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Many of us may occasionally evoke fantasies about becoming witches, making potions, and casting spells. Luckily, playing Witch Games can help you become one! Witches are typically depicted in fantasy games, where people expect them to have incredible power. They are regarded as supernatural beings in fiction with the greatest potential.

The current selection of the best witch games includes many diverse and interesting games, ranging from dress-up games to fun adventure games. The best part is that players can play in different modes like the joystick mode, twin, or multiplayer modes, each offering distinct gameplay features. 

But it can be challenging to determine which ones are appropriate because Magic is a common theme in these games, it is rarely explored in depth. Well, good for you because you've found the perfect guide to assist you in identifying the greatest witch games to begin with. Given below are some best witch games.

List of some Best Witch Games

The best witch games are available here, so you've come to the perfect location. You may start playing the top games right away, which are mentioned here.

1. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

It is a fun adventure game with an authorized Harry Potter license. Each level is started by the players choosing a personalized avatar for themselves, where they can choose any gender, skin tone, hairdo, facial characteristics, wardrobe, and a lot more.

The first step in the player's journey is choosing a house they belong in. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin are the four houses you can pick from. As they progress through the game by communicating with various characters, players gain or lose points for their house cup. 

With each proceeding class, there will be times when players will come across shiny objects displayed inside during each lesson. Whenever an object gets picked up, energy gets depleted, but players receive experience points, giving them the drive to rank up and unlock new game content.

For example, players can unlock certain hairstyles or answers only after reaching a certain level. Among the game's more enjoyable features are when they get to meet the countless adored characters from the well-known book and film series Harry Potter. 

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an excellent action and adventure-packed game, and is among the best witch games. The ambience of the game is unmatched with amazing graphics, and the charm and appeal of the entire ensemble of characters are just the icing on the cake. If you are a great Harry Potter fan, this game is ideal for you.

2. Revived Witch

Revived Witch

The newest game from YoStar, Revived Witch, is a mix of the 2D adventure RPG genre and aspects unique to each hero collection. It was made available on Android and iOS for free play worldwide, and is indeed among the best witch games. 

Captivating 2D chibi representations of the game's characters, referred to as "Dolls" in the game, complement the 3D ambient lighting used to illuminate the other game features. The fights in the game, which are turn-based, are combined with exploration and riddle-filled elements.

In addition to battling rival monsters to win prizes, players also explore other game elements. Despite being released just recently, the game has a huge variety of content for people to play.

A summoning method allows players to gather characters, which in this game are beautiful dolls. Players are presented with various summoning symbols during the summoning phase on the Summon tab. They are given 100 chances to summon at the start, but they can only choose one rollout from the available 100.

It facilitates a very simple rejoining operation. When players first use the Summon Tab in Revived Witch, they are presented with various banners to summon. The rates for calling the most prevalent doll varieties are the only thing all banners have in common. 

Four different unit rarities—Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), Special Super Rare (SSR), and Ultra Rare (UR)—can be summoned by players. Revived Witch can be best enjoyed on a PC with a mouse and keyboard for an easy, smooth, captivating experience. 

3. Tales of Grimm

Tales of Grimm

Dark fantasy turn-based RPG Tales of Grimm was created and released by Tapplus. The game incorporates a distinctive fusion of components from both Western and Eastern RPGs. It was made available for iOS and Android smartphones on November 17, 2021.

The Brothers Grimm's timeless fairy tales serve as the inspiration for the Tales of Grimm narrative. Players assume control of Hans, a young lad who embarks on a mission to save his community from a spell. Hans will run with several fairy tale characters along the route, including Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty.

Defeating the wicked Queen, who has doomed Hans' village, is the game's goal. There are four chapters in the game, and each chapter is based on a distinct fairy tale. The player must choose from various supplies and weapons to fight the battles in the game to overcome enemies and earn points and rankings on the way.

4. Switchcraft: Magical Match 3

Switchcraft: Magical Match 3

Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 is a fantastic 2D puzzle game made and released by Wooga. In this witch game, players must enroll in Pendle Hill's witchcraft and magic academy and participate in a compelling narrative while learning magic skills. 

Players can go through match 3 puzzles with their friends, where they are required to assist the main character in fending off wicked opponents. Players won't just need to match three or more components to score and advance to the next level, but to add to the fun, they will follow the compelling story of the main character and her pals in this fun, adventure-packed game. 

Further, players can be a part of all the witches' decisions. To alter the plotlines, they can select their preferred response from the list of possibilities. Whatever choice players make, they will be astounded by the characters' unbelievable reactions in the game. 

The mechanics of the game are pretty simple to comprehend. Players must match more than three gems to advance through each level. The spells on their screen must be cast the same as they appear, which will help eliminate the enemies. 

You'll be amused and engaged with Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 on the edge of your seat by learning new magic tricks, interacting with fun characters, and challenging your friends! 

5. Merge Magic

Merge Magic

Merge Magic! is a timeless, magical adventure game published by Gram Games Limited. Given that it is situated in a fantastical world where creatures are searching for the players to rescue them, it is an exhilarating puzzle game unlike any other.

Players will discover a variety of enchanted beings, including unicorns, fairies, and unusual hybrids like Butterphants, Peacoats, and much more. They will be given the main task of breaking the wicked curse set in the garden by working through difficult riddles and returning the creatures to the security of their homes. 

Playing Merge Magic! is easy and uncomplicated. All players must do is combine identical objects with their incredible powers to create stronger objects they can plant in their garden. 

This enormous puzzle game is one of the best, with over 600 challenges for players to complete. Players can also go through more than 100 times to create power-ups and expand their garden. If you think you can save the land, play Merge Magic! Right now!

6. Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

Zynga's Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is another witch game that will appease your Harry Potter interest. It is a solitaire puzzler that topped the match-three charts in 2020. DPlayers must match three or more symbols to solve puzzles to advance in this game.

In addition, protagonists from the best-selling book and the four major houses - Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff - appear in this game. Secondary characters will help players along the journey with recognizable spells and charms that Harry Potter fans know.

The game strategy and layout of Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells are similar to many other match-three games, including Candy Crush, Homescapes, and many more. Players can solve puzzles to advance and accomplish goals by connecting three jewels or images. They receive a power-up that can deal an area of effect blast if four or more symbols match.

The game gets harder as players advance through the stages. Greater levels will take ingenuity and deep thinking to advance and pass certain regions. For players who require extra turns, there is also the revive option. Additional explosives help pass as well.

7. Candy Witch - Match 3 Puzzle

Candy Witch - Match 3 Puzzle

Are you searching for a fun game to pass the time since you're bored? Then you might want to get the opportunity to play Candy Witch. It is the perfect pick for people looking for the best witch games. Players must help the lovely witch Arya in this match-three puzzle game as she searches for the tastiest candies. 

Candy Witch - Match 3 Puzzle from Game one is recognized as one of the greatest games available. This game will show the players how to master match-3 games if they are unfamiliar with their gameplay. 

Players will have a lot of fun playing this game in the long run because of its vibrant aesthetics, easy mechanics, and well-known gameplay. This game uses the same gameplay elements as other classic match-3 puzzle games that players might be familiar with.

More than three identical candies from the deck must be swapped and matched. This game has numerous levels to complete, and each has its own goals and strategies. The three varying difficulty levels are easy, medium, and difficult.

The only way to advance in this game is to beat the current level players are in before moving on to the next by using special boosters. If you are a big fan of match-3 puzzle games and are looking for games in similar categories, this is the perfect opportunity for you to add this game to your list! 

8. Crafty Candy Blast - Match Fun

Crafty Candy Blast - Match Fun

Match-3 games are very popular among the best witch games for Android, and they are a personal favorite to many. So, the best moment to add Crafty Candy Blast to your collection of preferred puzzle games is right now! 

Players will be immersed in a world of delicious sweets in this puzzle game, which will doubtfully satiate their sweet taste. Gummy bears, Coke cans, candy, and more items are available for players to match.

Crafty Candy Blast, a match-3 puzzle game developed by Outplay Entertainment, features gameplay and techniques typical of other match-3 games. But what differentiates this game from the others is the bright graphics and captivating music that keep players interested for hours or maybe the whole day!

Candice and Trixie are two adorably cute witches that players can play within the game. Keep in mind that all levels in this game are different, so choosing a different strategy for each one to play is advised.

Additionally, players should be aware that this game has a set quantity of lives, which will be reduced by one each time they fail to go past a level. There is, obviously, no reason to be concerned since, in this game, life restocks quickly to guarantee an unlimited supply of delightful matching fun. 

9. Alice: Reformatory for Witches

Alice: Reformatory for Witches

In the 2D graphic adventure game - Alice: Reformatory of Witches, developed by Bispiral, s.r.o., players are required to take control of Alice, the main character who appears to be very rebellious. 

She is placed in a reformatory for witches at the beginning of the narrative to have her magical abilities removed. Naturally, the player's goal will be to stop it and assist her in escaping.

Exploring the circumstances, gathering stuff, and tapping the display are all part of the gameplay. To move forward, players must check every single stone. Additionally, the game has a guidebook that players can access from the pause menu if confused.

It costs nothing to play the game or download the APK file. Another thing that players might like is that there are no in-app transactions or advertisements.With its amazing background music and customized graphics, this game provides a unique experience strikingly similar to classic adventure games. 

Although there may be room for improvement in the gameplay, this is a fantastic game with a captivating twist. 

10. Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga

A crossword game called Bubble Witch Saga was created with inspiration from the well-known Puzzle Bobble. The players aim to burst all coloured bubbles in the round by sending them via the magical cauldron.

More than 500 levels in the game require players to demonstrate their bubble-firing skills. The aim is crucial, but more important; players are planning their next move carefully to burst as many bubbles as possible.

Virtual leaderboards in this game allow players to challenge and compete against their friends. There is also a wide variety of objects for players to discover, encouraging them to keep moving forward through the game's numerous stages.

Bubble Witch Saga's graphics are really good but not spectacular. It compensates for its minimalism with beautiful colors, making playing it a genuine thrill. 

11. Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales

Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales

Most games about remodeling homes revolve around completing match-3 puzzles or hidden object sequences. Instead, there are various matching game concepts to gain stars in this jumble game by MTAG Publishing LTD. 

Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales requires players to precisely locate matched pairs or triplets of items before a given timer expires. Because each level presents a unique twist, players will quickly realize that these mini-games are utterly addictive. 

For instance, the coordinating items could be of different sizes or colors, divided into pieces, layered with a mound of leaves, etc., making the gameplay more exciting and addictive.

After choosing an avatar, a comic book story filled with Magic takes shape as players unlock new chapters. Up to three stars can be obtained from HOG levels, which can be used to fix the character's home. 

The game also has power-ups that can assist players in dealing with the goal in time if they are struggling to locate things and don't want to waste their energy. This game can end up being one of the most enjoyable for players on their devices thanks to its majestic backdrop and family-friendly puzzle game essence! 

12. Witch Magic: Bubble Shooter

Witch Magic: Bubble Shooter

Featuring hundreds of levels that were all carefully chosen, Witch Magic: Bubble Shooter is a fascinating and engaging unique bubble shooting that comes under the best witch games for Android developed by Mobiman. 

Witch Magic: Bubble Shooter was made by the same group of people who own several top-tier and top-selling classic bubble shooter games, so players who enjoy egg-shooting or bubble-shooting games will find themselves on a tricky but enjoyable journey while playing this fun-filled game. 

Players can soar through puzzles in the magical realms of bubble matches by aiming, tilting, releasing, or tapping. Players are required to shoot and pop the bubbles using the various potent magic bubbles to help the tiny Witch reclaim the land, complete the tasks, save the small spirits, and conquer the monsters.

Playing this game requires no expertise because of its simple yet fun gameplay. It can be downloaded and played without charge on both mobile devices and tablets and can be enjoyed by people of any age.

13. Charms of the Witch

Charms of the Witch

In another fascinating match-3 style puzzle game - Charms of the Witch by Casual Azur Games, players must connect three or more pieces to make them vanish from the deck. Like previous games in this category, you can earn rewards by successfully fusing four or more pieces.

Players are required to place similar pieces together to eliminate them and earn points. You can earn extra points by matching four or five pieces to create a special piece. The gameplay is pretty straightforward. 

The game's content is divided into several levels located on a map. The player's goal is to travel around the map, after which they receive a reward for completing it at each level. Rewards are also used as currency in the many succeeding levels if players can complete the level without utilizing too many moves.

Charms of the Witch is another match-3 puzzle game with features like beautiful graphics, colors, vibrance, and easy gameplay that distinguish it from similar video games.

14. Halloween Witch Connect

Halloween Witch Connect

Another enjoyable match-3 puzzle game from the developers of Pastry Jam and Birds Pop Mania, Launchship Studios, comes Halloween Witch Connect.

Players must play wisely with limited movements and duration to acquire magical powers like the gas pot, magic skull, power broom, and monster hand and gather a variety of mystical objects. Players can also get the powers and treats they need for the game by spinning the wheel and becoming lucky.

Players must gather magical abilities to quickly advance through the stages with the magic match and become wizard masters. Halloween Witch Puzzle is free with in-game purchases to unlock more abilities and techniques.

15. Witch Solitaire

Last but not least, Witch Solitaire by XPGames leads players on an incredible solitaire experience. For players who love Halloween, this is the perfect solitaire game, as the game's concept appears to have been greatly influenced by this particular holiday. 

Once the players begin with the game, they will be guided through several tutorial stages, on the completion of which they will have a solid grasp of all the game's principles and be able to play it competently on their own.

It is important to note that the tutorial stages cannot be overlooked, which may turn off some players. However, this is only a small problem because they are short and simple to go through. Witch Solitaire incorporates the Pyramid/TriPeaks gameplay format, which is standard in most contemporary solitaire games.

To begin with, players must select only those cards on the layout that are either senior or junior to the card currently shown on the foundation to take them from the pattern and put them on the ground. This game also has a good number of power-ups and boosters, which players can use to help them get through challenging levels.

Regarding the graphics, Witch Solitaire's gothic art style has been executed thanks to the game's abundance of incredible artwork, vibrant colors, clear decks, and other lovely visual components flawlessly.

16. Little Witch in the Woods

Little Witch in the Woods

In the little Witch in the woods video game, the user plays the role of Ellie Blueriver, a cute little witch who is a trainee in witchcraft. Ellie has a unique talking hat named Virgil. It is a family hat passed to Ellie by her mother, which helps her. It is a unique feature in the game, along with the animation of the game.

Little witch Ellie can sell her recipes in the village where she lives. A character named Diane will help Ellie upgrade her equipment and support her by providing valuable materials through the Witches catalog.

And there are many other characters named Arden, Rubrum, Kyla, etc., who will interact with Ellie throughout the game and give her some quests, which makes the game more interesting. 

17. Witch It

Witch It

Witch-It is a combination of hunting and witch games. It is a survival game. This game resembles hide and seek. It is a multiplayer game that has hunters and witches in it, making it on the list among the best witch games.

The user who plays the role of a witch has to hide from the hunters. The Witch in the game roams around a map and can transform themselves into any object to escape from the hunters. They have to hide from the hunters along with their mice.

Hunters will seek the Witch along with their chicken which will inform them about the witches and other hunters nearer to them in the radius. The target is to find the witches by throwing potatoes before the given time.

18. W.I.T.C.H


W.I.T.C.H. is an exciting video game that consists of two chapters; each chapter consists of different stages. Each player will act as a guardian in the game and has a default Guardian named will. This guardian can fly and also have elemental powers. The players can switch between themselves as guardians, combine their unique powers to destroy the enemies, and cannot switch powers with Will.

 The game consists of 20 levels and characters named Celeb and Blunk. Celeb plays the action levels and blunk him with valuable things. The things needed in the game can be stored in the inventory. A health meter is displayed on the top of the screen, giving the energy level drained during flying and performing other activities.

After completing the 20 levels, the player can enter into Kandrakar mode, which has more powers and tasks.

19. Bullet Witch

Bullet Witch

Unlike other games, your companion in this game is "Darkness," and the user plays Alicia, who is also a witch. This game has six levels. In the staring, Alicia has some powers and abilities, and it has a health meter that raises over time.

Alicia has a gun named "gun rod," which will transform into many other kinds with the completion of levels and missions, the weapon can transform into many other weapons, and with progress in levels, Alicia can join NPCs for significant battles.

Alicia can use magic spells which can help in creating temporary protection, the ability to throw objects at enemies, and has to complete the game in time to upgrade stages.

20. The Legend of Dark Witch Renovation

The Legend of Dark Witch Renovation

If you are someone who desires to explore new witch games out there all the time, then you must try this game. This game has eight stages, and you will meet all new bosses in each stage. The game has a fascinating story in which some crystals will give superpowers to the people, and the stones go missing as somebody steals them.

Due to this, the world went into darkness. Zizou, the game's main character, has to get back all the Syega Crystals as she is a dark witch. Zizou will learn special abilities after defeating the bosses in each stage. She has to get down all the bosses to save the crystals and the world from darkness.

21. Witchbrook


Witchbrook is a simple game like many other witch games, and you will experience the ups and downs of the school life of a pursuing witch. You have to create your own identity in the school of magic. Has to develop your skills and abilities of magic by practicing, attending classes, and completing the assignments.

Make active participation in extracurricular activities like growing crops out of magic, cooking, and fishing. Build a good relationship with the people and develop a friendship with fellow students and master the magical spells and find the hidden mysteries of the school.

22. Burst Witch

Burst Witch

Burst Witch is a classic shooting video game that will give you a unique vibe while defeating powerful enemies if you are searching for a game filled with action and adventure. The battles in the game are designed colorfully and attractively. It has content that will give you the finest gaming experience.

Initially, the player has to complete the tasks and earn the rewards. As the game is based on battling, you can switch the witches based on the enemies' abilities. You should add strong witches to your collection to better compete and challenge the enemies. 

You have to participate in events and take advantage of the benefits of training mode. As there are no battles in the training mode, the player can reform the abilities by spending the coins. Buy essential level-ups which are helpful for the game. 


The list of the best witch games for Android has been stated above, so now is the perfect time to decide which game to play first. Each game is unique, with the most captivating gaming experience that will keep you interested for hours.

No professional expertise or experience is required to play these adorable fun-filled games. Although these games are pretty simple to play, a package of unlimited fun comes with them. These games are also super easy to access as they are available on all platforms. You need to download them on your smartphone or PC, and you are ready to join in the fun. 


Witch games are easy, enjoyable, and curiosity-filled, including mystical elements like witches, wizards, fairies, elves, unicorns, and many more. These games range from cute bubble poppers, dress-up games, and match-3 puzzles to action and adventure, escape, and rescue games. 

No complex gaming devices are needed to play these fun witch games. You can simply download them on your Android or IOS device, and you can play these games for as long as you want.

Popular witch games include Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Revived Witch, Tales of Grimm, Switchcraft, Bubble Witch Saga, Candy Witch - Match 3 Puzzle, Alice: Reformatory for Witches, Witch Solitaire, Charms of the Witch, and many others.

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