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Galaxy Fighter

June 18, 2021
Last Updated
February 21, 2024

What is Galaxy Fighter Game?

Galaxy Fighter is a classic Space Shooter game on Frolic where the player has to control a spaceship to shoot and destroy the enemy’s ship. Every destruction will gain you points, and you will get 2 minutes to reach a high score. 

If the enemy succeeds in shooting your spaceship, its health will decrease. When the health meter gets empty, the game is over. Destroying the enemy’s ship will sometimes drop power boosters that can increase your attacking capacity or your health. 

Catch all the boosters and get the highest score possible in a limited time. The best part about this game is that it is a real-money game. By participating in tournaments and winning them, you can earn real money. 

Features of Galaxy Fighter Game Online

  • Galaxy Fighter online is free to play on android.
  • The game is ad-free, and you can play without interruptions.
  • You can win real money by playing Galaxy Fighter online on Frolic.
  • There are personalized tournaments to play with your friends and win more.

How to Play Galaxy Fighter Game Online on Frolic?


The rules of the Galaxy Fighter game are straightforward.

  1. Once you enter the game, tap and hold the screen to shoot the enemy’s ship.
  2. Release the screen to stop the shooting and touch again to resume  shooting
  3. Gain points by hitting the enemy’s ship while avoiding getting hit yourself
  4. Collect power boosters and upgrade your shooter or increase your health.
  5. Being hit will reduce your ship’s health.
  6. You can collect boosters to improve your ship.
  7. There are 4 types of booster.: Health Booster, Speed Booster, Width Booster, Frequency Booster.
  8. Each booster will provide an improved skill to your ship.
  9. Apart from boosters you also need to catch gold coins to score extra points.

Tricks to Win Galaxy Fighter

  • You need to avoid being hit. Your health is limited and being hit by the enemy will reduce the health of your ship. Once the health of your spaceship runs out, the game gets over so it is important to keep your spaceship safe.
  • Your aim is to survive the clock and score maximum points in the game. While playing, some boosters will be dropped down, and catching them will upgrade your ship and increase the health status of your ship.
  • Don’t miss the gold coins as they will provide you with extra points

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