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Today we will explore a selection of the best tennis games on Android that you might be interested in playing on your Android smartphone. Tennis games are one of the most popular game genres on Android, with many players and enthusiasts.

While playing tennis, you must hit the little round ball with a racquet to the opposite end of the grass or court, and the other player must likewise hit back at you. Some criteria and instructions govern how a tennis game is won. Continue reading to find the best tennis games for tennis fans. 

Best Tennis Games 

In order to win tennis games, you must have attention, speed, strength, and intelligence. These games are designed for different devices including smartphones so that you can play them whenever and wherever you want.

If you enjoy tennis but might not have the opportunity to practice on a real court, you can always spend your leisure moments unwinding by enjoying an Android tennis game. There is an Android tennis game for everyone, whether you prefer quick and fierce or a more tactical game.

Tennis Clash

Tennis Clash

Tennis Clash is a multi-player online tennis game with incredible 3D visuals and simple controls. Its visuals are excellent, and as a result, the overall experience stays outstanding.

Regardless of whether you've never played tennis, you can play this game quite quickly. Typically, you spend some time comprehending a new game genre, but this will not eventuate if you play Tennis Clash. 

This is due to the game's easy-to-use controls. As a result, playing the game becomes incredibly simple. You only need to swipe to score, and you'll grow better at it with each game.

Tennis Clash aims to provide the best tennis experience on the go. The game is smooth, challenging to grasp, and realistic to actual tennis's physical and tactical components by preserving the spirit of exact matches. 

Wildlife is the group that created the game. The matches are ideal for a fast tennis workout while returning home from work or school. Win tournaments to collect tennis bags containing currency, jewels, and incredible new gear that may be used to enhance your portrait.

3D Tennis

3D Tennis

3D Tennis is a little tennis game designed for folks who have limited capacity on their devices but desire to play tennis. This game has fewer functions than most other tennis games, but its size shouldn't be overlooked. 

This tennis game is everyone's favorite low MB offline tennis game since it is just under 20 MB in size. The most dominant aspect of this game is its fantastic visuals and flawless playability, considering its modest size. Hence, it is among the most famous games on the Google Play Store.

3D Tennis is a short and smooth control mode where you slide your fingers to strike or slash the ball. The game offers a wide variety of distinct players to pick from and enables you to guide your preferred player to victory in the four Grand Slam competitions. It's like playing an actual tennis match. 

The gaming features include: - Quick Play and World Tour modes - A three-dimensional dynamics system - An precise and graphical control method to accurately imitate genuine gameplay.

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Stick Tennis

Stick Tennis

As the name suggests, Stick Tennis is a tennis game where the participants select a few of the world's finest tennis players and participate in the most prominent global events.

The gameplay is simple to learn yet tough to master. The player moves around the window while tracking the ball. To strike the ball, simply swipe your finger over the screen, replicating the action of the racket. You don't even need to offer the player any instructions.

The game's design is basic. It is a collection of game types transferred over from web-based games with minor modifications. Stick Tennis has several modes to choose from, including a practice mode to polish your abilities, the traditional World Domination game, in which the user competes against tennis champions, and a Slams mode, which simulates the four Grand Slams. 

The game also offers everyday challenges, which allow players to play matches every day and get a rating on the worldwide scoreboard.

Virtua Tennis

Virtua Tennis

Virtua Tennis is a SEGA video game that was designed for arcade machines and the Dreamcast system. With numerous versions following it, this game has become one of SEGA studio's most famous games, and you can now experience it directly from your smartphone.

Virtua Tennis Challenge contains several small changes, such as the ability to operate your character via your touch screen. However, if that isn't your thing, you can always use the virtual controllers on your screen. 

The most comprehensive tennis game on mobile, including unsurpassed 3D visuals, tactical controls, and realistic gameplay. Slash, lob, and strike your best top spin as you battle against 50 other players in 18 stadiums worldwide. 

Attention may be enhanced by making moves that complement your player's style, such as launching a tremendous shot that will cause your rival to struggle. Enjoy hours of gameplay with many modes, shots, and courts. The game can be clearly considered one of the best tennis games for Android.

Australian Open Tennis

Australian Open Tennis

The Australian Open's official sport is AO Tennis. Big Ant Studios created and distributed AO Tennis, a tennis video game. Build your player and guide them through the Australian Open competition all the way to the trophy, or compete in a fast match against the best stars in tennis. 

Players in AO Tennis may design their own athletes, sponsorship logos, apparel, and venues to compete. The mechanics in AO Tennis are basic and intuitive, enabling you to slide the display in the position you want to hit the shot. The more complex, quicker, and more precise or accurate the shot, the finer the timing. 

You may deactivate all of the players who entered the 2018 Australian Open competition and face harder challenges, genuinely putting your skills to the test. A wonderful blend of style and gameplay. The player's movements and movements are fluid and life-like. There are several methods to devise strategies to defeat your opponent and numerous ways to return the ball.

Ultimate Tennis

Ultimate Tennis

Suppose you've played plenty of tennis matches and consider yourself a professional in this field. In that case, you should download Ultimate Tennis right now. The controls are the most intriguing aspect of this game.

The controls in the game are different from the swipe controls featured in classic tennis games, giving you better control over the player and strokes. You also get a real-time multi-player feature, allowing you to play with your pals online.

Ultimate Tennis is an Android game that combines RPG features to provide a distinctive gaming experience. You may design your tennis player, choose from various options, and compete for the title of best player globally. Initially, you can select from three distinct tennis players (women and men). 

Each has its unique set of skills, so some may be more adept at defending than others at playing near the net, and so on, but you may enhance these skills individually. You may unlock additional goods for your squads, such as new players and other accessories, as you win games and tournaments.

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Tennis World Open

Tennis World Open

Tennis expertise is a must in this 3D tennis game. You will have the opportunity to improve your tennis abilities, playstyles, and techniques, as we have given careful attention to every aspect to be much superior to any other tennis game. 

You can also have sheer delight from playing the game. This game has professional players from around the world and several competitions, making it more fascinating.

The game also has a training mode where we may hone our talents. The game includes over 25 professional tennis players from across the globe, 16 well-known, one-of-a-kind competitions in four divisions with massive prizes, Quick and efficient play with a rival, and many playing styles. 

The game has a unique training mode for improving player skills and tennis talents. To provide smooth player progression, a Fortune Wheel and Everyday Incentive system was implemented. The game offers free tennis games and a 3D gaming experience. If you desire to become the best tennis player in the world, this game is an excellent place to start.

Tennis Champion 3D

Tennis Champion 3D

This tennis game has been installed over 5 million times. It has some distinctive features that make it famous among tennis fans. In this game, we observe a simple and accurate touch control mechanism that gives us the impression that we are on the tennis court.

It also offers an online multiplayer option where you may compete against players from all around the world. However, one very intriguing feature is that this game allows you to play tennis with a friend utilizing split-screen multiplayer mode. The game's unique features are incredibly fascinating and cannot be found in other games.

The game with stunning graphics provides tournaments and leagues to be played along with convincing tennis physics; players can play the game to make their country proud and top the leaderboard. The game can be clearly considered one of the best tennis games for Android.

Tennis Club Story

Tennis Club Story

Kairosoft is back with another 'Nearly' Identical sequel that's just as stupidly addicting as the previous ones. This entry's player stats are slightly more detailed than the previous ones. 

Because your players can choose from a broad range of "Styles" and a long list of equipable goods to acquire, you may need some ingenuity to make it through the late game.

In this simulation, strive for the ace position in tennis club prestige! Your leadership determines whether or not players make it to the big time! Tailor your coaching menu to emphasize strength or skill, and shape players as you see fit for tournaments, fame, and fancy sponsors. Coach your players and attempt to win all significant events. 

However, don't forget that establishing resources at your organization and securing corporate sponsors are equally crucial aspects of club management. Players play matches spontaneously, but you may occasionally contribute to the game by providing them with tactical guidance. The game can be considered one of the best tennis games on Android.

Tennis Manager

Tennis Manager

Tennis Manager is a simulation game in which you have to manage tennis players and assist them in becoming the greatest. You may become a manager in Tennis Manager if you wish to order and develop the best tennis players. 

The game provides us with two operating modes: Multiplayer mode and Career Mode. Make yourself the most exemplary tennis manager ever! Create your tennis academy, discover the future tennis superstars, and propel your professional team to the top of the international rankings—a game inspired by Serena Williams' coach, Patrick Mouratoglou.

In career mode, you will face many difficulties with the objective of becoming the absolute greatest. In multi-player mode, you will compete against the best tennis managers from around the world. Create amenities such as a training center, a youth camp, a sponsor area, and a media area.

Hire the most qualified employees: boxing partner, assistant coach, personal trainer, doctor, and agent Play a real-life Grand Slam or Masters event Live Event match. The game is exciting and worth trying.

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Ping Pong

Ping Pong

Table tennis, sometimes called ping-pong and whiff-whaff, is a sport in which two or four players use small solid rackets to smash a lightweight ball, also known as the ping-pong ball, back and forth across a table.

Ping Pong: Table Tennis Fury is the ultimate ping pong sports game for two players! Simply tap the screen to the right or left to control the ping pong ball and smash it past your opponent. 

Apply twists and chop to your returns with precise screen movements, and even ace it with excellent service. Ping Pong is a one-of-a-kind game that incorporates tennis technology. It's a classic ping pong game in which you must prevent the ball from passing from your side. 

The game has minimal black-and-white visuals, so it can also be played on entry-level smartphones. Ping Pong is a fantastic choice if you want to play a simple tennis game.

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch is a table tennis video game created by Yakuto, a British independent firm. Table Touch Tennis combines sports simulation realism, arcade escapism, and breathtaking aesthetics to deliver a perfect storm of struggle and enjoyment. Yakuto's passion for the sport is evident, resulting in an available yet deep game with a notion of humor. 

Tennis Touch not only captures the fun of one of the most sustaining pastimes, but it does so in a way that fully utilizes video games as a medium, enabling new kinds of experiences while preserving the core fun of the game intact. 

Table Tennis Touch is a ping pong (table tennis) game in which users battle against both AI and online human opponents. In this exhilarating sport, you will need talent and quick reactions to reach the top of the leaderboard. 

One of the finest things about Table Tennis Touch is its wide range of content. Table Tennis Touch is a fantastic ping pong game with stunning graphics and amazing animations. Moreover, being ideal for touchscreen devices, the controls are also easy to use.

Tennis Arena

Tennis Arena

Tennis Arena is a beautiful strategy for enjoying the excitement of Tie Break Tens mode, where there are no sets or games, just tie-breaker points if you adore tennis and want to display your racket talents in some of the most remarkable tournaments. 

Relish a one-of-a-kind tennis journey, defeating opponents in ten-minute games while developing your skill and seeing the world. Tennis Arena is a free modern tennis game with online PvP tournaments, quick action, and a diverse selection of tennis players and stadiums. Tennis Arena is where tennis enthusiasts compete in league and tournament matches worldwide. 

You'll meet your trainer at the outset of your new sports adventure, who will teach you the fundamentals and cutting-edge skills for returning a serve and constantly being in the perfect location to collect the points. 

Create your gaming style and enjoy these thrilling games in which the first person to 10 points wins. Play with good 3D visuals, increase your performance, and compete against gamers worldwide in this fierce contest while your trainer develops your abilities.

Virtual Table Tennis

Virtual Table Tennis

Virtual Table TennisTM is the online multiplayer table tennis game in Google Play founded on three-dimensional physics. Ping-Pong motion can be precisely recreated using a separate 3D physics framework. 

Virtual Table Tennis is a touch-based ping pong competition game that is highly realistic. It is recommended that players first go through the tutorial, as gameplay takes a few minutes to grasp, particularly in the more challenging settings like "regular" or "professional."

The game has AI systems based on human behaviors; they have a variety of characteristics such as response, rapidity, power, endurance, defense, and so on. The accurate and visual control mode may realistically imitate different styles of striking and smashing in the match. Furthermore, in "Options," gamers can make changes based on their tastes. In the game, players face AI opponents with varying tactics and talents. 

Animation lessons, free practice, Arcade Mode, Tournament Modes, etc., are also found in abundance in the game. Five rackets and numerous attachments may provide diverse hitting effects and game situations with varying styles.

Tennis Slam

Tennis Slam

Tennis Slam has risen to prominence as one of the top tennis games on Android. Acquire and improve hundreds of Abilities and Players to overcome your competitors in the Arena and collect Trophies, Stars, and limitless glory. Find the ideal Skill for your Player and use the player kinds to form a strong squad against the opponent.

Use techniques to help your tennis team win. Tennis Slam mobile game is completely free to download and play. Still, you'll need an internet connection to play it because it's online, and some game things may also be obtained with actual cash.

In real-time, you may combat people from around the world, win arena boxes to activate rewards, gather new skills and player cards, and improve old ones in this game. 

To defeat your opponents, you may build your ideal team deck. It's time to take the court in this incredible game. In Tennis, Slam game players may play a fast game or a championship. Of course, your goal in the tournament will be to beat every opponent and emerge as the champion.

Flick Tennis

Flick Tennis

If you want to play something with a little soul, a little plot, simulation, rapid reward, or even management might feel bloodless. Despite its simplistic gameplay (the title is entirely appropriate in this regard), Flick Tennis has a full story mode with animations, a soundtrack, and a comic book narrative framework. 

This is a rather unusual entry, but it is different and worth a look - especially if you are in a more playful mood. Flick Tennis is a 3D game in which you play fairly realistic matches utilising only the tip of your finger.

Before each game, you can select over twenty professional tennis players, both male and female. Some famous faces among the players, including Nadal and Djokovic, go by various names. Aside from selecting your tennis player, you may also choose from various competitions and tennis courts.

The gameplay of Flick Tennis is straightforward: your tennis player moves by itself, and you need to flick your fingertip to swing the racket in whatever direction you desire. Flick Tennis is a fantastic tennis game with amazing visuals and basic yet enjoyable gameplay.

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Timber Tennis

Timber Tennis

Timber Tennis by Digital Melody is another example of an instant classic. Timber Tennis is a classic arcade game that combines tennis with Timberman. Simple mechanics, a plethora of one-of-a-kind pixel art images, super shots, and specialties.

A title with a hearty dose of fun finds the player battling against other tennis players with balls, fireballs, bombs, and more - all at breakneck speed. Characters from the developer's past games also make an appearance, complete with lumber-related regalia and pixel art stylings. 

Played from the top down and eerily similar to Pong, this is ideal for passing the time on the bus or anywhere. Participate in the annual Timber Tennis World Championships and defeat all your opponents (including Princess, Hipster, Boxer, and many more). 

Improve your abilities, employ super shots, and keep an eye out for specials! Unlock all characters and balls before competing in local multiplayer with your pals. The game can be considered one of the best tennis games for Android.

Tennis Champs Returns Season 3

Tennis Champs Returns Season 3

Tennis Champs Returns Season 3 is based on an ancient Amiga game; this choice is stylistically distinct from the others on this list. It has pixel imagery from the 1990s and a deceptively primary control mechanism that is simple to comprehend yet tough to master.

This is a decent alternative for people seeking a little challenge, with a pick-and-play game type that has some complexity and allows some potential for experimentation and strategy. It has both fast play choices and a more significant story mode to combat. 

Tennis Champs Returns works together to create a fantastic experience, and this is only the beginning. Other improvements in the works include female players and additional customizing choices. 

A trophy area where you may display your victories and even re-challenge the opponents you lost against, Visual controls that may be customised, and official MFi support. The awards for Career matches and Daily Challenges include skill points, which may be allocated to various categories to fill out your character's numbers. 

There are several wardrobe pieces and colors to choose from, allowing you to customize your character completely.

Hit Tennis 3

Hit Tennis 3

The minimalism of Hit Tennis 3 seems to be something special. Despite not being the most complicated game, there's a reason it receives such excellent ratings. Instead of just pressing buttons, everything is controlled by swiping and flipping.

There are several competitions and locales to choose from, which keeps participants motivated and engaged. Like many other games, a reasonable number of in-app purchases will be available to speed up the journey.

The option of not spending money on the game if one desires. It's not the most convincing game out there, but it's a great way to get some action once in a while. The game is easy to learn with straightforward controls and comprises many different tournaments to keep players engaged. 

You can hit the ball by swiping or flicking your finger. It's like playing real tennis! With over 20 million downloads, Hit Tennis is the most widely used mobile tennis game. The game has fantastic flicks and swipes control. Players get to compete against opponents in six different places across the globe.

Top Speed Tennis

Top Speed Tennis

Top Seed Tennis is among the most popular mobile tennis management games. You are the manager of a brilliant young tennis player in Top Seed Tennis, and you accompany him to various tennis events. 

You must coach your guy and assist him in becoming a champion. As your player advances, you may acquire additional talents that will help him enhance his game. Top Seed Tennis encourages you to develop strategic judgments depending on each of your player's opponents' playing styles. You'll be able to learn some strategies while playing this engaging game.

Tennis is a worldwide sport, and with the internet's reach, it's never been simpler for tennis trainers to market their tips, techniques, and ideologies to aspiring tennis players. This is ideal for hobbyist tennis players who want to develop their skills but do not have immediate access to instruction. 

Players may receive vital insight into their tennis performance and learn from skilled trainers using internet platforms. You can choose from a variety of options, including Feel Tennis, Fuzzy Yellow Balls, Tennis Evolution, and Essential Tennis.

World Of Tennis: Roaring' The 20s

World Of Tennis: Roaring' the 20s

World of Tennis: Roaring '20s is a tennis simulation game set in the 1920s, the golden period of tennis, as the title suggests. You may become a virtual tennis champion after battling against players from all around the world. World of Tennis: Roaring '20s transports you to the 1920s, the golden period of tennis. Join sophisticated ladies and gentlemen on the court for a good old-fashioned fight of wits and ability.

The most important part of the game is the AI algorithm which helps you learn your playing style as you play. It may replace you in multi-player tennis games against your rivals while you are gone. You may also play as a tennis manager and train one of the seven different tennis player character types. 

The accurate play that employs swipe and touches controls and some fantastic visuals are some of the primary aspects of this exceptional simulation game. World of Tennis: Roaring '20s is a professional tennis game with worldwide multiplayer and dynamic gameplay set in a range of stunning, life-like environments from the 1920s.

Indulge yourself in 3D tennis action with actual motion ball and shot mechanics. Collect trophies in important competitions modeled by Grand Slams such as Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the US Open, and Roland Garros.

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Tennis Bits

Tennis Bits

Tennis Bits is a Sports game created and published by PlaySide in 2016. Tennis Bits is a simple and engaging mobile sports game. It has over 45 AI characters to choose from in various tennis tournament stages, hundreds of hat-racket combinations, and a variety of exciting locales to play in, including lava pits. 

As players go forth, they will be able to unlock additional characters and have them gain experience points. Tennis Bits is a high-quality tennis game that will provide you with hours of tennis game fun.

Tennis Bits is an Android arcade tennis game in which the players are quirky square figures. Nevertheless, this is an excellent sports project that allows beginning a career as a professional tennis player. 

The user must practice and compete in important tennis tournaments to get several titles and establish a position as a game champion. Passing gamers will also be able to unlock additional characters with distinct appearances.

Cross Court Tennis 2

Cross Court Tennis 2

Cross Court Tennis 2 is a 3D tennis game wherein users control their tennis player and move quickly around the court. Cross Court Tennis 2's mechanics are similar to desktop tennis games. You can accurately control your tennis player's motions and always have two different swings.

Cross Court Tennis 2 is one of mobile devices' most realistic tennis simulation games. High-quality animations, actual ball mechanics, and pro-level speeds are included in the game. You can compete in one of 15 international tournaments against 45 different opponents by selecting the beginner, intermediate, or expert level or a customized program. 

In addition, the game has extremely realistic 3D visuals, an exciting and accurate control mechanism, and a variety of play styles. All of this adds up to be one of the widely precise graphically mobile tennis experiences. Cross Court Tennis 2 is a very stunning game. The models of the tennis players, the line umpire, and even the events are meticulously replicated.

Stickman Tennis

Stickman Tennis

Stickman Tennis is the most life-like tennis game for the renowned stick people, an addicting software in which you battle against the hardest opponents on the most stunning courts. You do, however, have a bit of an advantage over them: a time machine. Allow your creativity to go wild and try forehand strokes from the baseline, cross shots, and slices. Run manually or automatically, and travel back in time if your move didn't go as planned.

Stickman Tennis is an expeditious, pragmatic tennis game with easy-to-use controls. There are three hard levels to pick from, as well as a training option. The objective of this intriguing game is to climb the rankings and win tennis tournaments quickly. 

You may play a fast game or the entire tour season, which includes 64 events against no fewer than 100 different opponents. Not only that, but You may even practice on the court with a ball machine to get ready for competitions and start amassing prizes. 

With a hundred competitors, you'll need to win a lot of games to reach the world's top seed, with seasons as long as real life and more than 64 events every year. Choose from five levels of difficulty on grass, synthetic, wood, or concrete courts, and practice with tennis ball machines to become the world's top seed.

Bang Bang Tennis

Bang Bang Tennis

In this fast-paced Bash and Smash tennis game, take on the world's greatest to become the Bang Bang Grand Champion. Bang Bang tennis is a novel type of tennis that uses obstacles to keep the ball from escaping. 

The aim is simple: smash the ball past your rival Single-player, multi-player, or tournament - the Bang Bang grand slam and Arcade mode are among the four game types available. Bang Bang Tennis is a simple arcade tennis game for mobile—all you have to do is smash the ball past your opponent. 

The game may be played by two people on the same device, which is an extra feature. The game also has over 30 characters and ten tennis courts to pick from, as well as 12 language support. Bang Bang tennis is a unique type of tennis that uses obstacles to keep the ball from escaping. The aim is simple: smash the ball past your opponent. 

For hours of tennis-smashing fun, challenge pals in two-player mode on a single device. Simple controls make this tennis game entertaining and thrilling, while one of the fastest and most furious tennis games will put your reflexes to the test! It's a cross between tennis, ping pong, and air hockey.


Tennis fans can find a plethora of tennis games accessible on mobile devices. There is something for everyone, from arcade scoring attacks and beautifully realistic 3D games to statistic-based simulations and management games. 

There is nothing like the exhilaration of striking the ball with your racket and hearing it bounce off the other side, whether you are a pro or simply playing for fun. This might be tough to do, particularly if you live in an area with no tennis courts. Fortunately, there are several Android tennis games to pick from, so you can definitely find one that suits your preferences.

The article consists of a catalog of the best tennis games on android devices to be played in our leisure. Tennis being an outdoor game, is enjoyed popularly by the masses. Therefore game developers have tried to build the same amount of fun available at our fingertips.


AO Tennis 2 is, without a doubt, one of the most popular tennis games available. This game is better than ever, thanks to regular updates and patches that correct flaws. It features excellent visuals, playability, realistic physics, and excellent customization, making it one of the greatest tennis games available.

Ping Pong Fury is the definitive two-player sports game from the designers of the award-winning Table Tennis Touch! Simply swipe to strike the ball and blast it past your rival. Employ spin and chop to your returns with straightforward screen movements, and even ace it with a pro serve.

Tennis is played in points: four points equal one game, six games equal one set, and two or three sets equal one match. Players may choose the duration of the game.

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