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Nintendo's Animal Crossing video game series has been a favorite among players of social simulation games for more than 20 years. After a slow start, the show's popularity skyrocketed in the early 2000s and hasn't waned since. The main goal of Animal Crossing is to build a sense of community through things like farming, making things, exploring, and going on adventures. 

Animal Crossing has a lot going for it, so it's not surprising that it has a lot of fans. We've compiled 25 of the best games like Animal Crossing for you to enjoy. Many games have been made with the same or a similar premise.



The game Minecraft hardly needs an introduction, but for those who don't know what it is, it's a sandbox game in which players can explore randomly generated worlds, explore caves, mine for resources, fight monsters and other players, or just chill out and do nothing at all.

You can do just about anything you want in Minecraft:

  • Build whatever you can imagine.
  • Explore any world you like.
  • Play in worlds created by your friends.
  • Raise animals.
  • Create waterfalls, lands, ships, towers, and more.

Players in Minecraft are free to enjoy the game in any way they see fit. You and your friends can use the same map as a multiplayer game. This is one of the most thrilling video games ever made.

Game after game shows how Minecraft defines and rules its subgenre. There is no plot, no specific genre, no memorable characters or exciting scenes, and the visuals could be politely called "retro."

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The Roblox Corporation released its role-playing game Roblox in September 2006. You can play games, make games, or just hang out with other players (and there are a lot of them) on Roblox, so it's really up to you what you want to do with it. To put it simply, Roblox is one of the most successful games.

More than 43 million people use Roblox daily to play, communicate, and build within a 3D virtual environment. Indeed, this is of the utmost importance.

Roblox's allure is founded on the ability to give wings to you. Do you aspire to achieve sports legend status? Sure! Have you ever wanted to race fast cars? You can make your games on Roblox. Imagination, perseverance, and the free Roblox Studio app are all required.

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To sum it up, Re-May Logic's 2011 action-adventure game Terraria is fantastic. When it comes down to it, Terraria is primarily a sandbox. It has the same feel as playing Minecraft but looks completely different, setting it apart from other Minecraft clones. It also introduces new gameplay elements like the red and corruption mechanics. 

In Terraria, you can mine, dig, breed, farm, explore, and find valuable minerals and items to use in your world. If you'd like to build a world with some pals, Terraria also has a multiplayer mode.

Just imagine Minecraft if it had been developed with pixel art sprites and released during the Super Nintendo era. That pretty much encapsulates the spirit of Terraria. This sneaky indie sandbox game takes so many cues from Notch's creation that it's essentially 2D Minecraft, but it also adds some exciting twists to the formula.

The Sims (series)

the sims

The Sims is a game that simulates real life in which you have complete control over the lives of all of the characters. This video game came out to the public for the first time in 2000. Maxis and Electronic Arts were in charge of making it and putting it on the market. 

After the first game was well received, the developers created several other games with more content and improvements. You can play out real-life scenarios by using the Sims game. 

That suggests that having the ability to cook, hobbies, relationships, a home, a job, and many other things are necessary for success. Even though you have complete control over how you play the game, your Sims still have needs that must be attended to regularly. You won't make much headway in the game if these needs aren't met. The game has a robust modding community constantly adding new content and changing how it plays.

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Style Boutique

style boutique

Nintendo first made the role-playing simulation video game Style Boutique available in October 2008. Syn Sophia made it. Nintendo was the game's publisher. In the fashion simulation game Style Boutique, you run a virtual clothing store and do many different things related to the fashion industry. 

You travel to other cities in search of new clothing, new hairstyles, and anything else that is currently popular. Customers' moods are directly improved by the fact that you have attractive designs and excellent customer service. You will learn how to run your shop, improve it to cater to your customer's requirements, and market your wares within the context of the game.

It's not particularly long or complex, like many other children's games. Still, the production values are decent, and there are supposedly 10,000 different outfits to choose from. A virtual Barbie doll might spend a long time getting dressed here with all the available content.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure


Ustwo published and developed Alba: A Wildlife Adventure in December 2020. You take on the character of "Alba," a little child eager to visit her grandparents on an island with her best friend. But after seeing how bad the island is and how bad things are for the people who live there, she decides to do whatever she can to help the island get better. You will learn how to protect islands and their fauna.

The visuals in Alba: A Wildlife Adventure are beautifully hand-drawn and animated. Pinar del Mar is the Mediterranean island you feel compelled to call home, thanks to its diverse ecosystems. It's excellent that the Ustwo Games were able to draw inspiration from their childhood summers. Each animal is drawn realistically, and even though the backgrounds are drawn in too bright colors, they still look very nice. The beauty is that no place is boring, so you will want to take pictures wherever you go.

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Moonglow Bay

moonglow bay

In October 2021, Bunnyhug's MoonGlow Bay was an independent action-adventure game. The locals of your version of Moonglow Bay have given up fishing because of the threat posed by sea monsters, but you and your companion have decided to take a chance and go fishing anyway.

Each excursion is unique, but none of them poses any particularly daunting challenges. You're also the mastermind behind a thriving fish-selling and cooking operation. You made boats, nets, rods, and other things you need to go to sea, like boats, traps, and rods.

The attention to detail in Moonglow Bay is evident in every aspect. Even if things aren't ideal, something is soothing about spending time on the water, fishing for bizarre species, and generally relaxing on your boat to beat the blues. You didn't know you needed comfort food until you played Moonglow Bay, and you'll never feel truly alone thanks to the game's reassuring message that you can always set sail for a better time and place.

Island Saver

island saver

Island Saver is an open-world action game made by Stormcloud Games and published by NatWest. It will be free to play in May 2020. The goal of Island Saver is, unsurprisingly, to save islands. Stormcloud Games created this game to instill a sense of urgency in young players about the need to take care of our planet.

In Island Saver, you make money by fixing up the island and saving animals in danger. To ensure the animals stay alive, you must learn how to invest that money wisely. The more you tidy up, the more places you can discover and, by extension, the more money you can make. We encourage parents to hand this game to their kids so that they can learn the importance of taking care of our planet.

Island Saver is a game built around the premise of teaching financial literacy to kids while they play. Characters can earn coins for simple tasks like picking up trash or opening a savings account. As players in the game, they will master more complex parts of financial management, such as borrowing money, paying taxes to maintain the island's idyllic ambiance and even some fundamental principles of foreign currency.



You can do many different things in Littlewood, making it feel like many different games in one. In June of 2019, Sean Young and SmashGames released Littlewood. When compared to other authors, Littlewood's take on the tale is unique. 

Littlewood's protagonist returns home after defeating a boss and, bored with life, decides to start a new town in an already chaotic area of the world. The city is green and muddy when the hero first arrives. Crops can be gathered, homes constructed, and a community formed over time where there is no strife or war.

Littlewood is one of the best farm simulators for the Nintendo Switch. It has a charming story, many ways to change the game, and likable main characters. Littlewood is more than just another farm simulation game because of its friendly atmosphere, likable characters, and many ways to change the game.

Sneaky Sasquatch

sneaky sasquatch

The protagonist of the following entry on our list of games similar to Animal Crossing stands out from the crowd. RAC7's upcoming adventure game, Sneaky Sasquatch, will be available in the fall of 2019. To finish Sneaky Sasquatch, you must sneak into different camps and steal supplies without getting caught. 

With the help of the rewards system, you can improve things like food, transportation, and household goods. Finding food is not simple, so you'll need a solid game plan to ensure you don't go hungry.

A Zelda-inspired overworld sets the tone for a relaxing adventure like Sneaky Sasquatch. Most of your time will be spent wandering the world, completing critical path goals (such as locating a treasure map and saving the park instead of Hyrule), completing random side quests, purchasing items that positively affect the world map, and generally just messing around. There are elements of adventure, humor, and plenty of adorableness.

Meep City

meep city

Meep City is currently one of the most played games on Roblox. The well-known game developer, Alexnewtro, launched the game in 2016 when it was first made available.

Meep City is a fantastic game that allows you to build your world. Within the game, you have complete control over your appearance, including your clothes, how you look, and who you interact with. You are free to play the game at whatever pace you see fit. Even if you enjoy hanging out with your friends but don't feel like doing anything in particular, you have the freedom to choose to embark on adventurous excursions and learn new things. This is entirely up to you.

You can go to any store, mall, restaurant, stadium, or game that exists in the real world, as well as any other place you can imagine or find in the real world. You can even have jobs such as teaching, working in a shop, or any other job you want. In addition, you can make friends with anyone you want and go out drinking and having fun with them to pass the time.



In July 2020, Slumberland and Double Fine published and developed a game called Ooblets. Feelings from Animal Crossing, Minecraft, and Pokémon all come together in Ooblets. In Ooblets, you can meet and make friends with many animals. You can take care of them and even use some of them in battle. 

Your farm and animals can both be improved. The upgrading process will become increasingly challenging as you get into the game. You can use the market to make or spend money on whatever you want.

The player in Ooblets moves from Aroh Island to the city of Bridgetown. The plot is reminiscent of Stardew Valley in that the mayor asks you to help take over an abandoned farm and get the town recognized by the Goblet High Council. You can enjoy my evening without worrying about getting stuck on a tricky level or boss, and there are just enough dance battles to keep me interested. People who want a game with gameplay like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley but can get past the cringe-worthy dialogue and simple graphics will like this.

New Super Lucky's Tale

New super lucky's tale

Playful Corp. is responsible for developing the 3D platform game New Super Lucky's Tale, which was released in November of 2017. The video game New Super Lucky's Tale is an adventure game where players explore different worlds to figure out their mysteries and win prizes. In New Super Lucky's Tale, you can play the game at your own pace, look around, and go on different journeys to discover more about the vast universe.

The narrative in New Super Lucky's Tale has been reworked, and there is now a more extensive cast of characters for players to interact with. Additionally, you may turn the camera in any direction and zoom in or out by pressing up or down on the right analog stick. The game's levels have been changed, with the primary goal of making the controls more difficult.

Gilly's island was added to the game as downloadable content (DLC), making it one of the five core worlds. As the story progresses, this changes the order in which players visit the world. This change was brought about by adding Gilly's Island as one of the game's five core worlds.

Farm Together

farm together

Farm Together is a simulation game about farming. It was made by Milkstone Studios and came out in February 2018. Farm Together will give you control of an empty farm, which you can use to cultivate crops and raise animals from the ground up. You can grow crops on the farm Together in four distinct seasons. 

These crops can be sold for a profit to help you improve your farm by constructing new fences, roads, and other infrastructure. You can also keep a companion animal to help you at all times.

Oddly enough, Farm Together shares a lot of similarities with free-to-play mobile games of various varieties. By doing different things, players can earn three different types of currency that can be used to unlock other parts of the game. If you keep expanding and gathering resources, all three of these currencies will start to flow quickly, and there will be no sneaky pay-to-win options. You cannot use actual money to speed up the process of anything.

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The Tourist

the tourist

Shin'en Multimedia released its action-adventure game The Tourist in November of 2019. It's a mystery-solving puzzle game that takes place on an archipelago. The Tourist has an island-style setting; the more you look around, the more secrets you'll find.

The Tourist allows you to play at your own pace and enjoy the game the most. As you play, more content becomes available in the form of islands and the things you can do on them. Minigames are available, so you can have fun while relaxing on the island. You can take a break from trying to solve the mysteries by engaging in some fun activities, and in doing so, you may find new avenues to explore that lead you closer to solving the puzzles.

The Tourist is a strange game in which the player takes on the role of a traveler trying to solve the mystery of a group of temples spread across several islands. The unnamed traveler begins his journey on a peaceful island, where he meets an older man. The gentleman, who is also on vacation, ends him on a perilous journey into the depths of ancient temples.

My Time at Portia

my time in portia

My Time at Portia, developed by Team17 and released in January 2018, is a multi-genre title that does it all. My Time at Portia is an approachable, time-management game in which players start with few resources but grow their "empire" through careful planning and execution. 

During your time at My Time at Portia, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to satisfy patrons and construct remarkable buildings during your time there. As you progress through the dungeon, bosses that are stronger than you will always drop better and more valuable rewards.

Craft, gather, mine, harvest, explore, and fight to your heart's content in this charming mobile simulation game, My Time at Portia. The game's point is that there is no point; it's up to each player to determine how they want to play. While the seemingly endless options may intimidate some, for the most part, it's a relief to be given such leeway.

Cozy Grove

cozy grove

In April 2021, Spry Fox released their indie-casual game, Cozy Grove. In Cozy Grove, a camping simulation game, you help ghosts cross over to the other side by setting up camp on an island.

The main focus of Cozy Grove, like the other games on this list, is on assisting other characters, and the more you contribute to the town, the more quickly you will advance in the game. The player can play independently in this game because there is no deadline for job completion.

It was impossible to avoid Nintendo's island-life simulator, in which what you do on an isolated island is up to you. Depending on your perspective, there are pros and cons to Cozy Grove's being similar to Nintendo's Island Life.

Stardew Valley

stardew valley

Stardew Valley is an independent role-playing game made and released by Eric Barone. Since it came out in February 2016, it has become a huge hit. The protagonist of Stardew Valley quits his desk job to tend the farm he inherits from his uncle.

The protagonist is uprooted to a new community (where his farm is located), where he quickly becomes well-liked and trusted by the local's thanks to the breadth and depth of his friendship network and the breadth and depth of the assistance he provides through the day. Farming, mining, fishing, digging, conversing, traveling, combat, etc., are all within your reach. Although the main storyline is stressful and involves conflict, the game is relaxing for the most part.

The Harvest Moon games significantly influenced Stardew Valley's farming simulator gameplay. The player creates a character who inherits a small piece of land and a house in Pelican Town that belonged to their grandfather. Various farm types are available to players, each with advantages and disadvantages.



In Paralives, you take on the role of an architect who constructs homes and lifestyles for other players. Think of yourself as their master, but with one hundred times the authority.

The game Paralives is already creating a lot of player discussion and may end up being one of the most well-liked ones here, even though it hasn't even been released yet. The game's design, development, and distribution are all the work of Alex Massé and Paralives Studio. Paralives allow you to let your imagination run wild by providing you with a world in which you can do or be anything you can imagine.

The "Paramaker" character builder's sliders and color wheel let you make your character look exactly how you want it to. Players can adjust the body type and stature, and the hair's base color and tone can be flipped using the color wheel. Walls, floors, windows, doors, and furniture can all be resized, moved, colored, and rearranged in the same way the player controls these aspects of the environment.

Little Dragon Cafe

little dragon cafe

ToyBOX Inc. released the action-packed Little Dragon Café in November of 2018. Since Little Dragon Café does not feature typical sim-style activities like fishing and farming, it stands out from the other games on the list.

This simulation aims to run a successful café with your identical twin while getting kitchen experience and meeting customers' needs. You also need to learn how to raise a dragon.

At the story's beginning, a mother teaches her identical twin children how to run a small cafe where they work as cooks and wait staff. One morning, the twins found their mother had fallen asleep and wouldn't wake up, disrupting their quiet and routine lives. In an instant, a mysterious older man, appears and tells them they must raise a dragon to save her. With the help of three eccentric cafe workers, the siblings must wrangle a dragon, run the family business, and keep their mother.

Garden Paws

garden paws

In October 2018, Garden Paws, a role-playing game, was made and sold by Bitten Toast Games. There have been rumors that Garden Paws combines Minecraft and Animal Crossing elements. Become a business owner in Garden Paws and use your profits to travel, go on adventures, start a family, start a farm, start a business, play sports, or whatever else your heart desires.

You can adopt a child in Garden Paws or start a traditional family by getting married and having kids. Acquiring a cute pet that you can play with is also an option.

You can breed dangerous creatures, go on quests, and mine for resources. If you find the standard version of Garden Paws too simplistic or easy, a more challenging "Expert" mode is available. Garden Paws is a great game to enjoy on your own time or with a group of four friends.

Your grandparents are retiring from farming to travel the world, and you get to keep the farm. Before you can stock your shop with things to sell, you have to go out and look for the ingredients and supplies you need. Work with Frank, the town's general contractor, to build an extension on your house, a barn, and a chicken coop and to help the city grow to its fullest potential. NPCs gain their unique items and quests as you progress through the game.

Don't Starve Together

dont starve together

In April 2016, Don't Starve Together, a survival game made and published by Klei Entertainment, came out. Despite being more complex than the other games on our list, Don't Starve Together makes up for it more than adequately with its amazing gameplay and captivating narratives. Don't Starve Together aims to stay alive in the wilderness using what you can find.

You must give your body fuel and ensure it stays warm enough to stay alive. To progress in this game, you'll need to put in the time, effort, and a bit of imagination. The survival skills learned in Don't Starve Together could come in handy in the future. Due to its success, the single-player mode of Don't Starve Together was expanded to include a multiplayer mode.

In Don't Starve Together, a survival game set in a dark fantasy world, players are dropped into a dangerous, procedurally generated world. Players must work together to use the environment to their advantage and keep their sanity, health, and food supplies as long as possible.

Go Vacation

go vacation

Bandai Namco published Go Vacation in 2011. A wide variety of "vacation" activities are available, but sports are the main focus. Minigames in Go Vacation are based on 50 different sports and take place on various islands. You can play Go Vacation with a Wii remote or another motion-sensitive controller. Miniature golf, auto racing, roller skating, surfing, and volleyball are among the most played games.

The video game Go Vacation combines a pool party with various sports. On the made-up island of Kawaii, players visit the Marine Resort, the City Resort, the Mountain Resort, and the Snow Resort. Their adventure begins at the Marine Resort. Guests can choose from more than 50 competitive and cooperative activities while on the island. Among them are adventure sports like bungee jumping, ice fishing, scuba diving, mini golf, tennis, off-road racing, and snowman construction.

You may need or want to use different controllers and accessories in some minigames, like the MotionPlus controller and the Balance Board. When you beat specific minigames, you gain access to more complex difficulties. Each resort has its own set of fast travel options, and players can get around the island at their own pace by walking or riding vehicles, the types of which vary. In the Switch version, players can look around the resorts for animals and take pictures of them. They can also find hidden boxes that have in-game rewards inside.

Castaway Paradise

castaway paradise

The life simulation game Castaway Paradise, developed and published by Stolen Couch Games, will be available in October 2019. Castaway Paradise is an exciting role-playing game with elements reminiscent of Animal Crossing. You can populate an entire island with people and do whatever you want in Castaway Paradise. 

Farming is another option. Castaway Paradise has some pretty cool features, such as the ability to turn your fantasy island into a kind of reality, where you can live for as long as you continue to play the game.

Castaway Paradise is not innovative or ground-breaking, but it remains faithful to the game style, even though other games are more enjoyable. You won't have any daily trouble picking up this game, playing it for a short time, and then putting it back down again.

A Short Hike

a short hike

The story of A Short Hike centers on a bird who soars through the sky, meets new people, and leads an overall contented life. It seems straightforward, doesn't it? It is, but if you want to progress, you must hone your skills in more complex mechanics. 

When you're in bird form, you can craft, look for items, explore, and go on adventures. A Short Hike gives a brief overview of what it takes to survive in the woods' challenging conditions.

Many video games always try to give more, even if that means going to crazy lengths. This could be done through fast-paced action or long, sweeping stories that put the player in the role of a hero. But A Short Hike's calming and even rural vibe comes from the fact that it focuses on the more familiar stories and events that players go through. 

It's about seeking peaceful communion with nature even as you make your umpteenth hike towards the peak or find contentment in stumbling upon more miniature, quaint scenes. Both of these things are important. It posits that even the tiniest vignettes can be just as captivating as the expansive universes and narratives of more complex video games.


These are the best games, like Animal Crossing. Please share any of your favorite games you believe we may have forgotten about in the comments section. Leave your thoughts on our picks and your own top 25 (or ten or 5-whatever you'd like ) in the comments below!


If you're in the market for games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Cozy Grove is a must-play. In this game, you play the part of a Spirit Scout who travels to Cozy Grove to help the local spirits. You'll have to run errands, prepare meals, go fishing, socialize, and care for animals.

Nintendo's Animal Crossing is a communication game and a social simulation game. There is no set story or required goals, and the character the player creates can live their own life. In this game, you'll settle into town as a brand-new resident.

Since its inception in 2001, five different Animal Crossing games have been released globally, one for each of the Nintendo 64/iQue Player, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch.

Considering that new entries in the series have typically been released every four years or so, the next Animal Crossing probably won't come out until 2024 at the earliest.

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