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Do you love guns? Then you should read this post. The easiest way to defeat adversaries may be with a weapon, but the finest gun games are not the same.

The ideal location to hone your firing and skills is in these games, which are among the greatest.

You can play many computers, mobile, and tablet games with guns. The ability to play the best gun games whenever you want is their biggest benefit.

When you are at residence or sitting, for instance, you may have some free time to play the games such as hunting, action, exploration, and various other games with firearms.

Other weapons include handguns, automatic weapons, sniper rifles, and many others. You can play the game by selecting one of your preferred weapons. Do you want to know their names? If so, this page has all the information you need about the best gun games.

Best Gun Games

You have found the right place if you are seeking the best gun games. You may start playing the top games right away, which are mentioned here.

1. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Platform: Android and iOS

Release date: 02/07/2021

Offered by: Krafton

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the game for you if battle royale is your thing because it lays the foundation for battle royale variants. The maps in this game have the best layout and are the ideal size for Royale battles. This game has many fantastic features, one of which is excellent gunplay, among many other amazing things.

Additionally, you must pay attention to shooting, target movement, distance, and wind gusts, which are crucial in gameplay.

Due to its excellent technical niche and playability, BGMI is hailed as one of the best gun games

The wonderful boxes, discounts for greater looks, and the gameplay experience are just a few of the fascinating aspects you will find in this game that makes it so fantastic and fun to enjoy. Battleground Mobile India is one of the top fps games for Android and iOS users. Every player who loves guns plays this game since it is unquestionably the most popular and crazy-making.

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2. Call of Duty Mobile

Platform: Android and iOS

Release date: 30/09/2019

Offered by: Activision Publishing, Inc.

Most games on the top list of the best gun games are all versions of Call of Duty. It has established itself as the finest gun game for Android and iOS users and other users. Since its debut in 2019, this game has become incredibly common. Fortnite and PUBG were defeated by the Call of Duty Mobile game, which is well-known and well-liked in many nations.

The Call of Duty mobile game is the one that improved the shooting gameplay, which is also unheard of in other solace-inducing games or on PC. Regarding gunplay, this game has always been at the top and great. Now he has managed to turn this application into a mobile site with the assistance of the programmers.

This game has several features, like customizing, weapons, tournaments, etc. Additionally, this game offers 100 Player Battle Royale bouts, which are a fantastic source of enjoyment. The most popular weapon game and one of the finest and most widely known is this one.

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3. Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops

Platform: Android and iOS

Release date: 18/04/2018

Offered by: Azur Interactive Games Limited

Do you have any experience with Battlefield 2042? This inquiry is pertinent given that Infinity Ops is the closest and most realistic mobile game to Battlefield 2042 that you will ever come across. This Infinity Ops game has tons of awesome and entertaining elements, such a great gunplay game. However, this game features a distinct and unusual environment that will likely attract your interest.

The diverse and distinctive qualities here, some of which have the strongest and some of which have the smallest gravity environments, are only one of the many original approaches to becoming interested in this game.

There is increased complexity and challenge because you must modify your games and playing technique. In the video game Infinity Ops, there are a lot of choices for personalization and experimentation. The game may occasionally move quickly and sometimes turn chaotic.

You should try the multiplayer shooting game Infinity Ops, especially if you have an Android or iOS device. 

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4. Hitman: Sniper

Platform: Android and iOS

Release date: 01/03/2022


We are all aware of the incredible rewards offered by Hitman games. Hitman is the game that will enable you to become the ideal modern murderer. In addition, Hitman gives you the freedom that, at the time, was unmatched by any other game. You will continue to have many possibilities and great space to draw in and meet your goals.

If necessary, you should approach them from a range instead of becoming close and intimate with them. The method you perform at various levels will rely on your shooting technique, such as what you fire and how you aim. The game has several difficulties, making the Hitman sniper tactics important to the story. In this game, you'll be able to choose from a variety of sniper rifles in this game. You are solely responsible for deciding whether you want to be more accurate and strong.

5. Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online

Platform: Android and iOS

Release date: 11/08/2016

Offered by: Azur Interactive Games Limited

The Counter-Strike: Battle Royale video game, which is also accessible on mobile devices, is the finest option for Modern Strike Online. Among some of the best gun games for Android and iOS, this application has millions of users and is very well-liked. Once you start this game for the first time, you will discover why it is so well-liked and has so many installations. 

The multitudes of weaponry you can select from and use as you see fit are just a few of these games' remarkable and entertaining aspects, along with the beautiful graphics and gameplay concept.

A group death match is one of the entertaining and great elements you can use to find and decide which option to use. Additionally, ten distinct maps are available for you to try out in this game, each with unique advantages, drawbacks, and navigation points. 

These characteristics help the game stay fun and exciting while increasing the action-based chaos. The Modern Strike Online games are among the best gun games available for iOS and Android devices.

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Platform: Android and iOS

Release date: 26/07/2019

Offered by: Bethesda Softworks LLC

Here, DOOM I and DOOM II are both deduced to be among the very best gun games. This vintage game was a part of the mobile gaming market and was first introduced in the 1990s. It is not the series 2016 smash hit prelaunch. The original two DOOM games were a huge hit when they were released in the early years of the PC gaming industry.

If you haven't yet, this is the ideal time to begin playing this game. This game's nicest and most enjoyable features include unique gameplay elements like the antiquated visuals that make it feel as nostalgic as it ever was. The shooting game-playing technique from arcades is still relevant and effective today. The game's extension packages are another option if you want to have tons of fun.

The finest shooting games for the PC are rumored to perform best on portable devices for the best gun games for Android and iOS.

7. Shadow Gun Legends

Platform: Android and iOS

Release date: 21/03/2018

Offered by: MADFINGER Games

If you enjoyed the Halo franchise and were upset that a mobile version of the title wasn't available, reconsider. You'll get the best Halo feelings from this game named Shadow Gun Legends, along with much other stuff. This title, regarded as one of the top gun shooters for Android and iOS, also included several entertaining and wonderful elements, including flawless solo missions and suitable options.

The fascinating plot and the insanely great combat are some of the other great features of the game. Additionally, you will receive more than 10,000 armor and weapons to personalize your virtual self. You will find many aspects in this game that people genuinely would like in action games, such as side quests, suitable choices, a quick pace, and others.

8. Valorant

Platform: PC

Release date: 2/06/2020

Offered by: Riot Games

When it concerns FPS games in 2022, Valorant is difficult to surpass. This PC game is collaborative and is played online. This game is so great and enjoyable to play since the visuals give the impression that you are springing off the screen.

True innovation is also necessary for this. You must place and detonate in this game, but how you do it will depend on whether your squad is on the attack or defense side. You could compare it to the idea of Counter-Strike, but that isn't the primary goal because it also contains plenty of magic and futuristic weapons.

With a unique perspective, you may mirror your skills and abilities on landscapes, and the more effort you invest in experimentation, the more personality you'll discover. There isn't another sharpshooter as satisfyingly fashionable as this one.

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9. Metal: Hellsinger

Platform: PC

Release date: 15/09/2022

Offered by: The Outsiders

Metal: Hellsinger contains all the elements we adored about DOOM and amplifiers. According to the creator, the game is built on and designed in a very distinctive. 

Most entertaining and spectacular way with different features and components, such as from the exterior, the players need to fire and reload the escape so that the top music on the rhythm. These characteristics are comparable to Matty Heafy from the Trivium and Serj Tankian.

You will also receive a stunning set of dual handguns and a variety of punchy weaponry. The rifle and additional items are also included in the game. 

You have many victims at your disposal, and you may also summon the savage devils to halt the main character and many other companion devils. This game is engaging and enjoyable, with lots of mod compatibility and additional difficulties added constantly.

10. DOOM Eternal

Platform: PC

Release date: 20/03/2020

Offered by: id Software

Doom Eternals is a great route for precise dying havoc with a laser-focused flow diagram. The super shotgun, chaingun, missile launcher, and other weapons in DOOM Eternal are all effective in one or two distinct ways since they were only designed that way. You can see that you will not be able to wield your preferred weapons for extended periods under the ghastly appeal section.

You can't even think of discussing the contemporary DOOM games, which can be featured in both, without addressing the hard, ambient, djent, and other soundscapes. Even the most innocent gamers who exude pure brutality in the games in the area part of the heavy battle area find it difficult to keep their heads while they are beginning from the Paths.

Exaggerated violence and a piece of violent music make DOOM Eternal the best and most worthwhile game to play. However, all the above features and components are excellent examples of creating an interesting and amazing game. Everything in this game is enjoyable and likable.

11. Apex Legends

Platform: PC

Release date: 04/02/2019

Offered by: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends was released in 2019 by Respawn Entertainment and EA Stealth via a covert production approach. Since Titanfall fans were anticipating the debut of the third installment in the series, EA refrained from advertising the game. Another factor was that players were tired of the booster pack services offered by free-to-play games.

But since the Apex was a huge success, they don't need to be concerned about it. This game included many elements, like costumed heroes with incredibly unique abilities and personalities. The Apex's instant system is simple, quick and evocative of earlier Apex iterations. If you don't feel like enjoying Fortnite and prefer a battle royale game that physically tends to skew away from the actual, you can think of the Apex as a fantastic resting space.

These games include many incredible and worthwhile components and features. It is understandable why Apex League is on the list of the best gun games, given the abundance of other titles that may pose a serious threat to Apex Legends.

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12. Titanfall 2

Platform: PC

Release date: 28/10/2016

Offered by: Respawn Entertainment

In the video game Titanfall, gamers command incredibly athletic doorway pilots. Additionally, the participants were in charge of their giants, enormous running battle mechs that could trample the pilots under their feet. The franchise became popular after the 2016 release of Titanfall 2. The solitary narrative in Titanfall 2 was praised for being highly enjoyable and intelligent.

If put into simple terms, it is about a man's connection with his intelligent battle robot. Even though the plot didn't make much of an impact, the superb art direction would. In terms of impact and contribution, he is recognized as one of the greatest single FPS gamers. 

The clever gun's delayed comeback is a great and time-deserving aspect. However, why would the game grow so well-known and well-liked among millions? Every aspect of this game is quite intriguing and enjoyable to play.

13. Escape From Tarkov

Platform: PC

Release date: 14/06/2022

Offered by: Battlestate Games

Do you enjoy suffering and video games that require much mental effort akin to shooting? Escape from Tarkov is a video game that satisfies all your needs and is the best in the FSP category with its gritty details. 

You can play as a PMC or BEAR operative when accessing different Tarkov fields and zones. You must finish the assignment, get the priceless loot, and escape before the timer expires.

If you pass away during the raid, you may lose all. You will have to contrast yourself to other gamers and welcome NPC groups. The Escape from Tarkov follows the beta component throughout every single detail. 

You can alter each element of the weapon. Firefights can price you anything since the slope needs to be high, and the focus needs to be intense This game's unique feature is that it never makes you feel livelier as you struggle to maintain that feeling.

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14. Team Fortress 2

Platform: PC

Release date: 10/10/2007

Offered by: Valve Corporation

The sober-as-a-nun is thought to be regarded as the remake of Team Fortress. Even though it is a sequel to a gun game, all of these factors contribute to its significance.

The game has established itself as a humorous and clever first-person shooter that also supports multiplayer. Undoubtedly, the game's ongoing innovation and advancement kept it going long after it should have stopped.

The experiment was successful because Team Fortress 2 still has the feel of an experiment. We can overlook that this adaptation to "gimme, gimme, gimme" may have lost a portion of its original spirit. 

The rest of the game's components, including its elements and abilities, are all intriguing and worth playing. It would help if you gave it a shot on your PC to understand how it plays.

15. Superhot/Superhot VR

Platform: PC

Release date: 05/12/2016

Offered by: Oculus Quest

Twice a year, Superhot was proven to be false. First, there was a game called Superhot in which players could only move, fire, or throw while time stood still otherwise. It then arrives at superhot VR, which completely altered and salvaged the idea of augmented worlds. It also made it simpler to afford our selection of the top VR games. 

In Superhot, the shooter is transformed into a game in which each twitch matters rather than being centered on targeting and reflexive movement. It is regarded as the most thrilling and extremely tactical.

In this game, everything moves slower till you try to accomplish anything. It aids in your movement planning and directs you to the puzzle-box structure, where the ocean exposes you to others. It can be thought of as exquisite and unbelievably calm. In the case of VR, you are aware of how to successfully execute each action, including striking, dodging, tossing, and firing.

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16. Half-Life: Alyx

Platform: PC

Release date: 23/03/2020

Offered by: Windows and Linux

You will require a Virtual reality headset to play Half-Life: Alyx. It requires a strong rig to run it properly. If you possess both of these, then you are unquestionably a treat. The virtual reality in this game is all mental creation and not how you might anticipate. You may now quickly access Touch City 17 and manage the firing motion.

Since there are several scenes in Half-Life: Alyx where you are cowering in corners, it can also be considered a horror game. The game is also fascinating because players can throw objects at huge creatures to divert their attention. Using your hand, you can simulate covering your mouth in the game. It is a game that benefits greatly from virtual reality technology while not harming it.

This game is incredibly amusing and entertaining because of all its components. This game is worth a try because it will also be fun.

17. Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2

Platform: PC

Release date: 16/11/2004

Offered by: Valve

Half-Life 2 has a lot, from the erratic architectural layout to the fantastic animations that may render everything else in instantly. The shooting scene is changed from a landscape to an interactive resource in a physical system. It might be that Nightstalker's most stubborn enemies made a significant advancement in creating AI by creating believable and endearing partners.

This game has a lovely varied trip throughout the lengthy period, and you will enjoy the plotline. It also has a sweet, filled-out environment. Maintaining the impression of being a little actor in this larger fight is crucial. There is a point in episode 2's cliffhanger conclusion that renders PC gaming in a permanent state of frustration.

The television show induced a level of annoyance that abruptly ended in public. But one thing is certain: more than any other first-person shooter before it and possibly since, Half-Life 2 offered players more. You must surely give this game a go and take pleasure in each installment of its series.

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18. GTFO


Platform: PC

Release date: 09/12/2019

Offered by: Microsoft Windows

Hurtling into the pitch-black abyss of GTFO's level might be thought of as the scary beginning. When teammates fail to cooperate, it is the scariest and most terrifying way to play this game. When playing with friends, you should choose a leader immediately because if you don't, you can fail to follow the rules correctly.

There is significant screaming, cursing, and shooting in these games. Online entertainment is enjoyable because it combines utter chaos with a gore-filled flair. The focus of these activities is teamwork, learning, and determining your desire to survive. When you confront it, you will feel the stress at every level of intensity that certain FPS games achieve.

As anxiety is only increased by the diversity of enemies that lurk around at every level, reaching the new section could signal the end of the game. Because it retains enemy supplies, GTFO is the PC's greatest co-op survival horror game.

19. Destiny 2

Platform: PC

Release date: 06/09/2017

Offered by: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows

Destiny 2, one of the highest-scoring games, is a slick MMO FPS that you can scratch the surface of it. All you have to do to defeat powerful monsters in the Crucible's PvP mode is work together with your fellow players and slug them with a tiny shotgun. Some elements of fate are universal. You could easily invest hundreds of hours in it, if not thousands, and the excellent gunplay could make it enjoyable.

The top hero video game at the moment is thought to be Destiny 2. Destiny 2 gives you a lot of affection, but it isn't perfect, so don't expect to enjoy it faultlessly. Given how strongly it has improved, you can heartily suggest it as a tribute to Destiny 2. It can be regarded as a brilliant first-person shooter that is incredibly entertaining whether you like PvP or PvE. Since all the material is free, you do not need to opt-out.

20. Devil Draggers

Platform: PC

Release date: 18/02/2016

Offered by: Sorath

2016 was a golden year for first-person shooters because they were adept at understanding the past. Games like DOOM, Titanfall, Team Fortress and others of this caliber were excellent examples of science fiction before Devil Daggers appeared.

Devil Draggers is regarded as an alternative future from when the Quake altered all, with the military men and meticulous schemes. A hellscape made up of large square pixels may be seen against the nighttime background. Numerous other things also exist, including monster things, dance, and eternal dance.

This game requires specific skills, like reflexes, attention, mobility, practice, grit, and surrender. Your time and the items the shooter made are all that count with your mere stuff.

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21. Neon white

Platform: PC

Release date: 16/06/2022

Offered by: Annapurna Interactive

Neon White is all about moving quickly, and these games are all about moving rapidly in first-person shooters, where you need to utilize cards to destroy demons. To save a half-second, you have to propel yourself in that direction. 

Each Neon transforms into a puzzle in the second section, which is entertaining to work around. All you have to do is keep running and getting stuck on the same loop. Later, you sprint and finish the task completed in one full second. The few things feel far better than anything else; you also understand after a little moment.

22. Call of Duty: Warzone

Platform: PC

Release date: 10/03/2020

Offered by: Activision

The Warzone game is top-notch in every aspect, offering 150 player rooms, a built-in map, an inventory management system, and redesigned armor systems. Players take on a variety of slimline for money, and the loop you've reached modifies the standard battle royale action.

You can also do many other things with this, like replace fallen comrades with new ones and equip yourself with unique weapons like UAVs, airstrikes, and backup from other players. 

Gulag is regarded as one of the Warzone's most interesting features. In competitive 1v1 bouts, players are ordered to kill prisoners, and the victor respawns in Verdansk after winning. Regarding gunplay and a robust system for customizing weapons, Warzone is regarded as one of the most outstanding and fully realized battle royale experiences.

It is one of the Best Games Like Call of Duty that You Should Play Now.

23. World War Heroes

Platform: Android or iOS

Release date: 16/08/2017

Offered by: Azur Interactive Games Limited

The Google Play store has had over 50 million downloads of this game. It comprises a 4.7 rating. It is sufficient to capture your interest. This game features a shooter with vibrant colors, skins resembling rainbows, and several characters.

Your soldier will be given four guns in these games, two of which are primary weapons and one of which is a sidearm. Additionally, you will receive a precise spade, which is quite cool. You are also given the option to pick up the weapon that the other gamers drop.

Since you pulled the buttons, you cannot fire the automatic weapon at the same location. Although the graphic is not innovative, all other settings are pleasant, and the rest works perfectly.

24. Garena Free Fire

Platform: Android or iOS

Release date: 18/09/2021

Offered by: Garena International I

In this game, you can stroll and run around in a rabbit or schoolgirl outfit, which is also the most entertaining and amazing one ever played. The top gun games for shooting on Android are famous for blasting adversaries about in this fashion, but Garena Free Fire is different.

You have had to cope with the continuing bonanza events and the enormous player community that supports them. It is what Fortnite on mobile could look like, just more wacky and kinetic. The game is made more intriguing and enjoyable by the fact. All of the aspects are fantastic to interact around.

The game's terrain is as amazing as any other gaming on the list of the best gun games, and every excellent and efficient is top-notch and helpful.

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25. Downwell

Platform: Android or iOS

Release date: 17/08/2019

Offered by: DevolverDigital

The Downwell requires you to put the pistol in the heroes' shoes so they can use the clever roguelike's cunningly to reverse the firing motion 90 or occasionally even 180 degrees to slow down its continual plummet. You must follow the instructions by properly shooting your adversary and placing the order to land in the stage shooter design.

You won't ever again come across the game in this state after finishing it successfully. All you have to do is slightly extend your fingers until the pain becomes so severe that you must stop. With all the features and components this game offers, you'll undoubtedly be well and confused. You must be aware of the best and seize the rest.

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Hope this guide will assist you in choosing the finest shooting game for you. The best shooting games are ones that are both difficult and enjoyable to play. Being precise is crucial when playing the game. 

Additionally, it's vital to practice shooting games. Playing these games will be a lot of fun if you are an excellent shooter. With the discussions above, we've concluded our list of the best gun games for PC, Android, and iOS.

All of the games, as mentioned above, undoubtedly feature tons of excellent and entertaining content that offers the player a lot of enjoyment. It also gives you a vintage appearance in addition to all that. We sincerely hope this article on the best gun games was helpful to you. We tried to include the most well-liked games available for your enjoyment.


  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Infinity Ops
  • Hitman: snipers
  • Garena Free Fire
  •  Valorant
  •  Metal: Hellsinger
  •  DOOM Eternal
  •  Apex Legends
  •    Titanfall 2
  •  BIGMI
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  •  DOOM Eternal
  •  Apex Legends
  • Titanfall 2
  • Team Fortress 2
  •  GTFO
  • Valorant
  • Infinity Ops
  •  Garena Free Fire
  •  GTFO
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