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Epic Games runs the Epic Games Store for Windows and macOS. It gave the company a good name and a wide range of free games. The Epic Games Store has become more popular in the past three years than Steam. Several popular Epic Games games are available there.

One of the most recent and promising online stores, The Epic Games Store provides value through regular discounts and freebies. It also has many free-to-play games in a variety of genres. The Epic Games Store has gained worldwide fame despite launching in 2018 to compete with GOG and Steam. People can't ignore the store's growth due to game freebies, even though lower prices and growing game libraries are also factors.

The Epic Games Store has given away GTA V, Tomb Raider, and Hitman. The Epic Games Store's weekly freemium program has been running for over three years. Epic offers over 100 free decent games; there's no sign this promotion will end soon. In addition, here are the best free games of Epic Games for you!

The Best Free Games on Epic Games are here! 

The Best Free Games on Epic Games are here! Explore the all Games here.

Demons Tilt

Demons Tilt

Pinball 3D on Windows XP has been a delightful distraction, even though the pinball genre remains largely unexplored. The market is unmoving, and video game developers haven't used the classic Pinball theme much. Demon's Tilt, a timeless pinball game, has been given a modern makeover. 

This game has one of the most dramatic pinball boards ever seen in a video pinball game. The game features a variety of realistic and supernatural themes. Demon's Tilt is a small video game that only requires 1 GB of space, which is exactly what you would expect from a pinball game. 

There are several different pinball tables in the game. You can run this game on any graphics card with a processing speed greater than that of the Radeon 7970 or the GTX 660.

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Metro Last Light Redux 

Metro Last Light Redux 

Fans may not have been aware that this Metro: Last Light edition comes with "Redux" features, which include updated visuals and all of the game's downloadable content by default. Even though this is the middle game in a trilogy that includes Metro 2033 and Metro Exodus, each title offers multiple opportunities for enjoyment. 

This game is unique in that it manages to combine a post-apocalyptic setting with a compelling narrative while emphasizing elements of first-person shooting, first-person survival horror, and endurance. This is something that many other games struggle to accomplish.

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

Even though everyone is aware of the troubled history of the Alien video game franchise, the Alien franchise is still very well known today. Alien: Isolation, a survival horror game released in 2014, features one Xenomorph that pursues the player throughout the game. 

The game emphasizes the survival aspect of battling one and their physical strength. Alien: Isolation, which was free and is still thought to be the best game in the series, may have been the best game that Epic could have given to its customers.

Among Us

The social interpretation card game Among Us doesn't need an introduction because it's self-explanatory. It caught people's attention during the epidemic's early stages and has continued to do so, albeit with its share of highs and lows along the way. 

In the game Among Us, players take on the roles of crew members (or impostors) of the bean-style crew who are tasked with completing certain objectives or eliminating other players before they are discovered. Despite its peculiarities, it is typically a funny game that is most enjoyable when played with close friends.

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Rocket League

The online soccer game Rocket League, which is completely free to play, has received an original new feature. You don't use people like you normally would play football; instead, you use rocket-powered automobiles. A total of eight players can compete in the game, who will be split up into two teams. 

Each team uses the vehicles at its disposal to attempt to drive the ball into the opposing team's goal. One of the most enjoyable games for couch co-op and playing with plenty of buddies is Rocket League, without question. The game is fun to play while posing a certain degree of difficulty. If you're looking for a lighthearted game to play when you're feeling bored, you might find Rocket League on the free list of games Epic Games offers.

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Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape is another fighting game in the virtual reality space of the future. The circumference of the map does not decrease as the game progresses; rather, arbitrary sections of the map are removed. As the time limit for the game draws near, a crown will appear on the playing field; the winner will be determined by who can hang for at least one minute. 

Hacks, essentially unique powers, can also be utilized by players for offense and defense in video games. When one of your friends passes away, they are transformed into an Echo and gain the ability to rival ping teams. As the game progresses, artificial intelligence will also provide several game modes and variables, such as low gravity mode, endless ammunition, opponent location disclosure, and so on.



Spellbreak is considered a second-generation fighting game because its gameplay deviates significantly from the standard run-and-gun format. This battle royale video game requires players to choose between two elemental gauntlets, and once they have done so, they must combine their magical attacks to eliminate the competition. 

Despite its appearance of simplicity, the video game has an extremely high potential for skilled players, just like Fortnite does, and this potential is untapped. Anyone well-versed in the policies and strategies governing play in this game can swiftly and easily wipe out the entire opposing team. The battle royale genre can undoubtedly sigh relief due to this development.

A Plague Tale

A Plague Tale

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that A Plague Tale: Requiem has been released in 2022, quickly drawing much attention to the game. The game is showing signs of developing into a breathtaking experience that keeps players interested for more than just one round of play. 

Of course, not everyone will have had the opportunity to experience A Plague Tale: Innocence, the game that came before it. The Epic Games Store made a wise decision when they decided to give away this game so soon after the announcement of the game's successor. Without a doubt, as a consequence of this, a significant number of people have been playing it up until this point and are now prepared for the subsequent installment.

Nioh: The Complete Edition

Nioh: The Complete Edition

Fans might get a kick out of Nioh: The Complete Edition, which includes the two main games and three downloadable content packs. Due to the difficulty of its combat system, many people have compared Nioh to the action role-playing game Souls. Nioh is a role-playing adventure game. 

In addition, it is one of only a few games of this type that has created its own distinct identity. "Souls is Souls, Nioh is Nioh" should be the mentality of anyone who carries this item around with them because it is the most beneficial frame of mind.

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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

Both fans of the community and those of terrifying stories will find something to enjoy in Dead by Daylight. It's an inconsistent multiplayer game that's gained more popularity over the past few years. For those on the fence about it, playing it for free may have almost completely erased any feelings they had. 

Because it does not appear that Dead by Daylight is losing any of its momenta, it will be very interesting to see how new survivors and predators are introduced over the next year.

In Sound Mind

In Sound Mind

The chilling adventure "In Sound Mind" is entertaining. The game's story revolves around a man who becomes trapped inside his condominium complexes at some point. Things are not as they usually are, neither in his head nor in the world around him, which throws him off. 

Strange occurrences happen around him in his apartment, other parts of the city, and the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, he possesses a peculiar ability that enables him to move freely between his apartment and the various apartment complexes that house his ex-patients. 

The game takes a deep dive into several enduring issues related to mental health and weaves a beautiful narrative around them. Every level of the game consists entirely of audio recordings of the protagonist's past therapy sessions with various patients.


Some video games put you in the middle of the action, such as those in the Call of Duty series, and games with riveting stories, such as those in the Grand Theft Auto series. 

The second category is well represented by Dauntless, a notable example of which is that during the action, you are either massacring a large number of creatures or modifying your armaments by using the loot you obtain from doing so. When it comes to the actual gameplay, Dauntless features some of the most exciting confrontations between the game's hero and the game's most monstrous foes. 

Throughout the entirety of your journey, there is a possibility that you will witness some of the most fascinating and satisfying action sequences. The progression system in Dauntless is called the Hunt Pass, and it is nearly identical to the Royale Pass in PUBG. You can make the free Hunt Pass even better by doing the daily tasks and getting more benefits.

Genshin Impact

The open-world environment of the role-playing video game Genshin Impact is one of its standout features. It successfully captured the attention of millions of players worldwide thanks to the game's fantasy open-world environment and magical elements. Players will encounter various playable characters as they make their way through the game, each possessing unique abilities.

During the battle, players can instantly switch between characters and combine different magical elements, doing more damage to their enemies. If in the year 2021, you are interested in trying out some new free games, you can find Genshin Impact on the list of best free games on Epic Games, which you can access here.

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Rogue Company

Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a cooperative first-person shooter video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. The gameplay is quite reminiscent of Valorant or CS: GO. While Valorant and CS: GO are first-person shooters, Rogue Company is a third-person shooter. Rogue Company is the game for you if you're one of the gamers that prefer to play games from the third-person perspective to the first-person perspective. 

In each of the different game modes, your four-player team competes against another four-player team. Players can purchase grenades, weapons, and other items using the credits at the beginning of each round. Your score in each round will determine how many credits you receive at the end of the competition. You can locate Rogue Company on the free games list provided by Epic Games.

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Warframe is an action role-playing game from a third-person looter shooter perspective. You take on the role of a space ninja and wield four different abilities, each specific to a different character. You can gain access to additional characters by playing the game entirely or purchasing them with in-game currency. 

Those who are interested in playing story-driven games will enjoy its extensive lore. The game's strength lies in the extensive content it offers, all of which is regularly updated. The creators of Warframe have pumped a significant amount of new content into the game through several game patches and updates. Check out Warframe if you ever find yourself with a lot of free time but nothing to play, as it is one of the free games you can find on the Epic website.


Ubisoft's long-running racing game series Trackmania features a game called Trackmania, which is a track racing game. Even though it is not as well-known as the Need for Speed, Forza, or Gran Turismo series, it is a fantastic game that is perfect for jumping into a short gaming session. 

In this racing game, you get behind the wheel of an F1 car, making it more intense than any other racing game. You have the option to compete against other online players in Trackmania, or you can race Solo to try and beat your previous record.

There are approximately 25 official courses available in the game, and each course will receive an update once every three months. Therefore, there is a significant amount of ground to cover in Trackmania. This game is extremely addicting and even allows you to design your courses.

Hi Paladins

Hi Paladins

Hi- Paladins is a brand-new online hero shooter video game developed and published by the same company, Rez, responsible for Rogue Company. The gameplay is extremely similar to Overwatch, in which players must choose which champion they intend to use during the match. 

Players must make this decision before the match begins. Each champion possesses unique abilities and a collection of different weapons. There are several game modes, the most popular of which are team deathmatch, ranked, siege, and onslaught (competitive siege). 

Players with experience with other games, such as Overwatch and League of Legends, will have a lot of fun playing this game. Paladins is one of the titles you can find on the free games available through the Epic Games Store.

Drone Racing League

The freebies offered on the Epic Games Store frequently switch between high-profile titles and smaller-scale projects that deserve some attention. The latter category includes Runbow and DRL, which unquestionably cater to specific subsets of the general audience. The former is a multiplayer platformer in which players compete against one another to be the first to reach the end of the level. 

Along the way, they must fight enemies and avoid hazards, and while doing so, the background color of the level will change, causing the level's hazards to shift around. The Drone Racing League Simulator delivers precisely what is promised by its name, and it is a faithful recreation of the real-world competition that served as its model. 

This is a racing simulator right down to the last detail, from the controls of the drones to how easily they are damaged. Players can build their drones, and the game includes an in-depth tutorial that walks players through the fundamentals of piloting these technological marvels.

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Slain: Back from Hell

It would appear that "hell" is the topic selected for this week's theme at Epic Games Store. Things get much more complicated than that, as both Rising Hell and Slain: Back From Hell are two-dimensional action platformers featuring intense combat, pixel graphics, and buckets upon buckets of gore. 

Even though the latter is more well-known than the former, you shouldn't overlook Rising Hell just because it's an independent project and a lot of fun. The action in this rogue-lite moves at a breakneck pace, and it's supported by characters you can unlock and an incredible soundtrack. 

Slain: Back From Hell draws inspiration from classic 8-bit platformers, but it manages to do so without retaining a significant number of the game's frustrations, making it challenging to play certain NES games in this day and age. The unrepentantly bloody combat of this video game complements its gothic visuals, and the heavy metal soundtrack is a perfect fit for it. Although it is decent throughout, the boss fights in Slain to bring the game to life.

Doom 64

The classic Doom series includes Doom 64 as an installment. The fact that this game was released in 1997 does not detract from the fact that it exudes an old-school atmosphere. It's possible that Doom 64 isn't the best game with the highest-quality graphics, but it is one of the games that led up to the legendary Doom Eternal. 

It is a first-person shooter in which players must defend themselves against demons, minions, and bosses. This is the same plot as the first game in the Doom series and the second game followed. The game is interesting for players who have enjoyed video games since the 1990s, even though it may appear quite straightforward. 

The market for these games is very small right now, so playing Doom 64 will let you relive the glory days of gaming. It is consistent with the overall design and takes you on exciting journeys throughout the game.

Ring of Pain

Ring of Pain

Ring of Pain is a card game focused on a strategy scheduled for release in 2020. This game can be a lot of fun for players who are not fans of games with a lot of fast-paced action but enjoy games that require them to make thoughtful decisions. The adventure begins in a randomized dungeon, where the player will face off against fantastic beasts. 

The next step in the game requires the player to make a decision, and the consequences of that choice will determine how the game progresses. It's possible that, at first, it won't sound like very much fun because the Ring of Pain doesn't have any flashes or bangs like other games do, but once you realize that you have to squeeze your brain to complete it without making any mistakes, you'll realize that it's quite interesting. 

Since the game is free, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot, even if it turns out to be something different from anything else you've played up until now.

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Rumble Verse is one of the few other games of its kind that is a battle royale. However, it adds its unique spin to the formula, making it stand out from other great battle royale games like Fortnite. There are NOT any firearms!! The game is best understood as a wrestling match played in an open world and featuring a variety of recognizable moves and characteristics of wrestlers. 

Compared to the standard guns and items in other battle royale games, the game's fist fights and special moves are undeniably unique and stand out from the crowd. It is highly recommended that one gives Rumbleverse a shot. This brand-new game was just recently made available on August 11th, 2022. 

Since it was announced, players have shown much interest in playing this game, and its popularity continues to grow. Therefore, take precautions to ensure you do not miss out on this one-of-a-kind battle royale game.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is undoubtedly one of the hilarious games you might have ever played. It is a party royale game in which you play as a cute little character and compete with other players to make it through the various game stages. 

You have to keep moving and overcome various difficult obstacles, many of which will cause other players to be eliminated. The players who made it to the end of the game would emerge victorious. The gameplay in Fall Guys is extremely addicting, and the animation is endearing. Additionally, it is a game that can be enjoyable for players who are not fans of action games or other types of video games.


Does this game even require a paragraph to explain it? There are an absurdly large number of players currently engaged in Fortnite, and there is nothing that could prevent a person from enjoying this game. The game is a take on the popular "battle royale" format, but it also includes a wide variety of other components, some of which are absent from similar titles in the market. 

In addition, Epic maintains the game's appeal by regularly releasing new character skins, events, and other entertaining content to maintain players' interest in the game. The fact that you won't be able to stop playing Fortnite once you've started demonstrates how insanely entertaining this game can be. However, its battle royale mode is most commonly played by players. 

Fortnite also features a story mode known as "Save the World." This mode is very long, and it usually takes players a couple of weeks to finish it. Playing Fortnite is required to keep up with the latest trends, as many streamers also cover content based on Fortnite.

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In many different works of science fiction, the protagonists cannot escape from a ship or space station while being pursued by a monstrous extraterrestrial power. Most of the time, they have no real way to defend themselves and have to survive, so it is extremely satisfying when you are given the option to fight back, such as in the game Prey. 

As a human being experimented on in the space known as Talos I, you may discover that you are not alone when vicious alien creatures begin to chase after you. Find the aliens, make your way through the station, and figure out your overall purpose as a possible future for humanity by using whatever weapons, items, and abilities you can get your hands on.


These were some of the best free games on Epic Games Store, which provides a free game every week until 2022, and they have no plans to stop doing so. Not even a single penny is required unless you count the link to Epic's online storefront. With an Epic Store account (the link opens in a new tab), you won't have to worry about paying for these freebies later on because you can get them immediately with your account. Often check this page to learn about the newest offers and goods added to the catalog.


On Epic, Grand Theft Auto V was free for a week in 2020. However, it did not go out as a prize in 2021. So please do not assume you will give it away in 2022.

The Windows and macOS versions of Fortnite have the same 29.2 GB download size. However, a Fortnite installation on Xbox will be much smaller than on macOS and Windows. The game is only 5 GB, but you may need an additional 13 GB for the installation and additional space afterward.

One game from the Epic Games Store is given away each Thursday for the following week. Adding the game to your account (not installing it) is all required to make it yours forever at no cost.

Epic Games, on the topic of free games, claims it gave away 89 games in 2021 worth a total of $2,120, or an average of $23.82 each. In addition, over 765 million players have taken advantage of free games, giving away a total of $18 billion worth of games.

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