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Increased accessibility of smart devices, especially smartphones, has propelled mobile gaming into the stratosphere. We have fine examples like card games, chess, pool, etc., supporting the statement. They are in a more polished and better-performing form. Androids have seen great success in bringing PC games to the small screen of our phones. 

When it comes to the gaming world, war games are indeed the peoples’ favorite. They offer a unique thrill and experience, which makes gamers fall in love with them. If you are a fan of battles, wars, and fights, here are some of the best war games you should try for a thrilling experience. 

Best War Games for Android

Gaming world is full of different genres, and war games is indeed the most loved one. The popularity of this genre is so high that you can find numerous war game on internte which makes it difficult to find the right ones. In order to help you and save your time, we have rounded up a list of the best war games. 

Rise of Civilization

When it comes to the best strategy games, this one is a must try. If you are a war game lover on Android and haven't yet tried this fantastic game, give it a try!! While playing this game, you will be the writer of your own history story, as you may like. You can engage in an endless battle fair and war here. This game's strategies are apparent to understand. Likewise, this game's systems are obvious to understand. 

It has a detailed and seamless map view that shows even the most minute details of the city. It allows you to join and leave the battle anytime you want. The game allows you to choose your hero to lead the troops, participate in joint attacks, set out on expeditions, and defeat your enemies with overwhelming force. You may choose any of the eight civilizational types you will lead later.

If you love war games, you should also try turn based RPG games for a unique gaming experience.

War Machines: Blitz Force

If you enjoy real-time combat games, then you should give them a try. If its reviews are believed, this game should be placed on top in this genre on Android. It is an exciting game with perceivable game tactics. It is an online tank shooter game where gamers manage armored Second World vehicles from different countries and camps. 

Then they will be able to take the top spot as the table leaders after upgrading their tools, honing their skills, and acting audaciously and unexpectedly. Moreover, the game has attractive and remarkable features:

  • It offers two different types of gameplay modes.
  • It's free to install, play and update.
  • You have to be a warrior. You must have trained soldiers to defend your nation. 
  • Provides easy-to-perceived game tactics and modes.
  • It has fantastic graphics and quality.

Gun war: Shooting Games

Gun war: Shooting Games

It's easy to find the best games online, but only a few fulfill the expectations of being one of the best offline games for Android available. So if you are into offline gaming, you should try it. The game's easy to understand because of its easy tactics, well-developed graphics, and visual effects. 

It is optimized for mobile device operating, smooth controlling, and exciting battle sound. In addition, it lets you experience the console game shooter fun. 

Although Gun War: Shooting Games is a free game, it offers optional in-app purchases that can be made with real money. 

Let's quickly review its features:

  • It provides six different play modes. 
  • It is simple to play yet difficult to be a pro.
  • Both tablets and smartphones can use it.

World War 3: European Wars

Are you ready to make your European clan join the war? Then, install World War 3: European War Strategy Games if you answered yes. Ladik Apps & Games offers this awesome game and features stunning graphics and visual effects. 

Additionally, the sound quality is excellent and is highly addicting. But you can see what else it includes right here. Commander leads your army to the Conquest of Europe in World War III. Free, fantastic World War 3 real-time strategy game! Conquer all of Europe! Spread your empire.

Its important features are-

  • There is a large map of the world available for you to explore.
  • You have the power to decide when and how. The war will begin.
  • As usual, you can build and improve your troops.
  • It provides awesome graphics and sound effects.
  • It includes six different units for more details.
  • Playing with army troops and engaging in combat is fun.

Games of Warriors

This is another strategic game in which tactics are very easy to understand. However, you should beware of its addiction, too, as it's very easy to get addicted to this game. The visual effects and sound quality are also a great experience. 

The developers are continually working hard to enhance the amazing experience of the players. A few outstanding features are also included in this beautiful and impressive game. You can see the features below.

  • You can upgrade over 30 troops and thousands of buildings per your wish. 
  • The game provides over 1500 defensive waves to make the game more competitive.
  • In this game, you will have four different heroes with unique features to unlock.
  • More than 18 different categories of passive and active skills are permitted.
  • The game lets you enjoy the battles with titans using soldiers and horses.
  • There will be numerous territories available for you to conquer and expand your empire.

Grow Empire: Rome

The game focuses on growing an empire, and in doing so, a battle has to be fought. If you are willing to do so, this game has much to offer you. The game is pretty immersive and exciting. It has wonderful graphics and is simple to operate. 

The player can understand the game pretty quickly. On the other hand, in the later stages of the game, the enemies become way too overpowered and spam troops. 

Let's examine some of its salient characteristics:

  •  You can conquer cities from your adversaries and expand your empire.
  • Your bases and soldiers can be improved.
  • Thirty-five different types of Roman troops with distinctive characteristics are trainable.
  • It offers six different card boosts in 3 different level variations.
  • To create a powerful defense, you can train Roman soldiers, siege weapons, heroes, and barbarian mercenaries.

Lords Mobile: Tower Defence

IGG's Lords Mobile is a strategy game... It's not as if you want to dive in and get thrilled around! As a new or beginning player, your main goal is to build up as quickly as possible. You can rest assured. 

You can check their details and enjoy the glory of entering into an amazing virtual world of war games. Keeping as busy as you can is the main strategy for accomplishing this. So here's a look at its main features-

  • It allows you to recruit friends as allies and has interactive multiplayer battles.
  • Your war heroes and kings can advance through different tiers. Your troops' upgrades will enable a variety of useful skills.
  • You can switch to different servers anytime; there are many different kingdoms to play in.
  • It offers a variety of playing styles and allows you to play as an emperor. You can construct, trade, and fight.


Stick War: Legacy 

It is one of the most loved fighting games available on androids. Learn how different warriors, archers, sworders, and more work by playing as a national leader. It has thrilling campaigns and levels that let you seize and obliterate enemy territory. This game is the pure essence of a strategy-based game. 

Reinforcement is automatically called if the player gets attacked badly in the game. The game has high-quality visuals and enhanced graphics. Here is a list of some of its  legacy. The game has its own unique features, and many people will like this game; then why still wait to go straight away and download the game.

Well-Known Features:

  • In its survival modes, you can put your zombie-killing prowess to the test.
  • Multiple skins, armor, and weapon upgrades are available for all the characters.
  • Aside from tournament modes with AI, the game has regular updates for fluid gameplay.
  • Different troop units, including archers, mage giants, and other creatures, are available for you to arrange in your own way.

Army Men Strike-Toy Wars

Army Men Strike-Toy Wars

By playing a war game, you can now build the army clan with the most effective army force. The army men are striking. The best soundtrack and precise graphics were used to create this Android war simulator game. It is the best pick if you love shooting games

This game's strategy is simple to understand, and you'll immediately enjoy playing it. Additionally, you can construct your headquarters, treasury, transport resources, train, and other items on your land and efficiently train your army force. Check out the features and find out more if you're interested in this exciting.

  • The game builds up the positive and healthy competition, and the community is excellent.
  • It is a joy to play and pain when your enemy players surpass your current level and invade your base. 
  • It is very easy to understand with good graphics.

March of Empires: War of Lords

Here is another good option for you to play. You can become the new king with this MMO war game for Android. In the game, you play as the king of medieval times. You must conquer new territory, defend the castle, and prevent an unstoppable army force from entering your territory. 

In addition, you must rule civilization and make every effort to improve it simultaneously. Look at some of its primary characteristics to get to know it better:  It's a great sandbox game if you're willing to use a small budget.

  • You can live off the land, too, by competing in competitions and other events, making it diverse.
  • You can access a variety of unique bonuses and powers.
  • You must promptly upgrade your army and defense forces.
  • You can select from one of the two championship leagues for the army force.

War Commander: Rogue Assault

There is a tonne of shooting-based battle games available on the Play Store. However, a select few strategic shooting games are worthy of endorsement. This brand-new game, War Commander: Rogue Assault, was created by KIXEYE. The gaming experience keeps enhancing after every update- new features in every update and events to participate too. It is among the best 3D games for android

It's an amazing real-time strategy game. This game will put your ability to raise an empire and make it stronger through wars to the test. Personalize your weapons, vehicles, and defense. Therefore, it should be obvious that the game will be captivating and addictive. Among its main characteristics are: 

  • A 3D multiplayer strategy game that has been optimized and has a fantastic user interface.
  • A real-time battle with your enemy.
  • You can decide how you want to play the game.
  • You will upgrade your empire and receive daily rewards.
  • At the monthly game event, you can compete against players from all over the world.

Warship Battle: 3D World War ll

It offers a variety of thrilling naval battles. You get the chance to play with the fearsome and magnificent warships from the Second World War. It has sophisticated in-game settings and gorgeous 3D graphics. Playing the game offline is a good idea. Some ship modifications are pricey. 

Only about half of the available ships can be purchased with real money. It's a multi-task challenger with a fair amount of time spent on each mission. This fun game uses only a small amount of system resources and is designed for Android devices. 

You can also benefit from numerous in-game achievements by logging in with your Google account. Let's examine some of the main characteristics of the game.

  • It has a variety of difficulty settings and battle rewards.
  • Your arsenal of warships and weaponry can be modified.
  • The game includes numerous chapters and secret missions inspired by World War Two.

Throne Rush

In the game, there are epic heroes and strategic battles. It has an interactive MMORPG setup and a full range of battle modes. You can construct your castle and other structures for the most effective defense 

The game has excellent in-game graphics and a lovely gaming environment. You can share many game resources while playing with your friends. Not only playing with friends but also this game will give a lot of enjoyment and lot of thrill we can find all detailed details of this game.  

The game calls for both patience and skill. Here are a few of its key characteristics: -

  • There are numerous campaigns and missions, and they are updated frequently.
  • You can arrange the game's roughly 18 different mercenaries however you like.
  • It has a sizable player base and numerous clans, guilds, and alliances.
  • You can defeat your adversaries in PvP battle modes and advance among the most powerful players.
  • There are many different heroes and epic skills available.

Real Commando Secret Mission

It is one of the best games in the history of mission games and marks up to a good difficulty level. The game is for real shooting enthusiasts with exciting missions, efficient weapons, locations, and strategies to come over your enemies. It has very good graphics and visual effects. 

Even though the game uses typical system resources, the 3D graphics look console-like. It offers the best offline-based strategic FPS experience and can be played in offline mode. The game has numerous weapons and realistic missions. You can review some of its key attributes and then decide whether or not you want to give it a try.

  • You can take part in thrilling sniper missions with a broad rifle range.
  • Both game modes are available.
  • As you battle your way to level-ups and upgrades, pick various weapons.
  • Both Android smartphones and tablets can play the game smoothly.

Frontline Commando: D-Day

D-Day is an excellent third-person shooting game. This is a good game that allows you to use WWII weapons (machine guns, sniper rifles, stationary guns, etc.) and finish various missions. It is not a fixed-screen shooter. WWII is the backdrop of Frontline Commando's follow-up. This results in a stunning third-person shooter with a war theme for your mobile device, graphics that look like

They belong on a console and smooth touchscreen controls. Developers excellently captured the WWII era. Real-world weapons are modeled after their video game counterparts, and locations like Utah and Omaha beaches are replicas of actual sites from World War II. 

There are more than 100 missions in the game, and each will present you with numerous opportunities to score headshots. The controls on the touchscreen are so smooth it makes for a very satisfying gaming experience. There are many opportunities to "hide behind cover." To kill enemies and avoid being hit, you must dodge them and shoot when appropriate.

World War Heroes WW2

It's a legendary multiplayer shooter with players worldwide in the WW2 setting. This game is played in the FPP, which means the first-person point of view. In this particular game, there is one map with two teams fighting, and the team defeats the other team and becomes the winner. The review of this game is 4.3, which is very good.

This game also has 50M + downloads worldwide. The reviews from the people who had already played this game are fantastic because there is no negative output so far, and people are very satisfied with the performance, graphics, and overall game. 

In single-player missions, players are generally allotted a very small number of soldiers, and losing just one soldier can be a huge loss. As a result, the game focuses on the player conserving soldiers and keeping them secure most of the time. 

The game simulates close combat military tactics, allowing the player to move soldiers around and cover them all at once while also giving them direct control, allowing them to perform much more difficult tasks like performing intricate maneuvers or sneaking through heavily fortified areas. 

Here are many kinds of vehicles, from simple Jeeps to anti-aircraft guns. While unrealistic, the fact that any soldier can operate a gun and man any position opens up a world of intriguing gameplay possibilities.

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Brothers in Arms 3

Every time you look up war games, this one comes up. In collaboration with Gearbox Software, none other than Gameloft created and released this game. It was made available on December 17, 2014, for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. This game is in TPP, so you can see your character and enjoy the view and the game hand in hand.

The game is available as a single-player game as well as a multiplayer one. Players in this game can operate Sherman tanks, lob grenades, reload weapons, and fire. In this game, missions are another feature that allows players to unlock additional weapons. During side missions, one can encounter enemy soldiers using anti-air weapons. Brother in arms games is unique and exciting games. This game will never give any bore.

Modern Combat 5

Another name for this game is Modern Combat Blackout. The FPP shooter game in question was created by Gameloft Bucharest and released by Gameloft. For iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8.1, and Blackberry 10, it was made available on July 24, 2014. Both a solo and multiplayer mode are available for this game.

The player can use skills supported by the equipped class, shoot, crouch, sprint, throw grenades, aim, reload their weapons, leap over obstacles, knife enemies, and change/pick up weapons. Selecting a soldier class from Assault, Heavy, Sniper, Recon, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X-1 Morph, Kommander, and Marauder is a new essential feature of Modern Combat 5. 

Each has unique advantages and weapons, though a player's class does not restrict them from using weapons from other classes in-game. New weapons and attachments to use in both the campaign and multiplayer are unlocked as the player advances in some classes and builds up a "weapon score."

Call of duty

When you talk about the best war games, Call of duty is the first game that comes to mind. Play Store and App Store highly recommend it, and it has 4.4 ratings with 100m + downloads. Can you even imagine 100m + downloads !!!! This game was developed by Timi Studio Group and published by Activision for android and iOS. For a better experience, try to explore the Call of Duty series in the right order

The most common mode is the classic mode where 25 squads land on a particular map, so one squad contains four people, and hence on the map, there will be 100 real players with whom your squad needs to fight, with the help of guns and grenades, which you will find inside the buildings and houses according to the places you land. As soon as you land in a particular area and you are done looting your weapons, you have to find enemies to fight with only if you are confident enough to take a fight. 

Most importantly, there will be a blue zone coming right after you which will force you to enter the safe zone, and there you will mind more enemies to fight with, and if your squad is the last squad standing after the fight, then your squad will be declared as the winner of that match. For more games like Call of Duty, click here


Free Fire

 It is a battle royal game developed by the Vietnamese game business 111dots studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. It has broken records with more than 150 million daily active users worldwide. Players begin a game while flying over an island in a plane. Players can jump wherever they want while the plane is in the air, giving them the freedom to select a tactical landing spot. 

The players must then search for weapons and useful objects after landing. Grenades, medical supplies, medium and large weapons, and other supplies are all across the island. Objects. The players' ultimate objective is to survive on the island with a maximum of 50 other players online; to do this, they must defeat any opponents they come across along the way and make sure they are the only survivor left.

Another such amazing game is State of Survival. It is an action packed game for an amazing experience. You can follow the State of Survival guide to know all about this game and experience the thrill.


Mobile games have introduced people to a virtual world of animation. It is one of the main reasons too for their interest in games. The gaming market worldwide has seen immense growth and is still rising. This is because including-cutthroat competition in the prices of mobile phones among different companies. There has been a decline in the past ten years. Rise in increment in the number of android users. These days, all the members of a household have an android phone. Our team listed Best War Games for Android Phones, Hope you like and enjoy all of them. 


The 1992–96 Siege of Sarajevo, the longest city siege since World War II, which was characterized by horrendous living circumstances and wartime atrocities for Bosnian people, served as the inspiration for the game.

Any successful alliance is built on the R4 team, which also makes a significant contribution to the team's performance. R4 members are selected for their dependability and commitment to the team, not for their influence, wealth, or, worst of all, to soothe their egos.

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