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Best AR Games: Experience the Thrill Right Now

Best AR Games: Experience the Thrill

Video games have always been a method to escape the harsh reality and get immersed in a virtual land with no worries but fun and entertainment. However, video games have changed a lot over time; a new form is AR or Augmented reality, where the visuals and sounds of video games get integrated into the real environment of the player. 

Many AR games are now making players go out in the real world, physically active, engaged, and entertained. Here are the best AR games available for PC, Mobile and other devices to help you!!.

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Best AR Games

Augmented reality gaming is still in its early stages. Ingress and Pokemon Go were the first truly popular AR games on mobile. Previously, it was mostly proof-of-concept games and the like. It has mostly stayed the same. Most augmented reality games are still proof of concept or time sinks. However, Google's ARCore and general interest are propelling things forward. Here is a list of some Best AR Games for you.



Pokemon Go, developed by Niantic Inc, is the most popular Augmented Reality game. After its release in 2016, the android game became immensely popular and had more than a 100million active players globally.

The game transforms the real world into the world of the popular Pokemon franchise. While playing the game, you will feel like a real pokemon trainer. You can do almost everything in the vast open world of Pokemon Go. You are catching pokemon, battling in city gyms, training, and evolving your pokemon. 

The best game feature is that players must move or walk in the real world to explore the game's world. The game tracks your movements using your device's inbuilt GPS. You will have your Pokedex, which you must fill with new pokemon. You will find new pokemon in your neighbourhood street, backyard, stations, cafes, and everywhere else.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

You spent your whole childhood waiting for your Hogwarts letter, but it never came. But don't worry, here is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to make your dreams a reality. The game was first released in 2013 by Portkey Games, two years after the last Harry Potter movie came out. 

As the name suggests, the game turns our dull world into the magical world created by J.K Rowling. The game's world-building is almost accurate to what the Harry Potter movies and Books described. It will give you the warm comfort of nostalgia at every stage. The game is also mostly story-driven, which is great for Potterheads.

The game allows you to become the wizard you always wanted to be. However, unlike in the movies, you can choose your wand, house, and Patronus charm.

Remember the spells? Players will have to practice wand movements for each spell. You can choose your pet too!! From owls to toads and rats. You will also get two very close friends as Harry did. Explore the mystery of Hogwarts and be 'The chosen one.'  

Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive

Dinosaurs have always been scary. Still, people wanted them to exist in the real world right now as they did in the world-famous iconic Jurassic Park series. It is not a genetic tool, but the game Jurassic World Alive brings back the scary-looking dinosaurs into the real world and makes playing with dinosaurs fun without the risk of being eaten. 

The first Jurassic Park movie came out in 1998; after that, more critically and financially successful films came. As a result, this game, released in 2018 by Ludia, is immensely popular and well-made. 

The gameplay feels like you are playing a Pokemon game but with Dinosaurs. You have to explore different locations in the game by moving in the real world. You will meet with many dinosaurs, which you will have to collect to earn points. 

You can learn a lot about dinosaurs by playing the game as it contains interesting information about every species, like when they existed, their special features, their food habits, etc. 

Just like in Pokemon Go, you will find dinosaurs everywhere around you. So download the game and have fun with your dino buddies! But take care of yourself and your friends to not get eaten by those monsters.

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Ingress Prime

Published by the famous developer Niantic Inc in 2014, Ingress Prime is one of the most downloaded AndroidAndroid AR games in the Google play store.

The game turns the real world into a futuristic sci-fi world that is completely different from today. Humans discovered a mysterious substance called the XM; no one knows its origins, but it reshaped the whole of humanity. 

The first one is the Enlightened, who think humans must evolve with the help of XM matter.

The second is the Resistance, who think the Enlightened are trying to enslave humanity and fighting to destroy all the XM matter. Players will have to choose any of the two factions.

Once you choose your factions, you must collaborate with the other agents to fight against the enemy. As an agent of your section, you will have to do various tasks that will give your faction an upper hand, like holding your city, gathering resources, exploring new secrets, and many more.

Egg Inc.

Egg Inc.

There are many farming games available. But, if you are bored of them, Egg Inc is the best AR farming game available for AndroidAndroid. The game was released in 2016 by the developer Auxbrain Inc and immediately became popular. Now it is also included in the Editor's Choice.

The game's story is pretty simple; it requires almost no effort and no internet connection, interaction, or competition with other players, which makes the game a great way of relieving stress and clearing your mind. The game's premise is based on a futuristic world where eggs from the ordinary chicken can be a key to the universe's secrets.

You will have to build a chicken farm from scratch, feed them, keep them disease free, and hatch new eggs to get more chickens. Once you have collected enough eggs, you can launch your space expedition to unlock the universe's secrets.

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

You probably loved angry birds games from your childhood. Here is to upgrade your fun experience fighting those green pigs. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs was released in 2019 by the famous developer Rovio Entertainment who also released other iconic angry birds games. 

As the game belongs to an already successful franchise, it took no time to get 1 million downloads after its release in 2018. The game turns your room, street, or anything into the world of Angry Birds. The gameplay is almost the same as the old ones. However, the green-looking bad piggies have stolen the eggs.

You will have to team up with Red Chuck and Bomb. Launch them from your string, and destroy the 3D structure of the pigs to get back the eggs. With the help of AR, players can physically walk around those piggy structures overlaid onto objects situated in their environment to find weak spots to strike. The game has more than 70 fun levels, and more levels are getting added after every update.

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Five Nights at Freddy's: Special Delivery

Five Nights at Freddy's: Special Delivery

Is there anything better than horror games to give you chills? And the sense of reality you get in AR games? How about a game that has combined both horror and AR. The game released in 2019 by Illuminated games has more than 10 million downloads in the Google play store.

The game turns your pretty room into a bone-chilling scary place. The game is based on animatronics sold by the evil corporation Fazbear's Entertainment, exclusively called 'Fazbear Funtime Service'. Many people buy these but malfunction and attack their owners at one stage rather than entertaining them.

You will play as someone who bought many of these animatronics at home, but now that they turned rogue and are trying to kill you, you must escape your home to survive. You will have to move In real life, just like in other AR games. The great audio track, VFX, and other gameplay features will tremble your bones with fear.

Brink Traveler

Brink Traveler

Brink Traveler is a PC PC game developed by BRINK XR. Brink Traveler is available in AR and VR. Immediately after its release, the immense world-building and details of the virtual travelling game caught the eyes of millions. As a result, the developer team got many awards, which they deserved.

With the game, you can visit anywhere in the world, from the sun-scorched Sahara to the freezing Arctic, without having the time, money, or health to travel freely. Although there are currently 20 iconic spots around 13 different locations globally, the developers are constantly adding new places and backgrounds.

The creators think this will help people build empathy towards these places, making them feel about Climate Change and saving the natural world; while using the virtual traveller, you will feel you are actually in the place; that is how immersive the game is.

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Balance Tower AR

Balance Tower AR

Developed by MASC, Balance Tower AR is one of the best Augmented Reality arcade games in the Google Play Store. Though it doesn't have many download numbers like other games on the list, the game is a true gem.

The game will improve your patience. The gameplay of it is quite simple but elegant. Players have to pull out blocks from the high towers without making them fall. To do that, players have to be very patient and careful. The more blocks you pull out, the more unstable the towers get. It is a multiplayer game; if the building or another undesired piece falls when you try to remove a block, then your opponent wins and vice versa.

The game is 100% free to play; no hidden purchases exist. The impressive physical engine of the game makes it realistic. The 3D graphics are amazing. The game supports local multiplayer and tablets.

Kazooloo AR

Kazooloo AR

If you need a great action-adventure but simple-to-use game for a kid, you have come to the right article. Kazooloo AR is a 3D AR-based action-adventure game released by Kazooloo LTD in 2017. With more than 100k+ downloads, this is one of the highest-grossing action AR games of AndroidAndroid made for Teens.

The game makes gamers dream of seeing their favourite real-life video game characters. The game turns your room into a warzone where different iconic and powerful monsters fight each other. 

You can also use the multiplayer mode to battle with other players and their demons. Fight more battles, earn more coins, and by using them, upgrade your monsters by giving them more weapons and armour and teaching them new skills.

The game has more than three modes: Board Fight, Multiplayer, and a relatively short kazoo-fighting story mode. The game has great detailed 3D graphics and free-to-play reward-based systems.

Magical Park

Magical Park

If you want an AR game to teach and entertain your kids with fun, here is the perfect one. Magical Park AR is a 3D game released by GEO AR GAMES LTD in 2017. The game has thousands of downloads and good ratings on the Google play store.

The players must explore and play with various dinosaurs or robots in the game. In the other mode, players can also collect cute-looking kittens who live and grow in a pretty fairyland.

If that isn't enough, in another mode of the game, players explore and meet with wild animals of Australia; in a 3D way, they look almost like reality. Kids can learn about the importance and basic methods of recycling various things, not in this harsh world but in a beautiful fairyland. Children can also learn about cleaning in the game. You can also team up on missions and get to the Dragon's Den to raise your little dragon.

AR Dragon

AR Dragon

Have you always dreamed of having a pet dragon of your own? Here is an AR android game to make that a reality. The game was released in 2022 by the developers Talking Pets and had more than half a lakh downloads in a very short time.

The gameplay is very simple. Players will have to hatch dragons of different looks and abilities from other kinds of eggs using magical methods. After they are born, players will have to take care of their dragon. Feed them, train them, grow them. You can also name your dragons. 

The goal is to make your dragon superior and unique from the other players. You can battle with other players in the local or global multiplayer modes to test your dragon's strength.

To level up, you must find 16 unique hats in the game. With each hat, your dragon grows up and acquires new skills. The baby dragons initially look cute but can become fierce as they grow up.

Temple Treasure Hunt

Temple Treasure Hunt

Temple Game is another app that belongs to the Humanoids' augmented reality games. The sport uses geolocation to support the increased reality mode. Temple Run may be an excellent example of a tremendously increased reality diversion app with plenty of mysteries, legends, and adventures at intervals throughout the sport.

The game's scope is straightforward. First, you'll be a treasure guardian. Then, you'll be a hunter, but you've got to follow the interactive map the sport offers in each case.

When you are a unit enjoying the treasure guardian, you've got to form treasure trials, so the hunters notice it troublesome to find the treasure. Similarly, once you're enjoying the hunter, you've got to seek out the treasure. Furthermore, to obtain the treasure, you must avoid legendary Indian characters, which improves the game experience.

Zombie Run

Zombie Run

Zombies, Run! is an associated immersive football play. While running, the player collects and provides items that will benefit the bottom camp of Abel Town.

Additional modes: In addition to the quality "Season" missions that advance the main story, many extra modes are introduced. These embody virtual races, radio mode, and bringing and providing missions.

Airdrop and other provided missions: An "Airdrop" feature was available wherever the player specified a real-world location to run. The app also created a mission to fill the gap. Providing missions enables the runner to collect extra provisions for the in-app Home Base feature.

Home base mechanics: The coins collected while running are frequently used between missions to boost a small version of Abel Town with detailed buildings, similar to SimCity. The player goes on a lot of runs and collects a lot of supplies.

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Beer Pong (AR)

Beer Pong (AR)

Square-measure drunk parties are happening everywhere in the neighbourhood. Beer Fetor League allows you to play the recent classic Beer Fetor game in an entirely new setting! The principles are straightforward. Sink some balls into your opponent's cups and watch them become increasingly drunk!

Challenge yourself to match the talent of Brewage Fetor in our challenge mode, or play multiplayer to climb the Brewage Fetor League. Brewmaster's League is a simple game; however, it's exhausting to master, observe, and observe to be the simplest while still having the simplest time of your life!

The game has a cartoony style, but it revolves around drinking beer, so alcohol is involved; once you sink a ball into the enemy's cup, they must drink beer. Throughout the game, each player becomes increasingly drunk.

Sharks in the Park

Sharks in the Park

Sharks in the Park is the first Alpha release. Geo AR Games uses mixed reality motion gaming to create immersive digital worlds that get kids off the couch and active outside!

Our augmented reality technology allows you to feel as though you are walking through an underwater world while you move! As much as you run faster in reality than the same as you run in the game. But be careful not to get squashed. Dinosaurs are all designed with life-size symmetries, and they are big.

Zombie Gunship, Revenant AR

Zombie Gunship, Revenant AR 

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR is a thrilling, fast-paced, increased-reality shooter. You can fly a gunship eggbeater controlled by your movement in increased reality. Your gunship weapon loadout screen See the weapons you haven't unbolted; however, upgrade weapons and equip completely different ones. 

As you play, you'll unlock modern, powerful weapons and boost them as you progress. The weapon arsenal includes artillery guns, cannons, rockets, missiles, and many others.

As a result, there is no way to unlock a new eggbeater; you only have one gunship, and it is frequently the only one available. However, once you come back to have confidence in it, it's not regarding the eggbeater, as a result of the fact that you don't see it on the screen anyways, and also because the skills are tight to the guns that you just unlocked; therefore, it's not such an enormous deal. 

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Knightfall: Shared AR

Knightfall: Shared AR

Knightfall may be a single-player and shared co-op multiplayer enhanced reality game for iOS and robots developed by Hooking.

Knightfall: A Shared AR Game is a stunning augmented reality game with stunning visuals and enjoyable basic spellcasting gameplay. In this game, players got to guard the globe against an incoming storm of comets. Up to four players will play the sport within the same physical house.

The goal of the sport is to defend four mushrooms for as long as possible. Then, if a mushroom gets hit, you can see the faucet and hold it to restore its health.

The game works as a first-person shooter. You'll be able to forge spells and victimise your magic wand directly at comets that injure and destroy them.

Each player encompasses a need with a special colour.

Colour is critical once you play with others. Throughout gameplay, you'll encounter protected comets in numerous colours. However, once you play alone, those protected comets can only be in a single colour, just like your wand. So once you play with friends, every player must certify that they are targeting the protected comets with an equivalent colour on their wand.

Invaders Attack AR

Invaders Attack AR 

 When coming back to Galaxy Invaders Attack, players are going to be ready to own a ballistic capsule of their own. As a result of the sport being analogous to the legendary Chicken Invaders, everybody can get pleasure from it. Touching the screen to govern is going to be very straightforward. The spaceship's guns are going to be perpetually activated to get rid of any harmful objects. Remember to dodge the counterattack bullets. 

Every level can have up to three lives for you to finish the mission. If exceeded, the player is forced to restart from the start.

Unlock a lot of spaceships. The ballistic capsule you own can only fire single bullets at first. However, as the player progresses through the levels, they will be disadvantaged. Therefore, you wish to upgrade the ability of the present ballistic capsule. The best solution is to collect loot while performing the mission. 

Therefore, the task can be modified once advancing to the last battle screen. The violence and thrill will be revealed by the most evident means. Alien bosses started showing. 

Zombie Night Terror, AR

Zombie Night Terror, AR

Another thrilling game in which one strange thing went on, and other people everywhere turned into bloodthirsty walking corpses. But the headless undead area unit is quite dumb. It is even dumber than you would expect, given the lack of nervous tissue. Because, if left to their own devices, they will walk forward indefinitely and serve as deadly booby traps placed by not-so-helpless humans. 

Therefore, to accomplish your mission of world extermination, you'll need to facilitate and guide them to their next tasty meal. Fortunately, you'll utilise various special mutations to evolve your troops and fulfil their appetite for flesh. However, beware! Humans won't facilitate your dark will. Instead, they will fight to survive.

Spread terror through fifty levels and recruit a lot of zombies into your undead army. You'll have to stay alive as you solve brain-teasing puzzles and fight increasingly powerful foes. As the world nears extinction, survivors will fight harder to keep you alive. Blood, tears, non-sexual moans, inappropriate laughter, and plenty of puzzles that blow your brains out can be a Zombie Night Terror!

Thomas and Friends Minis

Thomas and Friends Minis

Thomas & Friends Minis could be a fun children's game that offers the prospect of becoming a true engine driver. You can place all types of totally different items, with many customisable objects at your disposal. Thus, you will be ready to build entire cities with Thomas and his friends.

The gameplay in Thomas & Friends Minis is easy. At the bottom of the screen, you will see all the items for the track you just put on the market. You should bite and drag them to the centre of the screen to make a railroad that must go through as many stars as possible. Once you have completed the track, you'll embellish the setting with homes, trees, water, and tunnels.

It's important to gather as many stars as you'll. Every star you get throughout your journey helps unlock a new style for your friends and new trains for driving around your creations.

A Ticket to the Earth

A Ticket to the Earth

With the price ticket for Earth's heroic story now purchased, there are over a hundred unique battle locations and hours of narrative-driven gameplay as you fight across New Providence.

Revolutionary hybrid gameplay blends battleground techniques, puzzles, and RPGs to create a new sort of play. Become involved in the deeply personal stories of four mismatched heroes because the entire world's fate rests on their shoulders.

Fight for justice. Unlock many potent combat talents to defeat homicidal criminals, rampaging robots, and grotesque mutants.

Be guided by the mysterious Stellar Consciousness Movement through a deep and satisfying RPG progression tree for every one of your heroes. This original mobile hit has returned to laptops and raincoats with greatly improved high-resolution visuals and alternative enhancements. 

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer 

The Witcher: Monster Someone could be a game that uses virtual reality to immerse you in a fantastic universe. Endless monsters are lurking around each corner of the map, and you would like to use all of your offensive potentials to hunt them down. As a result, you get to watch every fight unfold through the camera of your automaton smartphone the entire time.

In The Witcher: Monster Among Us, you will find a map showing the real house you see around you. Like in similar games, you must manoeuvre around every part of the map to search out monsters. Once you encounter one of these creatures, the AR can open up, so the attack will start.

In The Witcher: Monster Hunter, you will find many completely different monsters you must defeat. In The Witcher: Monster, someone provides you with dozens of enemies who can fight your character after seeing you on the map. 

Mobbles the Mobile Monster

Mobbles the Mobile Monster 

Mobbles are units of life living around you. Scan your neighbourhood and catch them all. There are over 250 Mobbles to collect. Watch them like real pets, trade them with friends, and challenge them in funny-timed battles.

Some moles only stop at night; others stop descending, and others even stop in specific locations. Hunt them down if you would like to urge them on. Create friends with other users from all around the globe to complete your collection.

Scan your space to seek out Mobbles around you. Catch them once you are close enough. Level them up to unlock cool options and outfits! Battle them along with your friends in cool-period fights.


AR games do not require any special types of equipment, unlike VR ones. AR games are surely an upgrade to the 3D games that came before. With time and technological improvements, AR games have started to take over other games; soon, AR games will turn our reality into something we have always dreamed of. Hopefully, this list of best bike games has filled you with immense energy to try and is definitely worth your time and attention, so what are you waiting for? Try these games for more fun and enjoyment.


How is increased reality utilised in gaming?

AR and VR have brought a revolution, particularly within the vice sector. These technologies enable the formation of a sensible image and sound associated with various sensations to provide a simulated environment that stimulates a gamer's physical presence within the setting. 

Why are AR games popular?

Mobile augmented reality games are always available at the player's fingertips; unlike consoles, players will always have their smartphones. So, whenever players feel bored or need the game, they flip their AR game on their phones and begin participating. 

How will AR be utilised in entertainment?

 AR has been used effectively in PR and selling initiatives for movies, television, and different media promotional campaigns for diversion functions. Typically, these have enclosed written graphics or real-world visual perception wherever the software package identifies a singular image via an internet cam or telephone camera.

Is it a classic game that uses increased reality?

Pokémon GO, the ground-breaking augmented reality app for android, modifies a location-based, enhanced reality setting using a smartphone's camera, gyroscope, clock, and GPS.

No items found.

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