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Surprisingly, snowboarding was invented in 1965 by Sherman Poppen, who joined two skis together and added a rope to one end to provide him and his daughter stability. In comparison to other Olympic sports, snowboarding has a relatively recent history. Snowboarding made its Olympic debut in 1998, but it has been featured in computer games for years before that.

Snowboarding games can astound with their grueling mechanics and frantic, exciting races. Not to be forgotten are the exhilarating snowboarding franchises Amped and SSX. They are two of the most well-known athletes in winter sports. The next best thing is snowboarding video games. Here is a list of the top snowboarding video games.

Snowboarding Games

Most people think of the skateboarding series Tony Hawk's Pro Skater when considering video games featuring extreme sports. But many top-notch snowboarding video games have also been released, allowing players to ski down the slopes in style.

1. Heavy Shredding

In 1990, the Nintendo Entertainment System saw the introduction of the snowboarding video game Heavy Shredding. Snowboard Challenge was the name given to its European release. The player needs to climb three mountains to finish the game. 

The terrain gets increasingly challenging as the player moves down the mountain. On each mountain, there are three levels of difficulty. The first is considered novice (denoted by a circle), the second is considered intermediate (denoted by a square), and the third is considered an expert (marked by a diamond).

The player has four lives at the beginning. There are 18 playable levels and five separate events. The player must complete the event in front of it to go on to the next one. A life is lost if the player falls or runs out of time. A bonus life is given to the player after finishing a trial. The game will be finished if the player completes all the paths and activities.

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2. Tommy Moe's Winter Extreme: Skiing & Snowboarding

The winter sports video game Tommy Moe's Winter Extreme: Skiing & Snowboarding, also known as Val d'Isere Championship in Europe, uses skiing and snowboarding as extreme sports in freestyle mode, training mode, or competition mode. 

Competition mode offers players three chances to complete the challenges. Otherwise, the "game over" screen appears and instructs players to restart. Players can use any course in the training mode, similar to a video arcade racing game, and the competition mode is similar to the Winter Olympics. Players can utilize skis or snowboards, and controls can be changed.

The sport, which honors American alpine racer Tommy Moe, is co-sponsored by Val-d'Isère, which served as the venue for the men's downhill skiing competition at the Albertville Winter Olympics in 1992. On the game's box, the Italian manufacturer of ski equipment Nordica has also supported the Japanese version of the game.

On the course, weather can change, requiring players to maneuver through a winter storm and scenarios like dawn, dusk, night, and afternoon conditions. Players must use the ski lift to ascend to the summit of the next mountain once they have reached the bottom of the slope in freestyle mode.

3. Cool Boarders

UEP Systems created the snowboarding video game Cool Boarders for the PlayStation. The player competes to earn the best time, the most points from pulling off tricks, and total points, which combine the two preceding disciplines. The game consists of three main courses (plus two more unlockables). Even though it was a simple game at the time, it paved the path for much more well-liked extreme sports games later.

The variety of boards that offer varied gameplay and the thrills of the experience were praised by critics. Still, they criticized the lack of a two-player mode or AI opponents to race against, as well as the game's peculiar physics, which include the player character's propensity to get caught between closely spaced barriers and bounce back and forth between them, as well as the ability to hit particular objects to cause them to slide uphill.

4. Winter Gold

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game Winter Gold was created by Funcom and released by Nintendo in 1996. It features winter sports. In the game, players compete in four different Olympic sites while competing in six different winter sports categories. Its main five-button setup plays time trials in three different playable modes.

In the winter sports simulation game Winter Gold, players can select from six events across four Olympic sites, including Salt Lake City, Lillehammer, Albertville, and an unlockable city, including downhill skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding, aerial skiing, bobsledding, and luge. Players select their nationality and the color of their suit, helmet, and boots before the game begins.

Play can be done in three ways: practice, competition, and circuit. Players can select an opponent and one or more disciplines to compete during practice and competition modes to set the fastest time or score, which is immediately saved using the cartridge's internal battery-powered memory. 

The player can engage in any discipline in circuit mode but must compete against other players. Depending on the time rankings or standing points acquired after completing each discipline, the athlete moves into the following Olympic location by finishing in the top three positions. There is a multiplayer mode in addition to the single-player mode, where up to eight players can compete against one another.

5. Cool Boarders 2

Cool Boarders 2 

UEP Systems created the snowboarding video game Cool Boarders 2 for the PlayStation. Trick competitions, computer-controlled opponents, and compatibility for the PlayStation Link Cable, which enables two-player, non-split screen multiplayer, expand upon the features of the game's predecessor.

The primary goal is still to finish courses as quickly as possible (helped this time by shortcuts), pull off the best scoring maneuvers, and build up enormous total scores. Additional unlockables are available, and you may also change the graphics of the snowboard. Seven snowboarders, eighteen snowboards, and ten courses are available in the game. The host of the comic podcast Uhh Yeah Dude, Seth Romanelli, appears in an original game advertisement.

The PlayStation Classic, launched on December 3, 2018, came with 20 games pre-installed, with the PAL version of the game being one of them (excluding those from Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong).

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6. Steep Slope Sliders

Steep Slope Sliders

Published in 1997, Steep Slope Sliders is a video game for the Sega Saturn and Sega Titan ST-V arcade systems. Victor Interactive Software and the Cave Company collaborated to create it. Victor Interactive Software in Japan and Sega in other countries released the game. Capcom made the arcade version available. 

The game received great reviews and was compared favorably to other snowboarding video games for its sharp visuals, creative concept, and user-friendly control scheme.

In contrast to Steep Slope Sliders, which gives the player far more control, UEP Systems' Cool Boarders' combo interface is quite disciplined in how actions are carried out. The way of executing feats was primarily based on the Jamma setup used in the arcades, but everything was based on the face buttons that were pressed. 

Everything was controlled by pressing the face buttons instead of holding in one direction when jumping (like the SSX snowboarding series does). This was also true of several other Sega arcade ports, notably Winter Heat, Radiant Silvergun, Virtua Fighter: Remix, and Die Hard Arcade.

7. Snowboard Kids

Snowboard Kids

A snowboarding game for the Nintendo 64 is called Snowboard Kids. Racdym created it, and Atlus distributed it. Many reviews compared it to the Mario Kart games in terms of aesthetics. Snowboard Kids Plus, an improved adaptation for the PlayStation, was made available in Japan in January 1999.

Snowboard Kids adds "Shots" (special weapons used to assault others) and things that can assist the player, impede other players, or both to the classic snowboarding game's gameplay. A single-player adventure game, four-player head-to-head racing, and time trials are available as game modes.

Nine primary courses make up the game. Some of the courses would be untypical for snowboarding in the real world, even though many of them are on snowy mountains. Some examples of these courses include a theme park, a desert, a broad valley, a pitch-black highway, and a Japanese village during the cherry blossom festival. Each track is shaped differently and features a variety of dangers, obstacles, and shortcuts.

Each player can carry a shooting item and a support item (such as a boulder or invisibility) simultaneously, thanks to the two item slots. A player must pay 100 gold during a race to collect an item. Gold can be obtained by pulling off a prank or gathering scattered coins.

8. 1080° Snowboarding

In 1998, Nintendo created and released 1080° Snowboarding, a snowboarding video game for the Nintendo 64. In the game, the player takes a third-person perspective control of one of five snowboarders and uses a combination of buttons to jump and pull off tricks across eight levels.

After being announced in November 1997 and being developed for nine months, 1080° garnered favorable reviews and was given an Interactive Achievement Award by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. 1080° was sold more than two million pieces. The GameCube sequel, 1080° Avalanche, was released in November 2003. After being rereleased in 2008 and 2016 on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console, the game will be rereleased in 2023 on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

In one of the numerous modes, players control snowboarders. Two trick modes—trick attack and contest—three racing modes—race, time attack, and two-player—along with a training mode and an options mode—are available in 1080°. The game's objective is to finish each level as rapidly as possible or collect as many trick combos as possible.

The trick assault and contest modes of 1080° allow players to earn points for completing tricks. Players get points by performing tricks and snowboarding past flags in the contest mode. Players in the trick attack mode must execute a sequence of tricks throughout a predetermined level. Twenty-four tricks and five mystery tricks are included in the game.

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9. Alpine Surfer

Alpine Surfer is a 1996 arcade snowboarding video game that Namco created and distributed. It utilizes Namco System 22 technology based on its snowboarding video game series, Alpine Racer. Similar to their Final Lap and Winning Run series, the game also supports cooperative play by allowing the linking of two cabinets.

The player controls a snowboarder by using a snowboard controller attached to the cabinet's base, which the player is supposed to stand on. The game includes two modes—"Free Riding Mode" and "Gate Racing Mode"—as well as novice and expert difficulty levels. In the Free Riding mode, the snowboarder is free to snowboard down a mountain while pulling off air stunts, but they must reach the bottom before the timer runs out. In Gate Race Mode, the player races against CPU-controlled opponents and must finish first before the timer runs out. They must also continue closer to the bottom before the timer runs out.

10. Snow Wave: Avalanche

Snow Wave: Avalanche

The arcade snowboarding video game Snow Wave: Avalanche was created and released in 1998 by the Spanish company Hammer Technologies. The game followed Tie Break Tennis '98 as the second installment in Hammer's "Hammer Sports" series. Snow Wave offers multiplayer gaming for up to four players in addition to its single-player version.

The Avalanche 3D game engine, made specifically for the game, was used to generate Snow Wave. MataMala created the soundtrack for the game. Despite the snowboarding genre's ubiquity on other platforms, Snow Wave was touted throughout its creation as the first computer game dedicated to the sport.

When Snow Wave was developed, Spain's video game industry was experiencing difficulties. Hammer claimed that since the heyday of Spanish software during the 8-bit period, development had become "far harder" and that most of the nation's industry had dried up. 

Snow Wave was recognized by the Spanish publications Game Over and PC Top Player as proof that domestic game production was on the upswing. After the domestic success of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, a journalist for the latter media claimed that the game's release was indicative of a growing trend for Spanish games.

It is one of the best-selling PS4 games of all time.

11. Cool Boarders 3

Idol Minds created the snowboarding video game Cool Boarders 3 for the PlayStation. Cool Boarders 3 carries on from the previous games in the series by allowing the player to snowboard down mountain courses while doing tricks to score points. 

A player must focus more on defeating the times of their CPU opponents on some courses, such as Downhill, Boarder X, and Slalom. In contrast, they must perform numerous complicated tricks on others, such as Slope Style, Half Pipe, and Big Air, to earn a high point total. 

Support for the System Link feature, which eliminates the potential for two-player, non-split screen multiplayer, is a feature that was included in the game's direct predecessor but is missing from this one.

Cool Boarders 3 included a large number of playable characters in addition to unlockable characters, unlike the previous games in the series. There are 13 distinct borders available at the beginning of the game, and by beating the top scores, you can unlock an additional eight borders. Additionally, Cool Boarders 3 had 12 unlockable boards, each modeled after actual snowboards from brands like Burton and Ride, and 11 different snowboards.

12. Snowboard Kids Plus

Snowboard Kids Plus, an improved adaptation for the PlayStation, was made available in Japan in January 1999. Snowboard Kids adds "Shots" (special weapons used to assault others) and things that can assist the player, impede other players, or both to the classic snowboarding game's gameplay.

In addition to adding four new characters (three default and one secret) also modifies a portion of the soundtrack, improves parts of the course aesthetics, and offers more character customization possibilities. The storyline from the first Snowboard Kids is greatly expanded in Snowboard Kids Plus. The ongoing conflict between Linda and the new character Nicole is a significant addition to the game.

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13. Snowboard Kids 2

A snowboarding video game called Snowboard Kids 2 was created by Racjin and released by Atlus. It is the follow-up to Snowboard Kids, which in turn was followed by SBK: Snowboard Kids. While updating game mechanisms, Snowboard Kids 2 keeps the fundamental gameplay of its predecessor.

There are two unique modes for the main game. The Battle Races and Skill Games from the previous version are combined in Story Mode. The courses contain coins, except Expert Mode. The center town, which takes the place of the game menu, and recurring boss stages are also added.

There are now nine characters in total—four new ones that weren't in the last game and one that wasn't. In Battle Mode, all nine characters can be employed instead of just the six initial characters in Story Mode, provided the final three are unlocked. The five returning characters have all undergone significant redesigns, and each one now gets a set of four clothes that correspond to the various themes of the races. The default difficulty setting for new players is Normal Mode, and Expert Mode can only be accessed after completing Story Mode.

14. Trick'N Snowboarder

Trick'N Snowboarder

The snowboarding video game Trick'N Snowboarder, also known as Tricky Sliders in Japan, was released by Capcom in 1999. This snowboarding game is Cave's sequel to Steep Slope Sliders. Trick'N Snowboarder is a console-only game, unlike its predecessor, which was made available in arcades.

Like previous extreme sports video games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, scenario mode sends the player through ten stages with objectives for finishing each level. Although there are three occasions where an opponent dares the player to a score-based or time-based challenge, the main focus of these goals is to record the best tricks and stunts for a series of videos that the player is involved in the recording.

The game follows the typical formula for snowboarding games: challenging downhill tracks with jump-off places and sporadic obstacles; a variety of game modes, including alpine, halfpipe, and single-jump competitions; and minor additions like replay saves and player/title logo editing options. It features playable snowboarders for Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and a Zombie Cop from Resident Evil 2.

15. R: Rock'n Riders

R: Rock'n Riders is a 1999 PlayStation action extreme sports simulation (sandboarding/snowboarding) video game that was only available in Japan. FAB Communications was the publisher. Although there are six different characters, only four may be controlled. Each of them has unique traits and is aboard. 

They are all members of "R," a rock group created especially for the video game and the animated film "R." Chisato and O-Jiro (both from PENICILLIN), Kyoji Yamamoto, and Kiyoshi were the band's most noteworthy members.

The game is set in the future when rock music is outlawed, and the band members are considered criminals and wanted by the law. The Sea Side Course, Future Side Course, Snow Side Course, and Town Side Course are the four "runaway" (escape session) levels, and they are all found in the Western United States.

The player needs to pull off stunts to get points during gameplay. They will become less with hits and falls. The player can also "touch" the person with green hair to get the instrument, but they need to stay away from the red-clad person to prevent losing an indicator or changing the music.

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16. Supreme Snowboarding

A snowboarding video game called Supreme Snowboarding was developed by Housemarque for Microsoft Windows and released for the Game Boy Color in 1999 under the name Boarder Zone in the US. It finally became a global bestseller among the first snowboarding games for Windows to effectively leverage the 3D graphics cards that were starting to gain popularity in the late 1990s. 

Supreme Snowboarding became the first successful game produced in Finland thanks to sales of more than 1.5 million units globally. However, its lack of content and repeat value was occasionally questioned; the game earned generally favorable reviews and praise for having one of the best visuals of its time.

Players needed to use the directional keys and three other buttons for leaps, stunts, and cutting snow in this game, which got accolades for its controls. Players initiate stunts by pressing the jump key; these tricks are carried out by pressing the trick key, and characters can turn more quickly by carving into the snow by pressing the third button.

There are six characters, nine slalom, and six trick courses, all with advantages and disadvantages. Each course has four weather conditions, broken down into three categories: Alpine, Village, and Forest. Four snowboards are also available, each of which is made to support a particular style of snowboarding. Over a LAN, players can play with up to eight other individuals. There isn't any online multiplayer, though.

17. SSX Tricky

SSX Tricky

SSX Tricky is a snowboarding video game managed by EA Vancouver and released by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports BIG banner. The game, a direct successor to SSX, was first made available in 2001 for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox. In October 2002, it was ported to the Game Boy Advance. Then came SSX 3 in 2003.

This was the first game of the series to be out on several platforms because the original SSX was one of the PS2's launch titles. However, rather than being a true sequel, many people believed the game to be more of an improved version of SSX.

The gameplay follows the same fundamental framework first introduced in the first SSX. The primary songs are remixes from the last game, including Tokyo Megaplex, a course that looks like a massive pinball machine, and Merqury City, which is set in a New York City downtown. There are also two new tracks, Garibaldi and Alaska. 

There are twelve characters in it. A boarder's abilities grow, and new courses, personalities, and boards become available after winning gold in various competitions. New clothes can be obtained by finishing a character's trick book and doing certain specific tricks while playing.

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18. Amped

Freestyle Snowboarding is a snowboarding video game for the Xbox. The video game is the first in the Amped series. Amped, a snowboarding game that debuted with the Xbox, emphasizes stunts rather than the racing-based gameplay of Electronic Arts SSX, which debuted with the PlayStation 2 the year before. The successful release of Amped 2 and Amped 3 established the success of Amped.

Amped used the Xbox's internal hard drive to load entire mountains simultaneously, allowing freestyle runs modeled after genuine resorts rather than the linear courses of other snowboarding games.

Players must defeat snowmen in the game to expand their characters' exploration possibilities in Career Mode. In addition to listening to the more than 150 songs currently included in the game, users can use their music to build a custom soundtrack using the Xbox's built-in hard drive. Additionally, users can listen to music by genre.

Due to the in-game soundtrack's inclusion of the whole one for the Kids album, the game is also well recognized for aiding in the career launch of the pop-punk band Yellowcard.

19. Dark Summit

Radical Entertainment published the snowboarding video game Dark Summit in 2001. The controls of Dark Summit are similar to those of several older skating and snowboarding games. The user can grind/jib, grab, flip (horizontally and vertically), and do specific tricks on the mountain in general and on the chairlift and alien halfpipes.

In this game, a chairlift can only access many regions if you have a particular number of "Lift Points," obtained by completing tasks. Possessing "Equipment Points" enables unlocking cosmetic items and snowboard upgrades. By performing tricks around the mountain, you can earn them.

More "Equipment Points" are earned through unique moves and combinations. "Lift Points" and "Equipment Points" are not spent; instead, they are accumulated, and with each achievement, the player gains access to a new region, snowboard improvement, or cosmetic. 

Players can unlock four different snowboards by accumulating "Equipment Points." The starting boards give the user no advantage over the competition and are quickly outdated. Only skilled players can use the starting board in the late game because jumps and tricks take time to master.

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20. Shaun White Snowboarding

Shaun White Snowboarding

A snowboarding video game called Shaun White Snowboarding was created by Ubisoft Montreal and released by Ubisoft for the Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and Microsoft Windows.

In Shaun White Snowboarding, there are six mountains, including ones in Alaska, Park City, Europe, and Japan. Peak, backcountry, and park are the three distinct areas that can be found on each mountain (or resort). The game also has a "Target Limited Edition" available only at Target; this edition allows access to Target Mountain, a mountain covered in Target branding.

Before the player's final battle against Shaun White, they can earn a sponsored version of the best snowboard from the base game, which has more jibs, character models, and other features. It has been described in-game as being extremely difficult to find. The last peak, known as B.C., is only available in the for-pay "Mile-High Pack." The scene is in British Columbia.

Players will acquire valuable skills as they advance through the game. Some skills include the capacity to accelerate rapidly or smash through barriers to advance.


A well-liked subgenre of video games in the late 1990s and early 2000s was snowboarding games. Sadly, the genre fizzled out with the introduction of 7th-generation consoles and hasn't received much attention since. But those who are just getting into the genre should start by playing some top titles.


The snowboarding game Amped 2 is fantastic and functions similarly to Tony Hawk's Pro Skate. There are objectives and hidden achievements to complete on each level. A brand-new "snow skate" option in the game enables players to enjoy the finest of both extreme sports subgenres.

A snowboarding game called Shredders is currently available on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, Steam, and Game Pass.

Steep, a well-liked video game about extreme winter sports, is getting a sequel from Ubisoft. It has the apt name Steep 2.

It is a fascinating game to see the shape used in extreme sports. It does not make for a good one. Contrary to popular belief, extreme sports are not accompanied by the stereotypical "dude-bro" lingo and frat boy sensibility.

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