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Two-dimensional games undoubtedly have their distinct aesthetic, which you could describe as retro or throwback. Due to the computers' limited graphics capabilities, these games were top-rated in the middle of the 1990s. The developers are still working on these games, but in the meantime, we have a tonne of the best 2D games that are simultaneously rewarding and difficult to play.

They might not have as much depth as their 3D equivalents, but their gorgeous graphics, compelling plots, and fantastic gameplay make up for this.

Additionally, there are hundreds of them from which to choose.

Though many fantastic 2D games are available, few stand out. They are the ones that the majority of you will never forget and frequently find yourself returning to. These titles are masterworks in two dimensions and a must-have for any serious PC gamer.

Carrom Boss

Carrom Boss

Carrom is a 2D game in the arcade category of the Frolic platform. The game represents a classic carrom game played between 2 players. A board is set with tokens and each player gets 15 seconds to plan, aim and shoot with the striker. The game is easy to play with smooth controls and appealing graphics, giving almost the same fun as the original. 

The rules of the game are similar to that of the original game. If the striker goes into the pool, it is considered a foul, which has to be penalized by giving back one of the tokens the player previously scored. If the player has insufficient tokens to give 3 times in a row, then the player will be disqualified, and the opponent will be declared the winner.

Being a real-money game, the winner will receive some money which can later be withdrawn with an easy KYC process. Despite being simple, the game has proved to be highly competitive and requires a lot of concentration and skills, yet this game is enjoyable for many players.



is One of the few 2D games that earned high accolades, and some reviewers even gave it a perfect score of 10; Cuphead is possibly the best 2D game you can play right now. A fast-paced, explosive, and nerve-wracking run-and-gun game, Cuphead is inspired by cartoons from the 1930s. 

You control Cuphead, a character that can shoot things out of his finger. Run and shoot your way past enemies and bosses who will do anything to threaten your life and take more than 20 tries to beat.

The game is still quite challenging even when played in two-player mode with buddies. Therefore, Cuphead is for you if you enjoy fast-paced action, comical graphics, and fantastic shooting mechanics paired with platformer aspects.

The stunning and expertly crafted visuals of this game, which were created utilizing methods common to the 1930s era in which it is set, are what set it apart from the competition—using authentic jazz records, watercolor backgrounds, and hand-drawn cel animation. You should not miss this game.

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Mark Of The Ninja

Mark Of The Ninja

Unlike Cuphead, Mark of the Ninja has a more relaxed approach, requiring you to use the shadows to your advantage to complete each level. Mark of the Ninja's main themes include stealth and using the surroundings. You can fight, sure, but who will prevail—the person using physical weapons or brandishing a gun? 

Additionally, some excellent action sequences and what might be referred to as quick-time events, mainly when you are stuck in catacombs at the game's finale and must move forward while dodging traps, soldiers, and cameras. Only fans of 2D games and outstanding PC stealth games should attempt the challenging competition.

Like Terraria, Mark Of The Ninja is a stealth-based platform game with hand-painted sceneries and award-winning animation. But it goes beyond that, and the playing technique is completely different. One of the best 2D experiences available is in this game.

It creates an entirely new experience by fusing tradition with suspense and buffs, using tactics so expertly that it seems there are countless ways to eliminate an adversary. Give it a try since it defies criticism and praise, and it just might transform your gaming experience forever.


In the real world, a man named Spelunker explores caverns in search of hidden treasure, which is the main focus of Spelunky. Sounds straightforward, but Spelunky is a solid 2D PC game that is also free to download because it is an open-source game. Excellent news, yes? 

You won't be able to move from one location to another in Spelunky since there are numerous traps and adversaries that you must avoid to find your riches and save the damsel. Its graphics aren't particularly spectacular and serve little use in games of this nature. However, Spelunky is a fantastic platformer that will force you to consider each decision you make.

Spelunky keeps up amazingly well even after being around for more than ten years. This is primarily due to its understated aesthetics and some fantastic gameplay elements that have held up well over time. It was a game that widely popularized the roguelike genre and was well received by both players and critics when it was initially launched.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

Despite being a true masterpiece, Hollow Knight only has a Metacritic score of 87, which is lower than many fans believe it should be. However, this game merits being listed as one of the best 2D games available.

Hollow Knight receives an 87 due to the hand-drawn graphics, but there is so much more for both devoted gamers and newcomers to enjoy in this game. In the end, Hollow Knight is a gorgeous adventure game with a soothing soundtrack that will immerse and comfort the player. Although some of the controls are pretty difficult, once you master them and understand the game, it will rise to the top of your list of favorites.

Seeing a 2D game with such a rich and in-depth narrative is odd. Hollow Knight has fluid gameplay, excellent fighting techniques, and comical graphics as you explore the Hallownest realm that has been abandoned. 

You'll run into hostile adversaries and bosses who won't overlook any mistakes you make as you explore the kingdom's interior. In this vast Metroidvania adventure game, seize your Knight's nail and battle for survival.


Although Terraria has graphics reminiscent of the venerable Super Mario series, it is an entirely different game. In this case, you should be prepared for a good adventure game with some action scenes. Because the world is randomly generated, you'll run into a new group of foes and challenges every time you quit and restart the game. 

In Terraria, in addition to great fighting, you may craft, defeat bosses in select game regions, and draw NPCs to that area to guard it after you've beaten the boss. If you give Terraria a shot, you'll see that it's much more than just a basic 2D PC game and an enjoyable way to pass the time.

Speaking of beloved classics, millions of people adore this fantastic game. One of those games that you know won't get stale or boring. In Terraria, you can get lost, and you'll never run out of things to do, bases to build, or enemies to battle, thanks to the frequent upgrades.

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Ori And The Blind Forest

Ori And The Blind Forest

Moon Studios created the 2D game Ori and the Blind Forest. You will be in charge of the "Ori" character in the game, a white guardian spirit. The surface can move around the match by climbing, walking, and jumping over barriers. 

Ori can also fire spirit flames at barriers in your path, making it more straightforward for you to go through them. The gorgeous environment design gives it the appearance of being more than just a 2D game. You will be able to appreciate this PC game's genuine beauty.

One of the most aesthetically stunning games of the decade, their debut title features vibrant colors and meticulously designed backgrounds that are a genuine treat for the eyes. The remaining game elements are also well-realized, resulting in an exhilarating experience when combined.



Celeste is one of the true indie-game success stories of the past few years, having sold over a million copies and receiving numerous award nominations. A team of four people created the game's core in under four days as part of a Game Jam event; this served as the basis for the final release.

Although the 8-bit art style is understandably not to everyone's taste, it will undoubtedly be appreciated by older players as a pleasant throwback to a bygone age. 

Nevertheless, the color scheme is far more daring than in some older 2D games, which genuinely aids in bringing the game's stunning backdrops to life. It is easy to control, has a beautiful Lena Raine soundtrack, and offers plenty of challenges without feeling unjust.



Guacamelee is one of the best platforms in the Metroidvania type. It may not be particularly long, but the tight combat, fantastic soundtrack, and striking visuals make up for this. The game also contains hilarious humor that grins you from beginning to end.

Guacamelee's Super Turbo Championship Edition is unquestionably the most excellent way to experience everything it offers, but the successor is equally impressive for those seeking a more contemporary game. 

Its enhancements to the formula's quality of life are evident, yet it lacks some of its predecessor's appeal for some reason. If you appreciate humor and puns, look no further since plenty can be found here.



This puzzle platformer with reality-altering and time-bending elements will keep anyone's mind active yet entertaining. It features a unique aesthetic that is uncommon in 2D games. It's drawn in a painting style that is entirely original and amazing to look at.

This game is engaging and is an experience that isn't worth missing out on since it draws you in and maintains your interest as you develop strategies to survive the task ahead. The forgiving nature of Braid is possibly its best quality. There will be more gameplay and less time spent stranded on one scene if you skip through or cannot complete a task.



Limbo is the game where you will lose often, but it is still only a few levels long. Even if the ending could feel hollow on the first read, this does not imply that it lacks significance. It's the kind of game that, while being exciting and fun to play, requires a few different runs to understand what is happening.

Limbo offers a gloomy, unsettling ambiance with moody lighting and straightforward illustrations, similar to Inside. It is more of a grim puzzle platformer that relentlessly taunts you as you navigate the land of Limbo to save your sister.


It advertises itself as a science fiction game that will appeal to lovers of Firefly, Dwarf, and Dune. In the management simulation game Rimworld, you can create, oversee, grow, and watch relatively plainly illustrated folks go about their daily lives in this intriguing world.

When you immerse yourself in this fantastic game, which is cute and incredibly addictive, you'll find yourself watching the hours pass. Perhaps the captivating melody will hypnotize you into playing the game. Or maybe the straightforwardness and simple play style let you relax and have fun.

A few hours in this unusual universe will allow you to realize why the game got some fantastic reviews, even though each round is as distinctive and thrilling as the others.

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A young boy who finds himself at the center of a sinister enterprise is followed inside. He needs to find a way out, be quiet, work puzzles, and avoid becoming what those around him are already.

The youngster could be shot with a tranquilizer dart, attacked by dogs, caught in a surveillance device, blasted apart by shockwaves, or drowned, among other potential causes of death. These deaths are depicted realistically and are frequently gory, just like Limbo. If the character dies, the game resumes from the most recent checkpoint.

This 2016 video game has received positive reviews from critics and users, mainly because of its captivating graphics, lovely soundtrack, and eerie atmosphere. Nevertheless, despite having a spooky appearance, it is enjoyable to play and use. Its core is a platformer puzzle-solver that keeps you interested, shocked, and entranced until the end. 

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy

Many people believe that Super Meat Boy was the first indie game, inspiring and boosting the confidence of other aspiring creators with nothing more than a concept and a desire. Whether or not it is the case is debatable.

Regardless, it's very darn good and somehow manages to be both difficult and straightforward. Although Super Meat Boy's stages may not appear particularly challenging at first, they can require multiple tries due to the cruel placement of the game's many lethal obstacles. 

But because of the excellent controls—some of the tightest ever seen in a video game—you won't be losing too many lives. With enough practice and perseverance, you should be able to complete this great 2D game, which will leave you feeling quite accomplished.



Undertale is a game that will stick with you for a long time after you finish it. Suppose you finish it because it is tough to beat. While the game's old-school 8-bit graphics and sound design won't astound you, it will allow your imagination to run wild as you battle various monsters. 

The game is also a severe RPG contender since you still have to interact with other players, find loot, and make crucial choices that will influence how the plot develops and how the game ends.

The game is satisfying, and if you play the game, the final battle with Flowey will make you sweat and feel anxious. It's incredibly challenging to beat but also terrifying!

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

Despite being published in 1993, Mortal Kombat is still the best fighting game ever. At the time, the graphics were excellent, and video games had never included such blood, gore, and violence. Scorpion, Sonya, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Kano, and Shang Tsung are just a few of our cruel and robust characters. 

According to in-game backstories, the Elder Gods, an ancient pantheon of timeless, ethereal, and preternatural divine beings, founded the eighteen surviving realms that make up the fictitious universe in which the series is set.

Here, you'll fight to the death employing fantastic fatality mechanics, which typically involve tapping several buttons sequentially to activate. So get ready to slice off heads, pull spines, and kick your adversaries into the pit to impale them if you have a strong stomach and desire a violent battle experience.

It is one of the most loved fighting games available on androids



DOOM is a 2D game; what? One of the most good shooting games ever made is the classic DOOM, which is also the game that made first-person shooters (FPS) famous. In this action game, which had never been seen before, you will battle demons who will try your patience and reflexes. Let's shoot the demons' heads off when you load your shotgun and get ready with your weaponry!

In this game, players take up the role of Doomguy, a space soldier who fights hordes of invading demons from hell. To create a science fiction game with influences from Dungeons & Dragons, Evil Dead II, and Aliens, John Carmack created a 3D gaming engine.

Doom, frequently cited as one of the best games ever made, is one of the finest titles in the history of video games. By 1999, 3.5 million copies are said to have been sold.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight, which has graphics that fall between 8-bit and 16-bit, is inspired by vintage side-scrolling games. In this straightforward game, you will use the shovel as your primary weapon to assault the adversaries and uncover money. 

You'll have a globe map to help you explore the game's semi-open environment, where you can choose and finish primary and side tasks and fight bosses. It's easy to do yet still really effective, and it's a lot of fun.

The game was well-received by critics, who ranked it among the best video games ever created. The initial tale was given the retronym Shovel of Hope when more campaigns were made available. 

The full version of the game, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, contains the multiplayer fighting game Shovel Knight Showdown and the three other campaigns, Plague of Shadows, Specter of Torment, and King of Cards, were released in December 2019.

Don't Starve Together

This is a game where you must survive in a cruel, harsh, and dark game world, even if the game isn't simply about starving or not starving. All of the elements from the single-player edition are included in this Don't Starve extension, but you can now play multiplayer and choose to starve or not with your friends. 

It's an open-world game where you are dropped into a randomly generated environment and must use point-and-click fighting mechanics and a keyboard to handle the other activities to survive as long as possible.

Enter a weird, uncharted realm filled with surprises, perils, and bizarre creatures. Gather materials to make structures and things that suit your survival style. Discover the wonders of this foreign land while you play.

Play a match with your friends, or take a chance on online strangers. To survive the hostile environment, team up with other players, or go alone. Don't starve, and do everything it takes not to.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

Another 2D game for the PC, Darkest Dungeon, combines turn-based gameplay with real-time action. The objective is to explore the treacherous underground area after crawling through a dungeon beneath a gothic mansion. 

The critical factor here is the stress levels of the heroes you command, which affect their general battle and exploration performance. Although it's not an easy game, it offers the player a lot of enjoyable moments and good visuals for a game of this kind.

In the video game Darkest Dungeon, the player controls a team of heroes as they explore dungeons beneath a gothic estate they have inherited. The stress level of each hero rises with more exploration and combat; a character with a high-stress story may acquire illnesses that may hinder or perhaps improve their ability as an explorer. 

Darkest Dungeon is a real-time movement and turn-based combat game. The game's logo also features the Stress Symbol or Iron Crown, a crescent with five inward-pointing spikes.

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Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Despite having the word "Fallout" in its name, Fallout Shelter doesn't necessarily have a beautiful aesthetic, but it's still a lot of fun. Fallout Shelter adopts a distinct gameplay style, so you'll spend time improving your shelter, buying items for your house, having conversations, and defending it from intruders. 

It's a more leisurely game with comical graphics that fit in well and feels excellent. It's fantastic to know that you can also purchase the game for the Android operating system to increase your playing options.

Despite additional work being put into strengthening the third level of the vault to ensure protection against earthquakes, this vast underground refuge is one of the few Vaults whose construction went quickly and without delays. 

Only individuals from vastly different philosophies and cultural backgrounds were given access to the vault as part of Vault-sociological Tec's experiment to collect data on how they interacted and what might go wrong during the vault's anticipated 50-year lifespan.

Dead Cells

We all adore the classic 2D battling that Dead Cells brings back. The graphics seem incredible because the game is still in early access. You'll want to kill the enemy more and more since it plays so well, and the battle is so exciting. 

However, exercise caution because some supervisors are harsh and will penalize you for any mistakes you make. Dead Cells will undoubtedly provide you with 15 hours of gameplay on your first playthrough, which is a significant amount for a 2D game. Although it costs money, it's a tonne of fun.

The Prisoner, an enigmatic being that can possess human corpses, is controlled by the player. To assassinate the island's King, the Prisoner must traverse a fictional island populated by mutant monsters. All weapons and upgrades acquired throughout a game are lost when the player dies, except a few permanent items.

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem is a well-known figure. Duke Nukem games have always been known for his one-liners and sense of humor, and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is no exception. The game is 2.5D even though the depiction isn't 2D, but the gameplay is. 

Eliminating those annoying police pigs is the main objective, along with platforming and puzzle-solving. With various weapons, such as bazookas, grenades, machine guns, and handguns, the game does a thrilling job of providing players with intense and rapid action. It's still a blast to play, despite being an old game!

The first three games were produced by Apogee Software, which changed its name to 3D Realms in 1996. In 1991, Duke Nukem became the first video game. It is a two-dimensional platform game for the IBM PC with 16-color, 320 x 200 EGA scrolling visuals.

Duke Nukem was renamed to Duke Nukem for the 2.0 revision after Apogee discovered that the name "Duke Nukem" might have already been copyrighted for the Duke Nukem character from the television series Captain Planet and the Planeteers. 

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Ascendant, a fantastic "beat 'em up" PC 2D game, now lets you play as a demigod, which sounds amazing. Although the combat is excellent, you'll be glad to learn that it isn't the only focus of this game. 

In Ascendant, you'll employ a variety of powerful weapons, find Blessings that will define your destiny, and learn how to cast spells to stay alive. It's an excellent 2D PC game with good graphics that you can purchase for a few dollars.

Your rival demigods' armies are unrelenting. It hurts when an enemy cuts you with his sword. Spikes in a pit leave severe wounds. Rare things can restore health. 

To survive, use timing, agility, and precision in battle. To gain the upper hand, avoid strikes and destroy your adversary when he is unbalanced. Sounds impressive, right? 


Bastion excels at fusing fantastic fighting features with a top-down perspective of a stunning, fantasy-based environment. It's a vibrant game that looks excellent for one of its kind. Vital RPG aspects are also introduced in Bastion, where you can purchase things and weapons and then upgrade them using the game's fragments. 

A shrine or an armory can be added to the Bastion using the cores, which are also a form of in-game currency. Bastion is a straightforward 2D game at first glance, but it's tough to play and only enjoyable until you succeed.

The player controls "the Kid" throughout the game as he navigates through floating, fantasy-themed locations and engages numerous foes. A dynamic story spoken by a narrator presents it as a two-dimensional game with an isometric camera and bright, hand-painted graphics (Logan Cunningham). The history of Bastion follows the Kid as he gathers unique rock fragments to power the Bastion after a catastrophic Calamity.

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion

In the platform racing game Trials Fusion for the PC, you will use your motorcycle to race through the challenging levels of motorcycle trials. In case you were curious, it is a bloody brutal sport to perfect. 

Although the stages are pretty challenging to complete, especially near the end of the game, the game takes an arcade approach and lets you breathe. Like earlier games in the series, Trials Fusion offers an arcade interpretation of the actual sport of witnessed trials. 

From the initial of the game till the end, the user controls a rider on a physics-based motorcycle while avoiding various hazards. The rider can only go forward and backward in the game because it is played on a 2D plane but employs 3D graphics. 

To do wheelies, stoppies, and flips while in the air, the user controls how the rider moves their weight forward and backward and manages how the bike lands. Players can now perform freestyle motocross acrobatics while in the air, which was impossible in earlier Trials games, by moving the right analog stick. The option to select a quad bike for a few of the levels is another innovation to the Trials series.

You must try this game if you love of racing games the Best Racing Games for Android.


Over the years, it has been a thrilling experience and journey that has brought us to the present. We can again lose ourselves in these enjoyable games with just a few touches on our smartphones, either in our pockets or within arm's reach.

A list of the top 2D platformers for Android that transport us back in time and evoke fond recollections is precisely what we'll examine today. We hope you like the best 2D games listed above.


Since their introduction to gaming, 2D games have never been more well-liked. Video games can be played in 2D or 3D, and none is superior to the other.

A platformer, sometimes known as a platform video game, is one in which players control characters that leap or climb between various platforms on the screen. These games typically have two-dimensional graphics.

Games with simple controls are better suited for beginners. Therefore their target market is more significant. Making a 2D game is simple since it is not only quicker and cheaper to build but also easier. The same holds for any upcoming game updates. Simple rules make 2D games ideal as time wasters.

Games classified as two-dimensional primarily utilize 2D graphics and have constrained movement. In terms of gameplay, some of the most popular 2D game categories are: To add complexity to their 2D games, gaming companies and developers frequently construct hybrids using these.

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