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Whether you are using an iPhone or are a diehard fan of Apple, you would ask yourself, what are the best iPhone games in 2023, at some point or the other. This usually happens when you have purchased your first Apple smartphone or, perhaps, a new model. 

Whatever the reason, you are reading the right post. We have provided you with the best iPhone games to play. Gaming smartphones are picking up pace in the market today, and you will want to get the latest iPhone. 

Did you know that more than a million apps can be used on your iPhone? However, choosing the best ones can take time and effort. That is because the App Store has tons of games for you that may be less than your time & money.

The Best iPhone Games in 2023

You can be sure that we have everything on this list just for you. Whether you are in search of those multiplayer games, 3-1 games, or a battle royale, you can find them on our varied list. These games can be played effortlessly on your iOS smartphone.



Our first game on the list is Descenders. The game has everything you need to get your adrenaline pumped up. You find yourself on a virtual bike and have to participate in some fantastic courses. 

Of course, you do not want to avoid finding yourself broken into pieces. Users felt that the game was somewhat challenging to play at the start, but it is fun once you get used to the controls. You can use the tutorials provided in the game for you. 

That helps you ride the bike at full pace. If you love the thrills of your bike, you will surely experience extreme biking. The graphics are fantastic and provides a spectacular feeling to it. 

The game is the best racing game found in the App Store. The game is not free but will cost $9.99. This is noteworthy for a stunning game like Descenders. Why don’t you download it today? 

It is one of the best-selling PS4 games of all time.

Dicey Dungeons

Our next game is a lot of games. Dicey Dungeons is based on rolling your dice and hoping that you escape those challenges waiting for you. Yes, it is similar to those dice games you played when you were a kid with your parents & grandparents. 

You are a game-show contestant, who is some dice, and have to survive several obstacles in front of you. In the round, you can roll a die and then match them to the best of your abilities.

If you fail to succeed on the first attempt, you can always keep trying to do more. Several chances are provided for you, and you can resolve to do better next time. It is a long-term game that you can play for lengthy hours. 

So, when you are in for a long weekend or have a lot of time, you can use it to play this excellent game. There are too many surprises waiting at every nook & corner for you. As we said, you will be playing this game for a long time. The game just cost $4.99. 


Arabilis offers you plenty of colors, and the graphics are quite splendid. The moment you notice the game, you are instantly attracted to the game strategy and the experience. 

It is not boring like you think because seasons fly before you know it. The time you have planted the crops, it becomes harvested in another area. After all, that is the fun & excitement of playing it. 

You should be able to plant crops immediately, letting yields come in quickly. You can plant the vegetables of your choice, and when you feel lost, you can always view the tutorial. Besides, gamers may want to know how to get the product, and so on. 

You will want to make quick decisions and abilities and produce the crops intelligently. These factors are tested basically. If you are keen on farming or are an agriculturally based individual, you would love to play this game. The game costs $2.99.

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Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale

Next on the list of the best iPhone games is Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale. It is a fun game that is embedded with a bit of everything. It has to be this one when you want to play a game with excitement, fun, and laughter; it has to be this one.

You are taken into a different world with immense deck designing, RPG building, and turn-based strategies. You can defeat enemies with the help of a three-by-three field, which means you must choose your cards properly. 

Each of your decisions comes with some amount of risk and reward. You can get a new weapon, sell armor, and decide to fight with your enemy. It may be difficult initially, but you can get used to things instantly. 

Several game modes come with a fantastic puzzle and are rewarding in a way for you. They provide sufficient depth to know that you are efficiently enhancing your ways. The game cost $6.99. 

Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns is another exciting game you can consider having on your smartphone. From the name itself, you can find that you are a king riding a horse, having to pledge allegiance to your citizens. 

However, the game is more than just that. You have to train your army to protect your kingdom from the enemies and have a handful of archers too. Consider building a fort.

Greed is your enemy. When it is nightfall, they come to attack you and steal your food from you. They may take away your weapons also, and you have to get them back or upgrade your weaponry. 

Sadly, if they can get your crown, then be assured that your rule is as good as over. Then you have to devise a brilliant idea to get rid of them once and for all. We loved the action, plan, and graphics provided in the game. The game costs $4.99, which is worth it. 

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Peak’s Edge

Peak’s Edge

We have another outstanding game on our list of the best iPhone games. It is called Peak’s Edge, which is a strategy game, and you can find several little pyramid trundles that are placed on the screen. 

Now, you must hit your game enemies to reach a goal. The game plot is simple because you have to choose the powers offered to you and move ahead. You can defeat your enemies by choosing the right weapons because of the attack.

As a player, you must master around 25 skills and 30 armor types and learn plenty of action moves to win the game. This makes it pretty interesting, nonetheless. You can play the free version, but the paid one does not have ads and has more features. If you love to play these kinds of games, then join in today itself. The game costs $2.99. 

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Maze Machina

Maze Machina

Maze Machina is more like a cat & mouse game. In this game, you are a mouse who has to find his way to the cheese. However, there are plenty of challenges & obstacles that are provided in front of you. 

You need to find the key and then make an exit. However, each of the tiles in the game is a four-by-four that is similar to a power-up. When you move, then everything also moves. 

You should avoid getting caught by the robots in the game. There are plenty of robots in the game, and you must avoid them. Now, each game in their levels has challenges that make them interesting. The game costs $2.99. 


If you are a lover of space games, then you might love Starboard. It comes with a wide range of space gnomes who have to defend their properties from the aliens, and they appear a lot similar to the pests you may find in your garden. 

However, you may want to strategize to capture them. This is a simple game; even kids would be delighted to play them. It is quite easy to play & understand, unlike some of the games we have on our list of the best iPhone games for 2023.

Gamers can move the items at the bottom of the columns. You may want to find that your enemy’s position is inside the grid and is the key to engaging the aliens. But you can attack them only if you meet certain criteria. 

This is different from your usual game because you need to devise some incredible moves from your side. That is why you need to have a strategy to ensure you can meet the game's demands, eliminate the enemy, and score points. The game costs $2.99. 

P1 Select

P1 Select is another interesting game that comes with some amazing moves of its own. As a player, you are bound to have a good time with it. This game comes with a single screen having several twists around it. 

You can find a basic maze with walls, various monsters, and an exit. Then, at the top of the grid, you get to choose the player of your choice. When you move inside the maze, you can choose the player of your choice accordingly. 

Initially, the game is somewhat confusing, but you can understand it better as you keep playing it. Though it comes with 9 screens, you may need help to cross the 7th screen itself.

However, if you keep pushing, you may reach the goal at some point. As you play, you will catch some exciting tricks, as you can switch between players. You can come up with a better strategy and break even. 

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance

The next game is known as the Kingdom Rush Vengeance. The game comes with some interesting features infused in it. You need to protect your empire; when your enemies breach your fortress. 

The additional twist in this game is that you are a bad guy, at least in this game. Yes, that is correct. This is ideal for those who are tired of playing the hero of the games. There is no harm in becoming the bad guy once in a while. 

You get to do that in this game. Vez’nan, a wizard, wants to go on a rampage and attack the enemies. The visuals are attractive and contain plenty of content, and there are special powers in them for you to take in. 

The game is good and nicely played on your iPhone and deserved a place on our list of the best iPhone games. You do not have to be a fan of these genre games to have it on your phone, but it is worth the $2.99. 


Our next game is truly amazing. Twinfold is a card game that has its spills and thrills. If you love playing these card-style games, you have your match. The game's idea is to match the pairs and then double the face value. 

The user interface is solid and infused with amazing qualities, and we liked that aspect. The game requires you to learn & master several things that you would otherwise not be able to perform. 

You need to learn how to survive in the game. For that, you must know the powers that you can obtain. Besides, you would want to also efficiently deal with your enemies and roam around the mazes based on your limited time in the game. 

There is plenty of depth in the game. You can also notice that the challenges though mild some, are worth the try when you know how to play them with zeal. The game costs $3.99 only, making it worth it.

Euclidean Skies

Euclidean Skies

The next game surely must be present on the list of the best iPhone games list. It has wealthy graphics and a stunning framework of landscapes that you would find shocking, and these are the lands you may find in the Rubik’s Cube. 

If you have played Rubik’s Cube, you would love to play this game. Some games are best played in the skies because they give you more elegance, and this game does exactly that. The game requires you to get rid of the enemy’s spine. 

You can do that by reworking the landscape of the game. You can also interchange some doors. Though it needs some dedication from your side, and when you are playing it on a small screen, you may prefer to avoid the touches here & there. The game costs $3.99.

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Reigns: Game of Thrones

If you have seen the movie or Game of Thrones series, then you would surely love Reigns: Game of Thrones. There are a lot of differences in this game from what you can notice in the original Reigns series and Reigns: Her Majesty.

As a responsible individual, you ensure that the people around you are happy & satisfied. However, everything stops when they want to take advantage of your kindness. Your approval ratings might drop short of expectations and change accordingly.

The game offers massive depth and the interaction you would expect. Moreover, you can find the game plot pretty interesting. As we said, if you have watched the series, you will love the game flow even more. 

However, if you are new to the game, that does not mean you won’t enjoy it because you truly will. The game is exciting, and you may want to push yourself with the narrative. The game costs $3.99.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI is a free game on our list of the best iPhone games. Let us read to find out why. When you love to play strategy titles, then this could be it. The game is fun and can churn your mind into thinking very deeply. 

You can explore a new world, by becoming the main civilization, just like the Romans many centuries ago. To do that, you must conquer space, get rich, and remove everybody else in your path.

The game was first available on the iPad, and now it can be played on your iPhone. The game provides you with immense thrills and amazing graphics that are present inside it. There is a free version. You can also use the paid one, which is ridiculously high at $19.99. 

Moreover, you may need some decent software and good audio. Hence, it was launched on your iPad. But if you own the latest handsets from Apple, it should not be acceptable for you to play the game, which is different from any other. 

Card Crawl

This is another interesting game you would be excited about having on your smartphone. Card Crawl is a dungeon crawler-designed game, and there are close to 54 cards you have to make a deal with to win the game. 

Each card has powers, like weapons, spells, potions, and hideous creatures. You have 4 slots that are meant for you, and you can use them accordingly. 

You can also make use of a backpack provided for storing your equipment. Your health begins to reduce when you are fighting with evil creatures. Though each game is only a few minutes, the game can balance your strategy & randomness. 

It may seem childish initially, but you can find out who your true enemies are and process high scores. It is an excellent entertaining game for the iPhone. The game is priced at $2.99, which is cheap considering that it comes infused with remarkable features. 

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Night Skate

The next game is known as Night Skate, which is similar to handheld device games. That is because you require a thumb to play and need to tap your screen, and you have to make the skateboarder jump from one place to the other. 

That is right. If you like skateboarding, this game is a definite yes. You can do anything you want and are challenged to perform better at each level. This way, you can score more points quickly. 

You want to fall and hit through the cones. So, maintain your concentration, and stay up. The free game is good. You can play the paid version, which costs $3.99.


When you like playing arcade games, then pureya is your number one option. Many buttons offer you several options to play the game efficiently. When you play the game, you can take on more challenges as they come.

Each level has something new to offer to you. Gamers can blow up meteors and other bodily structures in the sky, and there can be other interesting objects that you may find in the game. 

There are new characters each time you play the game, and you also win prizes. If you want, processes can be repeated. You can also play unlocked games that provide more power and high-scoring abilities. 



PUSS! is a fantastic game that excites you at the start of a new level. You must find yourself through a barrage of routes to get to the exit at one point. You are a pussycat and need to be able to find the exit. 

While it may sound pretty straightforward, there are several things that you need to know. The graphics are stunning and infused with fantastic scenery, and awesome backgrounds and powerful images make it a thrill to use on your smartphone. 

The levels are small, and you find some amazing things at the end of each level if you want. If you want a game that can challenge you mildly, it has to be this adorable iPhone cutie, and the best part is that it costs only $3.99.

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Octagon 2

Our next game is Octagon 2, which is a sublime game that is based in a tunnel. The game is similar to the Super Hexagon painted in an octagonal tube. The game comes with an octagon, where you have to move sideways or jump to avoid the holes in the floor. 

The game offers you plenty of action. But you may not want to stop your movements because you can fail the mission. You can manually refresh the levels, as they are algorithmically generated.

You can play 5 levels of your choice and limitless play using refreshes. Moreover, you can pay and unlock the entire game, if you want, with the endless mode's help. The game is priced at $1.99.


Vectronom is an exciting game is a stunning game of making use of objects that come in different geometric shapes. Your only purpose here is to be able to reach the exit as soon as you can. 

However, you must ensure that your landscape can shift quickly and that you can change the tone of the game as soon as possible. For that, you also need to move in thin air sometimes. That is because you might have made use of the rhythmic pattern.

Each level comes with challenges and sequences for you to probe about. However, you can find the answer in a quick time, provided you know how to do it effortlessly. But you want to remember your sense of rhythm even for a second, as you can lose.



Yes, the game is not about witches, but you are just a character who plays a witch who has to find a way out of the maze generated for you. Witcheye is similar to those classic games that some of you may have played earlier. 

The game revolves around monsters and weird-looking creatures. We liked the interface. Though it is simple, it is quite amazing with its infused features. You need to control the eyeball flying around that can damage anything in its way.

We may let you on a secret here. The eyeball is the witch, who makes herself into it and challenges the knight who has stolen her money. The game is quite interesting, and we suggest that you play the game on your iPad. 

The iPad provides you with more scope of play. On the iPhone, you can find it somewhat difficult when you move around the narrow gaps that are present there. The game costs $2.99.

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Solar Explorer: New Dawn

When you love space & wars, then this game is the right combination for you. Solar Explorer: New Dawn comes with tremendous power and character. You are provided with an option to play against impact with the surface of another planet. 

Please note that the spacecraft you will be riding comes with limited fuel. If you can’t accomplish your mission, you will most likely crash. Every mission of the game comes with 3 phases. 

The first 2 of the phase require you to avoid the space debris and remain in the target's path. You need to do that because you want to maintain a proper speed for the landing. When you move into the final landing, the last phase, you come under a traditional lunar lander.

You are taken to the refueling pad. Unlike some of the games we were reading about, this comes with a lot of activity, and there is no chance of getting bored. Though you may lose, you can keep returning to win the game. 


Jumpgrid is another arcade game with plenty of levels that feature a clockwork obstacle. The game comes with nearly 100 levels; if that were not enough, these could make more obstacles for you. 

You can only escape by moving after the three-by-three grid and consuming the spinning cubes. Then you can become a teleporter. It is a fast game. Those who love to play games without time to think would love this game. 

As a player, you are given several attempts, and you can take the challenges as and when they come. The game is incredibly balanced. A fantastic image is given on the streamlined object, rightly termed a modern-day classic. It is priced at $2.99.


We have another exciting game on the list of the best iPhone games. It is known as Microbian. This game comes with plenty of spills, like the arcade game. You can notice that the character resembles a spider running around the room. 

You need to keep the hero safe and alive. So, you have to make sure that the hero is always protected at times. You need to jump, move around to safety, and leap to the walls. We liked the upside-down movements of the spider. 

It is truly exceptional on your iPhone. Sometimes it can be a sheer hassle to make it to the end. But you would want to give it a try anyway. We loved the action present in it, and you can be assured of similar action in the game.


INKS is another stunning pinball game. The game comes with several tables. Each of the tables has flippers, and there is a ball attached. 

You can see that the game has something different where the proceedings come with amazing artwork. The shots are also fine-tuned in the game, and you will be delighted to see the features in great color tones. 

Players need to hit them in the minimum number of shots. You would be amazed to know that the target splatters when you hit them. Besides, your ball also gets the trail of the ink, acknowledging that it has indeed hit the target.

The game is fun and has its charm. If you love to play pinball games, you would love this one. It is suited for the iPhone, and the unique features presented make it spectacular. 

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Spitkiss is not your usual game where you play with an object. Here you are going to use body organs, and that is correct. You can notice that there is your heart, lungs, and so on. Though it is not that graphic, some of you may not feel comfortable with it.

That does not mean it is not fun or would not be on our list of the best iPhone games. However, the game is somewhat cartoon. The game features are fun; you can find them flinging blobs at one another.

The mechanics are exciting to play, and you can use a slingshot to fire at them. Usually, you have to shoot your target, but you may want to ensure that you use proper levels packed with monsters.

You will have fun playing the game on your smartphone and can also plan the route you want to take when you start the game. It is an FPS game priced only at $1.99, making it cheap for a stunning narrative. 

 AR Smash Tanks!

AR Smash Tanks! It is a game that is based on tanks. This must be your go-to game when you love playing or fiddling with tanks. The rectangular area of the game can be projected on a table or any object of your desire. 

You can also make use of several devices to play the game. You can also check your next move on the device. The tanks are designed around using a slingshot, and when you have played games like Angry Birds, you would know all about it. 

Please know that the environment you play in can be destroyed. It is not surprising that skyscrapers are knocked out using a tank. Besides, you can make use of all kinds of shots that are comfortable. The game costs only $1.99.

Beat Sneak Bandit

Beat Sneak Bandit is a game that is based on bandits. When you love playing one, this game must be your choice. Each level takes place on the screen where you have to perform, find your path, and choose the right rhythm. 

Moreover, you would be amazed to know that the numerous puzzles in the game can be quite stunning. The enemy of the game would be the notorious Duke Clockface, who has stolen the clocks, and Beat Sneak Bandit wants to get them back.

You can play the game using your thumb. That is what makes it all the more remarkable to say. You need to move like a beat and make the walls turn around with the help of the guard or security camera.

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Micro Miners

Micro Miners is our final game on the list of the best iPhone games. The game features a stunning array of miners who dig tunnels using a finger. When you encounter some silver, coal, and gold deposits, they hack using a pickaxe. 

Though it might seem bland initially, the game has its strengths and fun aspects here & there. You have to check for each of the level’s layout and memory. When you want to move around quickly, you can rejoin your team again & again.

You make a path in the dirt by grabbing massive deposits and gems. There is also lava and giant worms that may eat anything in their path. Why don’t you download it today and experience it yourself on your iPhone?  The game costs $1.99. 

Summing Up

We hope you loved reading about the best iPhone games in 2023, just as we had fun writing the list for you. These games can flawlessly work on your iPhone that works on iOS 16, and it also includes the iPhone 8 but may not work on the iPhone operating on iOS 15.

This is found on the models that came with or after the iPhone 6S. So, if you own the iPhone 6S or any later model, you are safe. You would be surprised to see the among subscribers to the Apple library, which is a justification of the gamers there. 

It is one of the most loved Action games available on androids.


This is it. We have provided you with the best iPhone games that you may download on your device today. You would have read all genres, including shooting, racing, sports, and strategy games. 

You can find any sort of game that you like & prefer. We can assure you that there is something in there just for you or what you are interested in. The App Store can rival the Nintendo Switch and other gaming consoles with its wide range of gaming options. 

When you are a gamer and what to choose the best iPhone games, then you can find one from the list. If you found the post helpful, please share it with your family members or friends who you know love to play iPhone games. Go ahead and have a fun time.


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