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Bike games are video games that allow players to ride a virtual motorcycle. The goal is to race around a track, do tricks and stunts, steer clear of obstacles, or engage in combat. Typically, the player can select a selection of motorcycles to compete on several tracks. In addition, players can modify the bike and rider in some video games.

There are several advantages to playing the best bike games. The first is that competing in a bike race over gorgeous scenery, exciting visuals, or a challenging obstacle course is much fun! You can race other players while discovering new virtual worlds. Your skills, such as speed, balance, and hand-eye coordination, will all be improved by playing bike racing games. They may also teach you about motorcycle models. 

Best Bike Games

Millions of gamers are drawn to racing games for some reason. Bike racing is a gaming genre that men, women, and teenagers enjoy. All bike racing games will be enthralled by stunts, one-wheeling, dirt biking, 3D racing, stoppies, and speed. In these best bike racing games, speed thrills but does not kill.

Finding the top bike racing games for Android, PC, or Xbox can take time and effort. But you can find one on this list of the best bike games, assembled out of a pure passion for bike racing games. 

Racing Fever: Moto

Racing Fever

Racing Fever is one of the best bike racing games, with 16 distinctive motorcycles with various shades and dynamics. Every bike rider's dream comes true when they can alter the speed, compete on incredible tracks, and do front-and-backflips.

Prepare yourself to play this game with the same levels of excitement and success as active bike riders. The game has four regions, four gang leaders with various groups to complete, and four different camera views for a realistic biking experience. You are regarded as the best racer when you overtake all four leaders. The escape mode transports you to a different area where you can break any speed restrictions while dodging the police.

The excellent graphics in Racing Fever Moto are one of its most fascinating features. With the 3D levels, you become almost wholly engrossed in every race's action. Additionally, the wide range of motorcycles on the market allows you to choose each one with a new set of feelings.

You'll have a great time playing Racing Fever Moto as you attempt to complete each course on each bike as quickly as you can. So download it and start playing this thrilling game.

Valentino Rossi: The game

Valentino Rossi

Every real fan of motorcycle racing appreciates Valentino Rossi's games as a legend. Therefore, all Rossi fans should try playing this game. Valentino Rossi comes under the list of best bike games as per recent research, which you surely can't miss. MotoGP published the game in 2016, and it continues to enjoy tremendous success and fan support.

The video game featuring Valentino Rossi features historical obstacles, an exciting storyline, and highlights from Rossi's career. You can relive Rossi's triumph in the season-opening Losail race, which marked his first MotoGP victory. 

In the game's career mode, you can enlist in the VR46 Riders Academy, ride a dirt bike on Rossi's MotorRanch course, compete in Moto3, and accept more challenges to advance to the MotoGP ranks. The surprises in the game will be fun for all players.

Split-screen is available for those who want to race with a friend. You can play Rossi's career mode or enter the action immediately. In the career mode, you must digitally rebuild your racer in the greatest gear before mounting a bike. Then, you take on a few practice tracks while listening to Valentino's voice for direction.

Thus, Valentino Rossi offers an enjoyable experience in terms of cars and bikes, giving you enough reason to try them.

For such fun experience, you can also try the best off-road games for android.

Trial Xtreme 4

Trial Xtreme 4

You must race to the finish line while attempting to stay on your bike in this racing game. It will be challenging, given how difficult the game's tracks navigate.

You'll need to focus on performing some spectacular jumps at first, but soon you'll need to accomplish difficult feats where speed is not the only consideration. You may need to use the brakes occasionally to make it to the finish line without incident.

As is customary in speed games, Trial Xtreme 4 lets you upgrade your bike and buy brand-new motorcycles. You will see your competitor riding next to you as you race, trying to overtake you. You can participate in tournaments with Trial Xtreme 4 and compare your performance to that of other players from around the globe and specific races. But because the series is consistently doing excellent work, and this most recent game is no exception, it's not a coincidence.

Clan Race

Clan Race

The developers of the "Trial Xtreme" video game series have created a motocross game called "Clan Race," in which you may play online against other players in a real-time competition. As you win races, you might move up a level where you'll face more seasoned competitors riding more powerful motorcycles.

The Clan Race controls are similar to the other "Trial Xtreme" games. The guidelines for the motorcycle's lean angles are on the screen's left side, and the turbo button is on the right side. The bike will always be moving at maximum speed, so all you need to do is use the turbo when it matters most and "nail" the landings after each jump.

Clan Race's wide variety of customization options is among its most fascinating features. Additionally, you can alter how your driver looks and unlock new "emojis" and actions.

It is a fantastic motorcycle game with excellent graphics, many customizability possibilities, and various circuits. A fun game that you may play online against players from across the world.

Retro Highway

Retro Highway

Retro Highway is a mobile-optimized motorcycle racing game that draws inspiration from other genre classics. It effectively mixes the flexibility of contemporary games with the difficulty and appeal of games from the 1980s.

Retro Highway's controls are straightforward and flawless on touchscreen devices. Your motorcycle will go in that direction if you touch either side of the screen. You will find a "turbo" button on the right side of the screen, which you can use to accelerate quickly for a short period.

In each game of Retro Highway, the objective is to go as far as possible while setting a new high score and amassing as much cash as possible. Additionally, each time you play, you'll get a few assignments that allow you to unlock new levels and earn more money.

The amazing retro-style racing game Retro Highway provides a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Additionally, each level has a few components that set it apart from the others.

Real Moto

Real Moto

In this motorcycle game, users compete against other gamers worldwide while riding more than a dozen bikes on reputable circuits. Accurate Moto's controls are straightforward and ideal for slowing it down by lightly hitting the brakes with your right finger, and you can turn by lightly swiping your left thumb over the bottom of the screen.

You start with just one bike in your garage, but you can unlock a lot more as you go through the game and earn money and points. Additionally, each cycle can be individually colored, albeit doing so will cost you money. Finally, of course, you can also alter your car's appearance.

Real Moto is a 3D motorcycle racing game with a fantastic campaign mode that lets you race against various opponents on various courses. So let go of your competitive impulses and push the boundaries of speed while experiencing incredible realism in the palm of your hand!

Death Moto 4

Death Moto 4

If you are a fan of adventure games, this game is the perfect pick for you. Sequel to the massively popular racing game "Death Moto 3," which has received almost 15 million downloads. Experience motorbike racing with visuals that are unequaled! 

A world championship for motorcyclists! Try out the newly created bike engine, which features a variety of controls and handling for everything from scooters to super sports bikes. Compete against online opponents in GP Modes modeled after the real MOTO GP Championship.

Beyond your wildest dreams, racing is fun in Death Moto 4. Release your competitive inclinations and push the boundaries of speed while experiencing incredible realism in the palm of your hand! It is one of the best bike games played. Also, you don't need to provide optional access permissions to play this game.

SBK 16

Feel the rush of driving a 200 HP beast across the world's most challenging race tracks on an Aprilia, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, MV Agusta, BMW, or Yamaha—the decision is yours!

To receive a gift that will change how you play, compete against current SBK Champion Jonathan Rea and other actual riders, or test your riding abilities in the brand-new Test Ride mode. Enjoy ten distinct control methods, including motion, virtual joystick, and mobile gaming pad, as you feast on realistic 3D images with dynamic lighting effects.

To hear the screech of tires skidding on the tarmac as the back wheel loses grip and you struggle to regain control of your bike, you must learn the new game physics and push them to their absolute maximum.

To provide a fair presentation of the white-knuckle Superbike racing style and provide the most realistic motorcycle racing experience on Android, SBK16 was created in collaboration with Dorna WSBK Organization.

Despite being completely free to download and play, SBK16 offers a premium gaming experience that lets you skip commercials. You can do this by making an optional in-app purchase or beating the game's new Test Ride level.

Gravity Rider

Gravity Rider

Rapid on Gravity Rider's trails comes a brand-new, simplified moto racing experience: Gravity Rider Zero. Every track is precisely balanced, so you can always beat it while utilizing your favorite ride. 

You will climb over barriers, learn new innovative mechanics, and face challenges at this bike balance game level. Gravity, enormous ramps, lasers, spikes, and other obstacles will all try to block your path. But don't worry; your car is moving at the right pace to get through; if you drive carefully, you won't crash.

Build up a variety of distinctive racing cars with futuristic styling. You can unlock other bikes by completing tasks, succeeding in challenges, or setting new records. There is always a new goal to pursue and a new prize to look forward to, and everything is there, from trial bikes to ATVs and motorbikes from World War II to space rockets.

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Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider

The creators of Traffic Racer have created yet another masterpiece. This time, the gameplay is much more complex while still being straightforward and enjoyable. You are on a motorcycle. The speedier you ride, the more points you earn. When driving over 100 km/h, pass automobiles in close succession to earn bonus points and money. Going in the opposite direction in two-way traffic also makes your points and cash. 

Traffic Rider raises the bar for endless racing by introducing a full career mode, first-person perspective, better visuals, and real-world recorded bike sounds. The core of smooth arcade racing is still housed in a more contemporary shell. 

Ride your bike around the never-ending highways while passing other vehicles to complete the missions in career mode. Additionally, you can upgrade and buy new bicycles. It is the best bike racing game you should try if you enjoy riding on highways.

Bike Unchained 2

The most advanced mobile mountain riding game is Red Bull's Bike Unchained 2! Bike Unchained 2 stands apart from other action sports games thanks to its updated graphics, gameplay, parts, and riders. In PvP downhill action, compete against real riders, or line up your finest tricks in slopestyle competitions. 

In Bike Unchained 2, prepare for the world's most famous mountain bike race! To claim the title of the best rider in the world, you must demonstrate that you are the fastest on the mountain during ranked league competitions. Then, slopestyle runs that put your style and ability to the test. 

The trails provide brutal rock gardens, fast, flowy singletrack, and everything in between as you pedal through five locations. In addition, you may completely personalize your ride and appearance with an absurd number of parts and accessories. So declare your superiority to the world while looking fantastic doing it! We'll see you down there.

With custom contests, you can create a race or slopestyle competition. Make the ideal battleground for you and your pals to square off. Speed or trickery? Sprint race or contest? You make choices and get the credit.

Drag Racing

Drag Racing

The original nitro-fueled racing game, known as drag racing, fascinated more than 100,000,000 enthusiasts worldwide. Over 50 distinct car styles from JDM, Europe, or the US are available to race, tune, upgrade, and customize.

The choices has been expanded for customizing cars, so your garage will stand out and be one of a kind. Compete against other players online by driving your opponent's car in a one-on-one race or participating in Pro League's live 10-player races. Collect one-of-a-kind stickers and logos created by our pals at Sumo Fish and CIAY Studio. Make masterpieces for racing out of your preferred vehicles.

While racing alone might be enjoyable, the "Online" section presents the most formidable challenge. Compete against friends or random racers. Your creativity is limitless; combine all modification choices to create your cutting-edge car emblem design. 

Do you believe that running a straight line is simple? While keeping in your class, try to strike the ideal balance between strength and grip. Then, tune your vehicle and scream to victory. Turn on the nitrous oxide for added enjoyment, but wait to press the button! Dig deeper and tweak gear ratios to shave off priceless milliseconds through ten levels of automobiles and race divisions.

If you are a fan of action-packed racing, try the games like hill climb racing. These games will take you on an action-packed ride full of speed and adventure.

Moto Rider GO

Moto Rider GO

One of the best motorcycle simulators available on mobile devices, focusing on realistic gameplay. It holds for the actual races, the physical model, fantastic three-dimensional graphics, and real life. You'll have to ride your bike on a congested highway in the Android game Moto Rider GO, which is an infinite runner. 

Moto Rider GO is an aggressive bike racing game with many features where you must ride, speed through, and dodge cars while controlling a motorcycle. There are four separate highways where you can race, and there is potential to increase your speed and unlock more bikes. In addition, it has gorgeous 3D visuals.

Mad Skills Motocross 3

Mad Skills Motocross 3

It is a 2D motorcycle racing game that uses the similar mechanics of gameplay that you might have seen in the first two games of this series, giving frantic races over courses with lots of ramps and jumps. On this particular occasion, though, you get to face off against many opponents in real time. 

The controls in Mad Skills Motocross 3 are much the same as those in the first two games. On the left-hand side, you will find buttons for accelerating and braking, whereas the ones for leaning forward and backward are on the right side. 

You can set up the controls however you wish in the options as well. You'll have to attempt to complete three different goals in each race in Mad Skills Motocross 3, which is one of the game's most intriguing new elements. You may unlock many new parts for your motorcycle, which you can modify as you go, with the extra cash you win during the races.

Mad Skills BMX 2

Mad Skills BMX 2

One of the most intense bike racing games you'll ever play on Android is called Mad Skills BMX 2. It has many features, is pretty well-liked, and will provide you with a ton of enjoyment and experience. 

You may play Mad Skills BMX 2 offline and in online tournaments with friends and gamers worldwide. You can choose from seven other bikes in Mad Skills BMX 2 and alter the color scheme of each one. You can unlock more than seven bikes, and upgrading and customizing is an opportunity. 

A 2D racing game with excellent visuals, exciting gameplay, and controls ideal for touchscreen devices is called Mad Skills BMX 2. Play against the game's AI, compete against Facebook friends, or play against other players randomly. 

With two buttons, that's all it takes to master the BMX without fear. But to obtain every cycle, you'll need to finish circuits and triumph in competitions.

Bike Race: Bike Stunts

Bike Race: Bike Stunts

Bike Race: Bike Stunt Game is another 3D bike racing game to play; it's a fantastic motocross game you'll love to play on your Android device. There are many bikes to unlock in this game, and you can also carry out improvements. 

It is pretty tricky and contains a variety of severe stunt levels. One of the top offline and online bike racing games for Android, Bike Race: Bike Stunt Game features multiple game modes and numerous unique levels, making it a fun game to play.

Bike Rivals

Bike Rivals

Your objective in the 2D racing game Bike Rivals is to finish the race as speedily as you can while avoiding strange roadblocks that pop up along the way.

Simple to use, the bike's controls involve tilting the Android smartphone from side to side while pressing the right and left sides of the screen to accelerate and brake, respectively. With these controls, you'll need to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. 

You'll encounter crazy jumps, loops, and occasionally even traps on every game level. The primary cause of that is that despite all the competition out there, it manages to stand out thanks to its incredible graphics and incredibly entertaining level design.

Bike Blast

In the 3D endless runner Bike Blast, your goal is to ride your bike as far as possible. As you move forward, you must avoid trams, fences, buses, and the rest of the game's obstacles. The controls for Bike Blast are standard for the genre: to change lanes, jump, slide under objects, and slide your finger from side to side. 

Using a hang glider to fly for a short period requires continually tapping the screen. You may finish objectives and collect a ton of coins while running, much like in other games of a similar nature. You may unlock new characters and bicycles using these coins. 

Unfortunately, the only options available first are two characters and two bicycles. An uninspired but entertaining endless runner is Bike Blast. Even though there are clear and probably intentional parallels to Subway Surfers, the game is still enjoyable.

Highway Stunt Bike Riders

Highway Stunt Bike Riders

You are introducing the upgraded VR version of Highway Stunt Bike Rider. Use Google Cardboard to experience the bike race stunts in VR. Now that your hands are free, just put on your Google glasses and start playing. A quick-paced 3D bike racing game called Highway Stunt Bike Rider VR. 

You are passing vehicles closely and performing motorbike stunts while driving faster to win points and earn money. However, exercise caution when maneuvering, as hitting cars will hurt. A bike race that quick would never be allowed in the real world! During rush hour traffic, ride your motorcycle at an incredibly high speed! 

Enjoy thrilling highway bike racing with outstanding graphics perfectly suited for 3D high-resolution screens and realistic motorcycle mechanics.

Bike Mayhem

Bike Mayhem

In the frantic, action-packed game Bike Mayhem, you climb upon a mountain bike to showcase your prowess. This game will increase your heart rate as you play heart-stopping games and has exceptionally detailed graphics. 

To get a better understanding of the gameplay in Bike Mayhem, you should first finish the tutorial. Since the bike is balanced forward and backward in the jumps, and you must know how to perform the tricks to win the matches, you must be familiar with all the controls. 

You can compete in Bike Mayhem on more than 100 tracks and 21 distinctive mountains. Additionally, you can upgrade and modify your bike however you like.

Furious City Moto Bike Racer

In this spectacular and frantic city bike racing simulator, rise to the top and become the moto king. As a city driver, you can race and hurry around on a fast motorcycle in the enormous metropolis. This motorcycle racing game will have many unique features and challenging game missions. 

It developed into the best racer on these tracks and completed intriguing missions using their unique requirements for passage. You will only get stopped if you drive at peak speed, travel at night with a buddy, avoid other cars, and break the speed limit.

Earn money so you can get the most costly, fastest motorcycle imaginable. This furious city moto bike racer is for bike race game addicts. After playing this game for several years, many game lovers started to become addicted to it. 

This game created a significant impact because of the kind of visuals it has in the front of the game. Everything seems to be unique, which also attracts new beginners to bike racing games.

For a thrilling experience, you can check out the best truck games for android.


Whether you're an Android or PC enthusiast, gaming is a fantastic way to unwind, and, on occasion, you may take it seriously and compete. They are all over a continuum that ranges from more fantasy-style racing games to more realistic racing simulations. 

You also need working memory skills for bike racing video games. You can find numerous tracks with obstacles and power-ups in most racing games. Players need to use their working memory to know where they are on their way, when to speed up, and when to be cautious. 

In this article, you have some of the best bike games to play and enjoy in your leisure time with yourself and your fellow mates.


Bike Unchained has the best visuals are among the list of fun with the best 

Asphalt 9: legends like games are best for android users providing vivid pictures and great playing experiences. 

Horizon Chase comes under the list of best racing games for android users. 

GT Racing 2 is one of the best racing games for PC.

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