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Virtually every genre of video game exists, ranging from large-scale games modeled after a battle royale to role-playing games, adventure games, and also life simulation games. Despite the numerous other types of life simulation games, farming simulation is one of the best ones. Here is a list of the best farming games you should try right now. 

Best Farming Games of All Time

Although farming simulation games may be a specialized genre, numerous incredible games have been released over the years. These stand out as the greatest among all of them. Farming games are perfect for people who love simple gameplay. 

Many gamers may already be considering what games to play over the next chilly, snowy nights as the winter months inched closer. The farming genre is ideal for these times because many people enjoy playing games that bring to mind the summer heat and outdoor activities.

Given the vast popularity of games like Stardew Valley, farming simulation games remain a very specialized genre. This contains some of the best farming games for you in order to provide users with a more comprehensive sense of what some of the top farming games are.

Stardew Valley

Concerned Ape, or Eric Barone, was the only independent developer to release Stardew Valley on Steam in 2016. Since then, it has developed a cult following, with many people describing it as among the best farming games of all time. You begin the game as a miserable office worker hired by the ruthless corporation JoJa, which is deeply entrenched in RPG features. You've been given control of your deceased grandpa's old farm, and it's your responsibility to bring it back.

It gives you the freedom to get as active as you wish. You can use your gameplay to focus only on earning money and growing crops, or you could get involved in Pelican Town's thriving community and have an impact on the locals. This game is a terrific way to pass the time on your days off because there are so many collections to finish and objectives to keep you busy. It is among the best free games available on Steam

Farming Simulator

As the name implies, the games in the Farming Simulator series are entirely focused on farming. Since Farming Simulator 2008, these games have been produced practically yearly as well as offer a somewhat more practical approach to farm simulators. In such games, players are responsible for managing their farms, cultivating crops, rear animals, and after that, earning money by selling the things they have produced so far. This series is ideal for those who are looking for a serious farming experience.


The building game Terraria was first published in 2011 for the PC, but it has subsequently been adapted to other platforms as well and now can be played on Androids as well. Similar to Minecraft, this game has an open-world environment that lets players pretty much do whatever they want. It's completely up to the player with their inventiveness whether they stay at home and cultivate a wide range of crops or venture into the world to search for and acquire resources. It is among the best open-world games and a perfect pick for people who love exploring. 


Due to its enormous scale and limitless excitement provided by its open-world sandbox, it is not surprising that Minecraft has grown to become one of the most popular games available. Regular updates to Minecraft continue to include new functions, creatures, and other things.

Since Minecraft combines farming, crafting, and combat, it's likely that you already know the fundamentals if you're an experienced gamer. When it was first published in 2011, it gained popularity because of the impact of content producers and the addicting creative freedom it gave players to construct and customize anything they pleased.

Minecraft continues to be one of the most well-liked farming and crafting video games of all time thanks to its many spin-offs and story modes. The apex of survival mode is farming to manufacture novel resources and taming animals, in which every asset counts for those risky treks below dig. Try it out if you want to join the Minecraft bandwagon. If you love this game, you should definitely try games like Minecraft

My Time at Portia

A farming simulation called My Time At Portia has a lovely visual style that is reminiscent of Studio Ghibli. As you explore the game's numerous building projects, resource management is essential, just like it is in other best farming games. It also features RPG components, with a focus on developing relationships with the other Portia residents through gift-giving or taking part in mini-games. Additionally, there are notable town events that occur.

By completing objectives and power-ups in your ability trees, you can gradually unveil new regions of the world. The game emphasizes resource collection and follows the same-day cycle as Stardew Valley. Quest requests are placed on a community board. This is the best game for you if you like to spend an hour or two during a languid afternoon.

Harvest Town

Harvest Town is a great farming game for Android users that shares many similarities with Stardew Valley and will provide you not just a feeling of fulfillment as well as more than enough work to keep you occupied. You'll be able to enjoy seasonal changes, sailing, mining, and much more in Harvest Town, just as in Stardew.

If you want a fun farming sim to keep you occupied for a few too many hours, this is the one to play! It also has some very fantastic pixel graphics that feel like the ideal addition to the game.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Featuring the same compelling game and a new farm location next to a beach, it brings all from the initial two Farmville video games to smartphones. Players in Country Escape have the opportunity to run a conventional farm by cultivating crops, tending to animals, preparing meals from scratch, and exploring the neighborhood. To keep players interested outside of the myriad farming jobs, there is even a simple tale.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape may be downloaded on Windows Phones, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 desktops and tablets in addition to iOS and Android platforms.

FarmVille 3

In FarmVille 3, a more arcade-style farming game, you may gradually expand your farm by raising various crops and acquiring different animals to help your farm be lucrative. Although there are some similarities to the earlier FarmVille games, this one is more animal-centric.

The game offers a rich farming experience and allows many adventures and gathering uncommon items. Provides both a solo anonymous mode and a cooperative option where you can raise your animals as a family and grow vegetables. Moreover, it has numerous playing modes and is operable at all times, from any location, even when no data connections are available.

If you've ever played FarmVille, you know how fantastic and addictive it can be. The same concept is followed in FarmVille 3 but on a much higher level. To help you get even more stuff, several Farm Ville 3 codes are also listed! It is the best exploration game to try for a fun gaming experience. 

Egg, Inc.

Egg, Inc.

In the Android clicker farming game Egg, Inc., your farm essentially consists of chickens that are generating eggs that you can sell. To maximize your earnings, you must tap the screen to get more eggs, sell them to improve different structures, buy additional hens, and otherwise administer the factory-style farm you are setting up.

Although it's all straightforward at its core, watching these chicks run around your farm is a tonne of fun, soothing, and (honestly) strangely fulfilling.

Pocket Harvest

When it comes to the best farming games, Pixel Harvest is a must on the list. In the pixel farming adventure Pocket Harvest, you can grow crops in the hopes of producing products that will win prizes, which will then assist your farm get more business and become more well-known. It's up to you to choose where the farm goes because there are plenty of animals in the game to use to make many different products and the alternatives of tourist attractions to your farm for extra money.

The next game on the rundown-to-rock pixel graphics is Pocket Harvest, and it does so in a really attractive and vibrant manner.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

Another long-running, narrative-based agricultural game for Android is Harvest Moon. It is the best game for people who love arcade games and adds a narrative element to this agricultural masterpiece and presents you with the challenge of befriending every resident of your village to discover more about their personal histories. In Harvest Moon, you'll have a significant amount of power over your personal life and farm!

Even if the graphics aren't as cutesy as those in Tsuki Adventure or as pixel-perfect as those in Stardew Valley, they're still quite impressive considering the game's relatively straightforward design. However, it is still regarded as one of the top farming games available for Android smartphones.

Hay Day

In the farming game Hay Day, you can cultivate crops, feed animals, and provide necessities to your neighbors. You can cultivate and generate food for others, open a roadside store, go fishing, create your town, and even go observe how other people's farms are doing. It's a decent social farming game for Android that's been polished and has all the essential elements.

It's also a lot of fun and offers everything a farming sim for your smartphone could. Don't forget to look it over. Oh, and if you do begin playing Hay Day, make sure to stay away from hacks and exploits!

The game allows you to produce crops and prepared dishes just like in real life. You can exchange goods, interact with others and go to different farms. Additionally, it allows you to develop your land any way you like, and permit you to receive guests. That’s not it, you can also earn money by ordering food with boats and trucks. 

If you love games that allow you to make money, check out the best game apps to win real money

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga is one of the best farming games. It is kind of akin to connect 3, where you must connect various cute vegetables to match them and clear the board. Power-ups and a bizarre tale regarding a particular raccoon that needs to be defeated are both there to aid you.

Although this is not your typical adventure—more like casual farming—still it's important to mention because there are crops and animals to feed. After all, there are currently about 12 million downloads of it on the Google Play Store. If you like such light-hearted games, you should definitely try puzzle games

Green Ranch

You must assist Emily in restoring her farm before it degrades into a chemical waste site in this action-packed agricultural game. Grow wheat, provide food for animals, and cultivate various crops.

As a gamer looking for a rural getaway, you will also have to fight off Mr. Big and his henchmen who want to damage your farm and seize control of the town so they can industrialize it. Every triumph over them in this action-packed and captivating tale rewards you with money-saving prizes and unique benefits that can help you further. If you succeed, you will have a magnificent, profitable farm all to yourself!

Tsuki Adventure

Tsuki Adventure is a sweet agricultural game that offers a lot more than just cultivating vegetables. You may hang out together with your animal buddies and explore a cute world while eating ramen and flying kites in addition to building up your farm. If you wish to live a laid-back farmer's life, this game is great for unwinding and having a good time.

Tsuki Adventure is kawaii since it is also very cute and because the art style successfully integrates all the cute Japanese characteristics. Oh, and did you know that "Tsuki" means "moon"? (It will all sound right when you start to play.) It is among the best exploration games to have a new gaming experience. 

Family Farm Adventure

If you are a fan of 3D games, you should try this one. Family Farm Adventure instantly captures the viewer's attention with its impressive 3D graphics; it is clear that the game's developers worked very hard to capture the feel of a tropical island as well as its people. 

Inside this game, you must complete tasks and easy puzzles to explore other destinations in addition to improving your site. As a reward, further structures will become available, resources will be collected, and occasionally new animals will spontaneously appear on the farm.

A simple but intriguing story about the importance of camaraderie and family ties is accompanied by enjoyable gameplay. Additionally, the farm's mechanics are executed flawlessly here. The player has a wealth of options for decorating the farm, tending to the garden and animals, as well as furnishing the house.

Blocky Farm

Blocky Farm, a cubic farming tycoon, includes all the farming amenities you could need, including riding tractors, and cultivating crops and animals. Together with farming, one can go out boat fishing, take care of your animals, and maintain your farm properly while your crops develop.

It's now one of the best farming games on Android, especially if you enjoy the lovely blocky aesthetics it features. Oh, and was anything spoken about caring for your pets? Yeah, in our opinion, that is a clear winner.

While many farming video games have a similar aesthetic and gameplay, Blocky Farm aims to stand out with a new 3D graphics engine that makes it appear more reminiscent of a Minecraft or Crossy Road game than just a typical agricultural tycoon game.

Line Brown Farm 

A group of imaginary South Korean characters called Line Friends features cuddly bears and bunny rabbits. What do you assume it implies when you hear Line Brown Farm? Cute Line characters take pleasure in their new home and country lifestyle that you have built for them. 

While farming is the primary focus of the game, you can still interact with any of the Line Friends avatars to accomplish missions as well as set off activities on your farm. To finish the short story, you will be requiring these adorable friends' assistance.


WeFarm is a more recent Android farming game with adorably cute graphics. The majority of folks especially adore the animations of the many farm animals you can buy! You can raise livestock, fish, sell goods, and assist your neighbors. By helping others, you will be able to build stronger ties with them and they will be more willing to assist you. With a slightly larger world to discover, farming now has some adventure.

It resembles one of the best farming games, Stardew Valley in that you can gather information and explore your surroundings, offering you a variety of choices than simply increasing your farms. In between game mechanics and everything you can gather, there is a lot you can do. Although it is a complete FarmVille clone, still there are several other aspects in which it is superior to FarmVille.

Charm Farm

Charm Farm is a charming farming simulation game with wonderful, vibrant graphics and a traditional farming layout. All you are required to do is grow the crops, gather them, and either sell them or plant more. On top of that, it features breeding facilities, so you could even add some cuddly and adorable animals to the farm for some extra fun!

You may also extend your buildings, explore, and adorn your land in addition to only farming, and you can fully take use of all the enjoyable as well as carefree features this game has to offer. For a more lively gaming experience, you can also try the best VR android games

Sumikkogurashi Farm

One of the more recent farming games here on the list is called Sumikkogurashi Farm. It has sappy graphics and a cartoon-style design. Here, players cultivate crops, utilize them to prepare a variety of snacks and entrees, and after that, they complete the game's different objectives. Once you've sold your munchies and treats for a profit, you can certainly use the money to expand your farm and also purchase more supplies. To keep things interesting, the game has several customizability features. 

Mini Mini Farm

Play this quick and simple mini-farming game while unwinding or waiting in line. In a pixelated role-playing game, you control a preset little character. Everything that you must do to play is tap. The action you do while tapping whilst also in front of items is altered.

As a result, the gameplay is fairly easy to understand and play. You will receive requests from the villagers in your mailbox to execute, and you can gather resources by searching the nearby forest near your modest farm. The game is straightforward and soothing despite the lack of other activities.

Rilakkuma Farm

Popular brown bear Rilakkuma was created by San-X, a Japanese firm. Anything involving him is certain to be charming as well as adorable. For the cute little guy, now there is a farming game with vibrant, vivid visuals where you can discover Rilakkuma and his companions unwinding by the farm. 

You can add adorable furniture to your farm's interior and take your harvest to the bakery to make delectable bread. You are provided with some of the cutesy visuals, here you can adorn as well as cook food. For more cooking games, click here

Grow: Song Of The Evertree

Grow: Song of the Evertree, which was only released in December 2021, is one of the most recent titles on this entire list. Like its predecessor Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, Grow: Song of the Evertree is all about freeform exploration, delighting in a lovely story, and soaking up the beautiful images and sounds of both the lush and vivid fantasy land.

One of the final Everheart Alchemists is who you play as. Your completely editable avatar engages in a variety of farming pursuits while assisting in the recovery of the titular Evertree. You may essentially regenerate farmland and restore its fertility by sowing a unique biome seed. As if that weren't sufficient, you have the opportunity to construct entirely new communities to draw more residents to the Evertree area.

Tour of Neverland

Tour of Neverland

For Android devices, there is a vibrant virtual farm simulator called Tour of Neverland. Users in this game construct and expand their farms on a stunning tropical island. Plant crops, construct different structures, and go fishing in addition to exploring the island's terrain.

With its superb graphics, high level of realism, and engaging gameplay, this Android agricultural sim distinguishes out from comparable projects.

Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside is a great option if you prefer to enjoy a farming tycoon game where you can cultivate your crops near the water. You will be cultivating and taking care of animals in a coastal setting with exposure to the ocean and a nearby beach. You can either market your crops or use them in cooking with its cookery component.

Overall, it's fairly entertaining, although it may not be the ideal choice for you if you don't like to wait a long time for crops to grow. 

You can participate in the brand-new Farm Beauty Contest to battle against other farmers. Additionally, you can construct two farms in two separate locations: by the sea and on a faraway island. You can create more than 200 different crops and goods and make money by accepting everyday orders.

Smurf's Village

It turns out that the Smurfs farm their hamlet to provide for their needs and survive. You must also build mushroom houses for the Smurfs to reside in, in addition to producing food! You may play a tonne of minigames, build your village, and interact with TV series characters.

Smurfs' Village will stand up to the test if you enjoy playing vibrant games where you may showcase your decorating prowess. You should make an effort to keep harmony between the decors; otherwise, you risk losing all of the agricultural plots in the maze of decorations grouped!

Tiny Pixel Farm

A little pixel farming game, which is precisely what Tiny Pixel Farm is, cannot be disregarded. Here, all you can do is raise animals as well as crops, offer them a variety of amazing gifts, and generally just take pleasure in a pleasant journey simulator where you can unwind while living the 8-bit lifestyle.

Although it is not as thrilling or chock-full of Easter Eggs as Stardew Valley, casual farming enthusiasts will no doubt love it.

Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator

The farming management simulation video game series is recognized for its realism. The games feature realistic visuals, real-world machinery and vehicles, and large properties located in North America and Europe that players can manage.

While Farming Simulator 16 and 18 may also be obtained on PC in conjunction with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Farming Simulator 15, 17, and 19 are only available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. 

Generally speaking, the more recent a game is, the better visuals and functionality it will have; nonetheless, despite these gradual advancements, games don't differ all that much from one another. The Nintendo Switch video game Farming Simulator combines elements from various other games.


A classic example of the genre is Farmdale, where the player has authority over a little plot of land. Upon that, you can construct and enhance structures as well as raise chickens and other adorable animals. And a humorous donkey will convey all the products of your farming endeavors to the market every day.

You will need to put in a lot of effort to grow the farm by gathering resources, doing jobs for amazing creatures, and judiciously using the day's allotted quantity of energy.

You can discover and take pleasure in the magical environment of the farm. It is one of the best farming games to try right now. 

Farmer’s Dynasty

In the farming simulation/RPG hybrid Farmer's Dynasty, the main character leaves the city and returns to the old family farm. The game nonetheless has a great deal to offer, even though the storyline isn't all that compelling and you'll spend most of the time building the farm before truly engaging in the enjoyable "farming" portion of life.

You can construct your farm and grow crops in addition to engaging in missions, enhancing your interpersonal connections, and, if you so desire, settling down and starting a family.


Have you ever tried playing any of the above-mentioned games? It is strongly advised that you at least attempt one or two of them if you didn't. You should go for Hay Day and a few other games to plan your farm.

However, if you want to experience a racing game in an agricultural simulation, the Farming Simulator will be a good fit for you. If you enjoy competition, Family Farm Seaside will be a fantastic pick. So feel free to select whatever you desire from the above-mentioned list of best farming games and have fun!


Farming Simulator 22 is the farming sim with the most accuracy. The game encourages players to master practical farm tasks like budgeting in addition to well-known farming operations like crop harvesting and rearing animals. The graphics in the game are also astonishingly realistic.

The 2016 release of Stardew Valley led to it being hailed as the best agricultural sim of all time. Stardew Valley does nothing particularly noteworthy on paper.

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