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There is a lot of fun in the virtual reality sphere, but the technology cost and each game's costs can make it an expensive activity. While gamers can always check the daily deal for discounted apps, many games can be installed and played for free.

While some free games are immediately accessible in the app store, others are hidden unless you search for them by name. Check out SideQuest's App Lab section to see a range of free games still under development. While some are of poor quality, others have been long-time favorites and are well worth downloading. We hope you like and feel amazed by our list of free oculus quest 2 games.

Free Oculus Quest 2 Games

Oculus has impressed virtual reality enthusiasts with its excellent VR technology and headsets. This is why every virtual reality lover will be looking for the top Oculus Quest and Quest 2 games. Fortunately, numerous apps and games are available for both headsets, but they are all free. Continue reading to find out more about these free games.

Fit'n Punch XR

Fit'n Punch XR stands out from the other fighting games in the Oculus shop because it is free and encourages players to practice their combos. Players face a variety of opponents off, and combinations are shouted out to beat them. Despite having a relatively simple design, serious players will find that it can be quite a workout.

This is a boxing training WebXR for Oculus Quest Browser, a boxing and action game hybrid. There are different rounds of monsters in this game. Players must execute combinations as they are called out, and the sooner they do so, the more points they get.

Players can only miss three punches before restarting the game to mimic the effects of making nasty combos in real life. This aids in player practice, and as the speed and complexity rise, they may discover that they're picking up new skills.

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Pavlov Shack

Pavlov Shack on the Meta Quest 2 offers a comparable experience if you enjoy first-person shooters or games like Counter-Strike. Co-operative or deathmatch modes are available. The PCVR game Pavlov is available in a premium edition that includes custom maps, bots, and scopes. Still, Pavlov Shack is entertaining enough to satisfy your craving for first-person shooter gaming.

Many PC and console gamers enjoy first-person shooters, so they will naturally be interested in what the VR headgear can do for this genre. If you've never played an FPS, you can experience frequent deaths or become frustrated. Before investing money in a game, it's wise to see if you like it for free.

This game is a new version of the multiplayer VR shooter developed by Quest. However, it may soon make its way to the official Oculus Store. Shack made its App Lab debut over a year ago, significantly increasing player numbers.

The game aims to eliminate your opponents without achieving your goal; you must rush, hide and plan your next move. A gore option is also available to allow you more significant influence over how the game is played.

Gorilla Tag

This one is one of the most enjoyable games you can play with friends. Even children may enjoy the risk-free, high-reward game of "Gorilla Tag."

The game sounds like a straightforward game of tag, but the concept is intriguing. Virtual reality ups the fun factor as you play as you must avoid the diseased gorillas and fresh tag ones. Many users claim they feel like real gorillas when playing the game because they sprint and jump around. Additionally, it involves a lot of armplay, which real gorillas frequently do.

The game's randomness and the physical endurance required to play it make it somewhat unique. Due to the game's rising notoriety and media attention, it can be challenging to locate an empty room to play it. Although the game has two play modes, which gives players more options, some players may be slightly let down by the lack of a single-player feature.

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You can play the futuristic shooter Hax with SideQuest. If you appreciate the game's theme, you'll have a blast fighting formidable robots in this first-person shooter. Numerous attachments are available for you to personalize and alter your weapons.

Shooting mechanics are fun due to the heightened immersion of first-person shooters in virtual reality over traditional video games. Because there are few high-quality free FPS games for the Oculus Quest, Hax is a terrific experience for any fan of first-person shooter games.

HAX blurs the distinction between cyber and physical combat. In this fast-paced, early-access VR shooter, battle Sentient Intelligent robots with digital weaponry. HAX seeks to retain the joy and thrill of classic shooters while using the power and immersion of virtual reality with intuitive VR controls. While this demo is only for one player, HAX will be a multiplayer game when finished.

Seeker Virtual Reality (SideQuest)

SideQuest is a VR content portal for standalone headsets such as the Quest and Quest 2 that allows users to explore a vast library of VR titles ranging from experimental games, tech demos, and game conversions to full-scale games listed on the official Oculus store and App Lab.

Seeker VR is an unofficial take on flying in the Harry Potter universe. Players can choose their Hogwarts Houses, take flying lessons, see the castle, and even play Quidditch. The game captures the beauty of that environment and explains why Ron and Harry were so enthralled with sports.

The game's one drawback is that it can create motion sickness. Because of the changes in the scenery and the game's acceleration and barrel roll elements, newcomers may become sick while attempting to master the controls. However, this will improve over time, and if players can get beyond it, they'll discover that the Wizarding World isn't as inaccessible to muggles as it previously appeared.

VR Chat

VRChat is a virtual world platform founded by Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey and is run by VRChat, Inc. Users can connect with others using user-created 3D avatars and worlds on the site. 

VRChat is designed primarily for VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest series, SteamVR headsets like the HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality. It is still possible to use it without VR in a "desktop" mode that supports a mouse, keyboard, or controller.

On this list, VR Chat offers a unique experience. Hundreds of thousands of VR worlds have been created by users for you to explore. Everything from VR Beer Pong to Chuck E Cheese to VR Mario Kart to Spooky horror adventure games is free.

VR chat is a multiplayer experience, with over 20k people on average at any given time. It can be confusing for many new users, so read our getting started guide before logging in and dismissing this game as "full of youngsters." You'll lose out on one of the best VR experiences available.

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Fishing games have gained tremendous popularity, and the inclusion of virtual reality technology will increase their appeal. Bait! Although it appears to be a simple game, it is pleasant and amusing. You aim to help a suffering aquarium where you work, and there are four unique lakes where you will find various fish.

The most appealing aspect of Bait! is its engaging plot, in which you interact with individuals and achieve missions in addition to catching fish. As a result, unlike most other Oculus Quest games, it's a fun game that lets you relax.

Because Oculus Quest is wireless, casting your Bait will be more enjoyable and accessible. Even though it is a free game, certain in-app payments may be required if you want.

Rec Room (Oculus Store)

Rec Room

Rec Room, like classics like VRchat, is a vast environment where players may design unique spaces. It's the pinnacle of VR entertainment experiences, with an extensive range of fully-replicated video games, original creations, and just about any activity you could do in real life.

The Rec Room is perfect for friends to build and play games together. Chat, hang out, explore millions of player-created rooms, or create something new and beautiful to share. Rec Room is a free game that can be played on anything from phones to VR headsets. It's social software that you use, like a video game!

While the community can be annoying, as is frequently the case with large social apps, the game is ideal for folks with pals they don't see very often in real life. It may take some effort to identify the rooms that are worth visiting, but the app's community-focused strategy ensures that there are many options to select from.


As it employs hand-tracking, an elixir is a novel way to explore the globe of virtual reality with your Oculus Quest. It's an excellent game for magic aficionados since you may make potions and experience the actual essence of magic.

You play as an apprentice learning from a famous witch, and your goal is to complete complex tasks, monitor the growth of your hazardous concoctions, and even watch after your mentor's dragons.

This is an excellent choice if you're searching for a game to play with your kids. It doesn't need much movement, but it's still fun, and the hand-tracking keeps you from getting bored.

Elixir VR is a brief magical free VR experience in which you play as a witch's apprentice and cast various charms. Turning on hand tracking and putting the controllers down is the best way to play this game. It's a fun and interactive experience that introduces you to VR while providing spooky magic entertainment.

Elixir VR makes excellent use of hand tracking. Some cool effects will happen to your hands as you wander around your VR playspace. It's a captivating experience.

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Pokerstars is one of the most terrific card games people enjoy playing. PokerStars has created a virtual reality version similar to a live table in terms of excitement and fun. In contrast to other online poker games, the virtual reality experience makes this game appealing to all card game enthusiasts.

You create an avatar and join a table with other experienced players when you play this game. This virtual reality game is more adult-like than others because it requires fewer physical workouts. After all, you can move around without moving around. You will, however, flip your cards, place your chips, converse with other players, and enjoy a realistic version of this incredibly psychologically rewarding game.

Although it does not fully explore the possibilities of virtual reality like other games, it entered our Oculus Quest 2 games list because it lets you have a casino-like experience without leaving the comfort of your home. This game will be distinctive and exciting if you enjoy playing card games. If you're running out of luck, you can take a break and play the slots.

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V-Speedway will expose you to VR arcade racing with complete interactive controls, intense driving feedback, easy physics, and various key features. V-Speedway set the standard for arcade racing in VR, with over 500,000 unique users on App Lab. The race goes on at Downtown Club!

If you appreciate racing games, V-Speedway is an excellent place to start. You can drive in first person and have a great time racing through the various tracks. There are even online leaderboards that may compare your progress against other players if you want to put your skills to the test.

V-Speedway has something for everyone, whether you want to play Time Attack, Single Race, or ride around the tracks freely. The third advantage of V-Speedway is that it allows for extra modification, such as altering the steering wheel side of the car.


Krossa provides the opportunity to destroy constantly-spawning vases in the virtual world for people who have always wanted to check out a Rage Room but don't have the choice in the actual world. While this is technically more of a fantastic experience than a game, it is no less enjoyable.

Players enter a world where their arms are bats, and their sole function is to smash vases. While more variety might improve the game, the feeling and sound of glass shattering undoubtedly add to the experience. Nothing beats entering a peaceful landscape and destroying everything in sight after a long and challenging day.

Puzzling Places

Puzzles are fun, but solving virtual reality puzzles is an entirely new experience that might keep you busy for hours. Puzzling Places is an enjoyable game that can be played standing or sitting because there is no need to run or chase like in other VR games.

You can choose from various 3D puzzles varying in complexity and size, and you can arrange the pieces as you choose to complete the challenge. A completed puzzle can also be rotated and turned to see it from every angle.

There are numerous objects to play with, including landmarks, accessories, and historical items. Some of the pieces can be tough, but they are still enjoyable.

It is one of Best Puzzle Games for Android: Time to Put on Your Thinking Cap.


Discovery VR is a virtual reality program allowing users to travel worldwide. The app includes a selection of documentaries from the first-person point of view. This is a one-of-a-kind VR experience. Some of the experiences have narration to assist you on your journey.

Discovery is a free base-building game that includes a creative option. You can use blocks to form a 3D world and create whatever you desire, whether a modest home or a big city. There's a lot to build with so much creativity at your disposal.

Discovery is ideal if you prefer to build with others because you can play with your pals online. There are over 200 different building materials to choose from, so each of your buildings will be unique. If you enjoy base-building games outside of virtual reality, you'll be astonished at how much fun Discovery is once immersed in your Oculus Quest headset.

A silkworm (App Lab)

Do you ever wonder when you go past a Silkworm? What is it like to be a Silkworm? No longer be perplexed! Silkworm is a sprawling open-world Action-Adventure game set in Silky City. Jump, Swing, Climb, and Zipline around the metropolis to realize your Silkworm destiny.

This game may be called Silkworm, but it could just as quickly be called Spider-Man because that is how the players will feel. Players are dropped into a cityscape where they can run, jump, and climb on whatever they desire.

The most remarkable feature is the ability to generate silk webs that can fling characters in different directions, zipline their way through the city, and make unique designs. There are numerous amazing paid grappling games on the Oculus, but this is a decent alternative to see if that's something you'd enjoy or if it'll just give you motion sickness.

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MarathRun embodies everything players seek from a virtual reality game by delivering physical activity to enhance your gaming experience. It's the ultimate obstacle course experience on Oculus Quest or Quest 2, with three different arenas to choose from.

Each player has blue and red pickaxes that they can use to eliminate some obstructions, but there are several traps and obstacles that you must conquer. Your gaming skills will be put to the test by a variety of barriers and other obstacles.

Because you must constantly run ahead of other players to win, the virtual reality platform makes this game exciting and physically stimulating. Finding a game to play can be challenging when you first try MarathRun on Quest or Quest 2. Still, if you have fellow gamers who appreciate running and overcoming obstacles, your experience will be more enjoyable.

Gun Raiders (Oculus Store)

Gun Raiders is a free-to-play virtual reality shooter! Chat with your pals while mowing down foes in various game modes while jetpacking through the air or climbing from wall to wall monkey-style! Run to the top of the leaderboards while personalizing yourself in the Item Shop with wild meme skins.

Shooter games are essential for avid players, and Gun Raiders is one of the most excellent free options accessible. Players can experiment with several shooter game types in this game, honing their abilities with various weapons and gaining new friends during their assaults. It's an excellent starting point for new Oculus gamers.

While their community is chaotic, as are most public VR communities, this is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to sample out everything the Oculus offers without paying $10-30 per game. The range of game modes and movement dynamics is unparalleled among shooter games, implying that while it may be the cheapest option, it is by no means a terrible one.

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X Mission

Terrorists have taken control of the city. They kidnap many citizens, keep them on secret bases, and force them to carry out operations against humanity. You've been chosen to conduct raid missions into the terrorist stronghold. Clear down all enemy bases and exterminate any terrorists you come across! Fight to protect your fellow humans and maintain the peace in your town!

Most people enjoy laser tag, which makes it an excellent foundation for an at-home VR game. Mission X introduces this notion to reality by directly introducing first-person shooter mechanics to your headset.

Mission X has a multiplayer option with up to nine additional players, allowing you to connect with your pals for a round of laser tag. With its multiple maps, you'll never get sick of the battle in Mission X, due to which it's one of the most enjoyable free games for the Oculus Quest.

Battle Talent

Fight Talent is ahead of its time in many respects, mainly because it boasts advanced gameplay physics, making it a lot more enjoyable to play than other battle games that seem less realistic while swinging your weapon about. In Battle Talent, you can fight foes in sword-to-sword combat and train to become even more competent.

If you choose not to utilize melee weapons, that's fine; magic is also available in Battle Talent. When you play this game, there is something for everyone who appreciates VR fighting, so you should try it on SideQuest regardless of whatever genres you prefer.

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Gods of Gravity (App Lab)

Look no further than Gods of Gravity for a less physical but still entertaining game. This strategy game challenges players to protect their home planets and conquer the planets and stars surrounding them by utilizing the many god powers they discover along the way.

Gods of Gravity is a multiplayer arcade-style RTS game in which you engage in a celestial deity clash. Capture a nearby planet by scooping up spacecraft and flinging them or opening wormholes to transport them across the solar system. 

Hold planets and moons to increase your output. Mine asteroids for their valuable resources. Capture the sun for the ultimate buff. Then dispatch a vast fleet to seize your adversary's home planet.

The game, which can be played solo or multiplayer, is one of the few strategy games that successfully convert into the VR realm without appearing to be a worthless adaptation. The ability to teleport from planet to planet adds to the immersion. It pressures the player to strategize well yet swiftly, as the virtual reality element heightens the sense of urgency.

Echo VR

Virtual reality is an excellent opportunity to try out zero-gravity games, and Echo VR will let you float in a strange cosmos created by your Oculus Quest. This game necessitates much perseverance and enjoyment, making it enticing to first-time VR gamers.

Echo VR combines a frisbee game with a tinge of hockey and other fascinating games you can play while hopping around, assuring you won't get bored no matter how long you play it. At the same time, you'll be able to converse with other players, making it an ideal game for road trips with pals.

People have reported that gamers can become too excited when playing Echo VR. This is why you should be cautious and avoid messing with TVs, mirrors, and other fragile objects.

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The Under Presents

This is a one-of-a-kind game that immerses you in virtual reality. It's an enjoyable single-player game that may keep you intrigued for hours because you can explore chambers of puzzles and enjoy VR in a peaceful environment.

If you've never tried virtual reality before, this game is an excellent place to start because you can walk around the main stage area and see shows performed by actual performers. There's also a ship to discover and caves to explore for puzzle fans.

The degree of interaction is incredible since it combines formal and informal limits where you may enjoy exciting performances and explore a virtual reality environment in an enjoyable social experience. It combines single-player time loop gameplay with multiplayer elements.

Cards & Tankards

Cards & Tankards is an excellent card game for anyone looking for a basic yet entertaining card game. It's a one-of-a-kind strategic card game with all the fun elements you'd expect from virtual reality.

Players in this unique game can compete against one another or artificial intelligence. You can either play the game by assembling your deck from 60 different cards or hang out and chat with other players.

This is a fantastic, friendly card game because it is entertaining and stress-free. It will also work for you if you want a game that does not involve a lot of movement. Because this game may be played standing or seated, it is suitable for people of all physical abilities.

Ancient Dungeon Beta (App Lab)

The dungeon crawler is a tried and true staple of the gaming world, and VR is no exception. While a few dungeon crawling games are available in VR open spaces, such as VR Chat and the Rec Room, Ancient Dungeon is one of the best.

Reviewers liken the graphic style and quality to Minecraft Dungeons and praise the setup. The game costs $19.99, but the randomly generated dungeons make the Beta version readily replayable, so Oculus users should take advantage of it. At the same time, they can still try it out for free.

The Ancient Dungeon is well-known throughout the land as a place of malice and danger for any except the most daring of souls. These people - adventurers, explorers, even intellectuals - enter the dungeon searching for mythical fortunes and items of enormous power. Everyone believes they are better than those who have gone before, but only a few return.

We Are One Beta

This isn't your typical strategy game. We Are One necessitates meticulous preparation, precision shooting, and the ability to keep an eye on the timer. Players can build clones of themselves with whom they must interact to complete each level. They must be able to work with a future version of themselves and hope that the prior version did the correct thing.

While it may take some effort to get the hang of, this type of game may cause its players to lose track of time in real life as they plot complicated schemes where they must rely on themselves to do something well. This game is getting closer to a full release, so get it now before it becomes another paid choice.


Liminal is a new addition to the Oculus marketplace, straight from the App Lab. Based on psychological research, this program allows users to try various activities and experiences designed to make them feel relaxed, energized, or in awe. Each week, a few experiences in each category are accessible for free, and users can use coins to like the ones they wish to keep.

Do you say coins? Does that need in-app purchases? No. The app has a component called The Lab, where gamers can participate in experiments to see how beneficial different program elements are. As a result, artists can create more compelling experiences, and gamers can earn money to save their favorites. Overall, it's a win-win situation and a highly effective approach to use VR to influence your mood.

Moon Rider

Moon Rider 

This isn't your typical VR game. Moon Rider was developed as a proof of concept for in-browser VR games and has been a huge hit. While many in-browser experiences are severely constrained, Moon Rider has the larger-than-life quality that gamers want in virtual reality.

Moon Rider is exceptionally similar to the popular paid app Beat Saber, but it offers additional play modes and song maps that are not accessible. This is not a pirated version; it has authorization from Beat Saber to perform what it does and is an excellent option for people looking for a low-cost VR experience.

The Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds is a social center where you can interact with other gamers. You may travel to exotic places, play exciting activities, and meet individuals you'd never meet. It's tough to grow bored of a game like this because there are so many different places to visit and people to meet.

If you need more than that, you may develop your locations within Horizon Worlds for your friends to visit. VR social spaces are getting increasingly popular, and Horizon Worlds is one of the greatest available on the Oculus Quest, and it's free.

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Bogo is a lovely virtual reality mini-game for the Oculus Quest that involves a cute pet. It's the perfect game to introduce someone to VR for the first time, mainly because the simple gameplay is unlikely to make them motion sick. Playing with Bogo will be similar to playing with a pet in real life.

Bogo may be played within the big play area, allowing you to bond with your virtual creature. Bogo may not have alien invasions or a multiplayer feature, but it's a good game for what it is, mainly because it's free for everyone to play.

Spider-Man: Far from Home VR

Thanks to the great VR tie-in game Spider-Man: Far from Home VR, you can now do anything a spider can. In reality, it's more of a terrific experience than a game, but it gives you the impression of swinging across the streets of New York as Spider-Man. You'll also get to fight crime with your web shooters, taking on some evil robots.

The graphics are simple, and there isn't much depth to the gameplay, but as a one-time experience, Spider-Man: Far from Home VR delivers the essential feeling of being the web-crawling superhero. Players afraid of heights should avoid this one, as tossing yourself from a skyscraper in VR seems terrifyingly real in the heat of the moment.

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When you initially obtain your Quest 2, you're excited to start, but you'll immediately find that many Oculus Quest 2 games aren't free. Many games may cost $20 or more, and while this is very inexpensive compared to a PC, XBOX, or Playstation game, it can be beneficial first to test out some free VR game experiences to get a sense of how things function. We'll go through some of the most incredible free oculus Quest 2 games.


Fortunately, free games are accessible on each VR headset, and the Oculus Quest has many excellent choices you can dive into for free. You may even play multiplayer games on the Oculus Quest for free with all of your pals.

Yes, you can use the same account for Quest, Rift, Steam, and other games.

A factory reset is irreversible and deletes all account information, downloaded games, and material from the headset. A factory reset will not delete any content you've purchased or downloaded from your account.

You'll be able to log numerous accounts onto a single headset and share Oculus Store apps you've purchased with those additional accounts with Multi-User and App Sharing.

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