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Gone are the days when gaming was meant only for teen boys. Modern-day parents have grown up as gamers, and so they introduce their little girls to the gaming world. However, a lot of video games are loud and full of violence, making them inappropriate for younger girls. Fortunately, there is an extensive collection of PS4 games for girls, including great titles from different genres while meeting the gaming needs of girls of all ages.

Now, if you are looking for games for girls or the best PS4 games, look no further. We have tried different games to come up with the list of the most entertaining Ps4 games for girls to help you find the best ones.

Best PS4 Games for Girls

PS4 games for girls are a big buzzword in the gaming community. The platform features various superb games targeting girls of different age groups, including the younger ones, to adequately cater to the growing gaming needs. Below mentioned are some amazing games for girls with easy gameplay, vibrant colors, engaging storylines, and exciting music.



If you are a fan of adventure games, then trust me, you will definitely love this one. Forager is among the most popular PS4 games for girls in which the players have to cross different large areas while building tools, collecting resources, and solving puzzles. To succinctly describe, it is a combination of puzzle games and adventure games.

The game features a wide range of simulation activities such as farming, cooking, mining, manufacturing, and much more. It is set in a 2D open world inspired by activities like crafting, exploration, and farming. With beautiful graphics, a soothing soundtrack, and simple gameplay, Forager is highly satisfying.

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania

When it comes to the best PS4 games, Sonic Mania has to be on the list. It is perfect for people looking for fun games for girls. It has got everything required for a perfect gaming experience: adventures, responsive controls, elaborated stages, interesting traps, and engaging tricks.

That's not it. The game features lots of hidden rocks and hazards that require you to act fast while staying alert. It also has side-scrolling stages where you need to fight the obstacles to keep moving forward and complete the tasks. If you are a fan of endless runner games, then you can try Sonic Dash 1 and 2 also.



Marvel's Spider-Man is one of the best-selling PS4 games of all time. Yes, you read it right. If you love action games, then Spider-Man is one of the best PS4 games for girls. This one will take you on an authentic spiderman adventure, swinging around the rooftops and jumping across the buildings.

It is a great game with amazing movements, combats, and a super-engaging storyline. This is a perfect PS4 game for lovers of Spider-Man. It also features an easy-to-understand map to help you get through the missions smoothly. That's not it. This game shows some funny characters from Spider-Man's life, making it more interesting.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

It is one of the most entertaining and engaging PS4 games for girls. It features a beautiful female character and is perfect for teens. It is an action-packed game that follows the plot of a young hunter named Aloy. She is stuck in a world overrun by machines. Young girls will definitely love the complex character of Aloy as she is bold, daring, and beautiful in her own ways.

This action role-playing game will take you on a trip to a vibrant world filled with the beauty of nature, but controlled by jaw-dropping, huge machines. You can explore the open world, fight with the machines, and participate in battles. You should try this game if you are looking for something fresh in the gaming world.



If you love cooking games, you should definitely try this one. It is a crazy cooking game where you and three other players have to cook perfect meals. Featuring quirky kitchens, short time limits, and multilayer options, Overcooked is one of the best PS4 games for girls.

While playing the game, keep in mind that you and your friends have to complete all the given tasks in order to save the onion kingdom. It is perfect sleepover entertainment that will allow you to bond better with your girlfriends. So, put on your chef's hat and get ready to cook some delicious meals.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4

Sims has been a popular game among a lot of kids, and to date, people remember playing it. There are many adult versions of the game, but there are some decent versions suitable for younger girls. It is a life simulation game in which you get the power to not only create but also control people.

The colorful graphics, decent gameplay, and fun music make it one of the best PS4 games. You can unleash your imagination and create a unique world of your own. Now, what are you waiting for? Experience escape, creativity, and humor with this amazing game. Looking for some simple games for a fun time? Check out the best arcade games.



Minecraft is the next game in our list of best PS4 games for girls. It is an imaginative adventure game perfect for unleashing your creativity. It might look like a simple game, but trust me, it is full of imagination and allows you to go wild.

Here you can create anything you want using different colorful and beautiful blocks. No matter whether you want to build a castle or dig deeper into the earth, you can do anything you want. Give your imaginations the perfect wing by this best PS4 game. That's not it; if you are a fan of survival games, you can play using the survival mode in Minecraft.


If you are looking for a game to escape the harsh reality of the real world, then Flower is indeed the best pick. It allows you to leave behind all the chaos and create a beautiful world of your own. It features vibrant colors and mesmerizing visuals perfect for pampering your artistic side.

In this PS4 game, you need to carry flower petals and spread them across the landscapes. You have to take care of them properly, so they grow healthy. Players can enjoy the calming flowers and fly over the beautiful landscapes. The game conveys a beautiful story of life, fear, destruction, and rebirth. Play this game and explore the thoughtful commentary.



Almost all the girls love to play games that are bright, loud, and colorful, and this PS4 game for girls is exactly the same. It follows two characters: a beautiful big lizard, Yoka, and a bat, Laylee. This duo needs to go through five different planets full of giants and creepy creatures with the aim to fight the big corporate crack Capital B.

This game for girls is full of puzzles, enemies, and different creatures. You need to save this duo throughout the five realms. Yooka-Laylee is full of elements needed to make a game fun and enjoyable. If you love bold colors and puzzles, you should play this game.



This game will take you to a dream-like world full of vibrant graphics and soothing music. It is one of the best games for girls that requires you to cross magnificent deserts and ruins while uniting the mysteries of the hypnotic world around you.

Your main aim in the game is to reach the summit of the highest mountain and then reveal mysterious legends offered by the lost civilizations. The game will take you on a memorable journey with a simple objective and basic gameplay. That's not it. The astonishing visuals and delightful gaming experience will make you fall in love with it.

Final Words

PS4 is a highly popular gaming platform among people of all age groups. It also features a wide range of best PS games for girls belonging to different categories like survival, action, and hyper-casual.

The games listed here are full of fun, creativity, and amazing gameplay. Try these games, and trust me, you will fall in love with the high-definition graphics, relaxing music, and vibrant colors.


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