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Best Adventure Offline Games to Try in 2023

Best Adventure Offline Games 2023

If you are also a person who gets an adrenaline rush from adventures, then you must try playing adventure games. It gives you a feel of experience with its excellent graphics and 3-D sound. There are different adventurous games available where you can shoot, skydive, explore the jungles, and many other fictional adventures with a realistic feel. 

Here are some of the best adventure offline games enlisted, which you can even play offline. So, there won't be any interruptions while playing if your internet connection becomes poor. You can read the brief description about them below and download the one that tempted you the most. 

Lost Lands 1

Lost Lands 1

In this game, you are the main character and a mother named Susan, whose son gets kidnapped. Susan was about to leave her cottage for some work with her children. Suddenly she heard the screaming voice of her son Jimmy. Some energy pulled her son into some other world and disappeared.

You, as a mother, should start your adventure in search of your son. You should find the door to the different world where your child has been taken. On your way on the adventurous journey, you will find many puzzles and riddles which you must solve to get some clues about that door.

Things will be much more mysterious and complicated than you would have thought! So will your inner mother be able to find her child and free him from evil? Download it from the play store to know that!



This is one of the great puzzle games reachable on the Google Play Store. ! You get an experience of an open-world recreation like Zelda. Explore the Uncharted Seas and its islands, a world crammed with many dangers, puzzles, and secrets. Fight monsters, examine the use of magic, and discover historical treasures which will assist you on your quest. 

The game's main features include customizable graphics settings, which go with almost all devices. It needs a space of 1GB to be downloaded. Legendary Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito stimulate the game's recorded music. 

It usually focuses on Master magic and sword fighting, and one has to discover ancient objects to assist you on your quest plus, the game has the most Accurate Touch Controls.

If you are a fan of fighting games, then Most popular Games is a must-try for you.



PostKnight is an adventurous recreation providing a knight with complex and risky deliveries, contrary to famous belief for all intents and functions. They are designed mainly to be exciting RPGs, typically reasonably significant. It generally is additionally optimized for cell devices in the only way. 

The time indeed spent participating in this sport, without a doubt, is worth it. This game is enjoyable though the subject spikes in new areas can be a little challenging, for all intents and functions opposite to popular belief. 

The recreation's art style is very adorable, and the story is pretty interesting. By enjoying this recreation, none can quickly typically improve their battle stats and,d without a doubt, beautify their rewards subtly. The blend of dangerous and one-of-a-kind occasions often maintains virtually your pastime, or so they type thought. Find it on the Play Store and enjoy the game.

Banner Saga 2

Banner Saga 2

Banner Saga 2 is a beautiful continuation of the storyline of its first part. The new mechanics delivered in Banner Saga two improve the already superb gameplay, and it makes you assume your approach in battle.

Key features of this game include-

  • Banner saga two has terrific 2D combat sequences and detailed animations and effects.
  • The recreation carries on the classic saga and allows you to select between the banner saga or jumping into the journey from the start.
  • Real Viking myths inspire this game.
  • It allows you to make. Complex selections, which later on enhance your vision
  • The Soundtrack of this recreation is through Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory. 

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Knights Of Pen And Paper 2

Knights Of Pen And Paper 2

A pixel-art horror adventure, Knights of Pen & Paper 2, is rife with peril, mystery, and semi-appropriate cultural allusions. Before the game begins, the players show the game master playing a tabletop RPG. They put together the difficulties they'll encounter.

Some of its features are:

  • Campaigns with locations, sidequests, and dynamic dungeons are also available
  • The game features ultimate retro role-playing.
  •  Everything is fully customizable, from the party to the players and the game room.



Evoland is a motion journey recreation that simply aspects records of traditional adventure and RPG gaming. The excellent factor about this sport is that it does not now include any Ads and In-app repayments, and it is a 3d adventure game. With the trip, you will encounter new applied sciences and enhanced graphics when you play the game. 

This game gives you a realistic experience. A superb way to make you play on and hunt treasure chests. This is one of the first-class journey video games for android below 50MB.

This game gives you exposure to action with adventure. It lets you discover extraordinary evolution, i.e., from historic faculty 2D adventure to battles in 3D. The quality thing about this sport is that it does not encompass any Ads and In-app repayments.

Broken Age

Broken Age

Broken age is typically a hand-animated, puzzle-filled journey game. This sport features a famous cast, which includes Elijah Wood, especially Jack Black and Masasa Moyo, in a big way. This recreation form is undoubtedly a story of two young adults who are especially struggling against traditions that bind them, or so they thought.

The adventurous recreation sort of has 2D photographs and an accurate soundtrack. It, in particular, is a Beautiful family-friendly game, contrary to popular belief. It's also pretty addictive, which is mainly pretty significant. This is a giant game; for the most part, it uses many resources, but it is worth refining.

It is indeed among the best horror games with a perfect combination of the survival genre.

Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure is one of the novel journey games on my list. It is primarily a skiing recreation with a lot of thrill and exhilaration in the most important way. The game consists of racing and looking for unique elements in a pretty fundamental way. 

In the game, contestants ski through exceptional snowy hilly normally tracks in a big way. The map is a massive one, which is pretty significant. You can roam anywhere you want, often than not desire it and look for various necessary items. 

There sincerely is a Time Mode in the sport as nicely in which you ought to, in general, massively beat the time. Along with that, there, for the most part, are hidden areas and online leaderboards reasonably top way. The main Features of the game include the following-

  • The sport is designed with premium graphics.
  • The User Interface is additionally simple.
  • There is different gameplay which consists of Boardercross, Slalom, Super G, Slopestyle, Big Air, and Best drop line, to mention a few.
  • It additionally acts as an open world. 

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Many of us were once huge fans of the Pokemon collection of Toonami in our childhoods, a type of opposite famous belief. Guess what, in a refined way. A Pokemon Game is reachable now, and it is reachable, especially free on Google, broadly speaking, Play Store in a certain top way. 

The gameplay is explicitly similar to the show, which is pretty significant. For all the real world, you are looking for pokemon, struggling at Gyms, and subtly. There is a humongous map, and you must search for Pokemons and Gym trainers, which is pretty significant. 

It's one of the most adventurous sports for Android, which is especially important. You ought to experience, along with certainly your Buddy Pokemon, for the most part, assist the latte in the form of improvement and typically earn points, or so they thought. You have to compete in exciting raid battles. 

During Raid Battles, you need to group up with, for all intents and purposes, different trainers to capture effective Pokemons, which, more often than not, is pretty significant. 



Oddmar is a scintillating adventure sport developed through Leo's Fortune in a big way. During the game, you are a striving Viking, and your motive is to revive your honor, which is mainly pretty significant. 

You can sort of play an offline mode once the recreation is downloaded, or so they mainly thought. The game has virtually 24 complete levels, which is pretty significant.on completing all of them, you win the game. 

Oddmar commonly has fantastic gameplay, convenient controls, and a rather top graph subtly. Primarily, the sport supports Google, mainly Play sport saves and recreation controllers. Meet with new buddies and enemies on your ride via magical forests, snowy mountains, and treacherous mines, which is significant. If you virtually choose to download the game, click here in a primary way. 



This is a mysterious game filled with magic and adventure, or so they thought for the most part. This story is mainly stimulated by a generally young lady who,o in reality, was once returning home as an alchemist to make her dream of becoming a successful merchant, which is pretty significant. In all her rides, she had to face many hurdles, which a player will assist her to, get out of it subtly.

 Main Features:

  • Alchemica is typically a Retro-based role-playing recreation having superbly hand-drawn pixel art graphics, contrary to popular belief.
  •  The typical theme story of the game is essentially very Light-hearted, with plenty of fascinating characters with to interact subtly. 

Jumanji: Epic Run

Jumanji: Epic Run

You must all be aware of this famous old game, or so they thought. Though, this one is a newer version. The storyline is about a precious Gem that has been stolen, and we have to run to recover it to gain points, or so they thought. 

You must dodge hyenas, climb tall mountains, keep yourself safe from avalanches, and much more, which is significant. There are very wild beasts in the game as well, in a tangible way. You generally have to avoid them as well. 

Contrary to popular belief, there are four different ways to play this game. You can even, for the most part, make your avatars, really contrary to popular belief. For the most part, there are splendid environments in the game subtly. The graphics are brilliant, and the gameplay is just sort of fine in a fairly big way. If you, for all, download the game, click here subtly.

If you love such games, try the best Runner Game for android.

Counter Terrorist- Modern Critical Strike Ops 3D

Counter Terrorist- Modern Critical Strike Ops 3D

Counter Terrorist is a capturing adventure game in a refined way. You act refinedly as an elite shooter of a notably special forces team at some point in the sport. Your taking pictures capabilities will be examined in this game, which is typically pretty significant. Shoot more enemies to achieve more ends. 

Be the notable pinnacle shooter beneath each scenario, which is pretty substantial. Please choose the most suitable weapon according to each environment, or so they thought. You can grow to be a star shooter in this game in a meaningful way.

You can use many weapons, like guns, rifles, etc., to defeat your enemy. The game has realistic 3D portraits and charming animations, which are significant for all intents and purposes.

You can play on various battlefields, and various exciting missions are also coded in the game for all plans and functions opposite to famous beliefs. The sport mostly has a generally easy user interface and splendid gameplay, or so they, for all intents and functions, though. 

Diamond Quest: Don't Rush

Diamond Quest: Don't Rush

Diamond Quest is an exciting adventure game handy for Android, which is quite significant. During the game, you are a fearless explorer wandering especially deep into the forests of Angkor Wat temple, dungeons of Bavaria castle, and the snowy Tibet glaciers, or so they thought. 

The mission is explicit to, by and large, accumulate a form of an extensive range of gems from these risky landscapes, or so they thought. But finding gemstones is not a convenient task. You need to smash cobwebs, reduce thru for all intents and functions leaves, and the most phase typically performs different endeavors to locate valuable stones and jewelry. 

You can respawn yourself from the kind of closing checkpoint, which sort of is pretty significant. The images and gameplay are exquisite, which is quite substantial. There are mainly mystic tools like hammers, axes, etc., or, for all intents and purposes, though. 

Ninja Warrior: Legend of Shadow

Ninja Warrior: Legend of Shadow

Ninja Warrior is viewed as a legend in clearly historical mythology subtly. This recreation is primarily based on the story of a Ninja warrior, opposite to the famous belief. In the game, the Ninja type is superhuman with some fantastic capabilities in a huge way. The Ninja, for the most part, has a wide variety of lifetimes in a significant way. 

But it's not simply that, or so they thought. To become a legendary warrior, the Ninja must genuinely be skilled with the aid of an expert, which is pretty significant. The honestly sole purpose of the Ninja is to essentially defend the hostages and infiltrate into the enemy lines to annihilate and destroy them. 

There will mainly be a lot of simply deadly barriers in his way, which in reality, is pretty significant. He should overcome all of them to kind of complete his objectives. Some features of this game are:

The pics of the recreation are genuinely perfect. The gameplay and user interface form is simple, and the game's sound is impressive. There are three big maps and 40 levels. If you prefer to download the game, click on hereon.

If you are a fan of Ninja fighting games, then Ninja Games is a must-try for you.

Murder in the Alps

Murder in the Alps

Murder in the Alps, for the most part, is one of my preferred adventure sports delicately. The story of this game is based totally on a famous crime novel, which in fact,t is pretty significant. The gameplay often is brilliant, definitely contrary to renowned belief. The game includes a trip to the past. 

During the game, you are living in the 1930s delicately. For the most part, you have several mysteries to solve delicately in truth. It's a form of great recreation for a man or woman who specs the ambition to end up a spy in a big way. 

The story starts in a motel in a beautiful location, usually contrary to popular belief. But mystery for all intents and functions starts off evolving when one of the guests goes missing, which virtually is pretty significant.

A charming storyline with sudden events. You can enjoy hours of interactive gameplay and a fascinating plot in a truly massive way. There are a lot of characters in the sport with very dark secrets and techniques in subtle ways. Without a doubt, the pictures and sound consequences of the recreation are tremendous as correctly in a sort of primary way. 

Sky Dancer Run – Running Game

Sky Dancer Run – Running Game

Get set to journey a fantastic ride with this infinite runner game, which is the type of first-rate journey game for Android to kind of play offline, which is typically pretty significant. 

This mainly is, for all intents and purposes, a first-rate Android journey offline that acts with the most unsafe gameplay and visualizations in essentially prevail in one-of-a-kind either condition, you have to bounce across edge-cracking cliffs and face different obstacles, or so they thought. 

Also, indeed make sure you don't fall. Do not, in most cases, overlook accumulating cash to, in reality, free up other extraordinary characters and rewards.

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Well, Limbo certainly is one of the excellent Android journey games offline, primarily based on the theme of what it means, as its meaning is the domesticity of the souls of unbaptized infants, which especially clearly is pretty extensive in a refined way. 

Here, you can generally see a child running away from world dangers and attempting to keep himself from future agonies by using the resources provided for essentially especially survival in a big way in delicate way. 

Feel goosebumps while playing, as the incredibly dark theme, graphics, and history score is fantastic in a type of principal way, which is typically quite significant.

Diamond Quest 2: Lost Temple

Diamond Quest 2: Lost Temple

In this game, you play the role of an explorer who starts his journey in the jungles of Angkor Wat temple. Later, he also explores the dungeons of Bavaria castle and the caves of Tibet, which are extremely icy. 

Your aim in this game is to collect all the gems from one place before moving to the next place to explore. But, collecting these gems would not be as easy as it sounds. You have to go through a series of adventures to manage them. 

There are also many monsters waiting for you to come. You must defeat those monsters before collecting those gems. Hence, it's a very adventurous journey where you explore the atmosphere of three places.  

There are more than 100 levels available, with more difficulty in each increased level and more obstacles. You can get this game for free from Google Store and start your adventurous journey without worrying about your internet connection, as you can play it offline. 

Super Bino Go: Adventure Jungle

Super Bino Go: Adventure Jungle

This game will take you to explore the adventures of wonderland with Bino. Your aim in this game is to rescue the princess with Bino. There will be lots of monsters on your path, and you must defeat all of them to reach the princess.

You must travel through many places and islands to reach your final destination. There are about eight islands where you have to travel on this adventurous journey. There are more than 140 levels to play, with many new challenges at each level.

It is straightforward to control and handle the characters in this game. So, without thinking much, download one of the most exciting and thrilling adventure games available on the google play store for free and save the princess from the hands of the monster. 

If you love such games, try the best adventure games for android.

Alto's Adventure

Alto's Adventure

Alto's adventure will make you experience the adventures of a snowy world with mountains and quiet villages. Alto and his friends start their journey to explore these snowy lands, and you have to join them in their journey across the Alpine hills, many villages near Alpine, woodlands, and many abandoned places. 

Along your way, you will face many challenges of crossing the lake full of crocodiles, jumping, and many more. You will love this adventurous journey once you start playing it. 

The best thing about this game is that it is less fictional and more physics-based, which gives the player a realistic feel of the adventure. There are many goals to complete, which will always attract you to play this game. This game can also be played offline anywhere. Download this game from the google play store and start your snowy adventure today!

Alto's Odyssey

This is another version of the famous Alto series by Noodlecake. In this version, Alto and his friends start their journey to explore the vast desserts. Join him with his friends and discover all the unexplored sandy places of the desert.

This journey would be exciting as you have to travel through the desert on camels, explore hidden temples, walk in a sunny atmosphere, and many more. This game is straightforward, and you can learn it very quickly, even if you are a beginner. You don't need any excellent gaming skills to play this game.

But remember that this game is straightforward to learn but not easy to master! You must practice and keep playing it to reach the top of the leaderboard. This game is available on the google store for free. 

Criminal Case

Criminal Case

If you are a person who loves mysteries more, then Criminal Case is a mysterious adventure game that is just meant for you! It is one of the best Criminal adventure games on the google play store. You have to coordinate with the police in this game to solve the murder and suicidal cases and catch the murderer.

Solving murder cases would be exciting and something new. You have to investigate and find clues to catch the killers. You should also look for witnesses and bring the murderer to justice. Hence, it is an overall pack of detective adventures full of mysteries.

So, to outshow your inner detective skills, download this game from the google play store and start investigating. It is ultimately a free game and can also be played offline on any android mobile phone of version 4.4. 


Swordigo was awarded as the no.1 mobile adventure game available on the google play store. In this game, you can explore magical towns, dungeons, dark caves, etc. You also come across vast monsters you must defeat with your gaming skills. 

As you will keep playing this game, you will gain experience, and you can level up your characters with the rewards you won. There are also many weapons available to help you defeat your enemy. On your way, you should also find powerful swords hidden in dark caves. You must defeat the monsters to get it. 

It is straightforward to control the characters on your mobile phone or tablet. You can also customize controls as per your comfort. So, if you are ready to start your adventure, get this app from the play store now!

Dark City: Munich

Dark City: Munich

Dark City is a mysterious adventure game. If you are crazy about brain teasers and love to solve them, then Dark Munich would be the best option for you. You should play as a detective and find hidden objects and solve puzzles on your way.

You can create your storyline and start your personalized journey, which is this game's most exciting and thrilling part. To be a great detective in this game, you should be able to find all the hidden objects and get clues from them to solve the puzzle.

You can also use hints when you face difficulty solving any mystery in this game. So, if you want to test your investigating skills, download this game now and start your mysterious journey today itself, absolutely for free and in offline mode. 

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These were some of the best adventure offline games you can play. Download them and dive into the adventurous world created by these games. These games are a total package of adventure, which includes action, deaths, and whatnot!

These games will serve as recreation and boost your mental abilities as they put you in a do-or-die situation every time the game. You will learn to handle risky situations quickly. Download your favorite among these adventurous games and start your adventurous journey today.


Are adventurous games enjoyable to play?


Yes, of course, adventurous games are exciting. This is one of the most loved fun categories and is widely played. You should always stay attentive while playing the game as they put you in a risky situation each minute while playing. 

Can adventurous games be played offline?


Yes, there are many adventurous games available that can also be played offline. Some best of those games are enlisted here. You can go through them for a quick reference. 

Can adventurous games be played on android mobile phones?


Adventurous games can be played on any android mobile phone. But make sure that you have the Android version which supports the game you are downloading.

Are adventurous games tough to play?


Adventurous games are thrilling and require a high level of concentration while playing. You may face some difficulty if you are a beginner, but gradually, you will be used to it with practice. You will get addicted to these games once you learn to play them properly.


No items found.

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