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The limitless and majestic expanse of space has long fascinated people because it is so much outside our ability to see it. It is the topic of scientific investigation, philosophical debates, and literary works, as well as the setting of several video games featuring laser-armed spacecraft, alien populations poised to conquer the earth, and undiscovered universes.

There are many alien games available in Android for Space Games. We spent years playing space-themed video games like Galaga. Space gaming is still a pastime for certain people, and smartphones have become their home. Additionally, the most fun space games for Android typically require you to race against time, defend your aircraft versus aliens or discover the universe.

The top space video games on Android are:

Here The top space video games on Android lets see which games here!



The very same individuals that created Space Marshals also made Xenowerk. The fantastic visuals appear to be a result of this. Player needs a considerable amount of time to adjust to the top-stuff shooter genre, and the commands are challenging to learn.

The plot of Xenowerk places you in the middle of a mutant infestation caused by a botched scientific experiment. Naturally, your goal is to eradicate and destroy every mutant to stop them from increasing.

The 70 stages of this science fiction game are chock-full of slimy animals, spooky lab corridors, and general fear. It emphasizes lighting qualities and gives you a spotlight and a selection of strange weapons to wield in self-defense against hordes of gloomy, jump-scare-ready creatures.

Check out Xenowerk if you're a fan of twin-stick shooters. It's a bold interpretation of the twin-stick shooter genre, and Xenowerk is even bolder for undertaking such a project on a mobile platform. 

Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2

The settings of Space Marshals 2 are in space, and it is a strategic warfare and stealth action game. You may play the game in various modes, featuring strategic fighting, stealth, and charge & gear.

It takes some amount of time to get used to excellent visuals. You may select from 20 various missions and have access to 70 armaments. With Space Marshals 2, the crazy west sci-fi space journey unfolds. You take on the role of expert Burton in this strategic top-down shooter as he battles the galaxy's underworld. 

The story of Space Marshals chronicles the exploits of Burton, a former Space Marshal who, along with two other inmates, was freed from imprisonment during a prison escape. Their efforts to find criminals around the galaxy are the main focus of the gameplay.

Unlike other dual-stick shooters, this one is unique. Rather than merely firing guns, the focus is on stealth and strategic battle.

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

For Android and intelligent iOS applications, Madfinger Games has created and released Shadowgun Legends, a free first-person shooting android game. It is a prequel to the multi-award-winning titles Shadowgun Original and Shadowgun Deadzone from 2011 and 2012, correspondingly, and the third main entry in the Shadowgun series.

As a devoted Call of Duty player, I downloaded Shadowgun Legends with shallow hopes. But the visuals and playability in this game just blew me away. Between tasks, you get to engage in enjoyable social interactions, so other than a few expensive in-app purchases, I don't have anything negative to say.

Over 40 side objectives, 11 single-player story scenarios, and many cooperative game modes, including Duel Capture The Flag, Dungeons, and Arenas, are all included in the game. 

A Shadowgun is a warrior from the titular squad that the player forms at the start of the game. The Hub, the primary base for all Shadowguns, is where the warrior is taken. Various NPC-given quests, an in-game bar, a casino, stores, and multiplayer missions are accessible there. As tasks are completed, players advance.

N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy is frequently cited as Android's most excellent significant fiction game. While some could contest that assertion, it has a decent storyline, fluid gameplay, and striking visuals. 

It can take some getting used to the commands, but N.O.V.A. Legacy has amassed over 50 million installations on the Google Play Store for a good reason. Remember that you may play this as a third-person shooter in both campaign and cooperative modes. N.O.V.A. Legacy looks on par in terms of quality for portable devices with sci-fi shooters like Halo and Destiny, although being an android game.

The narrative can be simple. The participants will be an N.O.V. Additionally, Simply destroying aliens is the only goal of a soldier. The stages and map scenery will vary, but it's a sight to behold because each location is different.

Among Us

Among Us

In 2020, the popularity of this game skyrocketed, building it to one of the most-watched sporting incidents of all time. One of the top Android space games is available there. You'll perform ordinary ship maintenance rather than taking on deformed aliens, cosmic dangers, or futuristic warriors at the risk of being murdered by one of your own.

However, while having a straightforward idea, this murder mystery game is still one of the easiest to play for non-gamers. However, if you don't have that issue, Among Us may be rather addicting. The average player would require a lot of confidence to disclose the murderer's identity with others online or among friends.

Participants in Among Us engage in one of two roles: the majority are Crewmates. At the same time, a tiny minority play Impostors, who look exactly like Crewmates and occur in space-themed environments.

The Crewmates' goal is to either find the Impostors and ultimately vote them out or complete all the around-from-around maps before an imposter kills them. The Impostors' goal is to covertly try and destroy the tasks by either assassinating the Crewmates before they complete all of their functions or by starting a disaster that cannot be stopped in time.

Space Armada

Space Armada

You command an intergalactic starship in Space Armada. As your space base expands, you'll manage battleships and supermassive space cruisers! Your galactic fleet consists of a modest cruiser. In the multiplayer Space Wars game mode, engage in online combat with live opponents while building your space fleet.

You must perform challenges and side missions to develop your spaceship and grow your base in this game. The most notable feature of Space Armada is its multiplayer option, which allows players to battle against opponents online in a galaxy in flames. So Space Armada is another fantastic space warfare game that is now accessible.

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Star Wars K.O.T.O.R.

Star Wars K.O.T.O.R.

A galaxy western character-playing video game action role-playing franchise called Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (K.O.T.O.R.) was designed and produced by Bioware. The d20 role-playing game system, adapted from the Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, is the foundation for the Star Wars character-playing Game. 

Combatants strike and retaliate concurrently throughout distinct rounds of time dependent on bands. However, a fighter is only allowed a certain amount of acts every game. While the length of each round is fixed, the player can set the battle system to halt at particular moments or after each round.

An online character-playing game with many players called Star Wars: K.O.T.O.R. is situated in the Star Wars franchise. One of the top Android space games is this one. Star Wars: K.O.T.O.R. has a variety of distinctive characters, creatures, machines, and planets. In essence, the game is a journey through famous Star Wars sites. Each mission in this game can be completed in several ways, and the player must select one of the three classes.

X.C.O.M.: Enemy Within

X.C.O.M.: Enemy Within

An extension package for the strategic turn-based online gaming X.C.O.M.: Enemy Unknown is called X.C.O.M.: Enemy Within. In the expansion pack, additional transhumanism-related topics are introduced through aggressive gene therapy and new gameplay aspects that are most added to the basic game.

In November 2013, X.C.O.M.: Enemy Within was made available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Reviews from critics were largely positive. With a few new improvements, X.C.O.M.: Enemy Within primarily maintains the gameplay and story of X.C.O.M.: Enemy Unknown. 

The gameplay is predominantly turn-based combat against the alien invaders, and some with the rebellious human force EXALT around the planet. If you want your aliens to be lethal and ferociously hostile to the existence of your race, this is the videogame for you. 

Power-fantasy enthusiasts and ardent gamers may enjoy the turn-based sci-fi strategy game X.C.O.M. Also included are a range of deadly aliens and a multinational squad of elite troops. And a ton of unique weapons, tools, and abilities. Additionally, the game has a wealth of material and offers enough difficulty, spectacle, and addictive fun to continue playing long after you've used up your "just one more turn" option.

Star Command

Star Command

Star Command might be the best choice if you're looking for an Android game that allows you to build your spacecraft, hire a crew, and explore the universe. Star Leadership realistically simulates the challenges and rewards of starship command. Additionally, you can enhance your ship, explore uncharted territory, and witness your crew perish horribly.

Star Command was created for iOS and then for Android. Players take on the role of a spaceship captain entrusted with galactic exploration and protecting his crew from dangerous aliens in this simulation game of space exploration and battle. Players manage a unit within a spaceship in this simulation game. 

Players may increase the crew size by recruiting additional members to carry out various tasks, such as scientists and safety, and they can also advance in rank. Additionally, the multiple shipping systems can be improved. When a crew member is slain, their death is final. Playing a minigame on precisely timed button taps is required to fire a ship's weaponry successfully.

Ticket to Earth

The Australian developer Robot Circus created the episodic puzzle/tactical RPG video game Ticket to Earth. In addition to iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, the league's first installment was launched in March 2017 for iOS. Samplify's Davide Carbone, Josh Abrahams, and James Hewson produced the music and sound. 

The game's main character, Rose, teams up with three other players to battle mutant alien lifeforms, a robot rebellion, and other perils in a far-off off-world colony. Tile-matching riddle components are added to the turn-based tactical warfare as Rose, and her opponents must walk over floor tiles with corresponding colors to progress and activate their fighting abilities.

For anybody searching for a realistic space action game with outstanding visuals, Subdivision Infinity is a must-play. Subdivision Infinity is unquestionably one of the best H.D. Games that users will also like playing. In this game, you control a battleship and shoot down enemies flying around you. There is a ton of other content in the game, such as extra tasks you must complete getting prizes.

Out There

Out There

French independent developer Mi-Clos Studio launched the game Out There for Android and iOS on February 27, 2014. It was then made available through Windows for PC, Mac, and Linux. On April 9, 2019, an improved version dubbed Out There: The Alliance was made available for the Nintendo Switch.

Resource management and discovery are the main themes of Out There. The player begins the game with a ship with equipment, fuel, oxygen, and hull metal. They can mine planets for additional resources, but they must maintain a continuous flow of them to go farther in the game. 

The player will also encounter numerous alien species in space and on planets along the way, as well as artifacts and crashed spacecraft that can be looted for their resources and equipment or seized. The game's ultimate objective is to traverse a section of space and arrive at a distant solar system.

Out You are plunged into the immense expanse of space in a fascinating, alluring, and scary choose-your-own-space experience. Beautiful graphics and comic book-like action characterize this game. It has the appearance of a real-time comic book adaptation. Players will love exploring the many landscapes and planets and the unknown. Additionally, the characters that players encounter will only enhance the game's action. It's wonderful.

Gravity Rider

Gravity Rider

In the driving game Gravity Rider, you control a cyclist across various environments while attempting to maintain balance. To maneuver the multiple platforms, you must strike a balance between propulsion and speed, just as while riding a BMX.

The visual interface is the initial thing you notice. You have completely submerged in the gameplay thanks to 3D graphics. Click on the speed and stabilizer arrows to maneuver your bike. But driving is just one aspect of Gravity Rider.

As you complete stages, you will earn points which you can use to upgrade the bikes. Many options are available here, and you may modify the suspension, wheels, engine, and chassis.

In the online version of Gravity Rider, you may compete against other players in real-time and demonstrate how quickly you can cross the finish line. The dynamic lens that displays the path you go is another factor that raises playability. Given how challenging some of the stages are, Gravity Rider should provide hours of entertainment for anyone who appreciates driving games with an emphasis on precision.



The Swedish independent gaming firm Mediocre created the pinball video game PinOut. It was made available on iOS and Android in October 2016. The game's main aim is to throw the ball as far as possible before times up. The infinite mode begins after the first seven stages.

Flippers push a revolving ball up the play area, comparable to a traditional pinball machine in terms of the game's fundamental principle. But unlike a typical pinball machine, this one's playing field goes up indefinitely. The ball's motion is shown on display. The play surface is covered with several flippers. There is no depletion; instead, a timer restricts play. The goal is to advance as far up the playing field as possible in the allotted time.

The user can control the characters by clicking on either side of the screen. For a more accurate shot, the player can grip the flippers to "grab" the ball. The player may strike light dots with the ball to extend their time by one second for every drop. 

The game features ten checkpoints. The user can allow resuming from previous checkpoints and continue their journey there with an in-app payment. Players must restart at the beginning if not.


Subdivisions Infinity DX

The Switch version of Subdivision Infinity DX is an improved version of a game that was first released for mobile devices. In PS5 performance, that plays flawlessly and does a terrific job of launching characters into space-blasting action before losing some steam.

A 3D shooter in space is called Subdivision Infinity DX. As the spacecraft blasts into play, the game suddenly switches from the cockpit to a third-person perspective. The game continues in the third person, the last time to see the inside-the-ship view.

The plot is partially overlapped with character images and text bubbles; although it is functional, headset audio would have added a pleasant touch. It would help if you looked into a space station whose radio transmission has been cut off. You discover throughout the game that humankind is in danger and that the main character is you who can save them.

The only way to do this in most missions is by shooting everything. Fortunately, the ship's controls work well. You can control your ship's movement in three dimensions and around the screen, giving you complete control over where you're heading. Although it is crucial for these kinds of space games, this can make shooting a little challenging.

If you are looking for games with simple gameplay, decent graphics, and flawless gaming experience, you should try Space Jump, Planet Hop, Captain Jetpack, and Space Adventure. These games are free-to-play casual games and you can win real money just by playing them.


These are the top space games for Android, which you can enjoy playing right now. While science-fiction and space-themed games often perform better on desktops and computers, many sci-fi games are also available for mobile devices. It could be challenging to determine whether sci-fi games are worthwhile considering the shovelware that clogs Apple's and Google's app stores.

We have generated a list of 14 great science fiction and space-themed games available on iOS and Android. This list features various genres, from twin-stick arcade shooters to traditional RPGs and everything in between. If you wish to pilot spacecraft or defeat aliens, these games might become your next mobile gaming obsession.


Another well-liked exploration game with a space premise is No Man's Sky. Because the map in this game is procedurally created, there will always be new areas to discover. You may play the game in multiplayer mode with pals even though it is primarily designed for a single-player experience.

For players in upper elementary school, NASA has already developed games like Cubesat Builder, which allows them to construct and test miniature spacecraft. On the other hand, Roman Space Observer is the first expressly generated for adults of all age groups.

E.V.E. Online is, without a doubt, the best combat royale game ever, with more than 7,000 solar systems and more than 20 years of history on a single server without a server reset.

Minecraft boasts the largest open area to explore on the land of all the games on our list. The size of the Minecraft universe is around 1.5 billion square feet. miles

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