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Do you like to do or see Magic? There is something charming about Magic. Most of the magic tricks are done using cards and other items, and every Magic has its own surprise elements. Today, with the help of apps, you can play Magic games on Android devices like smartphones and tablets. 

Why miss out on all the fun when you can play them on your devices? In this post, we will be reading about some of the best Magic games for Android devices. Here you step into the world of witches and wizards to get the experience of knowing what the true art of Magic is. 

There are various creatures, including centaurs, pixies, and others. You might also come across puzzle and action games in this review.

The best Magic games for Android devices

Based on our research, we have prepared a list of some of the best Magic games for Android devices. These games can be downloaded from the Google store and played on your smartphones, tablets, and even your laptops if you want. 

1. Schools of Magic

Schools of Magic

We begin our search for the best Magic games for Android devices with the Schools of Magic. This interesting game has been downloaded more than 4,00,000 times and only increases with every passing day. 

The game provides you with the ability to combine real-time RPG elements and provides gamers with the possibility of using other exciting features. You can fight with players from other countries in combat and participate in weekly events.

You can use the trailer version to get used to the game and its elements. It is quite easy, but some gamers felt that the initial part might be difficult for some of you. Players should have a proper strategy and immense power to be able to win the game.

The game can be played in multi-player mode as well. So, if you want to play with your friends, you may be interested in that. The game can be played on Android 4.0 and higher. It can be played in many languages, including English, French, Portuguese, German, and Russian.

Magic Rampage is another exciting magic game that you would want to download and have on your Android device. This action game provides plenty of drama in the form of magical creatures and monsters. 

The wizard can be customized, and you can make it appear as you want it. By the end of the levels, you have to face your boss and be extra careful as they are strong & powerful. The game can run on your smartphone using Android 2.3 and higher. 

It is an exceptional game with action and RPGs and offers you a stunning platform to play. We liked the graphics and other elements that make it pretty interesting. You can choose the ranks you want including Bronze(10-29), Unranked(0), Iron(1-9), Gold(60-119), Silver(30-59), Diamond(240 and up), and Platinum(120-239). 

They depend on the rank points you earned defeating enemies using a powerful weapon, Magicsaber (The Lost Saber). 

2. Magic Rush: Heroes

Magic Rush: Heroes

Magic Rush: Heroes is the next game you would want to consider when you are keen on playing something that is both fun & exciting. This Android RPG game provides you with the proper spells that you can use to defeat dangerous creatures.

If you find yourself surrounded by these guys, then you can call for help. This game sees you play in a tower and line defense. The designer is Elex, known for games like Sword of King: Excalibur, Vikings: Age of Warlords, and Sky Commander.

You have to chase the enemy who has taken the shards of your comrades. The storyline could have been a bit better as you have to focus on getting your hero pool back and again. This is when you play in the campaign mode.

Some features you can find infused from top-end games include ladder matches, clan systems, dungeon raids, and others. You should choose this one when you want to play a game with a wide range of elements. You can play the game on Android 2.3.3 and up to experience the best from the game.

3. Magic Escape

Magic Escape is another fun game about a wizard who is trapped and needs to escape, and this is where you need to help him do just that. However, the escape is more than just easy because you must bring out your best gameplay. 

It is one of the coolest games that we have seen to be released on Android devices. As you play with the wizard, you come across some wonderful elements that may blow your mind away. 

There are plenty of mysteries to also solve and finish before time runs out in the game. We loved the magical environment provided for you in this wonderfully designed game, and we suggest you download it on your Android 2.3 or higher OS.

4. Shards of Magic

If you like to play games that deal with some form of witchcraft, then you, for sure, will love to play, Shards of Magic. This wonderful game comes with interesting elements of Magic and portions that will make your gaming experience spectacular. 

You are taken into a world of wizards, witches, and magical creatures. This RPG-based game is currently under development by Reality Squared Game Co. Dusan wants to destroy the world and get rid of things as soon as possible. 

However, using your magical powers, you stand a chance to stop him from doing so. Of course, it is going to take a lot from your side. Though the game begins with the 6 of you, the remaining get wiped out by Dusan, who wants the crystal present in your hands. 

Sadly, you break the crystal and have to retrieve the shards that are scattered all over the world. The graphics provided in the game are splendid, and you can attack the enemy and destroy them until they are fully wiped out. You can play this game on your Android 3.0 and higher devices. 

5. Magic Blender

Magic Blender

Magic Blender is another one of those exciting magic games for Android. It is an arcade puzzle game where you must place the potions and then match the colors on each other. 

If you love arcade games, then you would prefer this one. The visuals and the graphics were not too great but appealing. We felt that this good game suddenly becomes hard from the 5th to are 6th level. 

You have to play the levels a few times to understand how things work. Otherwise, it is a fantastic game. Users also felt that the save game sometimes did not work, which was weird. 

Some users were also taken aback by each level's small but surprising elements. The magic game has several levels you need to find out by yourself, each with its attractive element. 

6. Celtic Village Heroes

Celtic Village Heroes

Celtic Village Heroes is another magical game that allows you to design your world and also be able to control the inhabitants. How cool is that? As you play the game, you come across those hidden magical powers you can use on people. 

Moreover, you also find treasures and other surprise elements there. Besides, you can control the priorities, harvest, and Magic done on the people of your world. The whole idea is to win in each situation you are put into.

Once you can design your village with everything in it, then you are given points. Then you can upgrade to another level and make instant progress in the game. Besides, you would also give occupation to different villagers and buildings. 

You should defend your village as and when required from unwanted elements. As you play the game, you are aided by an angel that provides you with quests and indications. You may want to know that the magic game has more than 20 villages, seven buildings, and so on. 

7. Garena RoV: Mobile MOBA

Garena RoV: Mobile MOBA

Garena RoV: Mobile MOBA is a magical action game. The popular Good Mobile Games Private Limited developed the game. It allows the players into a fantasy world where they can choose their character present in the game. 

Then you can customize the player according to your style. As you play the game, you are able to design a team that has its friends. Then you are led into an unknown adventure where you have to fight it out with other teams present. 

You can have real battle maps like one vs. 5, 5 vs. 5, and so on. This entirely depends on you and your team. As players, you are rewarded with experience points that you can make use of to increase your rankings. 

You also enhance the abilities of your characters in the game. The hero in the game comes with his weapons. The game comes with primary features, including different modes, martial teamwork, varied gameplay, and more.

8. Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game

Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game

Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game is another of those magic games for Android. If you liked playing the above game, you would surely like this game as well. This action, a multi-player game, was developed by Tencent Games.

As you may know, the game developer is famous for some popular Android games. Players can now have five vs. five multi-player games on this one. Besides, you also have the option of several playable characters. 

Each of the characters comes with its weapons and personality. Perhaps, you might be addicted to somebody's body language, dressing style, and weapon collection. Once you have taken your character, you need to participate in the battles and win them. 

You need to get rid of the teams and attack the enemies lurking around you. Users liked the visuals provided, where popular characters are regularly sent out. The game comes with core features, including legendary heroes, ultimate MOBA experience, ten-minute matches, and more. 

9. Heroes Arena

Heroes Arena

Heroes Arena is a splendid game full of Magic action and allows you to play a multi-player online battle arena. This game was designed by uCool for Android. We liked that the game happens in a very challenging environment, and players are provided with many playable character classes. 

You need to choose your character and then decide whom you want to fight. Of course, you can team with other players and then battle with the rival team if you want. Every character comes with unique abilities, weaknesses, and weapons of choice. 

As you play the game, you are provided with an immense perspective using your weapons. Now, you can earn points. You can change your weapons; you can also use the shield provided to you and defend yourself from killing enemies. 

Though the game is pretty easy to play, you may want to use some advanced weapons there. You get more points and then make use of these points to improve your powers. Not to mention, you can unlock more content for gaming and increase your level. It is fun, you have plenty of weapons, and it is exciting to play with intuitive control.

10. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen is part of the series of Dragon Quest. This series was designed by Chunsoft. We loved the fact that the game consists of some combat, strategy, and in the end, role-playing. 

It is a single-player game that provides you with all the action to yourself. Isn't that interesting? Unlike its previous entries, the game has five different chapters, and each of them comes with a different chapter. 

There are different heroes in each of the chapters. You must play the game based on the companions' perspective in the first four chapters. In the final one, you can play the game based on the hero. 

Here you also get to combine all characters. There is night and day, offering you splendid visuals. Depending on the situation, you can roam worldwide and satisfy your goals as you want. 

You can also make use of flying vehicles if you want. You can get rid of your enemies to earn some points. The game comes with everything that you could desire. There is intelligent gameplay, an amazing storyline, and stunning graphics.

11. Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest VIII

We now go from the action and Magic games to some interesting magical games. Dragon Quest VIII is a role-play, single-player game that was designed & developed by Square Enix. You need to first choose a character and then begin playing the game. 

The game is based on the dragon period, and this happens to be the 8th entry into the series. An antagonist named Dhoulmagus, who also happens to be the King of Trodain, has stolen a scepter.

This scepter has been kept in his castle, and you need to capture him along with the scepter. Sounds interesting, right? You are now taken into a fantasy game where you need to defeat your enemies and rescue the king and princess.

The more levels you can make, the higher the points you are able to capture. These points can help you unlock the game content for yourself, and you can also customize the game accordingly. 

You can control the characters accordingly and also participate in role-play combat. This is quite interesting, and gamers love this concept found in this game. You are provided with the monster team, tension system, and many more. 

12. My Little Pony

My Little Pony might not sound too exciting for some of you. But trust us, it is an extremely entertaining game that comes with all the elements in there. This is a city building, single and multi-player game that Gameloft developed. 

The game happens in Ponyville and provides you with an interesting story. The world you live in is now threatened by the shadow of Nightmare Moon, and you are provided with different kinds of ponies to defeat your enemies. 

Some ponies include Flutter shy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and others. You can design different buildings, get your resources, and complete the levels to make money in the game. 

Then you can use the money in the game to unlock some interesting features for yourself. You would like the mini-games that allow you to play games with your ponies, including Magic Wings, Apple-Picking, Crystal, Ball Bounce, and more.

You can design your equestrian if you want and then take your own ponies to get the maximum awards. You also have fashionable outfits and events that you can attend. You would delight that the game comes with custom fashion and plenty of decorations. 

13. Avernum: Escape from the Pit

Our next game on the list of the best Magic games for Android devices would be Avernum: Escape from the Pit. It is an RPG game that comes with plenty of action & adventure, and the game also has a strategy. 

The storyline is inspired by Divinity: original sin. The game takes place in the land of Avernum, where subterranean races like the Brigands, Misfits, and Rogues live, and they are struggling to live a good life because of the darkness due to the monsters present there. 

You need to help them get rid of these monsters so that they lead normal lives. You are taken into the Pit of the volcano and are under King Hawthorne, who throws all under the put. Besides, he also misbehaves with those who talk back to him. 

This is when you, as the player, decide to form a team of like-minded people ready to throw him out of your land. You and your team are truly fed up with the king and the surrounding monsters. 

The team consists of people with their strengths and magic powers, which should be used against enemies to defeat them. Remember, your enemies are extremely powerful and capable of beating you. 

You need to bring together the weapons and then defeat them properly. This is when you must beat enemies in the dark and destroy them. This is an engaging game that comes with powerplay that offers you an out-of-this-world gaming experience.

14. Magic Legion: Hero Legend

Magic Legion: Hero Legend

Magic Legion: Hero Legend is a spectacular game developed by Kingstar Games Limited for Android devices. You can now design your dream army and then defeat the enemies in the game. 

The game has a lot of constant energy, and you never feel bored or tired of playing it. This is one aspect that we liked about this game. You have a powerful dragon with too many magical powers in this game. 

You can now navigate the mystical land of chaos and bring an end to the dragon's ruling. Since there are different kinds of characters you can take a role in, you must choose wisely. You may want to choose the one that has plenty of power options. 

This way, the chances of defeating the dragon are good. You do not have some natural resources in the form of light, wind, fire, and Earth, and you can combine these to form a powerful brand of features for defeating the enemy. 

You can explore the levels, play inside the dungeons, and team up with similar friends who want to put an end to this rule. The weapons are good and allow you to defeat the dragon flawlessly. Players have prominent features, including magic spells, the ability to develop the character, etc.

15. The World of Magic

The World of Magic

The World of Magic is a stunning, multi-player, fantasy, role-playing game that Cam2us USA developed. The game has several features that make it exciting when you are doing activities like exploring, socializing, and being in combat. 

The game comes with an elegant fantasy world where you are taken into populated areas with thousands of players worldwide. Now to the storyline. Two ancient sections are fighting because they want to rule each other. 

It is between the Siras Empire, ruled by Emperor Kanos, and the Kingdom of Lanos, ruled by King Robert. You can choose the kingdom you want to fight against and then decide on the weapons of your choice. 

The game provides you with several characters of choice. You can choose one of your choices and play along. Each of the characters comes with its own capabilities and skill sets. You stand to get points for experience and then unlock the content in the game. 

We liked some of the features there, like social gaming, endless gameplay, class selection, a massive PvP arena, and so on. You would be delighted to know that this game provides you with immense joy & excitement.

16. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

This is another exciting game. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is all about the battle plan and some strategy. Some of these Magic games for Android devices come with plenty of strategizing and action. 

The game was developed by Capybara Games. It has five heroes, and each of them comes with its skills and powers. In this game, they can only save the entire world by getting rid of the demons. 

These demons can cause a lot of destruction to your people, and you will want to stand up and fight. You can direct your path and then grow depending on your abilities to fight against the enemies. 

You have to do that and save the people. If you want, you can choose the match-3 type in which you can use three or more colored objects. That means the enemy will attack you once your turn is over, and if you have stacked more objects, you may win the war.

Moreover, your people are saved from the cruel wrath of your enemies. It is an interesting game that comes with several twists and turns, along with many surprises. We can say that this game provides you a unique and immersive graphics, an amazing plot, and enhanced mechanics.


17. Ancient Surfer

Ancient Surfer

As the name implies, Ancient Surfer is a single-player game that is all about surfing, having excitement in the water, and coming up with your stunts. The game was designed and released by SummerTimeStudio. 

Evidently, the game happens in a very exciting environment where you get to surf around in the ocean, and the high tides bring out the best in you. As always, you are the hero of this game and play the role of a surfer here. 

You need to survive the different kinds of challenges that the game provides you with. Sometimes, you may struggle to compete against the ways, but you must do your best to score more points. 

The more points you can score, the better your chances of winning. In the game, players can compete with each other from all over the world. Here, you will be making use of a ranking system that is used in surfing tournaments. 

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? You can then move around and play the game. The more tricks you can perform, the higher the points you can garner. We liked the graphics and images provided in the game.

Moreover, you can unlock new levels. Besides, you can change your character's appearance if you want by using the customization element. A few include boards, pants, necklaces, and so on. 

Please note that when you want to finish the levels successfully, you will need to escape from the sharks, dodge objects thrown at you, and show off your surfing abilities for all to see. It is a wonderful game to play.

18. Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush Origins is a beautiful game with several features you may like. The game has a strategy and planning, and you need to defend your tower to ensure that the enemies don't attack you and enter inside. 

This marvelous game was designed and released in the market by Ironhide Game Studio. You will be happy to learn the game is the 3rd title in the series of Kingdom Rush games. It can take on a wonderful journey back to the beginning. 

Very strange creatures threaten you and your people, and you must correct yourself. There are magical realms, jungles, ruins, and so on. The graphics provided in the game is truly stunning and makes you wander into wonderland.  

As you play, you can notice that there are brand-new troops and towers. Some of them include mages, archers in the form of elves, elven infantry, stone druids, and many others. These make the game interesting, to say the least. 

The eight specialized towers come with many upgrades. You are offered around eighteen unique abilities. Now, you have to place the towers on the land strategically. This is to get rid of your enemies from attacking you. 

Besides, they should not enter your tower. The more enemies you can kill, you get higher scores. You can also unlock some magical powers that can increase your chances of winning. There are some interesting upgrades as well. 

The game has some terrific features, magical powers, and so on. You can make use of them, like summon reinforcements, 30 enemy types, nine legendary heroes, 70 achievements, and so on.


19. Light a Way

Light a Way is an interesting, single-player adventure game that was developed & released by Appxplore. It comes with a fantastic plot, where the entire world is covered in darkness, and that is because brutal dark creatures having bad intentions are consuming the light.

It is your duty to ensure that the world gets light from the sun and removes darkness. This aspect comes on the player's shoulder. You are the hero of this game, where you have to embark on a magical journey to free the world. 

As a player, you can radiate flare on your enemies. You are provided with some powerful artifacts that can, perhaps, help you with the war. Not to mention, you have to make a friend, Lumis, who can aid your victory. 

As you play, you are introduced to other friends of Lumis who have several hundred skills in them. The game comes with several features like adorable companions, light up the world, weapons of light, customization, and so on. 

20. Dink Smallwood

Dink Smallwood

Dink Smallwood is another exciting game we decided to have on our list of Magic games for Android devices. Don't be fooled by its low rank here because we found this game full of surprises.

This single-player and action-based game was developed and released by Robinson Technologies. It happens in a fantasy-themed world where you are a farmer. Don't let that put you off. 

You are leading a simple, peaceful life in your village, known as Stonebrook. Now, here is when the plot thickens, your father has mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind the entire village to your mother. 

Unfortunately, the house gets burned down, and your mother is killed due to that. You have to take it upon yourself and find out what caused your father to disappear and find out if he is still alive. 

You live with your aunt and struggle to start a new life with her. Besides, you must also defeat some enemies known as the Cast, who have invaded the kingdom. Can you complete the cause and find those answers?

It is up to you to find by playing this game. You can make use of the different quests throughout the world using an isometric perspective. Moreover, you can use magical powers, weapons, and items to defeat your enemies.

21. Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Earthcore: Shattered Elements is a collectible card, strategy, and multi-player video game that was designed and released into the market by Tequila Games. This card game comes with all the elements you may want in a magic game. 

You are provided with a variety of cards, and each of them has a different character, magical powers, and spells as well. You need to create your deck of cards, and the cards come with complete creatures who are magical and heroes. 

Here, you must defeat your enemies by having a ranked player versus player (PvP). You may participate in the events that come with special prizes and know the dark mysteries. In this game, you can design the cards using the card crafting feature. 

The game provides you with a risk-based card battle that most players may not have experienced or played before. Since it is a turn-based game, the players must wait for their turn and then play it. 

You can participate in online tournaments, where you have to compete with other players from rival teams worldwide. The game comes with exceptional gameplay, stunning visuals, and so on. All in all, Earthcore: Shattered Elements is a wonderful game.

22. Gunspell


Gunspell is a match-3, puzzle, and single-player game that was designed and released into the market by Ino-Co Plus. The game provides you with an amazing plot where you are the hero having to save our Earth from the enemies who each have phenomenal, magical powers. 

You need to travel here & there during the game. You have to fight wars against brutal monsters and harsh enemies. There are some quests that are immensely challenging. Besides, you have to upgrade your weapons once in a while. 

You can combine your weapons and defeat enemies with them. Moreover, you may also come across some vampires as well. You can participate in match-3 wars, using the epic quest to blast the items on your screen to get some points. 

You are also introduced to a strange world where you have to manipulate several of your enemies. You have a wide range of weapons, spells, and items to play during the game. Overall, the game comes with features like several strange worlds, a match-3 battle, and loads of enemies.


The above were some of the best magic games for Android in 2023. You can find these games for free on the Google Play Store; all you need to do is download these games on your device. We recommend that you make use of a tablet to enjoy the features and visuals better. 

These games have an interesting storylines, are developed by reputed game designers, and most of them have been updated with new features. So, you would have immense fun playing these games. 

These games can be categorized into Android magic, Android cards, and also puzzle games. Now, all you need to do is download them and play these games on your Android devices like smartphones and tablets. 

Have we forgotten to mention any of the games on the list? Do tell us your thoughts and feelings about the Magic games for Android devices once you have played them. Tell us which one you liked and which could have been improved in the comments section. 


Magic games are popularly played on Android devices because users find them convenient to download & play. They do not need too much space; they are thrilling, come with a stunning plot, and are fun to play. 

Just like most Magic games for Android, the Jewels magic: Mystery Match is free to download. However, it has some in-app purchases where you can get app items like coins and AD FREE and play them on your Android devices.

The Magic Life game comes with a free trial where you are given unlimited access to the game's features for three days. Then you have to pay & play the game on your device, and that is based on the subscription play you choose before the 3-day trial period ends. 

Magic is played based on the single-elimination structure. You can notice that they are close to 50-70 minutes long. You may want to play the best two games out of three. Of course, the Swiss structure helps you to gain 3 points for the win, 0 points for a loss, and 1 point for a draw.

The Magic online card game is still active, and the Magic, the Gathering Arena, is played by several thousand professional players even today. It has splendid features, and you will have fun playing it. 

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