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We have a fantastic option if you currently cannot own a live pet for whatever reason. Thanks to technological improvements, you can now pet cats, dogs, and other animals without keeping them at your house. They can be saved as pets, and you can play with them whenever you like.

These are a subgenre of simulation games where you adopt, look after, feed, and clean a tiny virtual pet. Although the genre has its ups and downs, most games are cute and enjoyable for the whole family. Over the past few years, their popularity also experienced a considerable rebound. 

Some of the titles on this list may even be familiar to you, such as My Tamagotchi Forever, produced by the same business that made the small Tamagotchis in the 1990s. The top virtual pet games are listed here.

Pet Games

The programs for virtual pets provide you with all you need for a growing pet, including lifelike graphics and action. From the odd species imaginable to the traditional virtual dogs and cats, there is something for everyone. We have compiled the top 25 Pet Games for Android and iOS.



Dogotchi is a nod to the earlier Tamagotchi era. It has a lovely little dog taking care of it and a virtual 8-bit user interface. You play with it, feed it, and tend to it. 

By raising your current pups to adulthood, you can unlock dogs. This one has no in-app purchases and is completely free. There are advertisements, and we wish there were a method to pay for them. The creator also has several other virtual pet applications.

The game Dogotchi is a lot of fun for dog lovers. When you initially begin playing, just three are available (O.E.S., husky, and pug). Play the game and keep your dog happy to unlock the remaining features. You'll be responsible for providing for its needs, including food, exercise, and care, and ensuring it's always content.

Dogotchi is an excellent game if you want a traditional virtual pet that takes some work to care for but can't own a natural dog.

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My Tamagotchi Forever

Recall the Tamagotchi? The incredible animal you cherished in 1997? With the well-known virtual pet software, you may take care of a sweet Tamagotchi right from birth. This timeless game offers hours of pleasure and a wonderful virtual pet experience, despite not being similar to the pet apps of the 1990s. You can also play online games that use arithmetic for fun.

Become closer to those little Japanese monsters and watch as they develop with you. They will soon be fully grown adults and must make their own life decisions. My Tamagotchi Forever is brimming with surprises and thrills, just waiting for you to find them!

According to the app, you oversee your virtual pet's daily care. For example, feeding it, playing with it, ensuring it showers and uses the restroom, putting it to bed, etc. Your pet's fantasy home may also be improved and customized, giving you access to more entertainment options.

Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe

Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe

Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe appeals to that mentality. Over the past few years, slower-paced casual games have grown in popularity among gamers who want to avoid embarking on risky adventures whenever they switch on their consoles.

With Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe, gamers may watch over, care for, and raise their virtual bird friends. Realism may not be one of its primary objectives, but few games can claim to so accurately capture the mood of a leisurely afternoon spent birdwatching. It features a heart-meltingly gorgeous graphic style.

It is one of the Best Bus Simulator Games For Android to Try Now.

Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter

In Animal Shelter, players will oversee an animal shelter and care for various animals. Players will need to work with the animals to locate their new homes. Players can dress up each animal and take pictures of them in the photo room at Animal Shelter. Because the game simulates some aspects of pet adoption, pets may experience stress.

Players must keep an eye on each animal's comfort, playfulness, and other factors. Players will get plenty of opportunities to play with the animals and care for and feed them. Players will also need to design the best layout and construct each building in their shelter.

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Bubbu, My Virtual Pet Cat

Bubbu, My Virtual Pet Cat

Like Tamagotchi, the popular game Bubbu lets you engage with and take care of your virtual pet in various ways. Virtual pet games frequently include elements where you may feed, pet, wash, and dress your cat in virtual reality.

There is way more you can do with your virtual kitties. Bubbu is a heartfelt, adorable, and enjoyable cat game. With Bubbu, you can have a good time whenever you want and wherever you are. Players can play with, dress up, and bathe the cat, Bubbu, in cartoony looks. This program has 30 mini-games, including a fashion game and a home-building component.

To buy kitten-related products, you will need to perform a variety of games for which you will receive food and cash as payment. There is a unique rating table where you can see the accomplishments. 

You can compete against friends from around the globe. You'll get the chance to play the wheel of fortune every day to win supplies. After completing each achievement, you will receive diamonds that may be used to get your pet a great gift.

Frojo virtual pet games

Frojo virtual pet games

Frojo, a Google Play developer, creates many virtual pet games. Moy, Oliver the Virtual Cat, My Chicken, My Lil' Dino, and many other options are just a few examples. All you need to decide is the animal you wish to take care of, as the games all function somewhat consistently. 

Except for Moy, who resembles a purple octopus alien monster, they are self-explanatory. The games include various mini-games and quick tasks you may complete to look after your virtual pet. All of them are suitable for children, entirely free (with advertisements), and simple enough for most adults to play.

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Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon

Countless tycoon games are available, but we must honor Blue Fang's groundbreaking simulation game Zoo Tycoon from 2001. Zoo Tycoon is a must-play for animal enthusiasts since it combines the management elements of a game like RollerCoaster Tycoon and marries them to the field of zoology.

Though it's not a typical pet simulation game, a significant portion of the game is on keeping animals happy and content. Balancing the needs and desires of dozens of different animals may test the patience of potential pet owners. A group of video games called Zoo Tycoon simulates corporate operations. 

Building and managing successful zoo situations is the focus of the world. Throughout the series, changes have been made to the gameplay model first presented in the 2001 game Zoo Tycoon, although the overall plot and fundamental themes have not changed.

Players must establish, extend, and enhance a zoo by purchasing animals, building appropriate habitats, and allocating staff and money for animal maintenance and care. Players must construct food/drink stands, restrooms, picnic places, and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for guests, as the game's ultimate objective is income. Visitors risk death if the animals are let loose from their pens.

You must try this game if you are Bored playing same games again and again.

Best Friend Forever

Best Friend Forever

The first simulation game in history to combine dating and pet care is called Best Friend Forever. To create a relationship that will last a lifetime, train, pet, and play with your very own dog. Meet, woo, and appreciate the many cuties of Rainbow Bay's bustling dating scene with your canine companion by your side.

Players in Best Friend Forever will split their time between looking for love and caring for their pets. A dating and pet-care simulation game called Best Friend Forever has many singles and pets. Players must take care of and spoil their dogs in addition to training, petting, and playing with them.

Gamers can also enroll their pups in puppy school to aid in training. As they come to know the many residents of Rainbow Bay, players can develop relationships with them. Each character also has a special pet that you can get to know.



Hellopet is a virtual pet game that differs from the usual, in contrast to other virtual pet games. Adoption, feeding, parenting, and care are all similar game themes. However, it is not all it provides.

The best feature of this adorable virtual pet game is that your new pet will live in your display and often interact with you. Your pet is always free to move around on your phone's screen. While responding to texts or browsing social media, it can suddenly occur.

This game may not be funny to everyone, but some people may find it unique because it behaves like a natural pet that occasionally demands attention.

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One of the more original virtual pet apps we've encountered is Godville. Essentially, you take on the role of God. You have a subject that takes care of all your tasks, such as adventuring, taking out bad guys, gathering loot, and so forth. Since it is a ZPG (zero-player game), the game is autoplay. 

You merely direct it to do something. You can still enjoy the RPG experience without engaging in the adventure. The player can control the guild their minion joins, the objectives they complete, and even whether or not they build temples for them. The game is sleek and surprisingly entertaining, given how little there is to do.

My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom

This game is one of the most well-liked games, including virtual pets. To get started, you must adopt a young kitten and help it grow into an adult cat. The cat can be given a charming name and fed and cared for correctly by players.

The game's objective is to look after Tom, an anthropomorphic gray tabby cat (who can optionally be renamed by the player). By engaging with Tom in various ways, such as feeding him, taking him to the potty, playing small games, and tucking him into his bed to sleep when he gets weary, the player is urged to take care of Tom and assist him in developing from a baby kitten to a full-grown tomcat.

Additionally, you may talk to your cat, which is unusual in virtual pet games. Along with gameplay, you may also record your game and share it with your friends here.

You can play the minigames in My Talking Tom if you want more variety. Additionally, you can make the experience more enjoyable by changing how you play. There are My Talking Tom 2, Talking Tom Gold Rush, My Talking Angela, and other cat games.



Paul Salameh, a designer from Lebanon, created and released Pou, a virtual pet game for iOS and Android. It reminds me of the crazy game Tamagotchi, which involved taking care of a virtual pet. When the game is online, the player's Pou can visit other Pous and communicate with them. 

When playing a few mini-games that support Pou-vs-Pou (PvP), the Pou can also play against other Pous. The game is connected to the internet, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. It contains user accounts so the game progress state can be saved and backed up if the device is cleared. Resuming the previous game progress requires login into the user's account.

Regardless of the platform, users can move a Pou from one device to another by checking out their account on one device and logging into another; however, the program version on both machines must match. Multilingual support was introduced in 2014.

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Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

Imagineer explicitly made a pet simulation video game called Little Friends: Dogs & Cats for the Nintendo Switch. Release dates for the game were May 27, 2019, in North America, May 28, 2019, in Europe, and May 6, 2019, in Japan. In a Famitsu magazine edition from September 2018, the game was unveiled.

Players can interact with a range of puppies and kittens in the game. Activities that strengthen the relationship with the pets include playing with, feeding, petting, and dressing them up. Each pet's unique personality influences its preferences for particular foods and activities. 

A flying disc competition is one of the new toys and activities that may be unlocked by engaging in pet play with the player's favorite toys. The same is valid for opening a selection of accessories for customizing pets and snapping screenshots.



Glumberland created and released the video game Ooblets, a life simulation. On July 15, 2020, it was made available for Windows and Xbox One in early access. It is only available on the Epic Games Store for Windows. 

On September 1, 2022, the game was made available for Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game mixes Pokémon's creature-collecting and battle mechanics with the farming features of Story of Seasons.

When the player first arrives in Badgetown, a beach community in Oob, Mayor Tinstle welcomes them and gives them a simple starting farm. Several stores, including Meed's Seeds, Kibbonbon, Manatweee, and Cuddlecups Cafe, can be found in Badgetown. 

Players can buy items for their home, including furniture and accessories and seeds for their farm. Several tasks may be completed to open up other businesses and structures and raise the player's friendship with the locals. The four clubs available to players are Frunbuns, Peaksnubs, Mossprouts, and Mimpuns.

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My Cat

One of the best video games simulating a real cat is My Cat. You may interact with it just like you would with a real cat by feeding it, petting it, walking with it, and so on. The app's main attraction is its augmented reality (A.R.) component.

Using augmented reality, you can project your cat into the floor of your living room. Now you can talk to your cat as though it were a natural person! The app can be used to take and post pictures on social media. Playing little games might keep you entertained if your cat is busy.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Developed by Hit-Point Co., Ltd. for iOS and Android, Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector was made available on October 20, 2014. The player's aim in the game is to furnish their home with a variety of cats by luring them in with food, cat toys, and furnishings. The player can see cats interacting with objects, capture images of them that can be saved in an album, and exchange gifts, such as fish and keepsakes.

After exiting the yard, cats will give the player either silver or gold "niboshi," also known as "fish '' in English. A random number of silver or goldfish can also be given to players who submit a daily password. 

The player will receive a free can of "Ritzy Bitz (3 goldfish)" or "Sashimi boat (50 goldfish)" after entering five daily passwords (high-quality food). The fish can be used to fund remodels, additions to the yard, and the purchase of other foods and items. The player may receive collected "memorabilia '' from cats.



While working for the Cambridge video game firm Millennium Interactive in the mid-1990s, English computer scientist Steve Grand invented the artificial life video game series, Creatures.

The Norns are a race of alien beings that players must raise, educate, assist in exploring their home, protect from other species, and reproduce. For verbs, a learning machine may teach creatures new words, or the name of an object can be repeated while the animal is looking at it. When a beast learns language, the player can give it commands by typing them and deciding whether or not to follow them.

The organisms' entire life cycle is modeled, including childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and senescence, each with distinct demands. A strong emotional connection between the player and their critters is intended through the gameplay. 

The Creatures series games were inspired by intricate biological and neurological simulations and their surprising outcomes rather than pursuing a planned approach.

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

Without pets, The Sims wouldn't feel like a complete "life simulator." Although owning pets wasn't initially possible in the main game, it was made possible with the release of the Cats & Dogs DLC. 

Players that unlock the add-on can own customizable cats and dogs, adding them to their ever-expanding virtual family and accompanying them on their Sims 4 journey.

Players can feel as though they are playing a "pet simulator" thanks to the variety of animals to take care of and the abundance of animal-themed things.

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Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Cthulhu Virtual Pet is the perfect game for you if you're sick of playing pet games. While it could seem a little more vintage-looking than other apps, this adds to its attractiveness and enjoyment. Although it is pixelated and monochromatic, the gameplay is unaffected. The real Cthulhu will be your pet instead of a dog, cat, or even a pet dragon.

Like most virtual pet games, you must raise, look after, and nurture Cthulhu until it reaches its full potential. This calls for feeding your Cthulhu fish or even your Cthulhu witnesses.

Like in other games, coins allow you to buy different diets and pursuits. Playing mini-games will allow you to gain coins quickly, so don't be concerned. Try to get a high score to get more cash.



There is a virtual pet game called Seaman for the Sega Dreamcast. This one is one of the few Dreamcast games to use the microphone attachment. The game gained cult status for its dark humor, peculiar graphics, and cutting-edge gameplay.

There have been several releases of Seaman, including a limited edition version dubbed Christmas Seaman that was made available in Japan in 1999. The Seaman could interact with the user's applications in a P.C. version of Microsoft Windows. 

Because there is little action in Seaman, it is regarded as a particular video game. The player's objective is to give the Seaman the necessary care and company while feeding and caring for him. 

The system works in real-time. Therefore the player must check on the Seaman every day, or he risks losing his life. Random trivia makes up a chunk of the Seaman's knowledge. The Seaman will share notable events on the player's birthday after asking them (and after they react via the microphone input).

Sonic Adventure 2

A platform game called Sonic Adventure 2 was created by Sonic Team U.S.A. and released by Sega in 2001. After Sega exited the home console market, it was the last Sonic the Hedgehog game for Dreamcast. 

Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and Knuckles the Echidna try to preserve the planet, while Shadow the Hedgehog, Doctor Eggman, and Rouge the Bat try to rule it in these two excellent vs. evil storylines. 

Three different gameplay eras are represented in the stories:

  • Action-exploration for Knuckles and Rouge
  • Multi-directional shooting for Tails and Eggman
  • Fast-paced platformer for Sonic and Shadow

A 3D platform game called Sonic Adventure 2 has two campaigns: Hero and Dark. Players take on the roles of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in the Hero campaign and Shadow the Hedgehog, Doctor Eggman, and Rouge the Bat in the Dark campaign, respectively, as they battle to rule the world. 

The three characters in each campaign cycle through different stages as they narrate the story from various perspectives. Themes for the levels range from cities to jungles to desert pyramids to space, and boss battles follow some.

The narrative of the two campaigns runs concurrently, and after both are finished, the Last Story featuring all six characters is unlocked. This Last Story concludes with a boss battle.

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My Boo

My Boo

A fun virtual pet app with all the bells and whistles is called My Boo. You can take care of one pet on your phone—the blob monster—play with it, watch it grow, and have some lovely moments. What is it about this software that attracts such a large user base? Instead of the typical dogs or cats, your entertaining pet is an odd little ball.

My Boo has a friendly interface and more than 20 mini-games to keep you engaged despite its lack of originality. It's very entertaining, and the visuals are stunning. As you play mini-games, you can acquire items for your pet, like clothes, accessories, and costumes from hit films like Frozen.

My Boo is an excellent option if you have kids or want a virtual pet that is less demanding than a Dogotchi. On Android and iOS, you can play the game for free, but in-app purchases range in price from $1.99 to $99.99 per thing.

Moy: Virtual Pet Game

Moy: Virtual Pet Game

Moy was designed by Frodo, who previously made the virtual pet games My Corgi, My Chicken, and others. These smartphone games are played similarly, except for the pet you must select. Moy, an octopus, is the pet in this game. The game comes with several mini-games and other accessories that can be used to take care of one's virtual pets.

Players will receive rare gold coins for each action they take in this game, and they can use these coins to unlock exclusive outfits and accessories. The protagonist's look can be changed to that of a sweet little girl or a brutal macho.

Open the app daily to receive extra rewards, check on the pet before going to sleep and getting up, and act like it's real! On Android and iOS, players can access the game without paying any money. The in-app purchases, however, range from $0.99 to $2.99 per item.

If you are a fan of Anime games, then Best Anime Game is a must-try for you.

Dog's Life

Dog's Life

A dog named Jake is the main character of Dog's Life, an action-adventure video game released in 2003 by Frontier Developments exclusively for the PlayStation 2. A rural American city called Clarksville serves as the game's opening location. 

The main character, Jake, the flatulent American Foxhound, decides to save Daisy, a Labrador Retriever he has a crush on, after seeing her being carried away by dog catchers one day. 

Using information gleaned from overhearing human talks, he tracks them from the little village of Clarksville to a mountain resort called Lake Minniwahwah and finally to Boom City. Throughout his voyage, he is constantly bothered by Killer, a Doberman that belongs to a dog catcher.

The owner of a cat food firm, Miss Peaches, is eventually found to be planning to capture and smuggle dogs to be used in her cat food. Jake finally arrives at the dog pound and, after saving several canines and buying Killer off with bones, is allowed admission to the factory. 

While Daisy is transported through the machinery on a conveyor belt, he can stop it from killing her, only for Miss Peaches to approach with a shotgun. She falls onto the conveyor belt after Jake farts, killing her and making her into cat food.

Hey You, Pikachu!

Hey You, Pikachu!

Ambrella and Nintendo collaborated to create the virtual pet Pokémon video game Hey You, Pikachu! for the Nintendo 64. The publication date in Japan was December 12, 1998. The PokéHelper, a gadget that enables people to speak with Pokémon, is being tested by Professor Oak, and the player is requested to assist. 

The player meets a wild Pikachu in the game's setting of the Kanto region between Pewter City and Viridian City. Through the Voice Recognition Unit (V.R.U.), a Nintendo 64 hardware add-on that can understand and analyze human speech when used with a microphone, the player can converse with a 256-word database. The V.R.U. It allows the user to move about and grab objects in addition to speaking with Pikachu.

The main character is invited to test out Professor Oak's new PokéHelper, a tool for communicating with Pokémon. The player then encounters and befriends a wild Pikachu. Pikachu will move into the player's home if it gains its trust. 

The three activity days are Pikachu's Daring Days, Discovery Days, and Play Days. Abra's Shop uses Pika Points as payment for new things, and each day has a different goal (such as gathering food or going fishing).

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Virtual pet apps can be a lot of fun if you've always wanted a natural pet but cannot get one. You may not have the time to care for them, you're allergic to them, or you can't afford to keep them. Fortunately, playing games with virtual pets may fill the gap and do it admirably. We hope you like the list of pet games listed above.


Dogotchi is a nod to the earlier Tamagotchi era. It has a lovely little dog to take care of and a virtual 8-bit user interface. You play with it, feed it, give it shots, and otherwise tend to it. There are 12 dogs in the game, a growing-up mechanic, several mini-games, and changeable color schemes.

Everyone is eligible to own a mobile-based virtual pet. The top virtual pet games for iOS and Android are listed here. Pets are adorable, cuddly, and a comfort. They also serve as the inspiration for many web memes.

Inbox Creature, Hatchi, and The Digital Dogs are the top Tamagotchi Pix substitutes. We've provided a couple more possibilities below if these three don't work for you.

Neopets has taught us how to care for virtual pets and one another for 20 years. Initially, there were charming animals, games, discussions, and a financial market on the social network. It played a part in getting an entire generation online.

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