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Do you like to play single-player board games? Now, you are not alone. You would be surprised to know that board games are one of the world's most popular time pass activities. 

Be it with your family members, friends, and colleagues. The board games can get everybody together. We are sure that most of you would have played board games in your childhood, which may bring back some fond memories. 

However, some of you prefer playing single-player; some like board games all by yourselves. In today's post, we will be discussing about the best single-player board games in 2022. 

Today, these games can be played on your Android smartphone. Why carry them around when you can make use of your smartphone? What better way to spend time than if you are traveling alone or waiting for your delayed flight in the airport? 

Best Single-Player Board Games for Android

If you haven't played single-player board games, then this list might help you make your choice. We have provided more than 20 board games that can work on your Android device. Please note that some games require in-app purchases to unlock the entire feature.

So, fasten your seatbelts and let us get going with the list. 

1. Monopoly Here & Now

Monopoly Here & Now

Monopoly Here & Now is first on our list of the best single-player board games. It is one of the most famous games in the world, even today. The designer of the game, Hasbro, has done an excellent task in producing this game. 

Though the earlier version of the game required you to use a large board game, the current version helps you to play using the app. It is based on the 3D character system, where you can immerse yourself in the game. 

You can also make use of the world edition of Monopoly, where you can travel around the world and unlock the benefits meant for you. You can play the game using your TV monitor. 

If you have never played the game but want to experience elegant playtime, then we suggest you use the Chromecast option. You can connect two devices of your choice and play using a single monitor. 

You can use the single-player mode to play the game yourself. You would be delighted that the game is free, but you must make some in-app purchases to have a good experience. Please ensure you have a smartphone that works on Android 4.4 or higher to play this on your device.

2. Battleships – Fleet Battle

Battleships – Fleet Battle

Battleships: Fleet Battle is another board game that is a classic. The game has been doing better after being turned into a mobile app. This is an immersive game, meaning you must be involved entirely to win. 

It is time-consuming as well. So, you may want to make sure that you have plenty of time on your hands before playing the game. Using the Quickmatch leaderboards, you can make some inroads effortlessly. 

You can also impressively play this game with your friends using your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. There is also a multiplayer experience that is provided for you in the game, and you have the ability where you can have your battleships and earn bragging rights for it.

It may bring back some wonderful memories; for some of you, the chat feature allows you to chat with others worldwide. If you are an adult, then you do not have to worry about your kids using this feature because it is parental controls enabled.

You have two modes, which are the Standard and Classic. Each of them comes with its own set of advantages. There is also a blueprint appearance of the game that enables you to get the actual look of the naval commander. 

It is free but comes with several ads that might be annoying for some of you. In that case, consider making in-app purchases that help get rid of the ads that are present on the free version.

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3. RISK: Global Domination

RISK: Global Domination

RISK is another exciting single-player board game that Hasbro produces. You can get the game from the Google Play Store. Now, you can dominate the enemies with the help of the powerful weapons that you have got. 

The aim of this game is relatively easy; you have to defend your territories from the unwanted attacks of enemies. It provides you with endless fun & excitement as you can play the game as much as you want to effortlessly. 

This game can move on for several months. The app provides the auto-match mode to ensure that you are matched with the right set of opponents. These opponents have the same ranking to that as yours and maybe better than you in some cases.

You can play the game on Chromecast easily, when you want to play with many people at home or the office. The game can be played using a single monitor, and you would want to level up and become the grandmaster of the game. 

You have 4 difficulty options to choose from, and you can also play the game in the classic mode. You can download the game free of cost without the ads. But making in-app purchases enables you to unlock more content using an Android 4.4 or higher smartphone.

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4. Checkers


You would have heard about Chinese checkers during your childhood. Well, it's that every game is provided to you in an app today if you love to play with designs and make your own rules. 

There are several themes that are offered depending on your own preferences. The developer has done a stunning job with the game. When you are new to the game, then you would be delighted to know that it comes with instructions to enable get you started. 

The app has been designed by somebody who likes the game and when you want to kill time. You can find 7 difficulty levels for you to select from, and you can also make use of the 2-player mode. 

The game is quite small in size and won't occupy space on your smartphone. Please see that your smartphone has more than Android 2.2 or higher. 

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5. Connect 4

Connect 4 is another of the best single-player board games that can be found in most homes. As the name goes, you have to join the colors that are present in the game together. Though it seems pretty easy & straightforward, it might quickly become complicated. 

The game was developed by somebody who wanted to provide you with a good game. Sadly, the graphics could be more specific, and nothing to write about. The game is basic and designed such that you can play it either by yourself or with your family members. 

The game was also known as Captain's Mistress, Plot Four, Four in a Row, and Fourplay. You can win in this game if you make use of the right positions, and Gamers will want to select the right position for the colors. 

We liked the fact that it is simple to play & understand. When you are new to the game, the game is free, but you can find those pesky ads present on it. 

6. Ai Factory Limited

Ai Factory Limited is our next best single-player board game. It provides you with a barrage of games, and chess is pretty interesting.

You can find other games like sudoku, card games, and more. You got it in here when you prefer the old stuff, probably some games that can bring back good memories. The games are free, but only some of them. When you want to play some classics, please try this game. 

7. Among The Stars

The next game for you is Among The Stars, which is another of the best single-player board games. When you are somebody who likes to play games that are based on the galaxy, then you would definitely love this game. 

You need to ward off the aliens that are present in our galaxy and save off an oncoming threat. The idea here is to design a brilliant space station that is ever known to mankind. You may want to play a board game. 

The cards that are found in the game represent a room of the space station. You can design the station to your own liking. You can infuse some of your own elements in there if you want and play such that it does not cause a hindrance to somebody else. 

You should ensure that your steps are precisely accurate so that you do not have any issues along the way in your station. You can use either the single-player or multiplayer version found on the Android. Give it a try today and see for yourself.  

8. Armello

When you like to play a game that comes embedded with several characters, then Armello is the best choice. Besides, when you want animals, then this game might have some kind of resonation with you. 

You are one of the 3 characters found in the game. To become the King or the Queen, you will need to do what is required for that. You explored your land, hired your own people, got rid of the enemies, and then took dominance over the others. 

We loved the art animation graphics present in this game, and it is bound to make you pleased and happy as well. Sadly, the game has not been updated since 2018, and some players complained about bugs on the app cause of the multiplayer mode. 

However, the game is exciting to play, interesting on most accounts, and comes with a lot of potential for a single-player mode. It is free to play but comes with those dreaded ads in it, and making those in-app purchases enable you to get an in-depth experience from it.

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9. Better Settlers

Better Settlers

Another interesting game would be Better Settlers. This is an ancient game that has been around for many decades now. The board game was extremely popular and usually played among 5-6 players. 

The game usually came covered up with unused ports with unused numbers. You can place the ports on the tiles and cover the tile. The game can be played by 1 or 2 players who can make the board simpler to play. 

The game has the ability to give players the ability to win at the end and, at the same time, have a much more fun game. You can use some of the new features present in the game along with your board generator. 

However, you should use the complete physical game to get anything that you actually want from it. It would be ideal for improving your gaming sessions. Users have complained that the UI could have been better. 

10. Carcassonne

Carcassonne is another of the best single-player board games from popular game designer, Asmodee Digital. The game was released in 3D after many years, and users are extremely happy with it. 

The game plays fantastically, and the tile-based kingdom-building game allows you to take turns competing with cities, roads, and even cloisters. During each of the turns, the players have to drop meeple on the landmarks. 

This is to make sure that the areas are finished and designed. You may get some points when you can't enclose the city or complete the road. It features six expansions that are present on in-app purchases. 

Using these instructions, you can change the game, add new elements, and also use landscape embellishments. You can also increase the number of points you earn. While everything is good, they are optional. 

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11. The Castles of Burgundy

The Castles of Burgundy is another interesting single-board-player game. Users have commended the game as it comes with an excellent digital port. Though it may not be a new game, it comes with new features infused in it.

You are a French prince who has to manage a tiny nation. You have to design settlements and provide mining and trade. Besides, you need to entertain and entice the travelers that visit your nation. 

You can play around 5-6 rounds of each, 5 turns each. During each of the turns, the players can make more actions or moves depending on the settlement. You should collect victory points awarded through hard work and planning when you want to win the game. 

There are several paths to move when you want to gain victory for yourself. The delightful part is that none of the two games are similar to each other, and they are pretty complex. However, they are worth your time. 

12. Elder Sign: Omens

Elder Sign: Omens could be one of the best single-player board games in the market today. The game is a paid version for only $2, which is quite affordable for many of you. You are dumped into a mystic arcane to get clues, items, and other exciting things. 

You are in a fight with the Cthulu, Yig, Ithaqua, and Azathoth. You would enjoy playing the game as it is good fun & exciting. This game is an adaptation of the Elder Sign dice game but comes with a few changes that are present in it. 

Why not play this game today and find out for yourself? Hop on the race to save humanity from the Ancient Ones. Try it out today and find out for yourself. 

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13. Galaxy Trucker

If you like to drive trucks, then you would surely like our next game on the list. You can design the ships as you want to battle them out with your enemies who are hard-bent on getting you destroyed. 

You have to produce ships that can withstand smugglers, pirates, and meteors as well. Those with the most credits stand to win this game. There is a turn-based and real-time mode that you can make use of in the game. 

You can play the game both online and locally as well. You can push your skills to find out how good you are. The game's smartphone app provides you with some interesting features, including particular parts, a campaign, and others.

The game can be played for $5, and you can also make use of the optional version for $5 if you want. Why not play this game today and find out for yourself what it is able to do for you? Enjoy that thunderous adventure around your ship and brave what lies ahead of you. 

14. The Game of Life

The Game of Life

The Game of Life can bring some life into your boring gaming lives. It brings back fond memories. The game brings back fond memories. The older version has houses, careers, and peps, but the app is convenient and lets you play well. 

You have to play according to the stages of life. You can begin your life either at the college itself or by choosing a career for yourself. It depends on how you want to go about things here. This is one of the liked things about this game. 

Of course, you can get married, get a house, have some kids, and then eventually retire. The game's winner is the player with the most wealth, and it is a simple game that can be liked by one and all. 

It comes with a fast mode and is pretty interesting. It is a paid version of $3. The game has a few bugs here & there, which is acceptable. Overall, it plays well, which is the most appreciable thing about it. Now, choose your life, get your house, and have kids. 

15. Good Knight Story

Next, we have an exciting single-player board game called the Good Knight Story. The game is more of a story that comes infused with certain elements that make it incredibly fun. It has battles and stunning wars that match with real action. 

You are a knight who has to defend your land. This is what makes the game enjoyable to play, and as you progress, you notice that you can upgrade your knight and your gear. This enables you to make big decisions if you want.

A notable feature of the game is that you can decide whether you want to have advertisements when you are playing. This was a delightful touch provided by the gamers that are truly appreciated, and we hope many developers add it soon.

Yes, it has its own glitches that we are not happy about, but it is a good play for you. Please note that it is a free game to play and comes with exciting features that are infused into it. 

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16. Hive with AI

Hive with AI is another exciting game that comes with several features that are infused with it. Users have complimented the app on being better than the board game, which is good. Those of you who have played the board game would genuinely appreciate the app version of it. 

The game is quite simple to play & understand. There is no board for you to play on, as you can make the board as you play along with the insects. You should know that you can make use of the different insect tiles around your game.

The whole purpose of the game and the ultimate goal for you would be to corner your opponent's Queen bee. Sound interesting? The game is not complicated to play; however, you can practice using several methods to increase the difficulty. 

17. Mahjong Epic

Mahjong Epic is one of the best single-player board games. Sadly, the game does not rank high among most gamers, and it is unfortunate to see & notice. The game is quite exciting and challenging to play. 

The game requires you to match the tile that is found on the tile on the twin counterpart for you to clear the board. The tiles are stacked on each other in a precise form, and you won't be able to match a tile unless you have cleared the tiles that are present on top of it. 

The main purpose of the game would be clear the entire board of all tiles. In this game, you can get more points if you are able to complete it within a specific amount of time. You have around 1800 boards in the game, along with the 1080p graphics to make use of.

It has its own set of daily tiles, challenges, and backgrounds for you to use. This game is ideal for professional players on the app due to its exceptional graphics. The game comes with no advertisements, and that is a good thing. 

However, there are ads on the free version, but you can make use of the ad-free version on the paid package of it. With the best mobile versions of Mahjong, Mahjong Epic offers gamers an ultimate game right in the palm of their hand.

18. Risk

Risk, as the name implies, is again a classic game that comes with its own charm and mysticism around it. The game is entertaining to play, and you may require several hours to set it up. However, the app lets you begin the game instantly. 

No more sitting and wasting time setting it up. Alright, so what is the game about? You can play it yourself or with your friends. This could be one of the best single-player board games in the market today in 2022. 

The game involves plenty of strategies. If you like these kinds of games, then you may find this one suitable for you. It comes with tons of animations and a quick play. When you love taking risks in life, then what better way than this game? 

19. RPG Simple Dice

Next on our list of the best single-player board games would be the RPG Simple Dice. You would find playing a game that does not come with the dice. Using the app, you can ensure that the game provides you with several thoughtful features. 

The game offers you an endless choice of dice that you can play with for yourself. Then you can roll close to 100 dice and play the game with a single tap on your Android smartphone. You have a history feature that helps you to know what the last role was.

If you are fond of dice, then you will love this game because it comes with a barrage of dice for you to play. Some of them include the standard six-sided die to d100s, and others as well. You also have the option to design a custom die that can help you in any situation that you want. 

It is just awesome that the app comes free and has no annoying ads in them. When you want to play the game with your friends, then it is going to be an absolute blockbuster. If you travel a lot, then this game is a must on your smartphone. 

If you are interested in survival games then Best Survival Games for Android is the best pick for you

20. Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle 2 is one of the best single-player board games where you should keep your battleship from drowning. If you have played the classic game, then you would surely love this app version of the game. 

You can play the game against some friend or even yourself. The game comes with several features like mines, radar, planes, and also submarines. You would love to play the game because of these features.

You can get to the ranks of the admiral. This can begin from the low rank of a recruit. You can also make use of the fleet, see your scores on the global leaderboard, and use the app chat. Using this feature to plan your strategy.

You can also make use of the gameplay using Bluetooth with friends and advanced game modes. There is an old-school graph paper design that can help you play the rounds. Playing against some online friends is always good for how the internet connects everybody. 

21. Ticket to Ride

The next game is called Ticket to Ride. As the name goes, the game helps you to design a perfect rail empire where you have several colored cars and cities as well. As a player, you can make use of the cars, then spend on the cars, and take a new ticket. 

These are some of the challenges that you need to connect the two cities, and then the first player loses all the cars. This is when other players want to get ahead of you by designing their own rail or making some hassle for you from progressing. 

It comes with single-player and local and online multiplayer. All in all, the game is a fantastic version of the app. It comes with some in-app purchases that offer you access to the boards and the maps. 

If you are interested in playing Story mode games then Best Story Games is indeed the best pick for you.

22. Tokaido


Tokaido is another interesting single-player board game on our list of the best single-player board games. The game is quite simple, and you are a traveler who has to go from Kyoto to Edo. Though the walk is going to be quite challenging, you need to concentrate on your journey. 

Now, you would love the beautiful landscapes, taste new foods, and also find some of the ideal hot springs to refresh yourself. You can also do many things that make Japan a wonderful country to visit. 

When you have a good travel, then you are the winner. In a sense, you are able to find the fantastic road and have a stunning adventure; then, you stand to win the game. As you travel, you can find out several hidden gifts on the way. 

23. Tsuro

Another amazing single-player board game that is on our list of the best single-player board games is Tsuro. It is a tile-based game that comes with an exciting feature. You can lay your tiles and then choose the path for you to follow. 

Likewise, you would want to derail your opponents when they are laying their path. This is a fantastic game that tests your patience. Some features include new modes that can be found on the smartphone, achievements, and local and online multiplayer (up to eight players).

It is a relatively easy game for you to learn & understand. The game is certainly worth playing and your time. When you want to develop your skills, you can use the 3 different levels to find how good you are at making friends.

It has a free and paid version, but it is worth your money. When you want to make use of a new board game, then play this game. It is truly a marvelous & fun game. You can lay your own path and then follow it if you want, but make sure your enemies go elsewhere.

If you love to play ninja games then Super exciting Ninja Games For Android is indeed the best pick for you.

24. Wild Jack

Wild Jack

If you love card games, then you would prefer to play Wild Jack on your smartphone. This game was played during the 1980s and was extremely popular back then. If you played it back then, you would love the game. 

The game can be 2-3 players, and you have to make a few lines of chips. You can also play the cards corresponding to the board game's spots. The app makes the game simpler.

When you play against another player, you only need to complete one sequence. When you play against 2 players, then you need to make 2 sequences to win. Besides, you can also play the games against AI also, whichever suits you. 

You can make use of matchmaking that is quite automatic for keeping your gameplay experience opulent. You can now get fond memories of your early childhood days playing this game or playing against other players of your choice.


There you go. The above were some of the best single-player board games for Android devices in 2022. These games can provide you with the ultimate entertainment when you are looking for ways to entertain yourself with your smartphone. 

Moreover, you can eloquently play these board games with your family members and friends. Today, you can find several board games that are produced with a single player in mind. Now, you can play board games yourself. 

Many cooperative board games can be played by a single player and are designed exclusively for solo players. So, don't feel weird if you are urged to play a game all by yourself.


There are board games for one person. You have a barrage of them designed especially for people like you. However, board games are normally played in groups. Some people like to play them by themselves. 

All board games are fun & exciting. However, some board games can provide you with more fun, like Uno, Cranium, and Dominoes. We like Cranium because the whole family can get involved in this game, sketching, solving, and thinking.

There are plenty of board games for adults. These games come with high ratings on Amazon and other retail sites. Some of them could be Splendor, Carcassonne, and Wingspan. You can play these games with your friends or adult family members.

Single-player board games are fun & exciting in their own way. It improves and develops your memory and concentration and enhances your thought process. Playing these games improves your cognitive skills like decision-making, strategic thinking, and problem-solving.

Then there is Scrabble, Candyland, Clue, and Rummikub, designed before 1949. These were some of the popular games played in America and other parts of the world during the 1970s and 1980s before the internet took over globally.

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