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Mathematics is the oldest branch of science and the most important one also. Often, students or adults find math boring or difficult. Even some people have developed a particular fear of math.

When you learn by interacting, you never forget. You can play these best math games that not only keep you entertained but also teach you math. You will always find math easier and more exciting if you learn math from video games. 

Best Math Games To Play And Learn Along

There are thousands of math games available on the internet, but here are the best of them, giving your mind a sharp edge for solving math problems. Here are some of the best math games available on board.

Sudoku - Classic Sudoku Puzzle

Sudoku is the oldest and most iconic math game ever. People used to play this on wooden boards in ancient times. Thanks to the developer Guru Puzzle Game, you can enjoy sudoku very quickly. 

Hundreds of sudoku games are available on the internet, but this one is the most popular and has the best features. More than 15 million people play this game currently.

The techniques and rules of sudoku can be tricky to grasp; however, this game has a cure. The long tutorial and practice mode teaches you sudoku to the very minute details. Once you complete the practice levels, you will know every sudoku move.

The game has many levels to test your skills. The interface gives you a sense of satisfaction while playing the game. It is also free to play. Children can learn sudoku pretty quickly by playing the game.

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Math the Cross Math Puzzle

Here is something to save you or your kids from the boredom of math. This game will make you fall in love with math. This is one of the most popular math puzzle games on Google Play, with more than 1 lakh downloads and a high rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

The game's best features include a great algorithm that makes all the puzzles random. 

You will never get a repeated problem to solve and never get bored of it. The game has all the standard operators, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For teaching children, you can choose from one or more operators at once. The well-crafted tutorial mode of the game helps little children to learn the methods of using those standard operators, as it contains engaging animations.

People of all age groups can play the game. For children, you can choose accessible or beginner mode. There is also medium and hardcore mode available for adults.

Math | Riddles and Puzzles Mat

Thanks to the game developers Math Riddles and Puzzles Mat, now you can learn and sharpen your math skills in the most excellent way ever. The game was created by Black Gate Studios and had over 10 million downloads on the Play store, with a rating of 4.1 out of 10.

The game contains a mix of logical puzzles that will quickly increase your brain function and IQ. There are infinite numbers of groups, each with different challenges to stretch the limits of your mind. 

There is also a unique Brain Game mode where you can test your IQ Level and compare it with other users worldwide. You will also get a comprehensive report card to see how you have progressively increased your IQ. The game not only contains the standard operators but other mathematical puzzles, too. There are levels filled with geometry, algebra, and even calculus problems!

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Drop The Number: Merge Game

Is math the most boring subject? Do not worry; playing Drop The Number™: Merge Game will change your opinion. 

Thanks to the developers, SUPERBOX.Inc now you can play with math in the most intuitive way possible. You will also get much entertainment while playing the game That, which makes playing the game a side win. Recently, the game surpassed 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and is loved by players with a rating of 4.1 stars.

The game mechanics are similar to Tetris. You have to drop the numbered blocks down. 

You can create larger blocks by combining two or more blocks—stack one on top of the other to accomplish this. You must score points by adding the numbers. There is also a global leaderboard system where you can see your rank and compare it to others based on your score.

X2 Blocks: 2048 Merge Games

Do you enjoy tile-matching games? Do you dislike or enjoy math? Here's a game that will inspire you to love math while keeping you entertained. The game, created by Inspired Square FZE, has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on the play store, the highest for any math game. The game is super addictive, and its excellent quality currently has more than 10 million active players.

To solve the puzzles, you have to stack the boxes. It has a minimalistic design which looks pretty aesthetic. To clear more than 1000 levels of the game, you will have to think out of the box every time; doing this will surely boost your IQ level. The game increases your memory, concentration, reasoning skills, and quick critical thinking simultaneously; the game is also absolutely free to play with no necessary purchases.

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Bricks Breaker - Glow Balls

Everyone loves futuristic neon lights. And what if someone combines it with the fun of math? You get a great-looking game named Bricks Breaker - Glow Balls. The developer BIG CAT STUDIO ensures you never get bored solving math problems. The viral game has more than 11 million players worldwide.

The game is also a great stress reliever; the soothing lights and colors relax your brain. You can also use the game to increase your focus levels, requiring you to think hard while solving problems. Once you start solving the puzzles, you will get a unique sense of joy. The game's controls are as simple as ever; you will need one finger to play.

Your goal will be to keep the bricks from reaching the lowest levels; when it happens, the game is over. The more bricks and balls you match, the more coins you get, which you can use to purchase cool themes or unlock new fun modes of the game.

Math Games, Learn Add Multiply

It is the most popular math game available for mobile devices. The Indian developer Gunjan Apps Studios made this game compatible with all age groups, from children to adults and math lovers. The game has a tiny download size, which makes it playable on every kind of phone millions of players love the game and play it daily. The numbers say something right. In addition, it has 4.8 stars out of 5 in the google play store.

You can choose the difficulty levels per your grade, starting from 1st grade to 7th, 8th, and 10th! The game makes math calculations such as subtractions and divisions fun with its gameplay features. 

This game is playable on mobile devices, tablets, and even computers. The game is also totally offline; you will not need any internet connection after downloading it. The game has fun modes, such as making timetables. Many parents and teachers use this game for their children.

Dinosaur Math - Games for Kids

You can now learn math as a game. Kids learn very quickly from cartons and other interactive ways, and this game has just its features. The game crossed 1 million downloads shortly after its release. 

Though the game is primarily aimed at children, it is suitable for people of all ages. Adults can test their skills or learn new math tricks in the game's challenging mode.

In 'Dinosaur Math - Games for Kids, there are five cute baby monsters and an adorable T- Rex who will teach kids math with fruits, boats, and all. 

This game's aesthetic is so pleasing that it will steal your heart. After solving math in this game, you will receive an instant reward. It is a completely offline game, so you don't have to worry about the internet connection.

Monkey Math: Kids Math Games

The monkey is a fun animal that children adore, especially 'Early Start Co., LTD,' which is known for producing educational games 'Monkey Math: Kids Math Games is one of the games you will fall in love with while playing.

This game will cut both ways if you want to have fun while training your mind for different problem-solving. Not only math, but this game also has some modes where you can learn English or increase your vocabulary or test your English speaking skills!

The creators of this game claim that it aids in the development of children's intelligence hence enhancing their thinking skills. For a 7-8year old kid, this game is a must. The game has covered more than 10 thousand math topics. Each level has a unique lesson; once a kid completes that, he will never forget the address; that is how intuitive the game is!

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Math Practice: Solve Problem

This game is more challenging than other games. It is challenging and can sharpen your mind to a large extent. You have to think deeply to solve different challenges at every game level. 

Kids around 8-10 will enjoy this game the most. Still, adults can also try the game in its hard mode; you will never feel that it is primarily designed for kids.

After solving the various math problems, you can also check your detailed results and see where you can improve or where you are good. This game becomes a bit tough because of the time limit of the levels. 

The developers did it deliberately to make your reaction time less. So while playing this game, you will have fun and be practicing how to solve math problems pretty quickly.

Math games for Kids 1-2 grade

If your kid is studying in 1st or 2nd grade and is afraid of math or doesn't like it, then BonBonGame is here with the solution. The game has millions of players worldwide, most of them belonging to the age group of 7-10. The game has hundreds of different levels; each is unique and has its music and animations.

In 'Math games for Kids 1-2 grade' students can learn the multiplication table, complex divisions, and the concept of fractions through cute images that will stick to their minds forever. 

This game also has excellent visuals, which will help kids concentrate on the game and make their learning more efficient. Cute animals or cartoon characters will easily teach them complex math concepts. Though this game is free, you can also purchase some extra elements for a better experience and features. The game is also beneficial for teachers and parents.

Math Workout - Math Games

Practicing mathematics is a great way to keep your mind healthy and functional and increase your strength and capacity. The game 'Math Workout - Math Games serves these purposes brilliantly.

The game breaks the superstition from your mind that mathematics is boring. Playing the game makes you realize mathematics is exciting and beautiful. Fit mind, known for its riddle and brain-teasing games, created the game. Despite being a fantastic game, it has only received 1 lakh downloads on the Google Play store.

The game can serve the purposes of learning challenging math concepts and testing your skills with intuitive puzzle-based problems. Your IQ will surely get a boost once you solve them all.

You don't need to take time out of your hectic schedule to enhance your math skills; this game will create practical use of your spare time. The game contains all the basic math concepts and a few advanced levels.

Additionally, this game is available on mobile tablets and PC in over 26 different languages.

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Todo Math

Todo Math

If you need a game that teaches you or your children math using entertaining ways, or you want to test or re-sharpen your math skills, then Todo Math is for you. This game is often considered a tremendous educational tool; many teachers and parents worldwide trust this game, and many adults find this very entertaining and relaxing. 

The game is compatible with all Android and tablet devices. It's easy to use, with a straightforward user interface. It contains mathematical elements, ranging from simple counting to complex algebra problems. You can change your difficulty level with a simple tap.

The game also contains math riddle modes for adults, which are pretty challenging. The game is free of cost; besides, no registration is required, and it doesn't contain any advertisements.

There is a unique child report card feature where parents can see how much their child has learned, how many problems they have solved, or in which concepts they need more help.

Math Land: Addition Games

Does your kid hate math or do they want to play games on the phone? Here is a solution that will keep them entertained and teach them essential math concepts simultaneously. 

The game Math Land: Addition Games was released by Deductions and has not only addition but all types of math puzzles. Though it contains some ads, you can easily remove them. More than 1 million players play this game currently and love it. 

The game is an action-adventure game that teaches you math. Sounds cool, right? Yes, it is. The graphics of the game are so addictive you'll be obsessed with them along with your kid.

This game even has a plot with a great storyline. You will play as a pirate to fight against the evil pirate named Max to recover the sacred treasures and gems he has stolen. You will have to navigate through the seas by solving math riddles along the way. You will also get new weapons and a fast ship if you solve more math problems.

Brain Math: Puzzles Math Games

This game will bring you logical questions; you must answer them by solving mathematical problems. 

The game might seem tricky as it differs from most math games available on the market, making it special. The game takes a minimal amount of storage in your phone. But don't underestimate it; this game has many challenges with hundreds of levels filled with so much fun and entertainment that it will blow your mind.

This game is made in India. Some even say that the game helps UPSC and NEET exam aspirants by sharpening their brain functions. Every puzzle the game provides enables you to think clearly about solving tricky and logical questions. Overall, it improves your thinking and math calculation skills, teaching you tons of knowledge and brain skills.

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Matific: Math Game for Kids

If you are trying to find a learning game that has good graphics, can help you keep in contact with your kids, and is approved by teachers around the world, then 'Matific: Math Game For Kids is the one for you.

This game is specially designed for 4-12 years old kids; even adults can play this one as it contains many difficulty levels suitable for all. The game has more than 500 levels, each filled with challenges and puzzles.

This game covers many math streams like Geometry, measurements, Percentages, counting, Fractions, patterns, Time, and whatnot. Though this game is not entirely free of cost, you have to pay a little bit for it because it is specially built for learning purposes, But you can also get a free seven-day trial after installing it from the google play store.

Math 24- Mental Math Cards

If you don't have the cards but want to use them for learning math, then don't worry. The game developers' Happy Monster Alliance' brings the solution. 

The game has combined card playing and mathematics but to win; you need to solve complex but easy-to-grasp math puzzles. The game also has a well-made multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends or play against strangers.

You can download this game from the play store and can play it for free. This game is a gem that helps improve your brain activity and math skills and encourages you to take on challenges. The controls of this game are straightforward, and the whole game is easy to play and educational too. 

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Math Makers: Kids Learn and Play

This game has won many prizes because it has the unique ability to teach kids math and keep them entertained and engaged in the learning process.

Though this game has few downloads on the google play store, it is undoubtedly a gem as it is different from other Math learning games available on the market. 

This game also includes unique, well-crafted tutorials so kids can use it without anyone's help. The learning videos are so great that often you will also love them. After learning from the tutorials, the kids can solve math problems in a game; this never makes them hate or fear math. 

This game is very child friendly because it doesn't disturb your concentration with unnecessary ads while watching a tutorial or solving math problems. This way, students can learn without any distractions. It is a great game to learn multiplication and division as well as other mathematical concepts such as calendar, time and geometry,

Math Duel: 2-Player Math Game

This game differs from the other math puzzlers mentioned on the list. It is an action-combat game where you will have to battle with other players, not with a sword or a gun but by using your brain and solving mathematics. Not only that, the unique animations and the funny sound effects will keep you immersed for long hours.

People of any age or grade can play this game easily. The game has a unique multiplayer mode where you compete with other players worldwide in mathematical combat.

And if you want to play the game with a friend, you don't need two phones; two players can play this game on one. People can also play with their friends, siblings, and parents. This game will give you and your opponent the same problems. The one who solves that Math problem first will be the winner. Also, the game is very lightweight and won't take up much space on your phone.

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There are various 2048 games available on the internet. Gabriele Cirulli Well made the original one, created for the web. Since then, thousands of different versions of the game have been created. This game remains a classic one till now. You win the game when you reach 2048, but you will have to do that in the least possible turns to gain more points.

In this game, you have to move some tiles, which you can do by calculating numbers. In this game, you will get many very cool Puzzles to solve at every level. 

Though there are no go-back or return options in most math or puzzle games, This game is unique, and you will get undo options here also; the gameplay is very smooth and pleasing. You will enjoy this game daily, which is why so many copies are out there of this game.

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Monster 2: Fun Math games

Do you love monsters? Sure, you don't, but you love destroying them; this time, you won't have to use swords or intergalactic weapons to destroy them. Will you have to use simple math?

Not only that, your math and reasoning skills will improve significantly after playing the game. Developed by Makajai, the game has over half a million players worldwide, most of whom are kids, but adults can also get entertainment from the competition.

The game can be played in both classrooms and at home by students. Many teachers use this game to make their kids interested in math.

There are unique features for parents, such as detailed reports, which will help them keep track of their child's progress. The game is fully customizable for everyone. You can make it difficult for adults, or you can make it easy for kids. It also has some unique and funny sound effects to keep you engaged.


Do you love anime? Here is the anime-styled game which will teach you math. This game becomes your personalized AI math tutor, which has a cute-looking e-girl whom you cannot ignore. 

You will never lose focus while playing the game. Your a-girl who will help you increase your math skills lives on your phone, the credit goes to HIGGZ ACADEMIA TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD; the game was released recently and has already got more than 1 lakh downloads with high ratings of 4.8 stars out of 5 on the google play store.

If you do a puzzle or a math question wrong, she will teach you to step by step using her cute voice, in which you will get immersed. If you don't understand the solutions, you can ask 'why,' and she will not scold or get angry with you. Instead, she will teach you again with more attention. Sounds like a dream come true, correct?

Prodigy Math: Kids Game

The popularity of this math game is immense, with more than 8 million active players worldwide. Practicing maths used to be torture, but now, thanks to Prodigy Education Inc., you can do it while having fun. The game has brought a revolution to math teaching and practicing.

The game gives you a unique learning experience. It has many interactive math games within it. To succeed in those, you will have to answer correctly. The game is handy for skill-building purposes.

The game has a unique multiplayer feature where you can play with your friends or compete for points. The one who solves it first gets more points. You can even create a guild or a clan to fight against other families. The game contains more than 1400 levels where you can brush up your math skills in all aspects, such as geometry, algebra, or even calculus. Many college students doing their higher studies also use this game.

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Math Balance: Learning Games

Kids don't like math just because they don't feel the subject is interesting. They must learn multiplication, division, subtraction, and all to strengthen the roots. On the other hand, all children love to play games. Parents often complain about this. So here comes the savior: anyone can play this game, but the game isn't available for free; you have to purchase it; kids of any age can use it to learn math. One lakh parents trust this game, in particular for their children. 

The makers of this game have made other Math games, so they know what can help children learn. This kind of app provides knowledge while playing games. That's why they don't get bored at all, And this is a blessing for busy parents who don't get much time to teach their children. This way, they can learn and have fun at the same time.

Toon Math: Math Games

You get this game if you combine action-adventure and fun learning with math. The game has more than 5 million downloads on the Google play store with a rating of more than 4.1 stars out of 5.

The game has received many educational awards and is considered by experts a perfect IQ-building tool for both adults and kids. The game contains cartoons and cute-looking monsters who become your friend and help in your journey of learning and solving math.

The gameplay of this lightweight android math puzzle game is very immersive. The game gives you a unique set of challenges at each level. Moreover, the game tests your problem-solving skills as well as your speed. Once the game reaches midnight, the game is over. You will have to score points before that. You can change the difficulty levels or time durations according to your skill level.

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Moreover, if you are looking for hyper-casual math games, you must play 2048 and Rapidmath on Frolic. These games will allow you to test your skills and you can win real money just by playing these amazing games.


Video games have evolved into an excellent method of learning. With video games, math learning has become very engaging. Learning math can also help you improve your IQ and critical thinking abilities. If you play these games, your mind will become more robust, and you will succeed in anything you try. The article has the 25 best math games suitable for your purpose. Choose the game per your liking from the list to revive your problem-solving skills quickly and effectively.


Many scientific research reports have shown that people learn more math by playing games than by using pen and paper.

Yes, video games can increase IQ levels, Especially math games. As per the research, these games have proven to enhance skills among children and adults.

Yes, the game is available for all android devices, phones, and tablets.

Yes, there are several child-friendly math games on the list children can use.

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