design their constructions or tools. 

It doesn't take long before your basic hut construction develops into a mansion, you've plotted out fields for farming, or you've built a sturdy mineshaft to extract additional priceless materials. Even now, you may still discover enthusiasts dispersing seeds or the settings required to create new worlds, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Open-world survival horror role-playing game Dying Light 2: Stay Human has a primary linear mission. It has ancillary stuff like dungeons, bosses, challenges, collectibles, and missions. Additionally, you can participate in co-op games by joining other matches or inviting others to join you at any time.

You take on the role of Aiden, a pilgrim looking for his long-lost sister. An outbreak of zombies has left the planet in a post-apocalyptic town, one of civilization's final strongholds. Which of the two sides obtains control and survives depends on the decisions you make along the road.

The game's survival aspect shines. Both eating and drinking are optional. Instead, you must gather materials to make battle gear, including weapon modifications, arrows, grenades, medkits, and more. Furthermore, there is no method to repair weapons because they all shatter.

And the dangers in the world are great. Zombies and hostile NPCs prowl the land throughout the day. Zombies are dangerous and savage at night, ready to chase you at first sight. To obtain resources and collectibles, you can journey to places resembling dungeons, like labs.

If you do not have PS4, worry not. You can try the best survival games for android.

How To Survive

How To Survive

How To Survive, a top-down survival game starts with you crashing on an island overrun by zombies. In addition to the fundamentals of staying hydrated and fed, this book's humorous story and charming cast of characters will keep you interested. Most survival enthusiasts will find it fascinating as well.

Collecting every page in a survival guidebook is an enjoyable diversion best enjoyed in co-op with several friends because it is so inexpensive and readily available. There is a second game, but it also lacks some of the magic.

This is one of the best action games to get your blood pumping.

Until Dawn

This collection starts with Until Dawn, a PS4-only title that should make horror fans happy. By deciding on their next move, you essentially control and decide the survival of horror film protagonist stereotypes in this game. Every decision you make has severe and lasting effects, and the game does a beautiful job of illustrating the butterfly effect.

Despite being more of a planned horror movie than a survival film, Until Dawn is still about seeing who can outlive the enigmatic and vengeful killer in the random cottage in the woods. It still counts as a survival game with fewer extreme elements than other games on this list.

Days gone

An open-world action-adventure and survival horror game called Days Gone. It has a third-person viewpoint, an entire campaign, a post-apocalyptic setting (with zombies), and a captivating character journey.

You take on the role of mercenary Deacon St. John. His priority is to locate his missing wife. But as the narrative progresses, he is integrated into a larger scheme. He learns that the "Freakers" are evolving, which might indicate the demise of humanity.

On your bike, you can freely explore the landscape in search of resources, quests, and rescue missions. Armed with firearms, melee weapons, stealth, and homemade weaponry, you engage in the fight. You'll scavenge and manage precious materials along the journey, which you'll need to upgrade your equipment and bike.

In the game, you can level up and gain skills as your character progresses. There aren't any options, detours, or outcomes, though. The narrative is linear instead. Finally, the bike is given a lot of attention. It needs to be modernized, kept up with, fixed, and refueled. The biggest obstacle is gathering the scraps, fuel, and components you need for these tasks.

Death Road To Canada

Death Road To Canada, the game with the horse mask mentioned earlier, is generally quite amusing but occasionally has a sinister undertone. The Organ Trail and Zombies Ate My Homework You're not that far off; my neighbours just had a baby.

As you try to escape a zombie apocalypse in Death Route, you travel the game's namesake road to Canada, making a lot of strange and exciting new acquaintances along the way. You face a new challenge every day, so whatever progress you make feels miraculous.

But don't be scared off by the game's charming pixel art—named it Death Road for a reason.

Dying Light

Dying Light and its numerous downloadable content (DLC) and expansions are our next entry into the open world. If you wish to evade the hungry zombie hordes on the city streets, you will undoubtedly need to traverse the enormous and extensive city in the game in a first-person parkour fashion.

You take on the role of an undercover spy working for a dubious organization to eradicate the zombie problem in Harran. Dying Light will demonstrate why it's unwise to be alone with zombies once dusk falls if you find the human bandits and zombie hordes of the daytime lacking. In any case, it's a decent game if you're looking for casual survival where you don't have to satisfy a long list of requirements for your character.

This War Of Mine

FPS, strategy, and third-person action games come to mind when considering games with a war theme. One enduring survival game has significantly impacted the genre, though, and many still heartily advocate playing it today. 

Players in the game This War Of Mine take control of a group of civilians who must endure the hardships of being trapped during a siege. The primary time to go out and find resources to maintain your group healthy, fed, and comfortable happens at night because snipers watch the region during the day.

You are placed in a situation by This War Of Mine that you probably don't consider very often when fighting and hope you never have to deal with. However, because it is situated in a video game universe, you are free to tempt fate and discover how things might turn out. 

Even DLC has been released to provide gamers with extra plot possibilities to experience. Currently, it doesn't appear that 11 Bit Studios will release any further DLC for the game; they've since created Frostpunk, a survival-style game focusing primarily on city building.

You must try this game if you are Bored playing same games again and again.

Tribes Of Midgard

Conan Exiles

Tribes of Midgard have distinctive names. First, it is an action-adventure game with Zelda: Breath of the Wild-like graphics and combat. But it's also an open-world, open-ended experience, an action role-playing, and a survival game.

Top-down viewing and cell-shaded graphics are used as you play. Melee fighting, resource collecting, crafting, building, and an infinite horde survival mode are some of the mechanics. Additionally, it provides a universe that is generated procedurally, but Einherjar, a Viking hero guarding the Yggdrasil seed, is under your authority in a solo game. 

You can freely explore the world throughout the day in search of resources, secrets, and legends. Additionally, your adversaries will pursue you at night (trolls, elves, giants, and other mythical creatures).

The resources can then be used to improve the system and defenses of your settlement. Additionally, you can make tools, armor, and other things. The objective is to create a settlement that supports the seed, and you must gather enemy souls to supply it with food.

The game also allows for co-op play. Ten players can maintain a settlement and travel the online world. You may also play the infinite survivor mode online as you build your settlement and battle against waves of enemies that get tougher.

Don't Starve

Don't Starve, a survival game almost as ancient as the system, was for a long time the lone survival experience on the PlayStation 4, but it is still just as entertaining today as it was then.

When you're all by yourself on a dangerous island, you must scrounge by during the day while praying that you have enough fire to get you through the night. Due to its permadeath nature, it is severe, but if you require assistance, the cooperative spin-off Don't Starve Together is fantastic.

The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a playable game that is an episodic adventure. In this game, players take on the character of Will Mackenzie, a pilot. Many people are searching for safe havens now that the electricity is off if they haven't already perished while doing so. Will is collaborating with Dr. Astrid Greenwood in this adventure to deliver something of tremendous value. Of course, playing the game is the only way to find out what it is.

The plane crashes in the icy tundra of Canada, leaving our pair alone and separated. Will needs to keep an eye on several necessary signals to ensure his life, such as staying warm and obtaining supplies. 

Making fires, maintaining them, and even purifying snow water to make it safe to drink are all necessary. The world has become extremely hostile, with nature taking over the cities. If you don't pay close attention to your surroundings, you can find yourself against a ravenous wolf.

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The Forest

The Forest

Players in The Forest take on the role of Eric LeBlanc, who is on the road with his son. The plane crashes while flying over a forest, sending Eric on a frantic hunt for his son Timmy, but it soon becomes apparent that he is not alone. 

You'll have to contend with a tribe of mutant cannibals in this woodland, even though they don't always use violent methods. You'll need to establish a base and handle the hostilities that arise. The tribes in this game seem to be studying you to figure out how to best cope with this new threat, which makes for a fascinating AI.

They might try to attack, run, avoid you, or even find where you spend the night to pose various structural dangers and keep you on edge.

As always, maintaining your character's health is critical in survival games. Several statistics will be shown for you, including hunger, hydration, energy, stamina, and general health. To stay alive and be ready for the next volley of strikes, you'll need to ensure everything is green.


An independent team developed this War of Mine, and a somewhat related game called Frostpunk was released soon after. Similar to This Battle of Mine, this is another survival game that challenges players to persevere. 

However, instead of controlling a tiny party trapped in a war siege, players in this game take charge of a large group looking for safety after a devastating winter apocalypse. Groups must construct shelters around a huge coal-powered generator to survive. Players will establish a camp beside a generator in this cold tundra and begin putting their civilians to work.

As more survivors arrive in the neighbourhood, there will be more people to feed, more homes to build, more workers to hire, and a constant risk of morale slipping. You might be expelled from the small settlement if you don't keep everyone content, fed, comfortable, and finally alive.

7 Days To die

7 Days to die

One game that appears to be mentioned frequently among enthusiasts of survival is 7 Days to Die. It's a game that combines gameplay aspects of horror with classic survival. In the movie 7 Days to Die, a nuclear war destroys most of humanity, turning them into mindless zombies. 

The remaining survivors are left to try to survive daily after that. You'll need to find supplies to use against oncoming attackers and shelter, food, and drink as you go through the game.

As the name implies, many zombies will swarm your region on the seventh day, and you will have to fight to defend your building while attempting to survive the night. Your attention is focused on acquiring materials and crafting at the beginning of the week so that you can create defence buildings.

There is also a multiplayer element, which you might find intriguing. Players can design their server-hosted games that connect, converse, and engage with one another. Additionally, you can choose between a survival game mode and one that emphasizes creativity as you progress through the game.

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In addition to its great library of exclusive games, the PS4 is one of the most popular video game systems. It was also the platform for many top-notch third-party and independent game releases. The survival subgenre has numerous variations, and it was one of the most well-liked ones on the market during the PS4's lifetime. Gamers have various survival experiences worth playing, from crafts to horror. We hope you'll appreciate our selection of the top survival games on PS4.


There are many survival games on PS4 including No Man’s Sky, Don’t Starve, and The Forest. 

In its most recent financial presentation, the business formally announced its intention to stop making games on the PlayStation 4 by 2025. There won't be any new games released; instead, they will exclusively focus on the PlayStation 5. Legacy games will still be available for purchase.

The Raft may not be offered to gamers on the PlayStation Store due to the game's extremely demanding physics and other components that may be too demanding for the PS4 to handle. Never rule out a scaled-down version; it might become available in the future.

No, the game Rust is not free. Because there are no free-to-play game modes, it is a paid experience. For $39.99, the game is now listed for sale on Steam. When it debuts for PS4 and Xbox One, the price will most likely be the same.

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