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Pokémon has become one of the most omnipresent forces in pop culture and video games. It's the highest-grossing entertainment franchise, attracting a huge fan following worldwide. The game developers have revolutionized our favorite 2D Pokémon games into a 3d environment, introducing different dynamics and plot spins. 

Listening to old theme songs evokes childhood memories, and catching old Pokémon in new ways is an absolute pleasure. There are also new features, Pokémon, and a story to discover. Because the games are constantly upgraded and produce beautiful results, and since the players always expect new things, the designers and developers created many generations.

The 25 best Pokemon switch games are briefly described so players can find their favorite pick-up games, download them, and have fun.

Pokemon Switch Games

The Pokemon games here are entirely different; much effort is made to provide successful games to players so that they understand when downloading these games to play. Plenty of games are available on all platforms, But the best 25 Pokemon switch games are listed below for the player's choice.

1. Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite
  • Released on: July 21, 2021.
  • Published by: The Pokemon Company.
  • Developed by: Timi studio group
  • Genre: Action
  • Available platform: Nintendo Switch


It is a game of action and strategy. The game's face-off time is 5-1-5. The idea is to fight against the battlefield, and the person who gets the most score points within the time limit for this level is declared the winner.

Teamwork is required; this game has the following requirements: The fighting style is entirely different. The player must change their outfits and battle the enemies. They must move in groups. Examine the leaderboard and collect coins.

If the player's teammate achieves a high rank, the teammate's performance is rewarded. Communication is critical in this game, and the players must collaborate to decide their next moves and cooperate.


  • Voice chat
  • Cross-platform play
  • Different outfit

2. Pokemon Legends : Arceus

Pokemon Legends : Arceus
  • Released on: January 28, 2022.
  • Published by: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company
  • Developed by: Game freak
  • Genre: Action Role Playing
  • Available platform: Nintendo Switch


The core gameplay of this action role Play game is simple, things were terrible in the past, and now the player must exact revenge. The map allows the player to roam freely, but the map is divided into five large individual biomes.

The player must travel through various environments, such as forests, rivers, etc. The player can run, climb, cliff, jump, and fly at high speeds. The player is attacked by wild Pokemon, so their mission is to capture the wild Pokemon. The player must explore the Hisui region and the old Sinnoh.


  • Three partners of Pokemon are Available: Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and oshawott.
  • New regional forms.
  • Noble Pokemon
  • Ride across untamed landscapes.
  • Beautiful animation.

3. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Pokemon Shining Pearl Double Pack

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Pokemon Shining Pearl Double Pack
  • Released on: November 19, 2021.
  • Published by: Nintendo The Pokemon Company
  • Developed by: ILCA
  • Genre: Adventure role playing
  • Available platform: Nintendo Switch


The first thing the player does is choose their partner. It has to be turtling, chimchar, or Piplup. The game will begin once they have chosen their partner. The goal is to become the Pokemon league champion while visiting many mysterious organizations.

Fight the enemies and seize weapons and resources. The game appeals to those who enjoy it; the visual representation also draws more players in.


  • Visual evaluation.
  • You can play with six Pokemon simultaneously
  •  Can call your Pokemon by whistling.
  • The Pokemon album is available.
  • In Ramana's park, there is an option to encounter the legendary Pokemon.
  • The battle tower.
  • Global and local rooms are available.

4. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

  • Released on: November 19, 2021.
  • Published by: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company
  • Developed by: ILCA
  • Genre: Adventure role playing
  • Available platform: Nintendo Switch


The game began in Mount Coronet Tower, a naturally rich Sinnoh land. The gameplay is fully designed on the battlefield.

The protagonist in this game is the well-known professor of Pokemon evolution. The player must choose the appearance before the fun can begin.


  • Turing
  • Chimchar
  • Piplup

Turing represented grass, Chimchar represented fire, and Piplup represented water; the player must select one of these three partners. The player must then follow the commands to protect the Sinnoh region from the enemies.


  • Blast into the great underground.
  • Build their secret base, which can be decorated with statues.
  • The adventures will take place with trainees and legends.
  • Contests display Available 

5. Pokemon Shining Pearl

  • Released on: September 28, 2006
  • Published by: Nintendo, the Pokemon company.
  • Developed by: ILCA
  • Genre: adventure roleplaying
  • Available platform: Nintendo Switch


It is a third-person perspective game, with the players' primary mechanism being extraordinary fighting abilities. The gameplay is one-of-a-kind. The players are aware of this game and are enthralled by it, as it meets their needs. In this game, the player must adhere to three rules.

  1. The field plan
  1. Pokemon balls
  1. Meet the wild Pokemon.

The field map assists the player in navigating to their destination. The poke balls allow the players to use their weapons and signal the arrival of enemies. The player's objective is to defend their people from enemies and to destroy wild Pokemon.


  • Excellent fighting skills
  • Best graphics
  • Field map
  • Pokeballs upgrade.

6. New Pokemon Snap

  • Released on: April 30, 2021.
  • Published by: Nintendo, The Pokemon company.
  • Developed by: Bandai Namco studios
  • Genre: simulation.
  • Available platforms: Nintendo switch.


The gameplay is simple; many people visit the island's lental region, so players must watch it. The professor and his assistants are researching the island, and the lab's name is ecological and natural sciences.

In this game, you can photograph over 200 different Pokemon. The player's job was to photograph everything and properly store it. The task was to display the desired photographs.

There was no excuse to tell the player can't be able to take snaps. The rank was determined based on the player's photographic skills and performance. They must provide their grade. Day and night modes are available, so players must provide their best photos.


  • Explore the lental region.
  • Photographing Pokemon in the wild.
  • Create their own Photodex.
  • Edit and share their photos online.

7. Pokemon Cafe Remix

  • Released on: June 23, 2020.
  • Published by: Nintendo
  • Developed by: Genius sonority.
  • Genre: Puzzle.
  • Available platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS.


The game is a puzzle, and the player has to connect the advanced mission icons. The mystery is related to a cafe where Pokemon come and order items such as food and drinks; to tell and make an order, the player must engage in a puzzle.

The player must complete the top items on the customer list. Make no errors or surpass the customer list. The player must complete the puzzle to complete the list. The player gets to upgrade their cafe.

The player is required to update the restaurant. Customers want new foodstuffs, so they must upgrade the café to meet their needs. The player is also required to complete all the puzzles.


  • Good music
  • Touch screen system to access.
  • Fun for the players.

8. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

  • Released on: March 6, 2020.
  • Published by: Nintendo
  • Developed by: Spike Sunsoft
  • Genre: roleplaying, action
  • Available platforms: Gameboy Advance, Nintendo Ds, wivifare, Nintendo 3Ds, Nintendo switch.


The gameplay has different styles; the player is transformed into a human and must first find a partner. Select a partner, and they will both run in the game. The player completed the personality test for their Pokemon companion.

The player has to fight on the battlefield and meet the dungeon; the teammates are assembled to help the player. The player has to fight against the jail to collect the items required for the Pokemon world. 

The player must locate the dungeon and attempt to kill it, and if people are affected, they must contact the rescue team to save them. Players must always be prepared for such situations to tackle.


  • New creatures.
  • Mysterious world.

9. Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield
  • Released on: November 15, 2019.
  • Published by: Nintendo
  • Developed by: Game freak
  • Genre: adventure roleplaying
  • Available platforms: Nintendo Switch


The player must control the younger trainer, who goes to the quest games and wins the competition, believing they are the most muscular trainer, causing a massive mess and fighting the other trainer.

The player was supposed to find that trainer and teach them lessons with advice, but the trainer didn't get it, so a fight erupted between the trainer and the player. Because the player wins the war and scares all of the trainers, the trainers understand. The player and trainer fight the enemies while protecting the trainers and the institute.


  • Dynamic crystals.
  • The gular region.
  • Trade Pokemon in the gala region.
  • The mystery of unraveling will be revealed.
  • Team up with trainees to participate in mixed raid battles.

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10. Pokemon, Let's Go, Pikachu

  • Released on: November 16, 2018.
  • Published by: Nintendo
  • Developed by: Games freak
  • Genre: Adventure, roleplaying, multiplying.
  • Available platforms: Nintendo switch.


The players team up with Pikachu to form a perfect team and become the team leader. Get the trainer, gym master, and others to help you build a strong team and train your team in every skill.

The player must fight against the battlefield with the assistance of their team, so the player must prepare all team skills. Once the player has won the battle, they can share their victory with their family in the game. Explore the vibrant region and meet new people. The players indeed enjoyed the chat option.


  • Tutorial video.
  • Pokemon world.
  • Stages are explained.
  • Connect with friends.
  • Defeat the master trainers.
  • New partner Evee is available.
  • Secret techniques.
  • Exclusive modes.
  • Outfits and hairstyles.

11. Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee.

  • Released on: November 16, 2018.
  • Published by: Nintendo, the Pokemon company.
  • Developed by: Game freak
  • Genre: Adventure Role-playing Multiplayer
  • Available platform: Nintendo Switch


The player must collect the coins in this exciting adventure game. Trainers were responsible for preparing trainees to fight on the battlefield. Kanto is one of the most powerful characters in this game, and the player can use him to complete the task.

The player works with a partner to complete their objectives quickly; the game's goal is to capture the real Pokemon trainer using the pokemon ball.

This game has many characters; the player can select their favorite character and change the fighting style of the characters on the battlefield. Eevee, the player's partner, is an extraordinary creature who will assist him in improving his skills.


  • Connect with friends.
  • Easy to play.
  • Well-supported play modes.
  • Good music.

12. Pokemon Quest

  • Released on: May 29, 2018.
  • Published by: Nintendo
  • Developed by: Game freak
  • Genre: Strategy Adventure
  • Available platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS.


The game took place in the region of Tumblecube Island, and it was unlike any other Pokemon game. In this game, the player must defeat wild Pokemon while avoiding invading their island's boundaries. 

The player is in command of the base camp and the Pokemon team. 

The game is divided into four sections:

  • Management of the base camp
  • Obtaining New Pokemon
  • Expeditions
  • Pokemon optimization and training

The player must develop new weapons to attack wild Pokemon in base camp management, and they have the Pokemon Mart, which is very useful for attacking enemies. 

To maximize their potential, the player can purchase any item in the market. Players are drawn to the new Pokemon, whose role is to cook food. There are 18 different types of food available in that camp. Pokemon stones can be used to recycle food. 

The player must destroy the wild Pokemon at the 12 locations; there are 3 to 7 levels. Each player is required to bring their Pokemon. There are between 2 and 11 special moves in that.

13. Pokemon Tournament DX Battle Pack

  • Released on: January 11, 2018.
  • Published by: Nintendo, the pokemon company.
  • Developed by: Nintendo
  • Genre: Action, fighting.
  • Available platform: Nintendo Switch


In this game, the players are in a tournament; they must fight enemies and prove they are the best. The waves available in the game will increase or decrease your powers and skills.

To fight the enemies, the player must improve their skills and obtain the best training. There are numerous stores where players can easily purchase weapons and use them in tournaments.

To defeat the enemies, the player had to concentrate on the right direction of the fighting path. There is a warehouse in the game where players can store and upgrade their weapons and access them quickly anywhere on the battlefield.


  • Best animation.
  • Easily get weapons.
  • Upgrade weapons.
  • Easy to access.

14. Pokemon Home

  • Released on: February 11, 2020.
  • Published by: Nintendo, the pokemon company.
  • Developed by: ILCA
  • Genre: other.
  • Available platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, macOS.
  • Downloads: 1,00,00,000 + downloads


The player must be familiar with the Pokemon games to connect all weapons, items, etc. The main goal of this game is for the player to figure out how to keep everything safe at home. 

The player must collect the items while avoiding the enemy's gaze. The enemies always watch the players, so keep that in mind. The player receives rewards for completing each best level, which will be helpful for the next level. The player can quickly collect and grasp items with their partner Pokemon.


  • Manage your Pokemon.
  • You can trade Pokemon all over the world.
  • Finish the national Pokedex.
  • Mystery gifts.

15. Pokemon Sword And Shield: The Crown Tundra

Pokemon Sword And Shield: The Crown Tundra
  • Released on: October 22, 2020.
  • Published by: Nintendo The Pokemon Company
  • Developed by: Game freak
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Available platform: Nintendo Switch


The player must travel to the tundra region, which contains numerous battlefields. The player had to attack the wild Pokemon within the time limit and then choose the path to the next destination.

After the victory, the raid pokemon gains legendary Pokemon power. So now the player is in a problematic stage of killing the legendary Pokemon. If it is easy to catch, there is a possibility of 100% the player has to destroy the legendary Pokemon.

The player must expand their battlefield and train to compete in the tournament and conquer the following locations. This game has an expansion pass, which you can use to get the powers for the next level and make things easier.

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16. Pokemon

  • Released on: January 27, 1996
  • Published by: Nintendo, The pokemon company
  • Developed by: Game freak, ILCA.
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Available platforms: Gameboy, Game boy color, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo Ds, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo switch.


This game features these two Pokemon colors. They are red and blue. The player must then select the type of Pokemon; three types are available: grass type, fiber type, and water type; after choosing, the player can enter the adventure World.

Another color, yellow, signifies the current,i.e., Pikachu, an electric-type mouse Pokemon; it is pretty familiar in this game. A single player in a single game can use all three colors. The player can select any weapon in the game; they can swap the gun down, which does not affect the player's games.

When the player reaches a different level, the yellow Pikachu will be replaced by Eevee, a female character. The Eevee is also a good partner; with these weapons, the player can defeat enemies and assist the partner.

17. Pokemon Master EX

Pokemon Master EX
  • Released on: August 29, 2019.
  • Published by: Dena
  • Developed by: Dena
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Available platforms: Android and iOS.
  • Downloads: 100,00,000 and more downloads.


The tournament is for 3-on-3 players, and the league is on Pasio Island. This game's goal is to win the championship. In this game, the player must collect at least five badges.

The rewards and prizes are distributed based on the player's performance in the tournament. Players can form a new team to gain more training and a new trainer to access the rewards. Players are capable of all the fighting in all the tournaments. The plot of the game revolves around the master's combat.


  • Mingle in the new trainer lodge.
  • Special outfits.
  • Hatch the eggs and customize the new team.
  • Enter the fray with a new group.
  • Trainers from all parts of the island.
  • EX masters fights are designed well.

18. Pokemon Ultra sun and ultra moon

Pokemon Ultra sun and ultra moon
  • Released on: November 17, 2017.
  • Published by: Nintendo The Pokemon company.
  • Developed by: Game freak.
  • Genre: Adventure role playing
  • Available platforms: Nintendo's 3DS.


The player must travel across several regions to gather resources and locate new skills and abilities to be trained by new trainers. The player was first in the area of Aloa spot from where the real journey begins. The sun and moon created the model, so it can be used in either direction depending on the game level.

To become a powerful star, the player must focus and be dedicated to learning all the skills in the game. Once the player has learned something in one region, they must safely return to their Aloa region. Only then can he begin his journey to the next destination; similarly, the player always returns to the aloa area. The ultra sun and ultra moon are the most notable features.


  • Variation of climate.
  • The game journey is designed.
  • Explore the world.
  • Perfect animation.

19. Pokemon HeartGold And SoulSilver

Pokemon HeartGold And SoulSilver
  • Released on: September 12, 2019.
  • Published by: Nintendo, the pokemon company
  • Developed by: game freak.
  • Available platforms: Nintendo Ds.


It is an action-adventure roleplaying game. The game's theme is to kill wild Pokemon and capture the area by winning that spot. The player must gradually build their army base with the assistance of their partner Pokemon.

The partner Pokemon acts as a messenger, bringing in new teammates. After completing all tasks, the player can attack the wild Pokemon. The player can handle the fight, move, use an item, activate the Pokemon, or flee the Pokemon in fighting mode.

Pokemon have hit points displayed on the screen so players can identify their health condition; as a result, they can change their fighting style, hide at times, and attack the enemies, requiring the player to think strategically to win the battle.


  • A detailed structure of the map.
  • Character accessibility.
  • Health condition meter.

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20. Pokemon Black 2 And White 2

Pokemon Black 2 And White 2
  • Released on: June 23, 2012.
  • Published by: Nintendo, the pokemon company.
  • Developed by: Game freak.
  • Available platforms: Nintendo DS.


It is a game with the main loop. These games must be played with strategic game planning by the player. They must fight the opponent within a limited time; they might achieve more in this game, but how the player plays determines the next level. 

The player must finish first on the scoreboard to advance to the next level. The battle was designed in black-and-white modes; in each way, they had to focus differently on the displayed items.

The player must first observe the battlefield surroundings before beginning to fight; attacking with the player's strategy is more accessible. The player must win the battlefield with the assistance of several partners.

This game features over 300 different types of partners. They can progress to the next level and unlock new features in this game. While playing the battle, the player must deal with numerous confidential situations; fighting competitive pressure is fierce at each level. To win the game, the player must pass through these stages.

21. Pokemon X And Y

  • Released on: October 12, 2013.
  • Published by: Nintendo The Pokemon company.
  • Developed by: Game freak.
  • Available platforms: Nintendo 3DS.


It is a 3D game in which the player must fight and have numerous winning options. The player's primary responsibility is to control the young trainer. The younger trainers go on several quests, collect massive items to use as weapons, and receive numerous rewards. 

So preserving the young trainer will be very beneficial to the players. The following unique feature is Pokeball, which serves as a map for the players and indicates the arrival of enemies. One must keep the pokeballs in the player's group to identify the enemies quickly. Players can also change the appearance of their favorite Pokemon.


  • Invite friends.
  • Best dynamic structure.
  • Looks like a real battlefield.
  • The screenplay was the best.

22. Pokemon Rumble World

Pokemon Rumble World
  • Released on: April 18, 2015.
  • Published by: Nintendo, The pokemon company.
  • Developed by: Ambrella.
  • Available platforms: Nintendo 3DS.


The gameplay and storyline are entirely different from previous Pokémon games. The games and the series have nothing in common. It completely changes the experience for the players; they are no longer fighting on the battlefield. In the Kingdom of Toys, the player takes on the role of a toy. That kingdom contains 719 different species of toys. 

The player must visit various regions, inspect the battlefield, assist other toys, make friends, and form a crew. The player must participate in every battle consistently. A "Pokémon diamond" is a currency in this game. The player can purchase more toys and other items from the store using that currency. 

Players earn money by completing their missions on time and completing their tasks well. The player must easily collect more coins before achieving goals in each level. Pokemon diamonds are essential in this game because they allow players to improve their storage space, health, and chances of finding more Pokemon toys.

23. Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel
  • Released on: April 12, 2016.
  • Published by: The Pokemon Company.
  • Developed by: Heroz
  • Available platforms: Android and iOS.


The Pokemon Duel game was thrilling, as it was a trading game. In the game, the player must trade. The trade is taking place on the other side, and the battle will follow. In this trade, there were numerous color distinctions.

Each color has a distinct gameplay style that determines how the players will play the game. White and gold deal numerical damage; purple assists in determining status; blue outperforms all other colors; and red never misses an opportunity to attack. 

Trading and attacks will take place based on color variations. Only by learning all of the colors will the player be able to understand the strategy and win the battle. The colors of the player's side are critical; if the player obtains the perfect color, it's easier to win.


  • High board features.
  • Color will determine the game.
  • Trading features are highly responsible.
  • Best version elements.

24. Pokemon Go

  • Released on: July 6, 2016.
  • Published by: Niantic
  • Developed by: Niantic
  • Genre: Augmented reality, location-based game.
  • Available platforms: iOS, Android, iPad.


The player needs first to create an account; after that, they must customize their avatar. There were two options: poke tops and poke gyms. The avatars will be displayed on the screen, and players can find their avatars based on their geographic locations.

The player must watch everything, but most Pokemon are in dangerous situations. The player must concentrate on the items on the screen. They can find many Pokemon in the stops and gyms; for example, one can discover water-type Pokemon near a body of water.

Assume the player comes across a Pokemon that the camera can detect and record. The maximum time for Pokemon movement is 60 minutes. There is a lucky egg in the pokestop; it helped to extend the player's time; if the player needed more time, they had to buy it in the pokestop.


  • Explore the uncovered world of Pokemon.
  • Catch more Pokemon.
  • Complete their Pokedex.
  • Gym battles are to finish in epic mode.

25. Pokemon : Magikarp Jump

Pokemon : Magikarp Jump
  • Released on: May 24, 2017.
  • Published by: The Pokemon Company
  • Genre: incremental game
  • Developed by: Select button.
  • Available platforms: iOS and Android.
  • Downloads: 10, 000,000 and more downloads.


It is a jumping game in which the player must jump step by step to reach their destination. The player must jump from one object to the next without colliding with other entities or creatures. It is the most important thing to do in this game. First, the game takes place in a fishing pond; the player must swim through the pond to reach their destination without being attacked by enemies. 

The game requires the player to collect coins, food, and diamonds. The performance of the players improves training, jump speed, and capabilities. The player must unlock the upgrade level by completing the previous level to earn more points and collect all of the items. 

This game featured numerous league tournaments, and the player was required to compete and win. The player must place it on the leaderboard.


  • Simple controlling features in the map.
  • Discover all kinds of maps.
  • Pokemon partners are available.
  • Pond decoration available.
  • Saved data.

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The following are the top 25 Pokemon Switch games for players. The players can have fun while playing these games; they will enjoy them. The players always look for ways to pass the time by playing games.

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Pokemon Go is a free game with a lot of content and a good match for the players.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a mediocre pokemon game.

Because Pokemon Go is the most popular and highly rated game, it is considered the most successful Pokemon game.

Bulbasaur is the first Pokemon.

Enamorus is the final Pokemon.

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