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The best games, like Clash of Clans, repeat their moreish world-conquering formula with superb results. Supercell's free-to-play mobile strategy game is currently a decade old, so the developer has had lots of time to refine the procedure. That, however, doesn't mean the competition doesn't pack a punch of its own. 

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Games like Clash of Clans Are Waiting For You!

Here is a list of the best games, such as Clash of Clans.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale can be a tower-rush computer game that puts players in games that include two or four players, during which the target is to destroy the opposing central towers, with the demolition of the "King's Tower" occurring an instant win.

If no towers are destroyed during the overtime, all towers lose health, and the tower with the least amount of health is destroyed. If two towers have equal health, there's a draw. Players level up by gaining expertise points through donating and upgrading cards. The best attainable level is level fourteen.

Trophies are won or lost through multiplayer battles. A player wins a battle by destroying more towers than the opponent or destroying the opponent's King's Tower, leading to an automatic victory. There are fifteen arenas in total, each corresponding to a particular trophy.

The Legendary Arena consists of "Leagues" that developers added to the game in March 2017. Once they reach over 5000 trophies, players play through nine different leagues, from contender to last champion. Every season, the player's trophies are reset to half what they were when they reached 5,000.

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Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a game in which players battle against alternative players or AI opponents in multiple game modes. Will choose from characters known as brawlers that they need to unlock through boxes, the brawl pass, the trophy road, or purchase through the search to use in battle.

Brawl Stars features various game modes that players will choose between, all having a particular objective. In addition, players can invite friends to play with them up to the top-team extent of the game mode. Once players vie in battles, they earn tokens to progress on the Brawl Pass.

Power League may become a competitive ranking system for the sport in Season 5. This replaced the Ability Play system. Players unlock this technique after earning 4500 trophies.

Club League debuted in Season Nine as a new weekly competition between clubs, with eight competing each week on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each season brings a brand new Brawl Pass and Power League. In addition, every season is accompanied by new skins that are themed for the season. If you love action packed games, you should also try Souls like games.

Clash Mini

Clash Mini may be a strategy game that provides the prospect of participating in battles that include the far-famed characters from the Clash universe. During this game, however, you will find miniature versions of the soldiers on the grid around the screen. In clash mini, you must strategically put all your team members on the board to face your rivals.

You'll have to form balanced lines of attack and defense to try to deal maximum harm as is attainable to the enemy squadron on every flip. Once you have marked the position of the tiny warriors, You tap the combat button and notice if your chosen strategy is undefeated.

The graphics in Clash Mini allow you to watch every battle play out in 3D from a top-down perspective. With a vertical orientation, the unlatched heroes are invariably accessible at the bottom of the screen.

Clash Mini brings you the significance of Supercell's Clash universe, yet with entirely different characters' expressions. With a miniature look, you'll have to put these lovely characters on the board and show wisdom to win every battle.

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Boom Beach

The gameplay is incredibly similar to Clash of Clans: players need to produce their base close to their island's beach and attack enemy islands to get various rewards.

Even though you're fighting against the Blackguard, the enemy army is controlled by a laptop. In Boom Beach, you'll also fight against different Web players. You must attack their islands and look at their defenses to beat them with your troops.

Boom Beach can be an easy but addictive period strategy game with fantastic graphics. Additionally, it moves away from the classic fantasy setting to supply a world choked with troopers with machine guns, missiles, and motorized boats.

Required OS: 4.1 and up.

Offered by: Supercell 

Hay Day

You can build the farm of your dreams this time by resolving many improbable and fun puzzles. Learning how to solve the fodder Day Pop Puzzles is simple due to their gameplay, which is appropriate for all ages. First, you must eliminate the colored items by matching two or a lot of them of a similar kind. Remember that you must complete several times to pass to successive levels.

As you progress through the sport, you will encounter new obstacles like wood boxes, hay, carrots, and watermelons. Every new object needs a distinct methodology to make it disappear utterly.

Fodder Day Pop is far more than resolving colorful puzzles. You may also need to manage and decorate your farm. Use the gold you earn to shop for new things and flip it into your dream farm. There are vegetable gardens and animals that will assist you in earning rewards. Hay Day Pop is a fantastic puzzle game with colorful visuals and thousands of levels watching for you.


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Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is a game of battlegrounds. It is a third-person action game brazenly impressed by "PUBG." Be part of a gaggle of up to fifty players as they battle to the death on a colossal island jam-packed with weapons and vehicles.

Battlegrounds area units are simple: on the left side of the screen, there is a virtual d-pad to manage your character, whereas on the right side, you will find buttons to shoot, crouch, lay down, and jump.

Battlegrounds resemble the aforementioned "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds" or other battle royale-type games. The title starts with all the players landing on the island via parachute as soon as they search out weapons and survive the attacks from the remainder of the players. Battlegrounds can be a battle royale that provides improbably fun and addicting game expertise.

Platforms: Androids, IOS 

Mode: Multiplayer 

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers can be a platform game where you must run from the police through the risk station, where trains pass unendingly at full speed. You will begin running once more during a new and exciting game with a faucet on the screen.

Unlike alternative genre classics, in Subway Surfers, you'll not manage your character with the measuring system, but you'll have three lanes to maneuver your protagonist by swiping on the screen. Swiping vertically allows you to jump and roll on the bottom to avoid obstacles. 

The foremost fascinating ability of the sport appears once you double-tap the screen: you'll get on your skateboard for a restricted time, and throughout that time, you'll be able to receive success while not being defeated.

To increase these games, you'll use the "various" power-ups scattered around the setting to assist you in various ways:

  • Jump higher.
  • Fly through the skies at high speed.
  • Mechanically collect coins from any lane.

Subway Surfers can be a diverting game that, with its simplicity, can keep you pasted to the screen for hours.

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Roblox is that final virtual universe that allows you to produce, share experiences with friends, and be something you'll be able to imagine. So are you in the mood for an epic adventure as you prepare to compete against rivals worldwide? It means that there's always something new and exciting for you each day.

Be artistic and boast your distinctive style.  

Required OS: 5.0 and up

Offered by: Roblox corporation 


DomiNations may be a strategy game where players manage a civilization from its beginnings to the horse race. However, this title is powerfully galvanized by Clash of Clans.

As in other games of this type, in DomiNations, players will build their city, but they will need homes, mills, mines, warehouses, barracks, watchtowers, and so on. The most important part, as always, is the government building, which you must protect against enemy attacks. In addition, you'll be able to train and recruit new troopers in the barracks.

A relatively new feature in DomiNations is that each civilization will usually be able to advance its technology, provided you have the necessary resources. Furthermore, you will be ready to see these changes within the buildings and the overall look of your town.

DomiNations is a superb strategy game that does not bring anything innovative to the genre but will introduce some fun components at intervals in the Clash of Clans-style formula.


Dawn Of The Titans

Dawn of Titan is a strategy game where you've got to steer your army in massive armed confrontations against different players. Your mission is to direct troops and choose their targets in line with troop sorting.

As you advance within the game, you'll expand and upgrade your village, and from that, you'll produce new units to unite your ranks, each with a particular function. The right balance of units and talents will determine whether your standoffs end in victory or defeat.

During the battles, you've got to line up the beginning position of your army and mark the world you simply need to maneuver towards or attack. And you'll charge at prime speed and advance while taking cover to counter long-distance attacks and even using magic and large creatures to urge the elimination of various teams quickly.

Dawn of Titans may be a spectacular strategy game along the lines of the favorite Total War adventure story. 

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A Clash Of Lords

A Clash Of Lords

Clash of Lords II can be a real-time strategy game in which players manage different types of heroes, a town packed with defenses, and battle enemy teams.

Within the initial half, players must be compelled to produce a powerful munition to shield their town, which has selected a hero to defend it. Then, you'll order your heroes to attack alternative cities in seconds.

Players will choose from quite a few completely different heroes, which they will additionally improve, equip with entirely different skills, provide, etc. Additionally, you'll produce a lot of defensive buildings to shield your city, which is vital if you attempt to drive back charging enemies.

Release: September 9, 2022

License: free

Rise Of A kingdom

Rise Of A kingdom

Rise of Kingdoms is a management strategy game in which you guide a culture from the pre-social organization period to the social organization period while fighting off countless enemies and expanding your empire's borders. 

Once you've deleted your civilization, You can begin with huts, farms, and a lumber mill. Your mission is to turn this meager regular payment into a thriving metropolis capable of surviving the check of your time.

In Rise of Kingdoms, your three main jobs are to build new buildings to expand your empire, explore neighboring territories, and defend your town from any external threats. To combat barbarians and alternative civilizations, you will need troops and generals.

So, you'll have to recruit a few generals to level up and teach new skills to them eventually. Rise of Kingdoms is a fun strategy game that borrows some ideas from the Civilization adventure story while providing much closer gambling expertise to most of the titles in this genre on Golem. In addition, it has nice graphics and an excellent style of missions, characters, and buildings for you to enjoy.

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Lord Mobiles

Lords Mobile is a time-period strategy game that challenges you to build an empire and battle in massive mega-battles against a swarm of players worldwide. The way you will manage your empire is not out of the ordinary in the world of mechanical men's battle and strategy games.

You want to use various resources to build new buildings to build more significant and higher ones eventually. During battles, players cannot directly manage their armies; however, their armies reply to enemy attacks. Therefore, you'll have to organize them for combat beforehand and keep your troops' spirits high to keep them fighting and alive.

Besides online battles against alternative players, Lords Mobile offers several single-player missions that follow the story mode. During this game mode, you may face unique enemies that will place your army in harm's way.

Lords Mobile is also a great management strategy game with stunning visuals. However, it also deserves a special mention for the quality of the multiplayer battling scenes that have over one hundred units at any given moment on your screen.

Castle Clash

Castle Clash can be a strategy and management game within which you collect resources, build structures to make a village, and recruit a military of many completely different creatures.

The latter and most enjoyable aspect of the game is that once you direct your army against different players, you'll be able to challenge them over the Internet whenever you want. You'll be able to build quite a dozen completely different buildings and recruit every kind of creature with its special powers. As a result, arm your troops with wisdom, both in terms of quantity and quality.

For example, a military composed entirely of archers may fit practically at the start of a battle, but as soon as your opponent charges at your position, you're toast. That is why searching for the best balance between force, ability, and magic is vital.

Castle Clash can be a free-to-play strategy game that lets you play online in intense multiplayer battles, wherever many units are also in a similar state of affairs on your screen simultaneously.

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Empires is a fantasy strategy game of war, blood, and magic. Build a hero army, select the best battle strategy, and battle enemies in combat.

Choose your race and fight the war as magical Elves, skilled Dwarves, powerful Orcs, or deadly undead. Kindly form alliances with your friends and crush your enemies in competitive multiplayer battles. Create a mighty empire, fight for glory, and triumph in battle.

Choose one of four races, build gleaming cities, and join the associate alliance. Level up your hero and look for legendary fantasy weapons and upgrades to create the most uncomplicated hero. Become a final someone, a wizard, or a builder. Defend your town from armies and magic. Fight enemy clans and alliances in a fierce war. Use your battle strategy thinking to conquer Emporea's fantasy.

Guardian Kingdoms

Guardian Kingdoms is the game where you build your kingdom from the bottom up to level up your team while heading off an enemy attack.

Gameplay in Guardian Kingdoms is customary for this type of game. Therefore, the only distinguishing feature is that you just click on objects as you progress and move along with your surroundings.

You'll also set up your combat moves before the battle. As you build your fortresses and buildings, the resources you discover increase and aid you in defeating your enemies. The best part of Guardian Kingdoms is that you will get to regroup with friends online, jointly pointing out to your enemies that there is strength in numbers.

Guardian Kingdoms may be a good strategy game with an essential dose of fun and outstanding graphics.

Build an epic 3D pirate island with fortified, impenetrable defenses and plenty of military might. See your island from every angle with stunning 3D graphics. Storm other players' islands in time and plunder their loot.

Choose a crew from ten categories of scoundrels, each with unique skills. Explore unknown waters in your mighty ship. Engage in naval battles with hideous ocean monsters. Collect the legendary pirates.

Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings is a strategy game where you've got to create a prosperous Viking city. The things you have to learn are that you conquer other neighboring cities in that area, which alternative players rule.

Initially, the city barely incorporates a few structures, all units of a single floor. Then, as you gain resources and cash, you'll build various structures, like forges, massive salons, and barracks. Finally, and most significantly, you'll level up the most buildings in the city, just like the House of the Jarl and, therefore, the Oracle.

To interact in battles, you will need troopers; to urge them, you would like to create barracks and have cash. Vikings: War of Clans isn't an original strategy and management game. 

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Total War Battle: Kingdom

Total War Battles: Kingdom is a management strategy game that has successfully ported an excellent deal of general expertise from the complete version of Total War and loaded it onto your robot smartphone. Presently, you get to create and manage an entire medieval empire and lead it forward to success by creating your way through the depths of a rather hostile world filled with factions and rival warlords to squash in epic battles.

The game system behind Total War Battles: Kingdom is comparatively complicated. However, fortunately, this title comes with a well-developed tutorial to assist you in starting. Players begin every battle with one castle. Then, little by little, you get to construct your farms, quarries, houses, guard stations, mills, churches, and many other buildings.

Total War Battles: Kingdom is a superb strategy game. While it does not provide a complete, in-depth knowledge of the War franchise, it does provide a fun and well-adapted game for mobile devices. Plus, it comes with some outstanding graphics. The visual style created to look at a large variety of troops and units on one screen simultaneously is entirely spot-on.

Hero Sky: The Epic Clash

Hero Sky: Epic Society Wars is a strategy game like Clash of Clans, during which players build their operations base and attack different players' bases.

The game system in Hero Sky: Epic Society Wars is similar to Clash of Clans: you build different buildings on your base. Thus you'll get resources, recruit troops, and defend the remainder of your buildings from encroaching attacks.

Although a defensive base is robust and assaultive, enemy bases are equally crucial. To try and do this, you will need to recruit legendary heroes, among whom you will find characters from each possible historical epoch, from mythic gods to ninjas or pirates, all of them forever prepared for action.

Hero Sky: The Epic Society War is a mediocre strategy game that needs to supply something new. In short, the sport merely imitates Clash of Clans while not being a noteworthy addition to an already over-exploited formula.

Cookie Run

It is a strategy-based game. In the Cookie Run Kingdom, you must unlock various cookies to form a well-balanced squad with limitless potential. It will not be sleek sailing for your warriors, though. Their ways are blocked in several cases by enemies lying in wait. Throughout the rounds, you will get into fun battles wherever you need to click on the various warriors to unleash effective attacks and mixtures.

However, you've got to remember that you will only use every character card once, so look forward to many seconds of recovery.

Cookie Run Kingdom offers fun gameplay and an intensive plot that allows you to get a more in-depth look at the ins and outs of this narrative. Every time in the game, you have to face the opponents and manage the resources of the Cookie Kingdom; you will attempt to conquer an outsized part of the territory to defeat evil.

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Jungle heat

Jungle Heat is a strategy and action game where you wish to create and manage a military operations base in the middle of the jungle. Your goal is to destroy your opponents and seize control of the area's oil fields and gold mines.

As you play the game, you will need to create different structures on your base, all of which have a particular purpose. For example, some can assist you in getting resources, while others must provide new units or defend against enemy attacks.

Unsurprisingly, when you are attacked, the PC will be the dominant enemy, and you will also be able to battle other players. In Jungle Heat, you'll be able to attack and be attacked by different human players, and best of all, you'll need the ability to urge revenge on anyone who, with success, destroys your base.

Jungle Heat can be a strategy and management game for Golem that puts typical casual gameplay in an enjoyable warlike setting.

Stick War: Inheritance

Stick War: Inheritance can be a strategy game in real time that challenges you to guide a stick-figure army in thrilling battles against all types of enemies. You'll have to be compelled to collect resources, improve your units, and be merciless on the parcel of land.

The gameplay in Stick War: Inheritance is simple: within the higher part of the screen, you'll see the buttons to form units and to keep your army in defense or attack mode. Keep in mind that you'll want gold to form your units. 

Stick War: Inheritance includes a good form of vice mode: the "classic Story Mode," the "Survival Mode," and, therefore, the "Tournament Mode." Each presents a novel challenge, totally different from what you'll notice in different game modes. Within the "survival mode," for instance, you get to fight entirely against zombies; however, within the "tournament" mode, you'll face different armies like yours.

Stick War: Inheritance can be a time-period strategy game that's super fun and offers plenty of content. One of the most popular browser-based-style videogames of all time is currently available in the Automaton package.

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As you read a list of games like Clash of Clans, you find information about their games in simple and easy language, which might help you play games. So, if you have any second thoughts, all these games are safe and legal. So what are you waiting for? It's time to download the games and play!


Freemium multiplayer combat strategy game Developed by mobile game developer Supercell, this is often a freemium multiplayer combat strategy game within which players train troops, build strongholds, form communities or clans, and attack others to earn points.

If you want something more intense than Clash of Clans, you should glance at Total War Battles: Kingdom. There is war. There are battles, but, most importantly, there are kingdoms for you to build.

One of the foremost outstanding variations between Boom Beach and Clash of Clans is the indisputable fact that in Boom Beach, there aren't any clans, and there's no world chat or other player-to-player communication means.

The backyard monster is mostly the same since its groundbreaking origination shortly after the ultimate Hell-Raisers event on March 26, 2013. So, developers finally shut it down in the Gregorian calendar month of Flash's death.

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