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Montana Solitaire

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What is Montana Solitaire Game?

Montana Solitaire" is a variation of the classic solitaire card game. In Montana Solitaire, the objective is to build up the four foundation piles in ascending order from Ace to King, with cards of the same suit. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards, and the layout typically consists of seven tableau piles where cards can be moved and arranged. Players can move cards between tableau piles and build sequences in descending order, alternating colors. Play this amazing card game online for free!

Why to Play Montana Solitaire Game on Frolic?

  • Classic Solitaire Gameplay: Enjoy the familiar mechanics of solitaire with a Montana twist.
  • Build Foundations: Construct foundation piles in ascending order from Ace to King, by suit.
  • Strategic Card Movement: Move cards between tableau piles, building sequences in descending order and alternating colors.
  • Standard Deck: Play with a standard 52-card deck for a traditional solitaire experience.
  • Challenging Yet Relaxing: Test your skills and patience in this engaging solitary card game.

How to Play Montana Solitaire?


  • Ascending Order: Cards must be placed in ascending order on foundation piles, starting with Ace.
  • Suit Matching: Cards in foundation piles must match the suit of the starting card.
  • Sequence Building: Build sequences in descending order within tableau piles, alternating colors.
  • Legal Moves: Only Kings or sequences starting with Kings can be moved to empty tableau piles.

Tricks to Win Montana Solitaire

  • Plan Ahead: Strategize your moves to maximize sequence building and foundation completion.
  • Use Empty Spaces Wisely: Utilize empty tableau piles for strategic card movements.
  • Uncover Hidden Cards: Focus on uncovering hidden cards to access more strategic options.
  • Prioritize Foundations: Concentrate on completing foundation piles to progress towards winning the game.
  • Stay Patient: Practice patience and careful planning to overcome challenges and win Montana Solitaire.

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