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You can find what you want on our Xbox Series X Exclusives list in 2022-2023. The list contains all the confirmed release dates and some of the upcoming games that might have been released or are yet to be released on the Microsoft gaming console. 

To help you out, we have also compiled some of the best Xbox Series X games available on Xbox Game Pass. You can find a wide range of games & titles. 

As we said, some of them are yet to be confirmed or released. While the titles may have a different release date, they are scheduled for launch sometime this year in 2022. We still have two months left, so you never know because anything good can happen. 

During the Microsoft Summer Game Fest conference in 2022, we saw several titles and games released on the Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase. Some popular games like Callisto Protocol & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is due for release.

You can also notice famous titles like Age of Empires, Starfield, Forza Motorsport, and Redfall. These games can be played on your Xbox Series S. When you use the most affordable gaming console from Microsoft, then you can still have access to these great titles.

The Xbox Series X Exclusives for 2022

Without wasting any more time, let us read some of the best Xbox Series X Exclusives for 2022. 

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

Release Date: January 31, 2022

Developed By: Forgotten Empires

Published By: Xbox Game Studios

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is the first game on the Xbox Series X Exclusives list. This is the most popular game, and we are not surprised that the maker decided to release one of the editions. 

The news was surprising because they had informed everybody about the anniversary celebration. But people could only reasonably anticipate that they would release a game during the occasion. 

The new Age of Empires IV could be released on the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X next year in 2023. The Definitive Edition will be released in the first month of next year, in 2023. 

Keep yourself ready with the arsenal. For PC gamers, this offers a new experience because they would be used to playing using a keyboard & mouse. However, that may increase the excitement, won't it?


Release Date: TBA

Developed By: Playground Games

Published By: Xbox Game Studios

Second, on our list of the best Xbox Series X Exclusives would be Fable. We are sure our readers would have heard about this fantastic game; the plot is marvelous and stunning. 

Besides, the graphics of the game is too good. You would be delighted to know that the Forza games' developers will use the same engine. This will bring out the RPG series into the market too.

Though the game could not garner fans initially during its release, today, they have a strong following of loyal gamers worldwide. Moreover, the game is one of the most promising titles released on the market on the Xbox Series X.

The details of this game have yet to be released, so we cannot tell you anything about it. But we know that Playground Games want to give gamers a reason to smile. There is only a trailer present for the gameplay footage that is available. 

The designers have been working reliantly on the game for more than four years now. We can be assured that they might release something about the game soon. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

State Of Decay 3

Release Date: TBA

Developed By: Undead Labs

Published By: Xbox Game Studios

Matt Booty confirmed about State of Decay 3 during the September 2022 Xbox's that they are designing a new version of the game partnering with Gears of War devs The Coalition, and they are working with them on Unreal Engine 5. 

The game can be played only on the Xbox Series X gaming console, which makes it pretty exclusive. The makers will be hoping that they can sort out the minor issues plaguing the second edition of it. 

That is because the game's first version was opulent, and gamers loved it. For some reason, the second game was not. The game's third edition will showcase some pride in the gaming console. 

Besides, Undead Labs is working with The Coalition on this game, and they want to make it a memorable experience for gamers. So, we are sure that this product has some juice in it.  There is nothing more to add here because we have yet to learn anything about it. It will be out soon, is all we can say. 



Release Date: H1 2023

Developed By: Bethesda Game Studios

Published By: Bethesda Softworks

If you have played the game by Bethesda Game Studios, then you would know what we are talking about. Starfield is a popular game with plenty of unique graphics and stunning features. 

It would be Bethesda's first release using the original RPG in nearly 25 years. Starfield was first released in the market in 2018, and the game has come a long way. The game did not have much hype back then, but now it provides gamers with a larger picture.

Though the game developer has said that they will release it in 2022, it will be released in 2023. This gives us plenty of time to contemplate the factions, story, characters, systems, and spaceships.

We are still determining the exclusive ability to play the game only on your Xbox Series X gaming console. The space game could be a new sign of things on the Xbox Series X console. 

Todd Howard, Bethesda's head, claimed that producing hardcore RPGs is profitable for them and enjoyable for gamers. We can assure you that the game will come with everything that you would want to have.


Release Date: TBA

Developed By: Rare

Published By: Xbox Game Studios

When you like to play some games that come with plenty of imagination, you would be astounded by Everwild. Whether it is wild or not, we don't know, but it has everything that can make you happy and brimming with joy. 

It is developed by Rare and belongs to the Sea of Thieves and the Banjo and Kazooie series. The game had its first IP since 2019, and many reviewers were called to view the trailer. Now, you can see more of the game with the help of the announcement. 

The Eternals inhabit the world and have a unique relationship with the Earth. They ensure that the planet is taken care of. There is news that Gary Napper, the Alien: Isolation lead designer, joined the team.

Popular creations like Viva Piñata, Sea of Thieves, and Kinect Sports series for Xbox consoles are rare. Some of the games released in the market by them have been popular among the users, and we are sure that this one would be popular. 

The Outer Worlds 2

The Outer Worlds 2

Release Date: TBA

Developed By: Obsidian Entertainment

Published By: Xbox Game Studios

This is an interesting game designed by Obsidian Entertainment. The game comes with several things that you may like. The earlier game was quite popular when released into the market a few years ago in 2019. 

Though the gaming developer has yet to reveal too many details about this game, you may be happy to know that it is the most anticipated upcoming Xbox Series X game. That could be because it is a first-person RPG Avowed.

The previous version was able to tickle you in the manner in which they played around. Memorable adventures got their way back to the game. Not to mention, they have also designed games like Fallout games delivering something fresh. 

Some users felt that they want more interaction among the game characters. Though in the first version, you could notice that they spoke and did well, we may want them to be more interactive to decide on the strategies.



Release Date: H1 2023

Developed By: Arkane Studios

Published By: Bethesda Softworks

If there is one game that can make you drool over it, then it has to be Redfall. The game is the most anticipated Xbox Series X game in 2023. Developed by Arkane, they are quite happy with the progress of Deathloop.

This chaotic co-op shooter game comes with all the elements you would expect from a game of this caliber. There is a wide range of shooters, weapons, and tremendous powers. There is something in it for everybody. 

The game competes with Starfield. But this FPS game has stunning powerplay. You can play this game with the Game Pass subscription offered. Besides, you get the game on the Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Some of their previous games designed by Arkane include Dishonored, Prey, and Dishonored 2. They want to combine the narration and the gameplay according to the gamer's choice. It won't be fair to say that the game is similar to others you have played.

Warhammer 40K: Darktide

Warhammer 40K

Release Date: After November 30, 2022

Developed By: Fatshark

Publisher: Fatshark

There is no better game than Warhammer 40K: Darktide. When you want to play a decisive game infused with remarkable features, it has to be this one. You are in for a treat for those who have played the first version. 

Both Darktide and Vermintide have been developed by Fatshark, and we can also expect some firepower from this game. Though the makers said that the game would be released in 2021, it is going to be released end of this month. 

The maker wants to refine the game so that the gamers have immense fun playing it. Besides, it would be their PC-first release. The game will be released on something other than the Xbox Series X, but it eventually will. 

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

Senua’s Saga

Release Date: TBA

Developed By: Ninja Theory

Published By: Xbox Game Studios

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is one of the best things to have happened in Ninja Theory. This Xbox Series X exclusive is going to come shortly. The game was spoken about at the Game Awards 2019.

The game is being designed on Unreal Engine 5. The maker wants to ensure that everything possible is being done with the new technology in the game. You can find some kind of new technology in full face and body motion.

The maker has given plenty of insights into the game. They are not shy in doing so for the benefit of the gamers, as you can notice the main lead, Senua standing on a cliff that overlooks a small valley, where plenty of danger awaits them. 

Plenty of huge waves, volcanic lava of streams coming out, and some boats lying here and there in the village. Senua is sanding a large knife, ready for action. That is quite sufficient to whet your appetite for the game. 

STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Release Date: December 2023

Developed By: GSC Game World

Published By: GSC Game World

The STALKER original series was exceptional. Gamers from all over the world were ecstatic and played the game with immense enthusiasm. During the Microsoft conference at E3 2021, STALKER 2 was showcased, making the fans very happy, and rightly so. 

Due to the massive crowd enthusiasm, they decided to show more footage than they originally anticipated. The STALKER 2 has been renamed the STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl, which has taken the maker almost a decade to release. 

That is right. They have been doing this for a lengthy time. It is quite interesting to note that the game will be the first time STALKER is released on your gaming console. When you own the Xbox Series X gaming console, there can be nothing more fun & exciting than the shooter game. 

Sonic Frontiers

Release date: November 8, 2022

Developer/Publisher: Sonic Team / SEGA

Game Pass: No

Our next game is called Sonic Frontiers. When you like adventure games, then this has to rank among the best of the lot. You have to make your way around a beautiful place known as Starfall Islands. 

It is a 2D video game widely loved and admired by gamers worldwide. However, the Sega mascot's 3D entries were able to come up with this cute but fancy little game for you. 

The graphics are stunning and come with special features. You can play the game using 4K image quality. But you may not want to have too many expectations like us. We thought the hero would jump around, defeating enemies. 

Sadly, that is not the case. Unlike most of the other games on our Xbox Series X Exclusives list, this one can be played on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch, and your PC. 

Some users felt that the game did well on the PS5, but we are sure that the game is fantastic when played on the Xbox Series X too. As we said, the game plot is quite simple, and you must save your friends who have fallen through a wormhole on the island. 

It is quite engaging and provides the gamer with immense control. This is the thing that we liked about the game. However, it differs from the Sonic Adventure game released in 1998, offering you plenty of action. 



Release date: November 15, 2022

Developer / Publisher: Obsidian Entertainment / Xbox Game Studios

Game Pass: Yes 

Pentiment is a game from Obsidian Entertainment / Xbox Game Studios. You can expect that this partnership provides you with something to cheer about, and boy did that do that. The game comes with refreshing new features and is truly fun to play. 

The game is quite engaging and exciting at the same time. The game is based on a historical show that involves plenty of narratives and dialogue. If you are someone who digs into dialogues and narrations, then this game is for you. 

The game was showcased during the Xbox and Bethesda highlight in May. The setting is just fantastic with a 16th or 17th-century style. The hero and the other characters discuss the series of murders that have been happening at Kiersau Abbey for over twenty-five years.

Please note that every decision will have consequences in this game. The visuals and the gameplay are sufficient to bring out to engage your interest in the game. You do tasks like breadsticks, hanging things on the wall, and so on. 

When discussing something, the words are visible across the monitor. It is almost like watching an animated movie. If you play this game on a 4K screen, then it would double your fun. 

The highlighted words can be done using a manuscript page that offers a detailed glimpse into the period's history. There are other interesting small things like cats who are wearing weird on their backs.


Release date: November 15, 2022

Developer / Publisher: Jumpship

Game Pass: Yes

Designed by a powerful combo of Jumpship and other partners, this game provides a new dimension to sci-fi sequences. Dino Patti, the studio's co-founder, had co-founded the popular game, Playdead.

Besides, Patti had worked on Limbo and Inside as an executive producer. Somerville is set clearly because of a catastrophe that has happened on Earth. A family, along with their dog, tries and figures out what happened to their planet. 

As they keep traveling about, you can unravel their journey on Earth. This game has the potential to become the best gaming narrative that you can see in a very long time. The players have a lot of options in there, which is something we liked about this game. 

There is a rural & vivid landscape as well. You can choose it, depending on your preferences. Players must move around dangerous terrain to discover Earth's visitors' mysteries. Come & find out.

Warzone 2

Release date: November 16, 2022

Developer / Publisher: Infinity Ward / Activision

Game Pass: No (free-to-play)

War games are always in demand. There is something about them that makes gamers pretty crazy about them. The same can be said about Warzone 2, the next edition of the previous Warzone that was massively famous among gamers worldwide. 

Infinity Ward has partnered with Activision to design this fantastic game with plenty of action. You can expect some sublime action sequences here. There are also plenty of mechanics. 

You can also do tasks like closure, respawning, and looting. Besides, you would have plenty of fun playing games on the latest vehicles that are present. If you liked DMZ automobiles, then this would be exciting. 

Unlike what some of you think that the game is similar to the COD, no, it is not. That is a piece of definitely good news for you. The game is quite different from the earlier edition and comes with new features like, and you are not going to play on Caldera, Verdansk, and Rebirth Island.

The Al Mazrah is a dessert that holds several mysteries and hidden enemies. You would be shocked to discover that it also has a half-submerged town. You have close to 18 points of interest on the map.

Goat Simulator 3

Goat Simulator 3

Release date: November 17, 2022

Developer / Publisher: Coffee Stain

Game Pass: No

We have an interesting game on our list: the Xbox Series X gaming console. Welcome, to the Goat Simulator. This is the 3rd edition of the game that was popular among gamers. Coffee Stain, the game developer, made it clear that you could walk away from the 2nd edition and push to the 3rd game.

It is a hell-raiser of a joke. You would have plenty of fun. You may expect to see or play a funnier this. You play a goat. The graphics in the game is simple ite unpolished. 

There are some humor and weird jokes in the game. It has to be this one when you want to play that fun and slick. As a gamer, you can also have some surprises here & there. 

Besides, you have no game plot or storyline in this game. You can expect a high score in this game because there is not much shooting involved. The game provides you with pretty fun and discovers hilarious surprises slowly.

You are ragging people based in a small but fun community. You can pick up on someone simply walking around or stretching your tongue, rambling gibberish. Yes, the animation is just about good. 

You cannot expect more than that. You can use slow motion to view your actions and have more fun. There is something that is fun when you are watching the goat move around the game. 

You can collapse on a heap of hay and then shake yourself as if you are alright. You can go higher than that by getting yourself hit by a car. There is no storyline, and you can do your task as if you give a damn about this world. 

You can also hear the different noises that you make when you are airborne. You can use the collectibles and grab the stuff you want to find some alternate maps. Did you also know that you can get magical powers by jumping into a party? 

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

Release date: November 18, 2022

Developer / Publisher: Supermassive Games / Bandai Namco

Game Pass: No

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is a fantastic serial killer game that gives wonderful narration and gameplay. We liked the characters and the plot of the game. The developers have done an amazing job with that. 

The game is designed by Lonnie Entertainment, who are the creators of a series called Architects of Horror. It is definitely going to be an exciting title because of The Devil in Me season one finale of The Dark Pictures Anthology.

The host is played by actress Jessie Buckley (Chernobyl, Men), who appeared in the Architects of Horror's Kate Wilder. Other notable characters in this game are Mark Nestor, Charlie Lonnitt, Jamie Tiergen, and Erin Keena.

We noted that the game is unique because it is quite different from what you get to see in other horror games. They are all matured people who have a task for them to do, and it gives a distinct flavor to the game. 

The game begins with these individuals getting a call from Grantham Du'Met, who happens to be a wealthy architect. He invites them to his hotel to make their documentary. Sadly, they all realize that this place is a recreation of H.H. Holmes's murder castle.

They become separated, and each of them has to deal with a life-and-death situation. This is the main aspect of the game. If you love documentary movies & films, then you will surely love this game. 

Why not give the modern-day replica of serial killer H.H. Holmes, Murder Castle, a try? See if you can handle the game. It is that good. 

Evil West

Evil West

Release date: November 22, 2022

Developer / Publisher: Flying Wild Hog / Focus Entertainment

Game Pass: No

Evil West is a terrific action game that comes with everything that you ever wanted. The game is quite similar to the American frontier, full of vampires, and you have to get rid of them. The game has a straightforward plot. 

It is set during the 18th century when the Wild West was prevalent. You had these guys who were experts in shooting guns & rifles. While some were good, some were bad. In this game, you play Jesse Rentier, who is the heir of the Rentier Institute.

The institute deals with powered by sci-fi tech with government funding. You can make use of the demo version if you want to first before playing the game. This helps you to understand the game better. 

Jesse is a strong-willed person who is willing to go to any lengths to achieve the institute's dream of catching the vampires. He makes use of some of the modern weaponry that helps him win battles against the powerful vampires, who have their own tricks up their sleeves.

You will be delighted to know the title is designed on a similar foundation to the games Devil May Cry and God of War. That means you know that it is a quick-paced game that comes with everything that you can expect it to have. 

The Callisto Protocol

Release date: December 2, 2022

Developer / Publisher: Striking Distance

Game Pass: No

Another interesting game on the cards is the Callisto Protocol. The game is not like your other games with the usual drama, shootings, and findings. The title is designed on an entirely new IP, and it has a brand-new story.

The game comes alive when you play it on your Xbox Series X gaming console. Gamers who have played the Habitat, a level in the title, saw that it came with ambient noises. You certainly feel as if you are being watched, and there is somebody out on the horizon ready to attack you. 

There is a sense of anxiety when you are moving around when playing the game. You are constantly on your toes and have to be so. The hero of the game feels more like a human who wants to find the end of the game. 

You need to help him find the proper direction here. The sound effects of the game are stunning and come with a lot of oomph in them. Your shouting, shooting, and stomping as well is tremendous. 

There are simple controls that you can learn how to use once you play the game. We found them relatively easy. However, keep an eye on your ammunition. The GRP comes in handy when you are pulling the enemy towards you and flinging them on the wall. 

If you love survivor games, then you will surely love this game. It is set on Jupiter's moon in 2320, and you have to defeat monsters and other evil forms effortlessly. You can be assured that the game is bound to provide you with plenty of mystery and suspense. 

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Release date: December 2, 2022

Developer/Publisher: Firaxis / 2K Games

Game Pass: No

If you are a fan of Marvel books, then you would love this next game. Marvel's Midnight Suns is a game that deals with all of the superheroes of your favorite book. The comic series is a number-one hit seller in the United States of America. 

The game provides you with a realistic experience in playing the Marvel games. You would be delighted to know the live actions provided there. Gamers have commended how realistic the game is. 

The game plot is solid. You would love to play the game because of that. Of course, the storyline is different from what you normally get to read in the comics. You get some excellent plot and some chill facts about the game. 

You may know that Hydra maybe everybody's villain in the Demon Queen Lilith. The game developers call it Thanos. Besides, she can change or alter the heroes of the game and make them into villains if she wants to.

It has some of the former Avengers Doctor Strange, Tony Stark, and Spider-Man too. Besides, there are also characters like Ghost Rider, Nico Minoru Magik, and Blade. We loved the voices that were given in the game. 

They are almost surreal in thought, and when you play the game, you feel as if you are taken out of the world. The headquarters of the game is based in The Abbey, which comes with magnificent halls, forested areas, and others than slowly unlock when you play the game. 

This is one game that any true Marvel fan should play if you want to experience the fun & excitement of the characters. So, why don't you play the game and find out for yourself? 

High on Life

High on Life 

Release date: December 13, 2022

Developer/ Publisher: Squanch Games

Game Pass: Yes

High on Life is an exciting game that comes with exceptional features. You may have played & seen some games that are similar to this one, but we can assure you that it is pretty different. This FPS game offers you with the ability to track and hunt aliens. 

When you actually try out the game, you notice small little things that make the difference in the game. It has a demo version, where you can play the game and understand more about it. You will be impressed with the graphics and visuals that are provided to you. 

We are impressed with the effort that the developers have taken to ensure that you, the gamers enjoy the game. For example, there are small details like a TV in your house that relays some jokes, serials, and so on. 

Your character can also speak heavy dialogues that are phenomenal, making you feel as if you are in real action. A minor detail like killing children in the game is not allowed, which is a good thing. 

When some kids try to get you angry, then you would want to go away with them. But your narration tells you not to do it. This game sounds good to try today itself. So, why don't you try and stop this gang and save the world?  


This is it. We have ended our discussion on some of the best Xbox Series X Exclusives in 2022. We hope that you enjoyed reading the above games and will download & play them; and we can assure you that you will have a lot of fun playing the games. 

We do not have any favorites at the moment because all the games come with unique features. If you have enjoyed reading the post, then feel free to share it with your friends or colleagues who like these kinds of games.


The Xbox Series X/S comes with three major exclusive games, including Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Microsoft Flight Simulator. We will update you if we are notified of any other Xbox Series X exclusives. 

The Nintendo and the PlayStation gaming consoles come infused with amazing exclusives that are genuinely worth it. 

Yes, we have provided you with them in this list of the Xbox Series X Exclusives for 2023. They are exceptional in a way that they are not locked into a single console. A few of them would be Sea of Thieves, Psychonauts 2, Grounded, and Gears 5.

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