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Other games like a monster hunter with robust item advancement, building, sword fights against creatures or other massive foes, and open-world components are featured in titles like Monster Hunter. In the position of a hunter, players explore diverse fantasy settings to accomplish quests and pursue a variety of monsters to obtain loot and advance their quest objectives. 

To accomplish this, players are given access to a wide variety of weapons that can be employed in different types of battle, from quick dual-blade attacks to methodical, slow strikes from a mighty sword. The game's equipment system is essential for long-term progression since it allows players to manufacture better weapons for more brutal enemies utilising the prizes or plunder from their triumphs.

Games Like Monster Hunter

Here is a list of the best games to start playing. The best games include Dauntless, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, Valkyrie Connect, and Princess Connect! Re: Dive, and the list continues.



Released Date: 4/29/2016

Offered By: ISOL GAMES

You will find an infinitely scrolling horizontal, menacing, and secluded landscape in one of the best games like the monster hunter, where you must escort 'Dauntless,' a dragon, via this landscape. You will encounter moving pillars, troublesome imps, descending helictites, and jumping balls of fire. Still, the task will be pretty daunting.

You must destroy your adversaries using fireballs, rush via frangible pillars, and raise your score by mustering the green gems. Remember to collect other gems of red and blue as they help you keep the bars of fire and dash entirely. And be careful of the lightning blasts of elves. 

There will be four kinds of imps you will find out:

Yellow Imps - Quick and agile

Red Imps - Levitate while firing

Brown Imps - Slow and dim-witted

Blue Imps - Able to fly and fire

Avoid these little elves and their attacks, or you can destroy them to earn more points and move ahead safely. 

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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Released Date: 10/2/2017

Offered By: Capcom U.S.A., Inc.

This role-playing game allows you to explore enlivening and profound battles and this enormous open world of Gransys with fantastic HD graphics. You must select nine classes and usher your venture with three AI compatriots named Pawns. 

You will access a profound fighting system and employ catastrophic skills to attack your enemies (the monsters). You can also shoot them personally and closely by ascending on the top of their heads. This game has been acclaimed critically worldwide.

Valkyrie Connect

Valkyrie Connect

Released Date: 10/20/2016

Offered By: Ateam Entertainment Inc.

This is one of the best games, like the monster hunter, that has proved to be one of the best Japanese RPGs and is hitting the global charts too! You can build different party combinations and initiate fast and easy fights with other players to fight against giant enemies. 

You can destroy your adversaries and explode them into ash by using 'Limit Burst' attacks. You can boost the character by increasing its speed, strengthening its tank, and making its attacks more powerful, turning it into an all-around combatant.

Experience the fantasy world of Valkyrie Connect by exploring the stories of each character! Build your party by unfastening a vast gamut of feelings, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. So, you can power up the characters that you like.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Released Date: 1/18/2021

Offered By: Crunchyroll Games, LLC

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is a prominent and worldwide accessible role-playing game. This game is an alliance between Cygames, Crunchyroll Games, and GREE Entertainment, which is the main reason behind the grand success of the game. 

You commence your journey with Heroines on the land of Astraea. Spellbinding and spectacular animated scenes will attract you the most and keep you engaged. Actuate the characters' union bursts so heroines can participate in the combats. 

You can build your team by choosing your favourite characters according to their skills and making more robust bonds with them. Later on, you can reinforce them and equip them with arduous weapons.

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Dashero: Sword & Magic

Dashero: Sword & Magic

Released Date: 9/27/2020

Offered By: Trèfle & Co. Game

Dasher: Sword & Magic is a role-playing game full of action, and you are the hero of this world that everyone loves. Your knights will help you to kill monsters. You get a sword that you can use to kill all your enemies and other monsters, boost up your score, and equip incredibly powerful crossbows in an exhilarating, elevated spiritual action game.

The visuals of the game are spectacular and enjoyable. You get access to a great sword to stab your enemies, arrows to shoot them from a certain distance, and some magic to obliterate them. You will face different barricades at different points to break through and prove your potential.

In this royal action RPG, make the soul armaments powerful and provide them with special abilities that will aid you in combat! Your arrows, royal warriors, and swords will receive everlasting upgrades! Get through the blockade that the creatures have built! Convert the game into an easier one by developing skills and discovering the map.

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic

Released Date: 4/26/2019

Offered By: HandyGames

The Premium Game will feature turn-based strategic planning rather than real-time combat, leaving the plot of its PC forefathers unaltered and completely story-free. You can also enjoy this part of the franchise on our mobile devices. This game has been commended globally.

This game has a 13-mission-long adventure mode where you have to build your empire based on turns is all you have to do, meanwhile challenging your adversaries on the map. You have to choose among the Orcs, the Dark Elves, and human beings as your allies to fight battles. Make your team, which will help you fight against enemies in cities, assert agricultural fields or mines, and find the treasure.

You will encounter your enemies on the battlefield and eliminate them in simultaneous turn-based combats while your warriors explore the kingdoms. Your adversary plans their moves just like you do. You'll find out who the superior general is when you both carry out your plans.

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Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus

Released Date: 24/6/2021


A psionic hormone was found in the brains of humans in the future, which changed the entire world we live in by providing humans with extra-sensory powers. 'Others,' the deranged mutants, hailed from the sky to eat human brains with psionic hormones as humanity emerged. 

Extreme efforts were required to combat the massive threat and protect humanity because it was very recalcitrant to traditional attack techniques. The most helpful thing you can use to destroy the mutants is the people with extra-sensory abilities named Psionics. These are deployed to the line of defence, Other Suppression Force (OSF), to fight against the mutants. 

You are one of those Psionics, Yuito Sumeragi, and you are now one of the members of OSF. Your immediate plan is to be a noble psionic to save the people like he was once saved when he was a child. You have the capacity of 'Psycho-kinesis,' and you are on your journey to unveil the mysteries of the Brain Punk future you encounter.

Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise

Released Date: 9/9/2021


Rena has reigned over Dahna for 300 years, robbing the population of their freedom and dignity while plundering the planet's resources. Two characters born on separate worlds at the story's beginning are each trying to rewrite their futures and change their fates. 

On your quest to free the Dahnan people, you will traverse across the charred ground and snowy vistas, swim in waterways, prepare meals, and spend time around a campfire. Dahna's world is ideal for exploring and finding untapped riches because there is so much to see and do there.

Participate in battle with a revamped battle system that enhances the traditional "Tales of" experience. Utilise the skills of other party members to combine intense assaults with the unique Boost Attack. Use Boost Attacks, Chain Arts, and Boost Strike combinations to defeat opponents! Discover the next instalment in the "Tales of" series, which features finely detailed environments and characters focused on meticulous and sensitive details influenced by anime and watercolour artworks.

You must try this game if you are Bored playing same games again and again.

Blacksmith Of The Sand Kingdom

Blacksmith Of The Sand Kingdom

Released Date: 10/7/2020

Offered By: KEMCO

Muspelheim, or the sand kingdom, is full of sand, deserts, and fierceness. Volker, a blacksmith's child, has always wanted to be an explorer, but he now travels while also trying to become one!

Enter dungeons on an adventure, collect resources from looting and collecting monsters and then create superior gear. You decide whether to equip them or showcase and sell products in the store.

Go ahead in your journey, meet the others at the guild, and attain your desires while collecting awards. You can freely customise your character with passive skills, religion selection, and 14 classes!

Streets Of Rage 4

Streets Of Rage 4

Released Date: 5/20/2022

Offered By: Playdigious

Get ready for another round of Streets of Rage! The next part of the retro beat them up franchise, Street of Rage, has released more fantastic and improved graphics influenced by hand-drawn comics. 

After twenty-five years of wait, a sequel is back, where a new criminal gang appears to have gained dominance of the neighbourhoods and deceived the cops in Streets of Rage. You have to defeat those criminals, but all you have is your friends and your combat skills without any weapons, but you will have access to new fight mechanics. 

There will be twelve levels, and you can also unveil different characters as your friends to fight against those criminals and make the streets safer for people. 

Ronin: The Last Samurai

Ronin: The Last Samurai

Released Date: 1/4/2021

Offered By: Dreamotion Inc.

You are in the era of doom. You have to prove yourself as the best warrior of Japan by defeating the monsters that you will face throughout your journey in this world. Meanwhile, you will gather various weapons and equipment like Japanese Katana, a Ninja suit, a dog, and Samurai armour to survive in this challenging world.

You can also update them regularly. But you have the sword that you must trust to kill the adversaries. There will be only one legend who will survive, as he will kill the Shogun. The Japanese anime characters are made up of wash graphics. There will be one-on-one fights with monsters like Katana master, zombies, etc. But be aware of the elusive foes.

If you are a fan of open world games, then GTA V is a must-try for you.

Punishing: Gray-Raven

Punishing: Gray-Raven

Released Date: 7/14/2021


A robot army is ruling over the Earth that's cruel, corrupted, and deformed via a biochemical virus named 'The Punishing.' No humans are left on Earth; the last ones have moved far away from Babylonia's space station to an orbit.

Now in the present, you are the leader of a special force of the Gray Raven, and you will lead the team to procure your mother Earth again from those robots. You have prepared for this for the last few years, and now you can teach them and deploy the ultimate cyborg troops to win the battle. 

Take part in a slick, quick-paced battle-action role-playing game. Your main aim is to unleash the mysteries behind propagated 'Punishing Virus' to get back your planet. Amidst the battle, you can tag the members of your team and give instructions accordingly, and the best part is that you can train yourself immediately and learn the special moves of the team's characters.  

Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon: Extinction

Released Date: 9/29/2021


People are head over heels for this game globally, and the significant part is that you can also play Nexomon: Extinction on your androids. It has a grand historical story with wacky monsters you must kill. You will find more than 380 Nexomon.

A barbaric Nexomon is trying to reign over the world, and the world is on the edge of getting extinct. Your epic journey begins by leaving the orphanage where you were brought up and being a part of Tamer's guild to generate some hope among people of peace. 

This spectacular animated world is filled with challenges at different levels, where you will attend turn-based fights. You will encounter diverse environmental conditions like the dry and barren climate in deserts and cold tundra. 

Unravel the mysteries and the secrets of weird characters that this world has to offer. Defeat your adversaries to be the best and win over the world. This will be challenging, though, and you will face more challenges as you move ahead in the game. 

Trials Of Mana

Trials Of Mana

Released Date: 6/27/2021

Offered By: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

The Sword of Mana summoned the eight Benevodons, creatures of destruction, who were slain by the Goddess of Mana when the world was enveloped in darkness. She saved the kingdom from destruction by sealing the evils within the eight Mana Stones. After repairing the planet, the Goddess transformed into a tree but was worn out and slept for years.

But to rule the world, the forces of darkness sought to release the Benevodons. They sparked a horrific conflict to promote their plan and weaken the kingdoms. There was no more peace. The Mana Tree withered, and Mana itself started to vanish from the world. The players choose three of the six significant characters to begin their adventure.

View a full 3D render of the amazing Mana world! No matter your chosen character, the intersecting tale of intertwined destinies will alter! The animated characters are highly created, and you can access a flexible combat system for all aerial attacks. As you move ahead, you will face more daunting stages, so prepare for that.

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Battle Chasers: Nightwear

Battle Chasers: Nightwear

Released Date: 8/1/2019

Offered By: HandyGames

Battle Chasers: Nightwar, a wild adventure with deep dungeon delving, turn-based combat portrayed in a traditional JRPG format, and a rich plot driven by the discovery of the globe, is inspired by the old console greats. 

Aramus, a prominent hero, is the lost father of Gully. You must help her find her father, who has disappeared, and nobody knows why. Five heroes try to help her and have their capacities, skills, and abilities. They all work together to find the reason behind her father's disappearance and the mysteries and dangers of this world.

It is a turn-based fighting game, full of adventures, with three players fighting from each party. Be impudent while selecting the attacks against your enemies, and take your team forward to make your journey long-lived.

Frostborn: Coop Survival

Frostborn: Coop Survival

Released Date: 10/17/2020

Offered By: KEFIR

The dead are free to roam in the Midgardian wilderness during the day. The rivers' water burns your neck, Valkyries no longer carry the warriors who have died in battle to Valhalla, and something evil lurks in the darkness of the valleys and jungles. You have a team of friends who will assist you in combating the dead and building a new town from the very beginning, gathering treasures, and winning the war. 

This all is done by the black magic spell of fifteen days of goddess Hel. She wants to rule the empire. You are playing the character of courageous Jarl, omnipotent and can never die. Shamans are no longer able to help in this situation. You are the only hope, so create your strong team, defeat all the creatures around you with their help, and send them back to Helheim.

You will meet various other families, and you can either be friends with them and save each other or deceive them into unveiling their secrets to the world and get quite a few resources. This place has no rules. The stronger you are, the longer you will survive.



Released Date: 3/21/2019

Offered By: ZigZaGame Inc.

Get ready to explore this reverie world with eye-catching views filled with scary monsters, rambling places, chaotic city streets, and creepy oubliettes. This world, Erden, needs you and your team of heroes to save it from wild creatures - Pandemonium, a cloak of evil that comes after every century.

You can save this world, free it from the ancient curse, and ultimately get your homeland back. You can either play this game as a single player offline or make your team and prove your fighting skills by playing against other players from across the world online. You can have intensified monster fights by building a team of more than 180 creatures.

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TMNT: Mutant Madness

TMNT: Mutant Madness

Released Date: 9/16/2020

Offered By: Kongregate

The entire green team shell team is present! To preserve the multiverse, team up with Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Join forces with allies and foes to defend Dimension X. Create your TMNT dream squad by assembling a cast of warriors, monsters, and turtles. 

Develop your team to improve your hero cards more powerful. Unlock a new hero with each victory. Collect ooze, scrap, and jewels to equip weapons and powerful moves. Create your covert hideout and connect with clans to strengthen your group.

Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade

Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade

Released Date: 6/1/2021

Offered By: Nuverse

In this mobile game, you will act as a Fleet commander and go to war against all foes in the Imperium Nihilus. This fancy world has a lot to offer, like beautiful graphics and an expansive universe. If you are looking to be the master of this mobile game, you will require excellent combat skills and techniques.

With the help of PvE & PVP combat, you can increase troop effectiveness by enabling new capabilities and technology. Recruit venerable Warhammer 40,000 warriors with exceptional skills and styles of play to combat for the fleet.

To fight the armies of Chaos, take command in real-time tactical warfare, tactically position your troops, use hero powers, and call reinforcements at crucial junctures. Gather your comrades and allies, join forces in battle, and inflict the vengeance of the Monarch on everyone who opposes you!

Fairy Elements

Fairy Elements

Released Date: 12/19/2016

Offered By: KEMCO

Yamato is a regal knight who defends his kingdom's tranquillity. His weapon possesses the mysterious power of Material. He helped his female knight companion, Orka, to preserve their realm from danger. But during the conflict, he found himself on a planet 200 years into the future. 

Enjoy this fantasy role-playing game featuring Ryuji Sasai's acclaimed BGM! However, he encounters an odd beast and a fascinating girl in the future. So, what are you waiting for? What will his kingdom's future hold after his quest is complete? Well, you will get the answer once you play the game.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Released Date: 4/10/2020


Shinra, a company in charge of the 'mako' energy that powers the planet, governs the world. Unaware of the monumental repercussions that are in store for him, Cloud Strife, a former soldier in Shinra's elite soldier force who has since become a mercenary, helps the Avalanche rebel group in Midgar. 

The legendary original is reimagined in Final Fantasy VII: Remake, which has a gamut of iconic characters, a fantastic plot, and epic combat. This first independent videogame of the Final Fantasy VII: Remake series covers the events leading up to the party's escape from Midgar and delves more deeply into them than the original Final Fantasy VII did.

Dungeons of Sundaria

Dungeons of Sundaria

Released Date: 6/7/2022


In the action-packed role-playing game Dungeons of Sundaria, heroes battle terrifying creatures as they journey through massive dungeons alone or with companions. There will be four distinct dungeons, each with three degrees of difficulty, with hundreds of devilish monsters and evil bosses. Get more information about your class, do whatever you can, and eradicate the treacherous monsters from the roots! 

Enjoy the Heroism system, which enables you to raise your hero's strength after hitting the cap level and construct potent equipment to become a force to be reckoned with. You amass an extensive range of Weapons, Shields, and Accessories to personalise your hero and gain power.

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Lost Ark

Lost Ark

Released Date: 12/4/2019

Offered By: Smilegate

Keum Kang Sun, the director of The Lost Ark, brings you inside Artesia. You'll gain insight into the thoughts of the person who created Lost Ark and some advice for starting your voyage, including decisions about the soundtrack, mythology, classes, developing the Tripod System for personalisation, a sneak peek at some upcoming content, and more.

Arkesia and its inhabitants have lived in peace for 500 years. They no longer remember the conflict between angels and mythological creatures that shattered their planet. They failed to remember that the darkness threatened to engulf everything once all the light had been stolen. They believe The Ark to be a myth or a fairy tale. But with darkness about to fall again, it's their only chance.

Lets try one of the most loved fighting games available on androids.

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5

Released Date: 3/8/2019

Offered By: CAPCOM

Many decades after the Order of the Sword tragedy, Red Grave City is suddenly the scene of an odd occurrence. Amidst the city, a massive tree pierces the surface and attacks with roots, robbing the helpless locals of their lifeblood.

Rookie Devil Hunter Nero and his companion Nico, a self-described "artisan of weaponry," race into Red Grave in the mobile Devil May Cry vehicle. Nico gives Nero his new weapons.

Nero charges into Red Grave, wielding his treasured Red Queen sword & special Blue Rose revolver, defeating the demonic legions on his way to the terrifying phenomenon in the middle of the city. In this game, you will get various opportunities to show your combat skills.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild

The Hunter: Call of the Wild

Released Date: 10/2/2017

Offered By: Expansive Worlds AB

Other gamers might prefer more sobering encounters even if the fantasy settings and creatures in video games like Rise are exceptional. A hunting simulation game called The Hunter: Call of the Wild places players in remote wilderness settings where they must find and hunt real-world creatures, including deer, rabbits, and pheasants. 

To avoid being seen being followed, players must stay downwind and keep an eye out for animal droppings and tracks. At the same time, hunters can use firearms like rifles, shotguns, or bows and arrows to kill these animals, and people who would rather just witness can use a virtual camera to capture images of the creatures.

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As you know, there are many games like Monster Hunter to play, and each one offers unique gameplay while maintaining a familiar experience for players looking for a particular game's or genre's "taste." 

Trying to immerse oneself in such a game can be daunting and unpleasant if you have a discerning taste – some games just do not get it! However, the games on this list should be at least somewhat enjoyable if you liked the Monster Hunter series. So, it would be best if you gave these games a try; ultimately, you will know your favourite one.


  1. Dauntless 
  2. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen 
  3. Valkyrie Connect 
  4. Princess Connect! Re: Dive 
  5. Dashero: Sword & Magic
  1. Dauntless
  2. Borderlands 2 
  3. Gods Eater Burst 
  4. Toukiden: Kiwami 
  5. Toukiden 2

In Monster Hunter, the player assumes the character of a young hunter who must complete several objectives to gain glory. But the following ones are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Tales Of Arise
  2. Valkyrie-Connect
  3. Princess Connect! Re: Dive
  4. Dashero: Sword & Magic
  5. SpellForce: Heroes & Magic
  6. Blacksmith Of The Sand Kingdom
  7. Streets Of Rage 4

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