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In Genshin Impact, healing is a crucial ability set that necessitates using sophisticated building strategies like DPS and support skills. There is a difference between healers who utilize their essential talents for healing and those who use their crucial burst. Players can improve quantity healing by boosting energy replenishment or quality healing by enhancing a Genshin Impact character's scale sub-stat or healing efficiency to enhance healing for characters who utilize elemental bursts. 

Most healers scale their healing capabilities using Max HP, although a few, like Jean and Noelle, utilize attack and protection. All Genshin Impact fans, however, would benefit from understanding the most effective ways to handle these characters, particularly in co-op mode when the player's allies actively depend on a healer's help. 

The Genshin Impact teams depend on a healing supply to maintain player health while touring Teyvat. The best Genshin Healers are listed in this article to keep the squad healthy.

Best Genshin Healers

Acting Grand Master Jean and the defensively oriented Noelle are just two examples of the healers who may make or break a player's squad. However, all Genshin Impact players would profit from being aware of the best methods to approach these characters, particularly in a cooperative mode where the player's companions actively rely on a healer's assistance.

Listing of Genshin Healers

Lets start with the list of Genshin Healers

1. Jean

Jean vs. Qiqi is a more skilled healer only in terms of healing. Jean easily defeats Qiqi if the player is searching for a flexible healer. Jean is a character who can function as a DPS or support while serving as the group's primary healer; as a result, she is the finest 5-star healer in Genshin Impact.

Specializing attack stats and energy refill increases will be wise while employing Jean. This will result in stronger regular attacks with more potent healing effects and more frequent healing from her elemental burst. As her shot creates swirl reactions, it is also a general rule that teaming Jean with a Cryo, Pyro, Hydro, or Electro user will produce the best effects.

Specialty of Jean

  • S Tier
  • Asses: 5 swordsman
  • Component: Anemo
  • Scaled to: Attack
  • Normal Attack and Burst (passive talent) is a healing source.

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2. Noelle

Noelle can be Genshin Impact's top healer as she has the capabilities to become one. To begin with, Noelle and Qiqi are quite closely ranked in terms of overall utility, making this a very tight choice. 

Noelle, however, is the most effective healer since her constellations are easier to reach, she has an excellent level of adaptability for a healer, and her healing is quite comparable to that of the 5-star characters.

In contrast to the few other healers in Genshin Impact, Noelle is also a defensive healer, which is relatively uncommon. Noelle is the most difficult to defeat, even if Jean may be the best at offensive maneuvers, and Qiqi is the best at pure healing. This results in a healer who heals more often than other members of this list when combined with a healing ability linked to a fundamental skill rather than a burst.

The ideal team composition includes the following:

  • Noelle.
  • Two powerful DPS characters like Diluc with his fire strikes.
  • A supporting character who can augment assaults through elemental statuses.
  • S Tier
  • Asses: 4-star claymore-user
  • Component: Geo
  • Scaled To: Defense
  • Skill is the healing source.

3. Barbara


Barbara, one of the game's two free healers, is frequently one of the first characters that players use for healing. The third healer on this list whose healing may be employed without discomfort is the primary healer despite her free status. Since Barbara's essential skill and burst both have healing emphasis, unless someone makes a special effort to increase her damage output (which some players do), she must develop as a healer.

Nevertheless, despite being a character that relies exclusively on healing powers, Barbara is averagely skilled at healing compared to other characters. Most of the characters become dwarfs in this list by her burst's heal, and it doesn't heal continually, so you have to wait for energy to build up before using it again once the deal expires.

She naturally compensates for this with her elemental talent, which restores a small amount of team HP with each hit. Purchasing artifacts with maximum health benefits Barbara's healing and gaining more elemental mastery enables Barbara to function as a Hydro enabler.

Barbara only sometimes spends much time on the field, in contrast to the other healers in Genshin Impact. However, players may make her more effective by teaming her up with characters with high energy recharge rates to utilize her burst more frequently. These might include Kaeya, Razor, and Raiden Shogun.

Specialty of Barbara

  • A Tier
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
  • Component: Hydro
  • Scaled to: Maximum HP
  • Skill and burst are sources of healing.

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4. Qiqi

Many people believe that Qiqi, a zombie from Bubu Pharmacy, is superior to the two 5-star healers. Her talent and elemental burst offer passive healing. It is simple to use her skill while switching to a new character. 

However, despite this, her major drawback is that she has a slower skill cooldown than other healers. Players will discover that using attack and energy recharge increases in artifacts will counter-balance Qiqi's lengthy cooldowns with more vigorous bursts when they invest in her.

After striking a target opponent marked, Qiqi heals for a significant percentage of the time. Players will thus seek companions like Keqing, Diluc, and Razor, who can quickly and easily target certain opponents.

Specialty of Qiqi

  • S Tier
  • Asses: 5-star sword-user
  • Component: Cryo
  • Scaled To: Attack
  • Burst and skill are the healing sources.


5. Diona


The adored bartender from Cat's Tail, who can ease combat, makes a good stand-in healer or support healer. Diona is an archer with some healing abilities, although she might not be the ideal healer. Given that other alternatives offer more effective heals, the party's primary healer has better options. 

Generally, players use a healer as a backup when they kill a primary healer during combat. Many people would think this is a pointless position, but Diona will not see any pointlessness in becoming a stand-in healer. She compensates for her limited capacity for mending with her adaptability. Diona is a valuable catalyst for melt and superconducting processes because her charged attacks confer the Cryo condition.

Diona provides shielding and application services in addition to healing. 

Therefore, players would do well to incorporate characters with strong attacking powers even at sacrificing inferior defense. Several instances include Xiangling, Klee, and Kazuha.

Specialty of Diona

  • B Tier
  • Asses: 4-star 
  • Bow-user
  • Component: Cryo
  • Scaled to: Maximum HP
  • Burst is a healing source.

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6. Bennet


Bennett is only sometimes the most remarkable healer available, just like Diona. The locals' favorite misfortune-stricken adventurer has significantly lower healing power than Diona. However, when appropriately constructed, Bennett does have advantages over Diona's move set in terms of overall team utility.

While the healing power of both characters is comparable, Bennett is a better support character than Diona. Bennett can heal and offer potent assistance simultaneously with a burst that raises the players' attack. Put another way, Bennett is more adaptable and will use more passively than Diona.

Bennett is a pro at supporting, providing attack, and healing in one AoE. He complements the majority of the characters. Therefore players may wish to team him up with solid audience favorites. Tartaglia, Raiden Shogun, and Xiangling are other fantastic options

Specialty of Bennett

  • B Tier
  • Assess: 4 stars
  • Component: Pyro
  • Scaled to: Max HP
  • Burst is a healing source.

7. Dori

Dori, a trader from Genshin Impact's Sumeru, sells various unusual and exciting goods. She is a four-star support unit that uses an electrical claymore and her elemental burst to revive adjacent comrades' health and energy. In general, the Sacrificial Greatsword is one of Dori's greatest weapons. 

Despite being a four-star, she outperforms five-star choices like Skyward Pride thanks to its quick energy recharge and skill CD reset. If you have a spare copy lying around, Skyward Pride is still a good choice. Dori is at her strongest when she has two Emblems of Severed Fate and two Tenacity of the Milelith. You should make that choice if no one on the squad possesses Noblesse Oblige. 

Alternatively, choose a complete set of Emblems of Severed Fate. To maximize Dori's Burst, which is her primary utility, you should focus on increasing her energy recharge to at least 200%. She gains a higher HP% and elemental mastery after that.

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8. Xiangqiu


Xiangqiu has one of the best backstories in the game and is also a male character, which is quite rare. His father is the Guild Manager of the Feiyun Commerce Guild of Liyue, and he belongs to quite an influential family. His mind is also sharp, as he loves reading and gaining knowledge. He wants to be like one of the warrior characters he reads in a book.

The primary role of the character Xingqiu is not mainly healing, but you can rely on him. He will not disappoint you. He has two primary abilities, both healing a fair amount. But his other special abilities compensate for his low healing power. Most players feed their characters NREs for recovery, sometimes, this causes bloating, But you can prevent that by using him instead. He will prove to be very useful in desperate situations.

Most of the other healer characters overdo their job, and this causes you a lot of energy and money. Efficiency is crucial for success, and Xiangqiu will be perfect for the job. He consumes a little power and does the healing as much as you need, not more or less.!

 Specialty of Xiangqiu

  • Can be obtained by: Wishes and Palmon's Bargains
  • Weapon: Sword
  • Elemental Skill: Guhua Sword Fatal Rainscreen
  • Passive Talent: Hydropathic
  • Elemental Burst: Guhua Sword Raincutter
  • Element: Hydro
  • Release Date: 28 September 2020
  • Other roles: Sub-DPS

9. Sayu


Sayu has some trouble growing tall, but don't underestimate her. She can help your team reach great heights. Sayu loves to sleep as she thinks it makes her grow taller. You find it relatable. Even her superior ninja techniques help her to become lazier and lazier. She usually hides but can help your team stand out from others.

The game Genshin Impact is famous for its diverse pretty, looking mostly female anime characters; they are all good, and Sayu might be the best of them. Don't go for her sweet looks. She is an elite member of the prestigious Mujina Ninja clan. Her childish appearance will win your heart in no time. She wants to grow a tail, and until she does it, she uses an artificial one, which looks quite extraordinary and impacts her abilities.

Sayu is not an ordinary ninja. She can use a wide variety of dynamic ninja powers. Though she is mainly a healer, her attacks can be fatal for the enemy team. Her essential Burst move makes her one of the best Genshin healers, as it can heal and make damage enemy players standing in a large area. If you use the ability, your enemies standing in the area will get considerable Anemo damage. Not only that, but it will also heal your teammates. This sounds like a deal with many advantages.

Once she triggers a swirl, you will activate her healing abilities. This swirl will heal your allies up to 300 HP, a considerable amount compared to other game healers. Not only that, if you use Sayu's summoned unit, she will become more powerful, and you will get the bonuses from her iconic AoE attacks.

 If you use her first Passive Ascension named 'Someone More Capable,' your allies will get healed by 300 HP with Sayu's Swirl. Also, the power has a lasting effect that causes more healing, according to points in her Elemental Mastery. Sayu's powers are unmatchable as nearby characters also get healed by 20 percent of HP of the amount the main character received.

Specialty of Sayu

  • Elemental Burst: Yoohoo Art Mujina Flurry
  • Release Date: 10 August 2021
  • Can be obtained by: Wish
  • Weapon: Claymore
  • Passive Ability: Someone More Capable (1st Ascension)
  • Inactive: No Work Today! (4th Ascension)
  • Element: Anemo
  • Other Roles: Sub-DPS

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10. Kokomi


Kokomi is a priestess of Watatsumi Island. She is the heir of the leader of the famous and prestigious Sangonomiya Clan. She is critical in the game and her homeland, where she tends to the native people's desires and happiness. You will meet hundreds of characters while playing the diverse game, but she is the one you will have a hard time remembering.

While creating your team, she will do some great purposes. Her element is Hydro. She uses her hydro powers efficiently while attacking one or multiple enemies in the surrounding area. She gets her unique healing powers from a mystical summoned being. The best thing about that is that she can simultaneously attack the enemies while healing your team.

You can also give her some passive buffs, which will greatly increase the effectiveness of her summoned healing unit. This will cause a considerable increase in her regeneration stats also. 

While using Kurage's Oath, she summons a water-based mystical Bake-Kurage that can cause massive damage to enemy team players standing nearby. This essential skill only heals her ally team members. The value can vary according to her max HP.

 Specialty of Kokomi

  • Elemental Power: Hydro
  • Basic Burst Attack: Nereid's Ascension.
  • Passive Talent: Flawless Strategy
  • Weapon: Catalyst
  • Element: Hydro
  • Other Roles: Support
  • Can be obtained from Drifting Luminescence
  • Healing Power: Max HP
  • Release Date: 21 September 2021

11. Kuki Shinobu

The game has many electro-element healers, and Kuki Shinobu is one of them. Developers released this healer in version 2.7 initially. Though it may seem like she only looks fantastic but is not very useful, she plays a significant role when the matter comes to electro attacks.

Her niche in Genshin Impact is a unique one. She can make the process of making a balanced team a lot easier. If your team needs a healer who can also make Electro attacks constantly, then there is no choice better than her. Her attacks can come from different things like electro-based reactions.

If your team needs an energy boost, she can supply it instantly and easily using her electro-resonance powers. Not only these, but she will also impress you with her unique abilities once you try her in the game. Most Genshin players need to learn about her unique healing technique as she is a skill-only healer. But for most of the Genshin healers, it comes from the burst.  

To build your dream team, you must also be aware of its drawbacks. They are not much of an issue, but you should know that her healing is not global. So, you will first have to activate her skills to make her useful. After that, you must make her run to the damaged players that need healing from electro-attacks. This can cause issues if you need recovery during a skill cooldown period. You have to stop the opponent players from knocking her out.

It does not matter which type of team you are making, as Kuki Shinobu can fit into almost every kind of team. But to get the most out of her, you should use her in close-quarter combats. She becomes a true beast in these cases. Put her around your tanks and see her magic unfold!

Specialty of Kuki Shinobu

  • Weapon: Sword
  • Element Type: Electro
  • Healing Power: Max HP
  • Healing Comes from Skill
  • Can be obtained from Wishes
  • Other Roles: Support
  • Release Date: 21 June 2022

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In a rapid combat-styled game like Genshin Impact, players must be efficient in attacking defense and, most importantly, healing. Healing gives your characters a new life and a chance for you to undo all your mistakes while attacking or defending. The world of the game Genshin Impact has so much diversity that it contains dozens of healers, each having different elemental skills, attacks, healing stats, and special abilities. Choosing the correct healer according to your gaming style while making the team can make the difference between glory and defeat. However, it is also the most complex and time-consuming process, so players skip it. But this article is to help you out with the best Genshin Healers. Please go on, build your team and bring them glory!!


Currently, there are almost 9-10 healer characters in Genshin Impact you can use.

Shinobu was the first healer to be introduced in Genshin Impact.

While fighting with others, you and your teammates lose HP (Health Points), and healers recover the lost HP using their abilities. Many healers can also attack and fight

There are many types of damages you can take while fighting. Global Healers heal injuries like Electro, Hydro, and everything else.

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